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  1. Pei Ye: Children's Stories Episode 952010/03/19

    Pei Ye asks her classmates about the stories they were told as children. We learn about what Korean, Chinese, Bangla and African students heard in their childhood. They talk about the importance and effect of those stories on them and their own children.
  2. Lina: Love Episode 942010/02/28

    Listen to Lina interviewing her classmates about love, engagements, divorce, etc. Her interview shows how a group of people from very different countries has reached a level of openness such that they don't mind sharing their opinion amongst themselves and the world.
  3. Keya: Music Episode 932009/11/19

    Another fantstic program by ESOL students. This time Keya talks to her classmates about music. Do not miss this episode!There is live music for all to enjoy!
  4. Sculpture by the Sea 2009 Episode 922009/11/18
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  5. AMEP B introduce themselves Episode 912009/11/05

    Listen to the introduction of the new AMEP-B students for semester 2, 2009. Keep an eye on this space! They’ll be back with new interesting radio programs. And don't forget to check the voicethread in the previous episode. They'll be updating their talks about a special belonging. You can also leave your comments there.


    music by Mig

  6. Mouri (& Jean): Music Episode 892009/06/28

    Mouri and Jean prepared a program about music. Unfortunately Jean couldn’t be with us to record the program, so it was up to Mouri to introduce it and talk to the callers. Listen to her very musical introduction and the talkback session with some of her classmates.
    What about you? Do you like music? What type of music do you listen to? Tell us about it. Let's talk!
  7. Desire ( & Yun): Sports Episode 882009/06/24

    Desire and Yun prepared a radio program about sports. Listen to Desire's interviews about sports different peop le practise.

    What about you? Do you practise any sports? Do you like watching sports on tv or on the field? Let us know. Tell us about it.Let's talk!
  8. Lina: Learning English Episode 872009/06/24

    It’s the second last day of class and Lina interviews her classmates about learning English. Listen to their conversation and their opinion, suggestions and the difficulties they face in order to improve their English.

    What about you? How do you learn English? Do you have any suggestions? Tell us about it. Let's talk!
  9. Health Expo 09: Dental Care Episode 852009/06/21
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  10. Asha & Jovanna: Love Episode 842009/06/18

    Listen to Asha and Jovanna's program "Love Birds". The audience got so enthusiastic that ended up getting involved and asking questions too!

    What about you? What do you think about love? Tell us about it. Let's talk!
  11. Bee & Nunung: Pets Episode 832009/06/17

    Bee and Nunung decided to have a program about pets. Listen to them talking to Lina, Desire & Andrea. You will see the different ways different people think about pets. It all depends on your personal situation, as you can learn from each one of the callers.

    What about you? Do you have a pet? What do you think about pets? tell us about it. Let's talk!
  12. Aleya & Pat: Hobbies Episode 822009/06/17

    Today Aleya and Pat produced a program about hobbies. Listen to their interview with Rana, Desire, Wang and Jean de Dieu. There is a pleasant surprise at the end of the interview, so keep listining!

    What about you? Do you have a hobby? tell us about it. Let's talk!
  13. Diana & Mitu: Food Episode 812009/06/16

    Diana & Mitu present their talkback radio program on food. Listen to them talking to their listeners Desire, Nunung and Asha. There are some tips for keeping healthy, having a beautiful skin and perfect weight.
  14. Students thoughts about Health Expo 09 Episode 802009/06/11

    Listen to some of the AMEP-B students talking about the Health Expo right after they finished helping. You can hear Aleya, Asha, Mitu, Yu, Nunung, Pat, Yustin, Bee, Igor, Jean and Desire. They talk about what they did, their interviews with different stall holders and what they thought about the experience.
  15. Health Expo 09: Aussie Helpers Episode 792009/06/08
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  16. Health Expo 2009 Episode 782009/06/06
    Our class and other AMEP classes helped at the Health Expo 2009 fundraising for Aussie Helpers. We cooked traditional dishes, served the food and also sold raffle tickets and welcomed people to the Expo while handing them Expo bags.

    Watch this space for podcasts we recorded interviewing several stall holders.

    Health Expo 2009 Episode 78

    Let's talk!

  17. Mouri, Mitu, Rita, Dina, Yun, & Desire Episode 772009/05/19

    Five ESOL students talk about themselves. They have all recently moved to Australia and talk about what they did in their coutries, learning English and their future plans.

    What about you? Have you ever lived in a different country? Tell us about it. Let's Talk!

    music by mig
  18. Harmony Day 2009 AMEP-B Students Episode 752009/03/26
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  19. Elmira: Movies Episode 722008/11/20

    Elmira gives Cathy her opinion about films, movies, subtitles,etc. Listen to her and tell us what you think. Let's talk!
  20. Cathy: Movies Episode 712008/11/19

    Cathy talks about her favourite movies too.
    Check the previous episodes to hear other students' opinions about films.

    We'd love to hear from you.Leave us a comment or recorded message. Let's talk!
  21. Sophie: Movies Episode 702008/11/19

    Now it's Sophie's turn to tell us about her favourite movies.

    Do you also dislike horror movies? tell us about it. Let's talk!
  22. Diana: Movies Episode 692008/11/19

    Diana talks about her favourite movies. Listen to her and tell us about yourself. Let's talk!
  23. Aneta: Movies Episode 682008/11/19

    Listen to Aneta talking about movies. What about you? Do you ofen go to the cinema? What type of movies do you like?

    Tell us about it. Let's talk!
  24. Elmira: A second blog, forums and learning English through Web 2 Episode 672008/11/17

    Elmira talks about blogging for English and blogging for her personal hobbies. She also tells us about learning English through the use of forums, websites, etc.

    What about you? Tell us about yourself. Let's Talk!
  25. Orietta: Learning Web 2 technologies at home Episode 662008/11/17

    Listen to Orietta talking to Rosa about teaching herself how to embed a bubbleshare slide show onto her blog.

    She also talks about blogs and learning English. What about you? Do you use web 2 technlolgies to improve your English?

    Tell us about it. Let's talk!
  26. Orietta: Sculpture by the Sea Episode 652008/11/10

    Listen to Orietta's impressions about our excursion to Sculpture by the Sea.
  27. Meet Valeria & Lara Episode 642008/11/10

    Valeria and Lara are studying ESOL 4 in Marion's class. Listen to them introducing themselves. You can leave a recorded or written message for them in this post. Let's talk!
  28. Diana & Aneta: Sculpture by the Sea 2008 Episode 632008/11/03

    Diana & Aneta also went to the excursion last Tuesday (see previous episode). Listen to their thoughts about it. Did you go? If you are not from Sydney, is there anything similar to this in your country? Tell us about it. Let's talk! (you can send a recorded message on my podomatic email)
  29. Elmira, Sophie & Sue: Sculpture by the Sea 2008 Episode 622008/11/03
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  30. Marion: Back from Europe Episode 602008/09/02

    Marion and Rosa's students interview Marion, who has just come back from her trip to Europe .

    Listen to them. What other questions would you ask her? You can record them on an email on the right sidebar. Let's Talk!

    BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games .
  31. What are you wearing? Andrew Episode 592008/08/28
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  32. What are you wearing? Alison Episode 582008/08/28
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  33. New Students FT Semester 22008/08/07

    Hi there,
    There are some new students in our class this semester. Listen to their introductions. Do you have a similar group in your class? Where do you come from? Have you ever migrated to a new country? How did you feel?
    Tell us about it. Let's talk!
  34. Djimi: Part 2 2008/08/03

    In this second part of the interview, ESOL students ask Djimi questions about her studies. Djimi is inspiring and a role model for them.
    You can look at this study chart to follow her ESOL pathways:
    Djimi's Study Pathways

    Enjoy her interview. What do you think?
    Let's talk!
  35. Djimi: Part 12008/08/03

    Listen to Djimi, an ex-student of ESOL and mother of three, talking about her educational pathways.
  36. Episode 542008/06/24
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  37. This is us! 2008/05/13

    Hi there! We are a group of students doing a full time course (FT 3-4) at St George TAFE, Sydney. Listen to our introduction and keep listening, as we will publish our podcasts here in the very near future.

    You can leave a written or recorded comment for us. Let's talk!
  38. Zee: Glorious Food2007/11/17

    Zee interviews his classmates about cooking, going out to eat and food in general.

    Listen to their reaction at some of their clasmates' answers. Two of them are lucky people...

    If you feel hungry with all this food talk, you can check the multicultural recipes written by previous students

    What about you? Tell us about it. Let's talk!
  39. Marielle: Inspiring2007/11/12
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  40. Marta: The Rainbow2007/09/21
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  41. This is us!2007/09/14
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  42. Marta: Mercedes the ceramist2007/09/04

    Marta interviews Mercedes, a friend she met through her friend Susana.

    Mercedes works in a glass workshop & shop, because she is originally a glass artist. Now she is developing as a ceramist as well.
    You can read Marta's blog entry about this interview here

    Listen to their interview and tell us what you think.
    Let's talk!
  43. Sharon: Dreams2007/06/04

    Sharon, a journalist from China, presents a program about dreams: night dreams an day dreams. Listen to her introduction and interview with her classmates Yvonne, Jane, Katie, Winnie, Annie and Lei. They talk about beautiful dreams, nightmares and aspirations.

    What about you? Tell us about your dreams. Let's talk!
  44. Dan: The Environment2007/05/11

    Dan talks to Yvonne, Annie and Winnie about the environment , what the government of Australia is doing about it and what they are doing as individuals.
  45. 2007 Students2007/04/02

    Hi again and welcome back to my students' podcasts!

    Listen to the new students in my FT 3/4 class. Today they are just introducing themselves. Very soon you will be able to listen to their radio programs.

    Tell us about yourselves. You can record a message. Let's talk!
  46. Yuki's radio program: Internet shoping2006/11/29

    Yuki interviews his classmates about internet shopping. They do not all agree. Listen to their arguments.

    What do you think? Let us know. Let's talk!
  47. Andrew: Thailand 2006/11/28

    AMEP-A students interview one of our teachers, Andrew, who has spent nearly three years living in Thailand. The questions haven't all been recorded this time. Listen to Andrew and tell us what you think about the very interesting topics he talks about (overseas adoption, Australian prisoners in overseas jails, etc)

    Tell us what you think. Let's talk
  48. Anastasiya: Kelly & Health Expo2006/11/27

    Anastasiya interviews Kelly, who also works for the Student Association at t george college. Kelly tells us a bit more about how the Health Expo started.

    Listen to her talking about how St george college and a couple more colleges were the "guinea pigs" this year.
  49. Anastasiya interviews Kylie, Student Association Organiser of the Health Expo2006/11/27
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  50. Marielle's radio program: First day in Australia2006/11/24
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  51. Chi: Hobbies2006/11/23

    Chi interviews some of his classmates about their hobbies. He ends up being interviewed himself!

    What are your hobbies? Tell us about them. Let's talk!
  52. Anastasiya's radio program: Leisure in Oz and your country2006/11/23

    Anastasiya talks to her classmates about their free time in Sydney and before they came to Australia. Do they do the same things? Do they go to similar places?

    What about you? What do you do in your free time? Tell us abut it . Let's talk
  53. Silvana's radio program: Friendship2006/11/23

    Silvana interviews her classmates about a universal topic, friendship. Listen to her interview andtell us what you think. Let's talk!
  54. Anna's Radio Program: Australian customs2006/11/21
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  55. Sophie: Australia and your country of origin2006/11/19

    Sophie interviews her classmates about their feelings about their new country, Australia.

    Sophie started her interview in the computer room, when she was learning how to use Audacity. Listen to her introduction and interview with Marielle, who has just been in Australia for three months, here:
  56. Layla & Yuki2006/11/18

    Layla interviews Yuki, a new student, on her very first day using Audacity.
  57. Silvana: Chiropractor2006/11/04
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  58. Layla, Dan & Silvana: Health Expo: General Practitioners2006/11/03
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  59. Health Expo: Women's Health2006/11/03
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  60. Silvana's Health Expo radio segment: Cancer Council2006/11/03
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  61. Silvana's Health Expo radio segment: Sexual Assault2006/11/03
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  62. Marielle's First radio program2006/11/01

    On Tuesday we learnt how to use Audacity to record and edit mp3 recordings. Marielle decided to create a mini radio porgram. She interviews a new student, Sophie. Listen to it and send us any questions you would like them to answer.
    Let's talk!
  63. Radio program: International Food Market2006/09/12
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  64. Steve Irwin2006/09/12
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  65. Our Class 2006-Semester 2: students2006/09/12
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  66. Second semester students2006/08/22

    Listen to Ana (from the Ukraine), Gloria (from Chile), Dina (from Bangladesh) and Huong (from Vietnam) introducing themselves.

    Send us a comment. Let's talk!
  67. Semester 2 Students2006/08/15

    Welcome to our podcast for the second half of the year.

    Listen to some of the new students for semester 2, 2006. They come form many different countries and some have been in AUstralia for several years, while others have just arrived.

    Leave us a message. We'd love hearing from you!

  68. Robert interviews Djimi2006/07/25

    Robert interviews Djimi in a photostory.

  69. Djimi's radio program: First trip to Australia2006/07/04

    Djimi interviewed her classmates about their first trip to Australia. How long did it take? Were they by themselves? Was it boring?

    There is a twist at the end. Listen to her and Hideki debating why they are studying English. Hideki gives a very interesting answer.
    Tell us what you think.

    music by my brother's group, Tresena
  70. Angela's radio program: Work2006/07/04

    Angela talks to her classmates about work, their jobs before they came to Australia, their jobs now and in the future.

    As usual, Hideki has a very particular take on the topic.

    Listen to them and tell us what you think.

    Music by mig Traxmyths
  71. Marcela's radio program: Love & Marriage2006/06/26
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  72. Helen's radio Program: New Culture New Me2006/06/25

    Helen asked her classmates about the effects of having changed to a country with a differenct culture. Has changing countries, which really means changing cultures, changed you?

    Lisen to their answers and tell us what you think.
  73. Harjit's radio program: Cultural differences2006/06/18
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  74. Anna's interview: Movies2006/06/05

    Anna, from Russia, interviews her classmates about movies. Their answers were varied and very interesting. From Indian movies like Friendship , to Luc Besson's The Fifth Element , going through blockbusters like Titanic and new releases like The Da Vinci Code .

    Listen to Anna's radio program and write your own opinion in comments .

  75. Chika's Intreview: Transport2006/06/03
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  76. Flora and body language2006/05/05

    We didn't answer all of Fernanda's students questions because some students were absent on the day we recorded them.

    Last Tuesday we had a class discussion about flora and body language in our countries of origin. You can listen to it here.
  77. Helen's questions on school2006/05/02

    Hello, Mafalda. My name is Helen. I'd like to ask you a few questions.
    First, do you have a lot of homework from school?
    Secod, which subject do you like best? Why?
    Third, what are your hobbies?
    Four, when did you start to learn English?
    Do you think it's hard to learn or easy?
  78. Marcela and Djimi's questions on religion2006/05/02
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  79. Marcela's answers on Xmas traditions2006/05/02
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  80. Hideki's questions on food2006/05/02
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  81. Joanna's questions on transport2006/05/02

    Hello, Mafalda. This is Joanne. I have some quetrions for you.
    The first one is: have most families got a car in your country?
    Second, what do they do when people meet the first time?
    Third, do all students wear uniforms?
    Fourth, what is the main food and drink in your country?
    Thank you.
  82. Anna's questions on artifacts2006/05/02

    Hello this is Anna again. I'm from Russia, but now I live in Sydney , Australia and I want to ask you some questions. First, you asked us about artifacts but you didn't tell us about Portuguese artifacts.
    What are they?
    Are they popular?
    Do you use them?

    Thank you very much.
  83. New questions for our Portuguese friends2006/05/02
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  84. Multiculturalism2006/04/24
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  85. Hello from Down Under 2006/04/03

    This is a first podcast to learn the tools. Hopefully my students will be posting more!
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