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Andersen's podcast

  1. Clark Cast #22012/12/14

    Explorers come to visit our classroom.
  2. Ms. Dodds class- Book Club2007/05/06

    Students share book club letters.
  3. Student Council Speeches 20072007/04/03

  4. Anti Bullying System (A.B.S.)2007/01/20

    Ms. Dodds 4th and 5th graders bring you an A.B.S. podcast. Their slogan is "Be Brave. You are Never Alone." They would love to hear your thoughts about the subject of bullying at schools so please feel free to leave a comment.
  5. Multiplication Rhymes2006/12/19

    Ever have trouble remember your math facts? We are hoping these ryhmes might help you out.
  6. Spiders2006/11/22

    Mrs. Ossenmacher's 2nd graders share what they have learned about spiders. Be prepared to laugh and learn!
  7. Student Council Speeches2006/11/03

  8. Andersen News by Student Council June 1, 20062006/06/01

    Announcements- Dream Dinners, cell phone and printer cartridge recycling, open house, Concert on the Green, and 6th grade graduation.
  9. Fortunately Poems2006/05/10

    Mrs. Shenk's 3rd grade class shares their Fortunately Poems. Amy introduces our featured authors- Jake, Luke, Justin, Sidney, and Hugh.
  10. Andersen News by Student Council May 4, 20062006/05/09

  11. Life Cycle of a Butterfly by Mrs. Colgate's First Grade Class2006/04/24

    First graders in Mrs. Colgate, Mrs.Wale and Mrs.Thompson's class have been studying the life cycle of the butterfly. Here on our latest podcast, Mrs. Colgate's class shares with us their interpretation of the life cycle.
  12. Habitats by Mrs. Rovzar's 1st Grade Students2006/04/19

    Mrs. Rovzar's 1st graders worked for many weeks in the computer lab researching their habitat on the Internet, taking notes using note cards, creating a visual presentation of their habitat using Kid Pix, and finally creating an audio presentation of their habitats using Garage Band. Good job Mrs. Rovzar's class!
  13. monika's podcast2006/04/19

Andersen's podcast
Andersen's Podcast includes student council announcements and grade-level projects.

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