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Allanah's Appleby Showcase

  1. Morgan Enhanced Podcast2014/11/16

    Made as a podcast in Garageband '11
  2. Marae Visit2010/09/20

    A few weeks ago we went to Te Awhina Marae. We all got together to record what we did at the marae.
  3. Summer- School Councillor2010/04/28

    This week we decided who are school councillors for the next couple of terms. Summer made a great job of making a speech to encourage her classmates to vote for her. She took the Easi-speak home and after a few practice goes managed to record her speech. Well done, Summer.
  4. My Dream2010/04/05
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  5. What Mum Says2010/03/19

    When Mum says,
    "I'll be there in a minute."
    She really means,
    I'll be at least another half-hour."

    But when Mum says
    "I want this room tidied NOW, or there'll be trouble."
    She really, really means it!

    A poem by Margaret Schroder

    New Zealand School Journal
  6. My Other Jandal2010/02/10
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  7. Interview with Mr Cook2009/08/17

    Mr Cook is Keeley's grandfather and he used to go to Appleby School 58 years ago. We interviewed him about his school days at Appleby School.


    5 minutes 11 seconds
  8. Interview with Nadia's Dad2009/08/16

    We are learning how to interview people to find out more about them and to follow up with open ended questions. We are also learning about how schools were in days gone by. Appleby School is soon to celebrate 150 years. That is quite an achievement. 5MB 7 minutes
  9. Chunky Chalks2009/05/23

    This week's podcast was made to describe how we made chalk. The instructions are in New Zealand School Journal Pt 2 No 4 2000. School Journals are a wonderful resource for reading for NZ children.

    It was a bit of a competition between two groups to see who could manage their group better to produce a clear well constructed audio file.

    2.4 MB

    1 minute
  10. River Bugs2009/05/15
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  11. Mother's Day2009/05/09

    We have been thinking about all of the wonderful ways that our mothers help us.

    Mothers are such a treasure.


    3 minutes 20 seconds
  12. Skype call to Bangkok2009/04/16

    We had a really busy day as we Skyped into Bangkok International School and learnt a lot about life and living in Thailand.

    3 minutes 26 seconds

  13. Skype Call to British Columbia, Canada2009/03/13
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  14. River Safety Rules2009/02/19

    This week at school we have been learning about water safety in, on or around water. Because rivers are the most dangerous places for drownings in New Zealand we have been learning a whole heap of water safety rules for around rivers and lakes.

    Listen carefully because one of these rules may save your life one day.


    2 minutes 7 seconds
  15. Fun Swimming2009/02/16
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  16. School Tour Interview2008/07/31

    At the end of last term Discover IT Tasman teachers and principals went on tour of a few Nelson Schools. Brightwater School was the first on our list and we learnt much about the the journey taken by Brightwater School to cater for their 21st century learners from Janice Gulbranson.

    Well worth sharing.


    8 minutes 55 seconds
  17. How Maui Saved the Kumara2008/06/30

    After spending time learning about pre-European settlement in the Appleby are Moutere classroom have built their own Maori legend by combining their knowledge of legends and creating one that fits well with the local area which was well known for kumara growing. Kumara are like a sweet potato. Very yummy.

    5MB 3 minutes 48 seconds
  18. Miriam Sings For the Whole School2008/05/24

    Miriam has gained the confidence now to sing for the whole school. It is great to see how Miriam's voice is developing.

    7.3MB 35 seconds
  19. Skype Call to Argentina2008/04/20

    As part of Spanish Language Learning at Upper Moutere we called Chrissy H who is in Argentina with a Language Immersion Award.
    We used Skype and Apple’s Call Recorder to record our conversation and edited it in iMovie...

    It is a great part of my new job to facilitate engaging learning experiences like these.

    7.4MB 5 minutes 6 seconds
  20. Talking with Buffalo2008/03/07

    Today I got a quick Skype call from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach who was talking to teachers in Buffalo about the sorts of things you can do with Web 2.0 technologies and I thought I would share the call with you as I haven't made a podcast in a while.

    Here is a link to the wiki we were talking about.

    Comparing Hemispheres Wiki
  21. ICT EXPO2008/01/01

    We are at the end of the 2007 school year at Appleby School and what better place to review some of the projects we have undertaken over the year.

    This movie was compiled by Raewyn , Moutere's classroom teacher.

    4.7MB 3 minutes 16 seconds
  22. Moturoa Class Camp2007/12/07
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  23. 'The Lost Thing' Book Review2007/11/24

    Kieran , Zach and Josh got together to create this podcast about Shaun Tan's book, The Lost Thing .

    You can hear how much they enjoyed the graphics and storyline.

    1.4MB 1 minute 52 seconds
  24. Revolting Rhymes2007/11/20

    Today while the Year Five children were at Inter-school Athletic Sports the Year Fours made a few podcasts.

    In this one Georgina, Miriam and Amberley chose to share Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes with you.

    1.8MB 2 minutes 10 seconds
  25. Grant - our bus driver2007/11/19

    We are learning about people's occupations and we thought we would interview Grant, our school bus driver.

    Grant is a great bus driver who helps us get to and from school safely.

    4MB 3 minutes 53 seconds
  26. How Maui Found His Mother Animation2007/11/10
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  27. Music from Moturoa2007/11/02
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  28. Who Gets Tiger?2007/10/31
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  29. Stickers2007/10/18

    Stickers are the latest fashion at Appleby School. All the girls are spending their playtimes and lunchtimes swapping and trading stickers. Everyone has their favourites.

    Which are yours?

    1.9MB 1minute 35 seconds
  30. Nelson Mask Parade2007/10/16
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  31. Georgina's Composiion2007/09/27

    Georgina composed this music by herself using the Apple application Garageband. I never taught her how to do this- she taught herself.

    612KB 36 seconds
  32. Embedding your podcast into Blogger2007/09/15
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  33. 2007 Appleby School Band2007/09/15
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  34. Hurricane Katrina2007/08/30
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  35. Keeping Ourselves Safe Animation2007/08/23
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  36. Rugby Champion2007/08/18
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  37. Jordan's Baby Brother2007/08/11
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  38. Emergency - Dial 1112007/07/21
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  39. Appleby School Band2007/07/17

    Last year I posted a video podcast of our school band and thought I should do so again with this year's band as last year's bad got really good reviews.

    From Moturoa classroom you will see Tegen singing, Tyler on drums, Elliott on keyboard and Kieran on guitar.

    Our band is very good and we like to listen to them play at assembly.

    6MB 1 minute
  40. Allanah shares our learning with Aussie Teachers2007/07/14
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  41. Safe Swimming Animation2007/06/20
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  42. Homework2007/06/07
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  43. Rob Waddell- an interview2007/06/05
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  44. Making Coconut Cream2007/05/31
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  45. Skype Chats Around the Globe2007/05/18
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  46. Go-karting Interview2007/05/18

    Ryan impressed us with his go-karting trophies that he brought to school to how us for news time. Appleby School is lucky to have a go-kart track really close to it. Dino and Ryan travel all over New Zealand to go to go-kart meetings.

    Ryan, Elliott and Kieran recorded this podcast.

    1.5MB 2.47 seconds
  47. Music from Around the Globe2007/05/12
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  48. Words to Whisper, Words to Shout2007/05/03
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  49. ANZAC Day2007/04/26
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  50. Valencia- here we come!2007/04/04
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  51. At School We Like...2007/03/31

    The New Entrant class at Appleby School have prepared a co-operative digital story constructed with iPhoto describing the things they like best about being at school.

    13 MB 2 minutes 42 seconds
  52. The Waimea River 2007/03/22
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  53. Binghamton School, New York, USA2007/03/16
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  54. Monarch Butterflies2007/03/14
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  55. Swimming Sports Reflections2007/03/10
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  56. Jessica Ahlberg comes for a visit2007/02/19
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  57. 2007 Introduction2007/02/09
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  58. Lifeboat2007/02/04
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  59. What a day!2007/01/29
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  60. Grandpa2007/01/23

    This poem is a poem dedicated to all the grandfathers in the world who love and care for their grandchildren.

    It was ably read by Susa, Maddison and Jillian.

    The photographs were gathered from the internet.

    1.5MB 1 minute 30 seconds
  61. Night Visitor2007/01/16
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  62. Write a Poem2007/01/07
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  63. Fireworks2006/12/31
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  64. Poem- My Pet2006/12/28
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  65. Appleby's End of Year Assembly2006/12/19
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  66. Outdoor Education Experience2006/12/16

    We have just returned from an outdoor education experience at Bridge Valley in the hills near Nelson.

    We had a wonderful recipe for success- warm weather, happy children, great parent support and a challenging range of facilities.

    This video gives you an idea of some of the highlights.

    20 MB 2 minutes 39 seconds
  67. Pet Show Day2006/12/11

    One of the features of Appleby School is its wonderful yearly Pet Show Day. This year's one was really great with lots of entries in all the events. What a great day we had.
  68. Skype Podcast with a Welsh teacher2006/12/05
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  69. This podcast was made completely within Podomatic2006/12/03

    I am trying to see what kind of podcast you can get just with Podomatic's recording.

    As I see it the downside will be that you only get one shot of making the recording. If you muck it up you can't edit it, add or delete. It all has to be done in one go. It is a really quick way of doing the business though if you know what you want to say.

    117KB 29 seconds
  70. How to compose a photo using the rule of thirds2006/12/01
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  71. Kids For Kids Concert2006/11/30
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  72. Appleby School Band2006/11/28
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  73. Fixing Problems with Kid Pix Animations2006/11/26
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  74. A New Genre of Podcast2006/11/23
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  75. Appleby School is cool2006/11/16
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  76. Nelson Landmarks2006/11/15
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  77. Podcasting Podcast2006/11/12

    Our podcast is getting itself noticed by other educational podcasters around the globe. It makes the world seem like a smaller, more connected place!
  78. Colours of Nelson2006/11/05

    This week we changed the format of the podcast a little and had more of a conversation about Jane Evans' art. Jane is a famous Nelson artist who is known for using bold colours to express emotions and feelings in her art work.

    We had a class trip to the art gallery to learn about her art works last week.

    In this podcast Jackson C, Elliott and Jillian all make a contribution.
  79. Brightwater School's Logo2006/11/02
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  80. Slinky Malinki2006/10/27
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  81. Sunsmart 2006/10/25

    Pete's Year Five and Six class have been working extensively creating music with Garageband. William and Josh have created this jingle that will be played on a local radio station.
  82. The Hissing Bush (Revisited)2006/10/22
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  83. Mrs Pritchard with Ruby & Lara2006/10/21

    Ruby and Lara did such a good job on this digital poetry production that they deserve a wider audience. Their voices have wonderful expression and are nice & clear. The music is from


    and is copyright free. Freeplay music is an excellent resource of quality music.

    Mrs Pritchard does always come back for more.

  84. Pete2006/10/21

    Jamie and Sam J worked on this podcast about Pete. All of the teachers were very co-operative in letting us come and photograph them while they were working.

    To change a Quicktime movie into one that is OK for podcasting you need to export it for IPod settings. One day I will get a video IPod nano!
  85. Mrs Pritchard2006/10/21
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  86. Mrs Murphy2006/10/19

    We have been doing some great digital poetry. Digital poetry is when you write a poem and then take photos to illustrate your poem. We would have like to make the photos move but some of the laptops were playing up. Gloria and Georgia did a great job of this poem about all the wonderful things Mrs Murphy does to help us around the school.
  87. Dean Schneider- photographer2006/10/19
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  88. A Cool Maths Web Site2006/10/16
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  89. School Holiday Fun2006/10/15

    Instead of the usual story of, "What we did in the holidays," we made a podcast instead. A much more fun exercise in that everyone had a turn in front of the microphone. It took lots of practise to get our voices sounding nice and clear and with plenty of expression.
  90. ULearn Conference Holiday2006/10/11
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  91. Our Crazy Creatures2006/09/21

    Jamie, Sam J and Ruby made this podcast about our wonderful three dimensional art work.

    When you are finished listening click on the Appleby School link to send us some feedback.

    Enjoy the holidays.

  92. Nobody laughs at a Lion2006/09/14

    There is a new look for iTunes v7 on Apple. Very cool.
  93. School Fair Update2006/09/06

  94. Daffodil Day2006/08/30

  95. School Podcast Book Review2006/08/23
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  96. Point England Podcast2006/08/20
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