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  1. Poetry through Podcasting2007/10/15
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  2. Kimberly and Jasmine tell you why you should Podcast2007/07/05
    This podcast was recommended by Jasmine and Kimberly and they put their hard work in this podcast. It took 3 days to do this podcast and take the photos. It is a great podcast and we hope you enjoy this podcast and please leave a comment thank you--
  3. Kent tells us how to Podcast2007/06/26
    In this episode Kent tells us why he likes podcasting and some of the things he thinks about when making his own podcast.
  4. What is this thing called podcasting?2007/06/26
    In this episode Warren branches out and produces his first podcast on his own. In this podcast Warren explains what a podcast is, how you go about making one and why he enjoys making them. Give it a listen and be sure to ask any questions you have in the comments section.
  5. RJ teaches you how to do a podcast.2007/06/24
    In this exciting podcast RJ tells you how to make a podcast.
  6. Kimberly and Warren talk about their teachers2007/06/18
    Kimberly and Warren think that the teachers at Pine Hill School are doing a good job and in this podcast they tell you why.
  7. Kent and Anita talk about their spare time2007/06/10
    In this episode Kent and Anita tell you all about what kids in Dunedin New Zealand like to do in their spare time. What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you do the same things or different to us?
  8. Jasmine and RJ talk about Teachers2007/06/08

    What are the teachers like at your school? RJ and Jasmine take you for a tour around Pine Hill School and talk a little about their teachers. Enjoy.
  9. Our Sport Shed by Warren and RJ2007/05/13

    A big part of being in Room 5 is that you have to take on the responsibility of the sport shed. RJ is the Sports Monitor for this term and this podcast will tell you about some of the things going on in our sports shed.
  10. Pine Hill School Computers with Anita and Kimberly2007/05/13

    This podcast is about Pine Hill school computers. We put this togteher so we can show you how we use Pine Hill school computers. Each class has different activities that they can do on their computers during lunch time, play time and class time. Using computers is our favourite activity in the school.
    By Kimberly and Anita
  11. Our School Grounds by Kent and Jasmine2007/05/11
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  12. Zoe and Kilioni go on a Writer's Workshop2006/12/18

    In this episode Zoe and Kilioni tell us about their visit to the Dunedin Art Gallery where they met with prominent Dunedin authors and learnt about creative writing. Zoe and Kilioni read out their expressive writing influenced by pieces of art in the art gallery.
  13. Nathan, Luke D and Kristian review Alientime by Donna Malone2006/12/16
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  14. Je Gyong and Ashleigh Review Mirrorworld by Stephen Jackson2006/12/13

    In this episode Je Gyong and Ashleigh review Mirrorworld by Stephen Jackson. This is Ashleigh's first podcast since joining Pine Hill School and Je Gyong's English is getting much better. Podcasting has been a big help in Je Gyong learning how to speak English clearly. Send her a comment and let her know how you think she is going.
  15. Jesse and RJ review Storm Breaker by Anthony Horowitz2006/12/12

    In this episode Jesse and RJ review one of our favourite authors, Anthony Horowitz.
  16. Rachel, Jade and Neha review The Deptford Mice2006/12/07

    In this episode Rachel and Jade, with a little help from Neha, review the first book in the series, The Deptford Mice.
  17. Jade and Neha Review the Guiness Book of World Records2006/11/30

    In this episode Jade and Nehan review the 2005 edition of the Guiness Book of World Records. This book has kept students in Room 5 interested for the whole year. Send us a comment if you have ever tried to break a world record!
  18. Kids @ Conference2006/11/30
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  19. Boys Rule! Camping Out!2006/11/27

    Boys Rule! books are very popular in Room 5. When I look up from my desk and see kids laughing, it is usually because of something silly in these books. Luke, Kristian and Nathan review a book in this series, Camping Out.
  20. Courtney and Je Gyong review - Warped by Christine Harris2006/10/20

    Courtney found this book at the Pine Hill School book sale and could be heard giggling for a while afterwards. Warped is a book of short stories that can only be called 'twisted'. Courtney and Je Gyong had fun with this podcast, trying out ways to make it entertaining. Let them know what you think.
  21. Matt & Luke D Review - Spiderman the Ultimate Guide by Tom DeFalco2006/10/20

    In this episode Matt and Luke take a look at Spiderman, the Ultimate Guide. Room 5 really enjoy reading comic books. In this podcast Matt experiments with getting your attention through a dynamic introduction. Give him some feedback on his new innovation to Room 5 podcasts.
  22. Shane and Zoe Review - Graffiti World Edited by Nicholas Ganz2006/09/13

    Shane is an admirer of Graffiti artwork. His latest find in the Dunedin Library Book Bus is this big book full of graffiti. He was amazed by how real some of the images looked. In this episode Shane and Zoe review this book.
  23. Kilioni and RJ review TELL ME MORE!2006/08/16

    In this episode Kilioni and RJ review an interesting book of facts called Tell Me More! They spent a lot of time pouring over the information in this book and would like to tell you just a couple of things that they liked.
  24. Avracs ICTPD cluster visit to Pine Hill School2006/08/06
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  25. I'm so happy - A poem by Shane2006/07/06
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  26. I'm so stressed - A poem by Zoe2006/07/06
  27. I'm so scared - A poem by Sarah2006/07/06
  28. I'm so Mad - A poem by Rachel2006/07/06
  29. I'm so scared - A poem by Luke D2006/07/06
  30. I am so Happy - A poem by Kimberly2006/07/06
  31. I am so scared - A poem by Jade2006/07/06
  32. I am so Scared - A poem by Nathan2006/07/06
  33. Nathan and Luke Review - 1001 Cool Jokes by Glen Singleton2006/06/06

    Nathan and Luke have been having fun reading joke books and would like to recommend 1001 Cool Jokes by Glen Singleton.
  34. Jade and Sarah at the Young Leaders Day2006/05/19

    Jade and Sarah represented our school at the Young Leaders Day in Dunedin this week and were so inspired they decided to share their learning on our podcast. Listen to what makes a good leader and you will find yourself inspired to Walk Tall and Keep Looking Up!
  35. Courtney and Jesse Review: Disgusting Jokes for Kids by Guy Campbell and Mark Devins2006/05/16

    Want to hear a disgusting joke??? Well listen up and Courtney will tell a few. Courtney and Jesse review the Disgusting Jokes for Kids book and it is well worth a listen!
  36. Margaret Mahy visits Pine Hill School2006/05/15

    We were privileged to have Margaret Mahy visit our school on Friday 12th May 2006. What a woman!! She told us one of her stories and then talked us through how she makes a book from start to finish. We are all excited to have a go at writing like Margaret Mahy!
  37. Matt and Kristian review - Dinosaur Jokes by jacqueline Horsfall2006/05/09

    In this episode Matt and Kristian review a dinosaur joke book and tell a couple of jokes. They also get caught out singing at the end!
  38. Nikita and Kimberly review Denzil's Dilemma by Sheryl Jordan2006/04/28

    In this episode Nikita and Kimberly review the sequel to Wednesday's Wizard by Sheryl Jordan. This book follows the further adventures of Denzil, an adventuresome wizard. Take a listen and find out more.
  39. Luke and Kilioni Review - Best Shots with Joe Namath2006/04/13

    Luke is our resident expert on American Football and is being interviewed by Kilioni about this book of photographic images he has found.
  40. Jeff Wilson by Ron Palenski - A Review by Paora and Matt2006/03/29

    A lot of the children in Room 5 are Rugby MAD!!! A lot of the boys play for Alhambra Union. This week's book review is about Jeff Wilson, a famous All Black Winger. Does anyone know what Jeff Wilson's nick name is?
  41. Adrift by Allan Bailie - A Review by Leishan and NiCola2006/03/27

    An exciting story about children on an adventure. Listen to this review by Leishan and NiCola to find out more.
  42. Operation Gadgetman - A review by Sarah and Shandelle2006/03/17

    Operation Gadgetman is a new book in the Pine Hill School library. Enjoy this lively review. This podcast was made using the new Garageband 3 and we love the improvements to this software!
  43. Courtney and Zoe Review: Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman2006/03/10

    This week in Room 5 Courtney told us all about her favourite book for the week. Boy Overboard is about a boy who is a refugee to Australia. Hear all about what Courtney thought about this book when she was interviewed by Zoe
  44. Rachel and Jade Review : Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke2006/02/18

    This term in Room 5 at Pine Hill School we are looking at book reviews. Rachel and Jade take a look at the new book by Cornelia Funke called Dragon Rider. They give this book the big thumbs up. Take a listen and see why.
  45. Ben's Podcast about Radios2005/12/13
    This podcast was made in less than five hours and will tell you all about radios in general. This is my first podcast and I am very excited about it.
  46. Broadcast live on Hills AM in Dunedin - Our first show!2005/12/10

    This is the first podcast of Room 5 at Pine Hill School. We recorded this live at Hills AM Radio Station in Dunedin and had a great time preparing for the show. We were encouraged by KPE and Room 208 podcasts. The best thing about this podcast is that our public speaking has improved so much!
Room5's podcast
Room 5 at Pine Hill School is a year 5/6 class in Dunedin New Zealand. This podcast will showcase learning and experiences happening in our classroom.

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