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The Accidental Technologist

  1. Sound Seeing Tour of Longden: Memoli Hall2006/10/08

    Memoli Hall is a landmark that is enthusiastically presented by former sixth grade students. It is used for a variety of purposes. Tune in and find out how!
  2. Sound Seeing Tour of Longden: Third-Sixth Grades2006/10/04

    The tour continues with a look at the many activities available at Longden School for everyone, but especially our upper grade students.
  3. Sound Seeing Tour of Longden: Computer Lab & Library2006/10/03

    Students continue the tour using an engaging conversational style to introduce the intricacies of the computer lab and library.
  4. Sound Seeing Tour of Longden: First & Second Grades2006/10/02

    The tour continues with an insightful look into the first and second grades at Longden School. Join us as students unveil what teachers have to say about their grade levels.
  5. Sound Seeing Tour of Longden: Kinder & Lit Lab2006/07/22

    The Sound Seeing Tour of Longden continues with this week's focus on the kindergarten classes and the Lit Lab. Sixth grade students created this project. They wrote script and took photographs of the campus. Next week we will focus on another section of Longden School.
  6. Sound Seeing Tour of Longden: the School Grounds2006/07/15

    Former Sixth Grade students continue with their project: the Sound Seeing Tour of Longden School. This group focuses on the spacious and open school grounds. Next week, I will feature another section of the Sound Seeing Tour.
  7. Sound Seeing Tour of Longden: the Office2006/07/02

    A sixth grade student project is featured in this episode of the Accidental Technologist. Over the next several weeks, you will see and hear about the different parts of Longden School. This week we will start with the school office.
  8. The Accidental Technologist, Episode 22006/05/30
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  9. The Accidental Technologist, Episode 12006/04/28
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  10. shadow's podcast2006/03/09
The Accidental Technologist
The Accidental Technologist is a place where I can feature my fascination with ways educators can use technology in the classroom. When we use technology, we are reaching students in a way that they want to be taught. From time to time, student projects will be showcased as well. I will feature interviews with students, board members, as well as school and district personnel. Last, but not least, I will continue to highlight Thinking Maps and Write from the Beginning.

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