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Background Briefing

  1. Nowhere to go2017/07/30
    Harry Guinan has Down Syndrome, and lives in a government-run group home. Here he is at art class. (ABC RN: David Lewis)
  2. Europe's drug wars2017/07/09
    Law enforcement agencies are struggling to keep up with an ever-changing trade in drugs (BBC)
  3. Drill and fill: dentists up in arms over the risks of corporate dentistry2017/07/02
    Bonuses for the amount of work done may be encouraging unnecessary treatments (Getty Images)
  4. Shadows of the Sheikh: how an Adelaide Imam with a mysterious past became a media star2017/06/25
    Imam Tawhidi's media appearances have caused controversy among Australian muslims (Islamic Association of SA)
  5. Under the radar: how the global gambling industry is encroaching on amateur sport 2017/06/18
    Small matches like this one in Hobart's Southern Basketball League have been offered up for live online betting (Carol Rääbus / ABC)
  6. Cyber insecurity: the skills shortage exposing Australia to attack2017/06/11
    The WannaCry virus affected hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe including at hospitals, banks and universities (ABC)
  7. On deadline: countdown to crunchtime for newspapers2017/06/04
    Established newspapers are slashing staff, while Crinkling News is just getting started. (Tiger Webb / ABC)
  8. The cost of a kidney2017/05/28
    Getty / Owen Franken
  9. A failure to care: the Oakden nursing home2017/05/21
    The Oakden Older Persons Mental Health facility is being closed after allegations of abuse. (ABC News: Matt Coleman)
  10. WestConnex: good debt or bad debt?2017/05/14
    (Hugh Peterswald/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
  11. Machetes, migrants, and misinformation: why Africans are copping the blame for Melbourne crime wave 2017/05/07
    Melbourne's Sudanese youth have been blamed for a variety of crimes, but are they really to blame? (David Lewis/ABC)
  12. The RSL at War2017/04/23
    Australia's oldest veterans organisation is dogged by scandal. (ABC News: Michael Vincent)
  13. Doctors and suicide: Why does it keep happening?2017/04/09
    A doctor takes a break in a hospital. (Chris Whitehead/Getty images)
  14. Nightmare build2017/04/02
    Buying a new apartment?

    Defects are driving many owners to court to get their leaks and defects fixed after they discover changes to insurance law means they are no longer covered.

    It's you versus the builder, so bring your lawyer. Tim Roxburgh investigates.
  15. Katherine Hospital: Back from the brink2017/03/26
    Gaye was diagnosed with tongue cancer and sent to Darwin Hospital for chemotherapy, when she returned to Katherine Hospital medical staff there realised she was deaf. Now she has a hearing aid and can communicate with the doctors and nurses. She couldn't do this at Darwin hospital. (Dr Simon Quilty)
  16. The schools squeeze: how the apartment boom is overcrowding classrooms2017/03/19
    Students sit in a classroom, generic (ABC TV)
  17. How did Westpac's e-waste end up on the worst dump in the world?2017/03/12
    Young men burning e-waste to extract metals at the Agbobbloshi dump in the Ghanaian capital Accra. (ABC RN: Mike Anane)
  18. How Centrelink's 'robodebt' ran off the rails2017/03/05
    Australia's Human Services Minister Alan Tudge speaks during House of Representatives Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017. (AAP: Lukas Coch)
  19. No shelter at the showground2017/02/26
    (Bronwyn Adcock/ABC Radio National)
  20. Up the creek: Less water for the Murray-Darling Basin2017/02/19
    Should the river recovery plan be dialled back? (James Hancock: ABC News)
  21. Surrogacy secrets2017/02/12
    As Asian countries crack down on surrogacy, it's booming here in Australia. The rules say a surrogate can't be paid, but desperation is driving some people to flout the law.
  22. Bullied to death: the short life of Tyrone Unsworth2017/02/05
    Tyrone Unsworth loved to dress up. (Supplied: Gypsie-Lee Edwards Kennard)
  23. Why did my baby die?2017/01/29
    Experts say up to a third of stillbirths are preventable. (ABC RN: Alex McClintock)
  24. Death in Kalgoorlie 2017/01/22
    Memorial to teenager Elijah Doughty in Kalgoorlie (ABC: Sarah Dingle)
  25. Sis, we've got your back2016/12/11
    Agnes Donovan : "Dootch saw us sitting there with the victim, and then he looked at his family and said 'Did you see all the ass wipes sitting on this side of the courtroom?" Seated with her best friend Veronica Bird (ABC RN/Bronywn Adcock)
  26. The death of VET FEE HELP2016/12/04
    TAFE Victoria faces $100m in cuts (Lateline)
  27. Insurance industry stuck in 'dark ages', say mental health advocates2016/11/27
    One in five Australians will experience mental illness, and insurers say extending coverage for mental health as they do for broken bones would send them broke. (ABC News: Patrick Williams)
  28. Why is CSIRO losing its brightest stars?2016/11/20
    Some of CSIRO's top women astronomers are quitting due to a dysfunctional workplace that they say protects harassers and punishes them instead. It's not just a loss for Australia's leading science organisation, but an appalling loss to the nation. Hagar Cohen investigates.
  29. The Joint Strike Fighter2016/11/13
    A Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in February 2013. (Lockheed Martin)
  30. System black2016/11/06
    (7pm TV News SA)
  31. Death in Kalgoorlie2016/10/30
    Memorial to teenager Elijah Doughty in Kalgoorlie (ABC: Sarah Dingle)
  32. Murder on the Derwent2016/10/23
    The boat at the centre of the murder case, the Four Winds, on the Derwent River. (Supplied)
  33. The China Syndrome2016/10/16
    China experts are raising concerns about the influence of China's government on Australian university campuses. (Getty: Kokkai Ng)
  34. The battle over Sydney's heart2016/10/09
    Some social housing residents are attempting to stay in Millers Point. (ABC RN: Tiger Webb)
  35. Betting the farm2016/10/02
    Climate change is here, there is no doubt about it, says Tasmanian potato farmer Mark McDougall (ABC RN/Jo Chandler)
  36. Early inheritance syndrome2016/09/25
    At any one time, the office of the Public Guardian in Queensland is investigating hundreds of potential cases of financial elder abuse (Getty Images/Maskot)
  37. The body in the freezer 2016/09/18
    An artist's interpretation of crime scene photos in the police report for Derrance Stevenson's murder. (ABC RN: Paul McClintock)
  38. No love lost in the Greens2016/09/11
    Jane Oakley, Michael Osborne, Lee Rhiannon and John Kaye. (ABC News: Dan Cox)
  39. Why did my baby die?2016/09/04
    Experts say up to a third of stillbirths are preventable. (ABC RN: Alex McClintock)
  40. Battle of the brewery 2016/08/28
    Union member wears a 'Bitter Victorians' jumper in support of striking workers from Carlton and United Breweries. (ABC RN/Jeremy Story Carter)
  41. The Brexit factor: Why one in four voters abandoned the major parties2016/08/21
    Ray Harvey voted for Pauline Hanson, despite his Chinese wife Sholitze's opposition to her. (ABC RN/David Lewis)
  42. The brutal politics of a virus that won't go away2016/08/14
    Protestor at a march through the Durban CBD, 18 July, 2016 to coincide with the 21st International AIDS Conference (International AIDS Society/Rogan Ward)
  43. Black Saturday's long shadow2016/08/07
    A burnt-out bed and breakfast, destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfire in 2009. (Jeremy Story Carter)
  44. Banks on trial2016/07/31
    The facade of a ANZ bank branch (ABC RN/Fiona Pepper)
  45. An inside job2016/07/24
    (Gards / Getty Images)
  46. Selling the stem cell promise2016/07/17
    (Edward Olive / Getty Images)
  47. The Extra Mile2016/07/10
    There’s been a 70 per cent rise in the number of Aboriginal children removed from their families in Victoria over the past three years. (VACCA / Deon Van Den Berg)
  48. The price of milk2016/06/26
    Gippsland dairy farmer Ron Paynter says there should be a more transparent and robust way of setting milk prices
  49. The price of politics2016/06/19
    A new report reveals Australian companies aren't very transparent about their political activities (Getty Images)
  50. Sis we've got your back2016/06/12
    Agnes Donovan : "Dootch saw us sitting there with the victim, and then he looked at his family and said 'Did you see all the ass wipes sitting on this side of the courtroom?" Seated with her best friend Veronica Bird (ABC RN/Bronywn Adcock)
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