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Wireless Mobile Devices in Education

  1. ASCILITE2008 Interview PODCast2009/09/12

    MLearning the new (fun) frontier
    Tue, Dec 2, 2008 10:44 PM

    Thom believes that the processing power, connectivity and
    content generating capacity of the new generation of smart
    phones makes them ideal tools for education.
  2. Mobile Blogging Part Two2007/05/06

    Overview of mobile interfaces to: Wordpress, Flickr, and Google Reader. Also how to blog using SMS and letmeparty.com, and Opera Mini Demo.
  3. Introduction to Mobile Blogging & RSS2007/05/06

    An intro to using cellphones for educational blogging and newsreading.
  4. Palm LifeDrive Screencast2006/06/08
    This is formatted for video iPod - so not sure if it will upload ok in Podomatic - probably need to download file to play it.
  5. ASCILITE presentation2006/06/08
Wireless Mobile Devices in Education

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