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UCTV Podcasts: Poetry, Authors and Books

  1. Archiving Atrocity: The International Tracing Service and Holocaust Research with Suzanne Brown-Fleming Holocaust Living History Workshop -- The Library Channel 2017/05/08
  2. An Evening with Tracy Kidder -- Point Loma Writer's Symposium By The Sea 20172017/04/17
  3. An Election Like No Other and What Lies Ahead with Former US Senator Barbara Boxer 2017/04/17
  4. An Evening with Shauna Niequist - Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea 20172017/04/10
  5. The Art of Messaging with Anat Shenker-Osorio -- In the Arena with Jonathan Stein 2017/02/06
  6. The Art of Messaging: Start with Shared Values2017/02/03
  7. Sky of Red Poppies with Zohreh Ghahremani -- One Book One San Diego Author Talk -- Library Channel2016/12/19
  8. Spitting in the Soup: Inside the Dirty Game of Doping in Sports with Mark Johnson -- The Library Channel 2016/11/21
  9. Behind the News of the Moment with Ari Shapiro NPR -- Dinner in the Library 2016 2016/09/19
  10. Anatomy of Malice: The Enigma of the Nazi War Criminals with Joel Dimsdale -- The Library Channel2016/07/18
  11. The Poems of Nikki Giovanni -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea 20162016/06/06
  12. An Evening with Nikki Giovanni -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea 20162016/04/19
  13. Charlotte Salomon’s Interventions with Darcy Buerkle -- Holocaust Living History Workshop -- The Library Channel2016/04/19
  14. An Evening with Robin Jones Gunn -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea 20162016/04/18
  15. An Evening with Dick Enberg -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea 20162016/04/11
  16. Music and Nature: Barry Lopez and Steve Schick -- Helen Edison Lecture Series 2016/03/01
  17. Saving Capitalism with Robert Reich 2016/02/01
  18. The Last of the President’s Men with Bob Woodward Alex Butterfield and Michael Bernstein -- The Library Channel 2016/01/04
  19. From the Front Lines: Challenges of Getting to the Truth with Robin Wright -- Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Distinguished Lecture Series 2016/01/04
  20. QandA with Woodward Butterfield and Bernstein2016/01/01
  21. Big Money Politics After Citizens United: Keeping Voters Engaged in Democracy -- UC Public Policy Channel 2015/06/08
  22. An Evening with Joyce Carol Oates -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea 2015 2015/04/20
  23. An Evening with Destin Daniel Cretton -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium by the Sea 2015 2015/04/13
  24. An Evening with Lysley Tenorio --Point Loma Writer’s Symposium By the Sea 2015 2015/04/06
  25. Frank Talk: Gay Rights Wall Street and the Federal Reserve with Barney Frank and Alex Gelber - In the Living Room with Henry E. Brady - UC Public Policy Channel 2015/04/06
  26. Suspect Race: Causes and Consequences of Racial Profiling with Jack Glaser and Paul Figueroa -- In the Living Room with Henry E. Brady UC Public Policy Channel2015/02/02
  27. Joyce Maynard - Story Hour in the Library2015/01/21
  28. Dinner in the Library -- Podium Remarks September 12 20142014/10/10
  29. Sharing Julia Child’s Appetite for Life with Noël Riley Fitch -- Dinner in the Library -- The Library Channel2014/10/06
  30. Walter Kirn - Story Hour in the Library2014/05/26
  31. Hanging Out with Anne Lamott -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium By the Sea 20142014/04/29
  32. An Evening with Jeannette Walls -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium By the Sea 20142014/04/22
  33. The Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America with Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld - Conversations with History2014/04/16
  34. An Evening with Samuel Freedman -- Point Loma Writer’s Symposium By the Sea 20142014/04/08
  35. Lessons from a One-Eyed Surgeon with Clifton Leaf - Overthrowing the Emperor of All Maladies Series -- Exploring Ethics2014/01/13
  36. One Soufflé at a Time: A Memoir of Food and France by Anne Willan with Amy Friedman2013/12/16
  37. Chronicling Cancer from Bestseller to the Big Screen with Siddhartha Mukherjee -- Atlantic Meets the Pacific 2013 2013/11/11
  38. 2013/10/14
  39. Don’t Worry Be Happy Now: The Science and Philosophy Behind the Happiness Movement with Gretchen Rubin -- The Atlantic Meets the Pacific2012/12/24
  40. Revelle Forum: TC Boyle 2012/12/03
  41. Salman Rushdie - Revelle Forum2012/10/08
  42. David Hayes Bautista the History of Cinco de Mayo2012/06/25
  43. Kathleen Sharp on Blood Feud: The Man Who Blew the Whistle on One of the Deadliest Prescription Drugs Ever2012/05/14
  44. The Atlantic Meets the Pacific: War of the Worldviews: Exploring Science vs. Spirituality with Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow2011/11/21
  45. Revelle Forum: Eli Pariser2011/07/11
  46. Osher UCSD: Redrawing Lines Between Chimps and Humans with Jon Cohen2011/07/11
  47. Point Loma Writers: Chris Hillman Herb Pedersen 2011/04/25
  48. The Life and Work of Simon Wiesenthal with Tom Segev (Conversations with History)2011/02/14
  49. Revelle Forum: Ron Reagan2011/02/07
  50. An Afternoon with John Polkinghorne 2010/12/20
  51. Michelle Goldberg: The Means of Reproduction2010/06/07
  52. Point Loma Writers: An Evening with Bill McKibben2010/04/26
  53. The Modern Presidency and the National Security State with Garry Wills (Conversations with History)2010/04/26
  54. Point Loma Writers: An Evening with Michael Eric Dyson2010/04/19
  55. Joel Kotkin: Accommodating the Next Hundred Million Citizens in the US by 20502010/03/08
  56. The Big Squeeze—Tough Times for the American Worker2009/12/21
  57. Revelle Forum: Peter Maass2009/12/07
  58. Revelle Forum: Frank Bruni2009/11/09
  59. Revelle Forum: Ruth Reichl2009/07/06
  60. An Evening with David Grossman2009/06/01
  61. The Politics of the Veil (Conversations with History)2009/06/01
  62. An Evening with Brian McLaren 20092009/05/04
  63. Identity Freedom and Revolution (Conversations with History)2009/05/04
  64. Tom Ricks - The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq 2006-20082009/05/04
  65. An Evening with Christopher Buckley 20092009/04/27
  66. Revelle Forum: The Unforgiving Minute with Craig Mullaney2009/04/13
  67. Revelle Forum: Robert Kaiser2009/03/16
  68. The Politics of Food (Conversations with History)2009/02/23
  69. Berkeley Writers at Work with Robert Reich2008/12/01
  70. Immigration: The Lessons of New York with Peter Hamill2008/11/10
  71. Reflections on the Supreme Court (Conversations with History)2008/11/03
  72. Revelle Forum: Barton Gellman2008/10/06
  73. Revelle Forum: Roger Lowenstein on Pension Debts2008/06/02
  74. In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto with Michael Pollan2008/05/12
  75. An Evening with Philip Yancey 20082008/04/28
  76. Michael Oren: Power Faith and Fantasy - America in the Middle East2008/03/24
  77. An Evening with Anchee Min 20082008/03/17
  78. Revelle Forum: John Kao2008/02/11
  79. Osher UCSD: John Dean 2008/01/28
  80. Osher UCSD: Ernestine Bradley and Friends2007/07/23
  81. Revelle Forum: The Omnivore’s Dilemma with Michael Pollan2007/07/02
  82. The SAIC Solution with J. Robert Beyster and Gene Ray2007/06/25
  83. Osher UCSD: Ernestine Bradley2007/06/04
  84. America Europe and the Islamic World with Mark Steyn (Conversations with History)2007/05/28
  85. The Last Days of the American Republic with Chalmers Johnson (Conversations with History)2007/05/14
  86. Tariq Ali: Rights and Needs: Neo-Liberalism Democracy and Military Humanism2007/05/07
  87. A Conversation with Eugene Peterson 20072007/04/16
  88. A Conversation with Anne Lamott 20072007/04/02
  89. Michael Pollan: The Omnivore's Dilemma2007/02/12
  90. Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 with Lawrence Wright (Conversations with History)2007/01/15
  91. Revolutions in Military Affairs and the War on Terror with Max Boot (Conversations with History)2007/01/01
  92. The Invasion and Occupation of Iraq with Michael R. Gordon (Conversations with History)2006/06/26
  93. An Evening with Donald Miller: Point Loma Writer's Symposium 20062006/03/13
  94. War in History and in Fiction with Michael B. Oren (Conversations with History)2006/03/06
  95. City Club Presents Richard Reeves on Ronald Reagan2006/02/13
  96. McCarthyism with Haynes Johnson (Conversations with History)2005/12/05
  97. An Interview with Edwidge Danticat2005/10/10
  98. An Evening with Jim and Joy Carroll Wallis: Writer's Symposium By The Sea 20052005/04/04
  99. Bruce Feiler: Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths2004/05/31
  100. Peter Irons: Jim Crow's Children: Broken Promise of Brown Decision2004/01/19
Poetry, Authors, Books (Audio)
Explore the artful arrangement of words with our Poetry, Authors, and Books feed featuring interviews with authors, poetry readings, and discussions about the writing process.

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