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Room 7's Podcast

  1. Alice's Interview about the Ballantynes Fire2006/10/23

    In 1947, the Ballantyne's department store in Christchurch burnt down, killing 41 people. This is my interview with Eva Marsh, the daughter of an imaginary employee.
  2. Tom's Interview about Cyclone Tracy2006/08/21

    This is an interview with Mr Meahl about the Christmas eve 1974 cyclone.
  3. Jasmine's Interview about the Ballantynes Fire2006/08/21

    An interview with Nancy Nash one of the two women staff members who survived the fire.
  4. Sati interviews on the abbotsford Landslide 2006/08/16

    I have written an imaginary interview with a survivor of the Abbotsford Landslide which happened on August 8, 1979
  5. Oliver interviews on the Wellington flood2006/08/16

    I have interviewed Edna, an imginary survivor of the Wellington Flood in 1976
  6. Ashleen's interview on the Napier earthquake2006/08/16

    I have interviewed Becks, an imaginary survivor of the Napier Earthquake in 1931
  7. Lucy's interview on Huricane Katrina2006/08/16

    I have interviewed Mrs Olive Pickle, an imaginary survivor of Hurricane Katrina which happened in USA last year
  8. James's interview on the Murchison earthquake2006/08/16

    I have interviewed Dr Smith, an imaginary survivor of the Murchison Earthquake in 1929.
  9. Josh's interview on the Wellington flood2006/08/16

    This is my interview of an imaginary survivor of the Wellington Flood
  10. Michael's interview on the murchison earthquake2006/08/16

    This interview is with Mrs Brown, an imaginary survivor of the Murchison Earthquake in !929.
  11. Jason's interview on the Tangerwera eruption2006/08/16

    I have interviewed Bob, an imaginary survivor of the eruption in 1886.
  12. Olivia's interview on the influenza empidetic2006/08/16
    I have interviewed Bronwyn Riverwood, an imaginary survivor of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic which killed 5471 people in New Zealand and 20000000 world wide.
  13. Callum's interview about the Murchicson Earthquake2006/08/16

    My interviewee is Joe, an imaginary teenager, who survived the earthquake in 1929.
  14. Sophie's interview on the Manawatu flood2006/08/16

    My interview is with Michael, an imaginary survivor of the flooding
  15. Austin's interview on the Kobe earth quake.2006/08/16

    I have interviewed John Chang, a survivor of the Kobe Earthquake in 1995
  16. Emily tells about herself2006/08/16
  17. Victoria's interview about the Wahine2006/08/16
    I have interviewed Jessica Gregory, an imaginary survivor of the sinking of the interisland ferry, Wahine, in 1968.
  18. Grace's interview about Hurricane Katrina2006/08/16

    I have interviewed an imaginary survivor of Hurricane Katrina in the USA.
  19. Andre's interview about the Abbotsford landslip in 19792006/08/16
    In my interview I am talking to Mr Gordon, a survivor of the Abbotsford landslide in Dunedin, 1979.
  20. Andy's Interview about the Murchison earthquake.2006/08/16

    I am interviewing John, a little boy who has survived the earthquake.
  21. Kaelani's Interview about the White Island eruption.2006/08/16

    I have interviewed Miss White, a rescuer, after the eruption in 1914.
  22. Jennifer's Interview with a survivor of Cyclone Giselle2006/08/16

    I have interviewed Jill, an imaginary survivor of the cyclone, based on my aunt who was a child at the time.
  23. Lillie's Interview about the Wahine Disaster2006/08/15

    The Wahine sunk during a storm at Easter !968
  24. Emily's Interview2006/08/15
    Moving to New Zealand
  25. Georgia's Interview2006/08/15
    Abbortsford landslide August 8th 1979
  26. Hilary's Interview2006/08/15

  27. Welcome to Room 72006/08/14
    Welcome to Room 7's Podcast. We are a class of year 5 pupils. We are 9 and 10 year olds. Mrs Bayliss is a bit older than that but she isn't telling. We hope you enjoy our podcasts.
Room 7's Podcast

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