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  1. The Hunger Games2013/02/01
  2. AC2007/10/30
  3. SK2007/10/30
  4. SL2007/10/30
  5. PC2007/10/30
  6. NN2007/10/30
  7. NN2007/10/30
  8. NN2007/10/30
  9. MH2007/10/30
  10. MatS2007/10/30
  11. MC2007/10/30
  12. MS2007/10/30
  13. KatL2007/10/30
  14. KarL2007/10/30
  15. IF2007/10/30
  16. DD2007/10/30
  17. DN2007/10/30
  18. BT2007/10/30
  19. AT2007/10/30
  20. AM2007/10/30
  21. AK2007/10/30
  22. Monday, September 24, 20072007/09/25
    This is our first podcast of the year - a daily review of today's events.
  23. Stars2007/02/07
  24. Sparkling Flames2007/02/07
  25. History Legend2007/02/07
  26. 5 Musketeers2007/02/07
  27. Monday, November 13, 20062006/11/13
    By TK
    Today was November 13. We were back from Veterans' Day. It was Monday Morning Assembly. It took very long. We had Art Masters assembly. The artist's name was Joan Miro. We ran around the backstop. We did challenge game. Je..... and As.... shared volcanoes. For P.E., we tried to get the ball.
  28. Monday, November 6, 20062006/11/07
  29. Monday, October 23, 20062006/10/23
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  30. Tuesday, October 17, 20062006/10/17
  31. Thursday, October 12, 20062006/10/12
    by KM: Today is October 12th, 2006. Today we did corn math. It was so fun! We did necklace designs! We also ran around the basketball hoops. That's what we did today.
  32. Wednesday, October 4, 20062006/10/04
  33. Monday, October 2, 20062006/10/02
  34. Wednesday, September 27, 20062006/09/27
    Today, we didn't make applesauce, but we made a mess on our desks and faces with our markers. We also played a game finidng sums of 10 and doubles. In addition, we finished reading Dragon Gets By and offering choices for Dragon.
  35. Tuesday, September 26, 20062006/09/26
    We made applesauce! Each one of us got a turn to use a cool apple machine to peel, slice, core our apples. Then, we cut them up and put them in a crock pot to mix with sugar (granulated and brown), water, and cinnamon to make delicious applesauce. We were even treated to apple cider (to go along with the apple scented soap we used to wash our hands)!
  36. Monday, June 12, 20062006/06/12
  37. Thursday, June 8, 20062006/06/08
  38. Thursday, June 1, 20062006/06/01
  39. Wednesday, May 31, 20062006/06/01
  40. Friday, April 28, 20062006/04/28
    Happy Birthday tomorrow, Dahna! Sorry, Beary Good Newsletters will be sent home on Monday.
  41. Wednesday, April 26, 20062006/04/26
    Well, it didn't rain today. Lucky for us, since we got to play more outside. Reminder - STAR testing starts on Monday. Sign up for treats. Thanks!
  42. Monday, April 24, 20062006/04/24
    Field Trip Tomorrow!
  43. btsn2006/04/13
  44. Thursday, April 6, 20062006/04/06
    Today we started taping our projects. Spirit Day tomorrow!
  45. Wednesday, April 5, 20062006/04/05
    Jersey Day was a wet one! Hopefully it will be brighter and warmer tomorrow!
  46. Tuesday, April 4, 20062006/04/04
    Happy Birthday, Momachi! Thank you for the delicious doughnuts and juice. Don't forget - tomorrow is Jersey Day!
  47. Monday, April 3, 20062006/04/03
    It's April already - can you believe it? Jersey Day is on Wednesday - be prepared to show your spirit! The kids spent recess inside because the city was working on the gas lines, while it rained during lunch. Be careful - they might be a little restless!
  48. Friday, March 31, 20062006/03/31
    Out goes the month of March, here comes April. Two more weeks until Spring Break! Class Act Family Night on the 10th and Fractions and Voyagers are our new themes.
  49. Thursday, March 30, 20062006/03/30
    Look for division and measurement tests, along with field trip and summer school information.
  50. Wednesday, March 29, 20062006/03/29
    Continuing our work on our Essential Question. Restaurant Night tonight and division test tomorrow!
  51. Tuesday, March 28, 20062006/03/28
    Today, we were treated to an assembly by The Imagination Machine. They read and acted out stories authored by Canyon View students. William's sister, JJ, was one of the featured authors!
  52. Monday, March 27, 20062006/03/27
    Today, we continued our EQ, starting to design backgrounds for our presentations.
  53. Friday, March 24, 20062006/03/24
    The last minimum day for Parent Conferences. Our morning meeting was conducted on the playground today.
  54. Thursday, March 23, 20062006/03/23
    Thursday was a minimum day and we discovered our Essential Question.
  55. Wednesday, March 22, 20062006/03/22

  56. Welcome to Writers' Workshop2006/03/16

  57. Welcome to Writers' Workshop2006/03/16

Bear Country
Welcome to our podcast page where we will be trying to update you with a daily journal of our events in class.

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