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PRI: Living on Earth

  1. Living on Earth: April 13, 20182018/04/13
    Making Big Oil Companies Pay for Climate Disruption / Pruitt's EPA Allows Dirtier Air / Leave No Poop Behind / BirdNote®: Sharp-tailed Grouse On a Lek / Spoiled Water for 300,000: What Lies Upstream / Beyond The Headlines / Bald Eagles At Play
  2. Living on Earth: April 6, 20182018/04/06
    Pruitt Under Fire / Beyond the Headlines / Pruitt Seeks To Double Auto Emissions / Steve in the Sky / Tyler Prize for McCarthy / BirdNote®: Walk Down an Arroyo
  3. Living on Earth: March 30, 20182018/03/30
    US Gov’t Spending Goes Green / Beyond The Headlines / Note on Emerging Science: Fear Itself / Coal Plants Damage Infant DNA / BirdNote®: Australia’s Rainforest Birds / Losing Life on Earth / Nature and the Beat
  4. Living on Earth: March 23, 20182018/03/23
    FEMA Flood Maps Miss the Mark / Coastal Republicans Fight ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ / Trouble Today for Ancient Fossils / Beyond the Headlines / A Waddle of Penguins / Stealing Dirt: A Thieving Penguin
  5. Living on Earth: March 16, 20182018/03/16
    The Right To A Livable Climate / Sexual Misconduct in the US Forest Service: One Woman’s Story / BirdNote®: Blakiston’s Fish Owl / Beyond the Headlines / Conch at the Edge
  6. Living on Earth: March 9, 20182018/03/09
    'Green' Russian Trolls / Beyond the Headlines / Gulf Orphans / No Northern Right Whale Calves So Far This Year / Ocean Health: Some Hope and Much Peril / Whales at Home in the Caribbean
  7. Living on Earth: March 2, 20182018/03/02
    Judge Halts Louisiana Pipeline / Beyond the Headlines / Scientist Speaks Out On Perceived Bias in EPA Policy / Taking Stock of Nantucket Crabs / A Taste for the Beautiful: The Evolution of Attraction
  8. Living on Earth: February 23, 20182018/02/23
    Through the Melting Arctic Seas / Beyond the Headlines / Huge Reserves of Mercury Discovered in Arctic Permafrost / As Sea Levels Rise, Nantucket Shores Up Crumbling Beaches / The Telescope in the Ice: The Hunt for the Ghost Particle / Sea Lions at Play
  9. Living on Earth: February 16, 20182018/02/16
    Solar Market Takes a Dip / Beyond The Headlines / More Pipelines, Fewer Salamanders / It’s Raining Viruses, But Don’t Panic / Frog Skin Fights the Flu / The End of Epidemics
  10. Living on Earth: February 9, 20182018/02/09
    America’s Toxic Schools / Beyond the Headlines / China Rejects US Recyclable Plastic / Plastic Trash to Cash / Children & Environmental Toxins: What Everyone Needs to Know
PRI: Living on Earth
Living on Earth is a weekly news and information program from PRI about the world's changing environment, ecology, and human health. If there's something new about global warming, climate change, environmental politics or environmental quality and human health, you can count on Host Steve Curwood and the LOE public radio news team to keep you up to date with fair and accurate coverage.

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