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62 db / SC1~MIXES

  1. DJ Spaze Crafte One live @ the "stoop" ft. green park 8-082008/08/30
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  2. Momentz in Love... (full mix)2007/08/15
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  4. spaze crafte one live @ the hemlock tavern, San Francisco Ca. circa '032006/11/01

    UNIPOD 0201...

    this is an experimental live set of original soundtracks for invisible movies.
    live flute & mbira, vocals & ether set the tones, abstract beats & haunting melodies set the stage. Also on this bill was live electro crew, Concepts with DJ Joe Quixx (oakland faders) & Octavious, hardcore industrial hip hop (now with mush records). short but effective...

  5. LUPERCALIA LUV MIX2006/09/04
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62 db / SC1~MIXES
DJ ESCE creates an eclectic & experimental blends via ambient soundscapes, minimal tek house, hip hop, grime, glitch, dubstep, drum & bass, live instrumentation & alien magic dust...

All in the purpose of making you:

1. SHAKE yo bum!
2. RATTLE the bass bins!
3. ROLL what you got!
4. contemplate life
5. meditate
6. medicate
7. feel yo' self

enjoy &

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