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  1. Lower Back Pain - Causes and Solutions2007/09/19
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  2. Plastic Surgery - As Seen on TV2007/09/05
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  3. Bone Health - The Lowdown on Avoiding Osteoporosis2006/09/08
    Medtrends reporter Lisa Osborne talks with bone health specialist, Dr. Perry Secor - it's all you need to know about keeping your bones strong & healthy. Osteoporosis (thinning bones) isn't just something that happens to old ladies! You may be surprised to learn how early it could happen to YOU!
  4. Avoiding Sports Injuries2006/08/15
    Medtrends reporter, Lisa Osborne, talks with Dr. Derek Dee (www.deesportsdoc.com) about the most common sports injuries and how to prevent them.
  5. Summer Beauty Tips2006/08/10

    Don't get beat by the heat - protect yourself from the summer sun and keep looking younger longer. Lisa Osborne (www.lisafm.podomatic.com) speaks with beauty expert Sondra Scott from the Aiello Medical Spa (www.aiellomedicalspa.com) in Los Alamitos, CA, about ways to protect your skin from sun damage, plus the latest beauty procedures to keep you looking your best at any age.
  6. Female Sexual Health - Dealing with Menopause2006/08/06

    Female health Expert, Dr. Susan Sklar of the Sklar Center for Women's Wellness in Los Alamitos CA, talks with talk show host Lisa Osborne (www.lisafm.podomatic.com) about women and 'the change' - what to expect and how it affects a woman's relationships. Men - find out how you can help the woman in your life deal with it!

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