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Hypno-Systems UK's Hypnocast

  1. Reconnect With the Inner Child2007/05/17

    The female partner of Hypno-Systems UK
    uses Ericksonian Reframing to evoke the
    learning set of a young child in order
    to renew and refresh life and problem
    solving skills.

    Apologies for the sound quality; this was one of
    the early MP3s, recorded when I was still
    learning my sound recording software (2002).

    Video Production Unit: Hypno-Systems UK
  2. Hypno-Systems UK's Intro to Gudied Self-Hypnosis2005/10/28
    An Introduction to Guided Self-Hypnosis by Lynn Worthington, C.Ht; certifed hypnotherapist of 38 years experience. This 'mini-vacation' may be replayed at any time a break is needed from the stress of everyday life.
Hypno-Systems UK's Hypnocast
Information on hypnosis and hypnotherapy by United Kingdom East Midlands hypnotic partnership.

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