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David's Bedtime Audio Stories for Children

  1. Various Songs2007/08/17
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  2. High and Lifted Up2007/05/26
  3. The Miser2007/05/26
  4. The Stream That Went Away2007/04/17
  5. The Proud Little Apple Blossom2007/04/17
  6. Bill Brown's Test2007/04/02
  7. The Elves and The Shoemaker2007/04/02
  8. The Tidy Drawer2007/03/21
  9. The Hare Who Would Not Be King2007/03/21
  10. Love2007/03/11
  11. Substitutiary_Locomotion2007/03/11
  12. Thats_What_Friends_Are_for2007/03/11
  13. Thomas_O_Malley_Cat2007/03/11
  14. Winnie_the_Pooh2007/03/11
  15. Genisis, Beginning of Civilization.2007/02/21
  16. Genisis, Cain Kills Abel2007/02/21
  17. Genisis, The First Sin and its Punishment2007/02/17
  18. Genisis, Another Account of Creation2007/02/17
  19. Baby Mine2007/02/10
  20. Give a Little Whistle2007/02/10
  21. Message for You!2007/02/10
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  22. Genisis, The 6 Days of Creation2007/02/10
  23. The Rose Within2007/02/04
  24. Puppies For Sale2007/02/04
  25. A Guy Like You2007/02/04
  26. On the Open Road2007/02/04
  27. One Last Hope2007/02/04
  28. Boo Bop Bopbop Bop I Love You.2007/01/30
  29. He is a Tramp2007/01/30
  30. Humphrey Hop2007/01/30
  31. Belle2007/01/28
  32. Eating the Peach2007/01/28
  33. If I Cant Love Her2007/01/28
  34. Steady as the Beating Drum2007/01/28
  35. The Story of a Young Artist2007/01/25
  36. The Great Ping Pong Ball Experiment2007/01/25
  37. A Scary Night2007/01/18
  38. The Rainbow2007/01/15
  39. The Kingdom of Light2007/01/15
  40. Snidley the Bridge Troll2007/01/15
  41. The Pirates2007/01/10
  42. Lavender's blue2007/01/10
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  43. A Brother Like That2006/12/30
  44. The Elf Who Ate to Much2006/12/23
  45. Santa's Secret2006/12/23
  46. Silent Night2006/12/19
    Merry Christmas!! "Get in Spirit Do What God Would Do"
  47. Christmas Carols Songs2006/12/19
  48. I Found a Million Dollars in Your Smile2006/12/19
  49. I Wonder Song2006/12/19
  50. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs2006/12/19
  51. Snow White2006/12/19
  52. When I See an Elephant Fly2006/12/16
  53. Magic of Christmas2006/12/16
  54. Jack and the Bean Stalk2006/12/16
  55. Strange Things 2006/12/16
  56. Puss in Boots2006/12/16
  57. The Writing on The Wall2006/12/09
  58. In a World of My Own 2006/12/09
  59. Daniel and The Lions Den2006/12/09
  60. Good Night Songs2006/12/07
  61. The King Finally Gets It2006/12/06
  62. The Mysterious Dream2006/12/04
  63. The Nightmare Before Christmas2006/12/04
  64. The Firey Furnace2006/12/04
  65. The Golden Rule2006/12/02
  66. A Step in the Right_Direction2006/12/02
  67. The Story of Christmas2006/12/02
  68. God Help the Outcasts2006/12/02
  69. Who is God2006/12/02
  70. Song of the South2006/12/02
  71. Magic of Christmas2006/11/29
  72. The Story of Daniel Part32006/11/18
  73. The Story of Daniel Part22006/11/18
  74. The Story of Daniel Part12006/11/18
  75. Elijah and The Miraculous Jar of Oil2006/11/16
  76. The Story of Samson Part 42006/11/16
  77. If You Happy and You Know it2006/11/15
  78. Happy Thanksgiving2006/11/15
  79. My Name Is James2006/10/31
  80. A Spoonful of Sugar2006/10/29
  81. News of the Week2006/10/29
  82. The Ugly Bug Ball2006/10/29
  83. The Story of Samson Part 32006/10/29
  84. The Story of Samson Part 22006/10/29
  85. The Story of Samson Part 12006/10/29
  86. Prayer2006/10/26
  87. Going Down to Egypt2006/10/24
  88. Joesph and the Silver Cup2006/10/24
  89. Joesph and the Hidden...2006/10/24
  90. The Trouble with Lies2006/10/24
  91. Joseph Rules2006/10/24
  92. Famine in Eygpt2006/10/24
  93. Pharaohs Dreams2006/10/19
  94. A Dream Is a Wish2006/10/19
  95. Good News Bad News2006/10/19
  96. A Whale of a Tale2006/10/19
  97. The Butler and the Baker2006/10/19
  98. The Ballad of Davey Crockett Song2006/10/15
  99. Joseph the Dreamer2006/10/14
    David will continue to read short bible stories, after he will go to legends and other must hear stories...
  100. The Pits2006/10/14
  101. Ups and Downs2006/10/14
  102. I Just Can't Wait to Be King Song2006/10/12
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  103. Hakuna Matata Song2006/10/12
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  104. Circle of Life Song2006/10/12
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  105. Trust in Me Song2006/10/12
  106. Go Back To Bethel2006/10/11
    Go Back To Bethel
  107. God Fixs Things2006/10/11
    God Fixs Things
  108. Jacob Wrestles with God2006/10/11
    Jacob Wrestles with God
  109. A Game of Solids and Stripes2006/10/11
    A Game of Solids and Stripes
  110. Family2006/10/09
  111. Stay Awake2006/10/09
  112. Under the Sea2006/10/07
  113. Baby Wars!2006/10/07
  114. A Love Story2006/10/07
  115. Jacob's Amazing Dream2006/10/07
  116. You've Got a Friend in Me2006/10/04
  117. Jacob Steals the Blessing2006/10/03
  118. Jacob & Esau and the Very Expensive Bowl of Soup2006/10/03
  119. The Child of the Promise2006/10/02
  120. The Story of Sodom & Gomorrah2006/10/02
  121. God Will Provide The Lamb2006/10/02
  122. A Promise to Abraham2006/09/28
  123. A Covenant With GOD2006/09/28
  124. Old Abe Has a Son2006/09/28
  125. Respect Your Parents2006/09/26
  126. The Tower of Babel2006/09/25
  127. Theme Song The Bible is The Starting Place for You and Me2006/09/24
  128. Welcome to Our World Song2006/09/23
  129. Times Change2006/09/23
  130. The Rainbow and The Promise.2006/09/23
  131. The Great Flood2006/09/23
  132. One Good Man2006/09/23
  133. Anybody Got Any Dramamine2006/09/19
  134. Bare Necessities Song2006/09/15
  135. Jungle Song2006/09/15
  136. Old Dudes2006/09/15
  137. Cain And Able2006/09/15
  138. Keep The Commandments Song2006/09/12
  139. The Littlest2006/09/11
  140. A Sad Day2006/09/11
  141. Big Trouble2006/09/11
  142. Everybody Needs a Friend2006/09/11
  143. The Twelve Brothers2006/09/06
  144. Talking to David about reading2006/09/05
  145. Talking Fish2006/09/05
  146. God's Green Thumb2006/09/01
  147. Baba Yaga2006/09/01
  148. Empty Cave2006/08/29
  149. Six Bears get in a Pickle2006/08/29
  150. The Good Barigan2006/08/27
  151. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids2006/08/27
  152. The Begining of All Things2006/08/25
  153. The Frog King Fairy Tale2006/08/25
  154. A Child's Prayer Song2006/08/25
  155. The Three Little Pigs2006/08/24
  156. The Pot That Would Not Stop Boiling2006/08/24
  157. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg2006/08/24
  158. The Loin and the Mouse2006/08/21
  159. The Tortoise and the Hare2006/08/21
  160. The Three Wishes Story2006/08/20
  161. The Three Big Sillies2006/08/20
  162. The Straw The Coal and the Bean2006/08/20
  163. The Little Red Hen2006/08/11
  164. The Fox and the Crow2006/08/11
  165. Ten Commandments2006/08/09
  166. Wolf Wolf2006/08/08
  167. Lazy Jack2006/08/08
  168. Chicken Licken2006/07/31
  169. The Little Red Hen and the Fox2006/07/31
  170. The Three Bears2006/07/30
  171. The Wee Little Woman2006/07/30
  172. The Ugly Duckling2006/07/28
  173. The Three Billy Goat's Gruff2006/07/27
  174. The Foolish Milkmaid2006/07/27
  175. Gingerbread Boy2006/07/26
  176. The City Mouse and the Country Mouse2006/07/26
  177. Little Red Riding Hood2006/07/24
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