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A Different Reality

  1. #602 - After Mardi Gras2006/04/01
    We've already done two shows on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast since last summer's hurricanes and floods, but we haven't really done a show on the music and culture of the area... as much as we've wanted to. So today we catch up on some of the things that are now going on in that region, and catch up on some more music.
  2. #601 - The Money Rant2006/02/21
    For a civilization to be sustainable, it requires a different attitude about money. In its pure form, money represents consumption of material and labor. So if we learn to reduce our consumption, we also learn how to live on less money.
  3. #508 - The Next Wave2005/12/02
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  4. #507 - Nyawlins2005/10/16
    Obbie pays tribute to a city that will never be the same. Then we review what happened, how it was widely anticipated but poorly handled, what hope can be derived from the events of early September, and what must be done as we look forward.
  5. #506 - Conversations with First Nations2005/05/07
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  6. #505 - Earth Day Reprise2005/04/30
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  7. #504 - Earth Day2005/04/23
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  8. #503 - Beyond the Beyond2005/04/16
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  9. #502 - Turning Dirt into Food2005/04/08
    We circulate with the largest gathering of organic farmers in North America, discussing GMOs, the meaning of "organic", and other issues facing the organic community.... Then we get advice from a gardening expert on what a beginner can do to turn dirt, dead grass and leaves, and kitchen scraps into fresh organic produce.
  10. #501 - Foundation and Morale2005/04/01
    Being April Fools' Day, this week's show will celebrate silliness and absurdity, after we spend about 15 minutes discussing the show and laying out the foundation of our agenda......
A Different Reality
An entertaining and thought-provoking audio zine to promote a sustainable civilization.

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