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Clyde's Weird Stuff

  1. Banana Oil Episode 152007/09/15
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  2. Banana Oil Episode 142007/06/11
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  3. Banana Oil Episode 132007/05/30
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  4. Banana Oil Episode 122007/05/13

    More silly adult parody tunes, or party records as they called them years ago. Some modern tunes from the Podsafe Music Network and Internet Archive.org and various early 1900's music resources. Sit back and enjoy!

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  5. NTW 05-04-2007 Episode 3 of 32007/05/11

    Now THATs Weird hosted by Ross Hemsworth aired May 04, 2007, UK paranormal talk show. Now Thats Weird web site

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  6. NTW 05-04-2007 Episode 2 of 32007/05/09
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  7. NTW 05-04-2007 Episode 1 of 32007/05/07
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  8. NWT 04-2-2007 Episode 3 of 32007/04/30
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  9. NTW 04-27-2007 Episode 22007/04/29

    Now THATs Weird with Ross Hemsworth aired April 27, 2007 will be talking more about the paranormal and spirituality.
    Now Thats Weird web site

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  10. NTW 04-27-2007 Episode 1 of 32007/04/28

    Now THATs Weird is back with the Apr 27, 2007 show hosted by Ross Hemsworth. Another great edition of more talk about. Aliens living here on Earth and under-sea bases!

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  11. Banana Oil Episode 112007/04/05

    Place those ear buds in deep for Banana Oil episode 11, lots of belly laughs with some new and old parody tunes. If you're quick to offend you better turn off your mp3 player now. Most of the music provided by the Podsafe Music Network and the trash dumpster of the internet!

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  12. Banana Oil Episode 102007/04/05

    Back with Nanner Oil episode 10, Radio Classic Blunders from the 40's and 50's. Stick those ear buds deep and don't listen while operating a vehicle.

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  13. NTW 01-05-07 Episode 3 of 32007/04/05

    UK paranormal talk show Now Thats Weird aired Jan 05, 2007 hosted by Ross Hemsworth.

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  14. NTW 01-05-2007 Episode 2 of 32007/04/03

    Episode two presents Now Thats Weird with Ross Hemsworth aired Jan 05, 2007. Now Thats Weird

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  15. NTW 01-05-2007 Episode 1 of 32007/04/02

    Back with another great episode of Now THATs Weird. Hosted by Ross Hemsworth, of the UK. Aired Jan 05, 2007.

    Now THATs Weird

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  16. Now THAT's Weird 11-17-06 Episode 3 of 32006/12/08

    UK paranormal talk with Ross Hemsworth of Now That's Weird, aired Nov 17, 2006.

    Now THATs Weird
  17. Now THAT's Weird 11-17-06 Episode 2 of 32006/12/06

    UK paranormal talk with Ross Hemsworth of Now That's Weird, aired Nov 17, 2006. Now THATs Weird
  18. Banana Oil Episode 92006/12/05

    Another great episode of the Radio Dan show. In Banana Oil episode 9, listen to the interview with author Jay Cronley. Writer of the rare book "Good Vibes" which was made into the movie "Let It Ride"

    Radio Dan on Talk Radio X
  19. Now THATs Weird 11-17-06 Episode 1 of 32006/12/05

    UK paranormal talk with Ross Hemsworth of Now That's Weird, aired Nov 17, 2006.

    Now THATs Weird
  20. Banana Oil Episode 82006/12/04

    With episode eight of Banana Oil, we're listening to the Radio Dan show.
    Radio Dan and Intern Jessica celebrate their 100th show.

    Radio Dan Show on Talk Radio X
  21. Tip Jar Donation Request2006/11/06

    Thank you for listening to the Weird-Stuff podcasts. There are a lot of you out there. So my bandwidth usage is getting expensive. Visit my Weird-Stuff Podcast Page Click on the PayPal button. A couple of dollar's would be very much appreciated.

    Clyde J. Kell
  22. Banana Oil Episode 72006/11/04

    Welcome to the world of Old Time Radio, with episode seven of Banana Oil we listen to the Chase and Sanborn show of Dec 12, 1937 starring Mae West, Don Ameche and Edgar Bergen. This broadcast was very much adult themed and actually got Mae West Banned from radio for 37 years.

    Mystery Play Internet Radio
  23. Banana Oil Episode 62006/10/31

    You have got to listen to Banana Oil episode six. Radio Dan and Intern Jessica receive Relationship Counseling! Aired Oct 29, 2006 on Talk Radio X.

    Talk Radio X
  24. Banana Oil Episode 52006/10/31

    Banana Oil five includes recordings from the Radio Gun Smoke crew's Dirty Saturday's! Listen to William Conrad and crew bust up and have some real fun, back in the 50's.

    Mystery Play Internet Radio
  25. Banana Oil Episode 42006/10/31

    The Radio Dan Show, with Radio Dan, and Intern Jessica. Aired Oct 27, 2006 on Talk Radio X. In this episode Dan's fight with the Attack of the Ants, and government worker woes.

    Talk Radio X
  26. Banana Oil Episode 32006/10/30

    With Banana Oil episode three listen to Winge of the week. Thats what they call it in the UK when you're having a fit about something or another.

    Net Talk Radio
  27. Banana Oil Episode 22006/10/28

    With episode two of Banana Oil, we introduce The Radio Dan Show. hosted by Radio Dan and Intern Jessica. Flea Market Adventure aired Oct 15, 2006. American pop culture, talk radio and whatever else is on Dan's mind.

    Talk Radio X
  28. Banana Oil Episode 12006/10/27

    Banana Oil is what I call a lot of things that just annoy me, or that I find funny in a weird way. Give it a listen and you'll hear what I mean.

    Mystery Play Internet Radio
Clyde's Weird Stuff
Weird things that interest Clyde. Well maybe not that weird, you decide!

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