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  1. 2/19/12 - florid2012/02/19
    1. Flushed with rosy color; ruddy, as a face florid from embarrassment.
    2. Profusely decorative, much too flowery or ornate, especially
    speech or writing. 3. (Obsolete) Abounding in or covered with
  2. 12/31/18 - Hogmanay2018/12/31
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  3. 4/22/12 - legerdemain2012/04/22
    1. Magic, sleight of hand. 2. Trickery, deceitful cleverness.
  4. 4/21/12 - barbarian2012/04/21
    1. A crude, uncultured, heartless person, a boor; someone who
    lives and treats others savagely. 2. A wild or primitive person,
    a savage.
  5. 12/20/18 - superfluous2018/12/20
    Excessive, more than is necessary, extra and unnecessary.
  6. 4/20/12 - popinjay2012/04/20
    1. A vain, conceited, pompous person, a coxcomb, a fop. 2. A
    loquacious, talkative person, a blabbermouth.
  7. 4/19/12 - smarmy2012/04/19
    1. Slicked down, greasy, said especially of hair with too much
    tonic or oil on it. 2. Unctuous, oily, obsequious, ingratiatingly
    polite, perhaps with an overlay of feigned intelligence or sophistication.
  8. 4/17/12 - notoriety2012/04/17
    1. Famous, well-known or widely known, often in a negative or
    PEJORATIVE sense. 2. A famous or widely known person, a notorious
    personality, as a show with several guest notorieties.
  9. 4/16/12 - castigate2012/04/16
    To severely reprimand or chastise.
  10. 4/14/12 - immaculate2012/04/14
    1. Spotlessly clean, without stain or blemish, flawless. 2. Free
    of sin or failure, without any shortcoming, faultless, as an
    immaculate record.
GoodWord from alphaDictionary.com
GoodWord from alphaDictionary.com

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