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Grace Community Church Podcast

  1. The Life of Moses "The Trials of the Red Sea" 8/4/20192019/08/05
    After finally escaping from Egypt, Moses now must lead God’s people towards another trial: the Red Sea. In this sermon, we will look at how God meets us in our trials and uses them to work redemption into our lives. Scriptures: Exodus 14:10-18, 21-22 Keywords: Moses, Exodus, trails, hope, suffering, patience, endurance
  2. Life of Moses "I Am Calling" 7/21/20192019/07/22
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  3. Life of Moses "GOD’S WAY, MY WAY, MY FAILURE, HIS REDEMPTION" 7/14/20192019/07/15
    We live with an internal tension or struggle as we give over our hearts and minds to Christ. We know that is a “God way” to do things, a way to live our lives that reflects His principles and desires. Yet, we have our own will and have the capacity to make our own decisions. Scriptures: Exodus 2:11-22
  4. Life of Moses "Providence and Purpose of God" 7/7/20192019/07/08
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  5. From The Heart "The Need for Grace" 6/30/20192019/07/02
    Grace changes everything. This is the central belief throughout all other Christian beliefs. In this sermon we look at how grace heals our hearts and makes us new. Scriptures: Ephesians 2:8-9 Keywords: grace, new life, mercy, Ephesians
  6. From The Heart "God, His Word, and Us" 6/23/20192019/06/24
    If we want to know God, it is essential that we spend time with his truths. In this sermon, we look at how to approach the Bible in a way that connects us to the living God. Scriptures: Psalm 119:97-104 Keywords: bible, study, meditation, prayer, scripture, knowing God
  7. From The Heart "Kindness and Repentance" 6/16/20192019/06/17
    Part of following God includes admitting where we are wrong. In this sermon, we see how God’s kindness is meant to motivate us to do this more easily and frequently. Scriptures: Romans 2:1-4 Keywords: repentance, kindness, spiritual growth
  8. From The Heart "A Circumcised Heart" 6/9/20192019/06/10
    Our hearts are trick things - sometimes they lead us towards God, while other times they lead us away from him. In this sermon, we look at what Moses means when he tells us to "circumcise" our hearts and how this practice can help us know God in more meaningful ways. Scriptures: Deuteronomy 10:12-17 Keywords: spiritual growth, stubbornness, pride, renewal, heart, circumcise
  9. From The Heart "Make a Difference" 6/2/20192019/06/03
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  10. Living & True: How We Build Our Lives on God Alone "The Idol of Approval" 5/26/20192019/05/27
    Everyone is, at some level, dealing with a deep need for approval. In this sermon, we see how God frees us from seeking approval from others and our own selves, instead calling us to rest in the approval that comes from him alone. Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 4:1-5 Keywords: approval, anxiety, comparison, relationships, insecurity, confidence, freedom
  11. Living & True: How We Build Our Lives on God Alone "The Idol of Wealth" 5/19/20192019/05/20
    It is practically impossible to live in our world without money. But, too often, money can become an idol. In this sermon, we look at how God wants us to see our wealth and possessions. Scriptures: Matthew 6:19-21, 24 Keywords: money, wealth, possessions, stuff, comparison, generosity, freedom, contentment
  12. Living & True: How We Build Our Lives on God Alone "The Idol of Feelings" 5/12/20192019/05/13
    God designed us to have feelings, but often our emotions end up controlling our lives. In this sermon, we look at how to live for something greater than what we feel. Scriptures: Luke 10:38-42 Keywords: feelings, emotions, self-control, Mary, Martha, idols
  13. Living & True: How We Build Our Lives on God Alone "The Idol of Performance" 5/5/20192019/05/06
    When my identity is found in Christ alone, I can live for something greater than the fulfillment of my own desires. The true measure of success is then found in my faithfulness to do the will of my Father, and to accomplish his work from where I live and in the way he's uniquely created me. Scriptures: Ephesians 1:7-14 Keywords: work, success, identity, performance, idols
  14. Living & True: How We Build Our Lives on God Alone "The Danger of Idols" 4/28/20192019/04/29
    The Bible talks a lot about idolatry. In this sermon, we look at how this practice is still prevalent today - just in different ways and forms - and, in turn, how we can live free from its dangerous affects. Scriptures: 1 Thessalonians 1:2-10 Keywords: idols, idolatry, spiritual growth, freedom, repentance
  15. Easter "The Meaning of The Resurrection" 4/21/20192019/04/22
    When Jesus rose from his grave, he gave us the greatest of gifts: new life in the face of death. In this sermon, we look at our need for this kind of life and the hope we can now have because of the Resurrection. Scriptures: Matthew 28:1-10 Keywords: Easter, resurrection, hope, death, Jesus, new life
  16. Let Us Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer "Deliver Us From Evil" 4/14/20192019/04/15
    In the final part of the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus tells us that evil is a reality we must face. In this sermon, we learn about the nature of evil and how Jesus delivers us from it. Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-13 Keywords: temptation, evil, Lord’s Prayer, prayer, freedom, deliverance
  17. Let Us Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer "Temptations as Trials" 4/7/20192019/04/08
    How do we handle trials? In this sermon, we see how Jesus tells us to pray when we face difficult situations. Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-13 Keywords: temptation, trials, testing, growth, maturity, Lord's Prayer, character
  18. Let Us Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer "As we forgive those" 3/31/20192019/04/01
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  19. Let Us Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer "Forgive Us Our Debts" 3/24/20192019/03/26
    In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus offers us the model for the full and total restoration of friendship with God. He reminds us that forgiveness is a possibility with the one we pray to as our Father. Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-13 Keywords: prayer, forgiveness, confession, sin, grace
  20. Let Us Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer "Daily Bread" 3/17/20192019/03/18
    Jesus tells us that God will provide for our needs. In this sermon, we look at how God's care for us enables us to live free from anxiety and worry. Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-13 Keywords: anxiety, worry, provision, prayer, the Lord's Prayer, daily bread
  21. Let Us Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer "Kingdom Come" 3/10/20192019/03/11
    As we continue our series on the Lord's Prayer, we look at the how praying for God's Kingdom to be present with and around us can change the way we live. Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-13 Keywords: prayer, Kingdom, Lord's Prayer, hope, spiritual disciplines
  22. Let Us Pray: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer "Our Father" 3/3/20192019/03/04
    How do we pray? Jesus gives us a helpful pattern in the Lord's Prayer. This week, we begin our series on prayer by remembering the importance of coming to God as our Father. Scriptures: Matthew 6:5-13 Keywords: prayer, father, Lord's Prayer, spiritual disciplines
  23. The Story of the Bible "Restoration" 2/24/20192019/02/25
    The Bible ends, in some ways, where it began: with a glorious vision of life spent near to God. In this sermon, we look at what God shows us about the end of the world and how we can live in light of this ending today. Scriptures: Revelation 22:1-5 Keywords: revelation, John, end of the world, hope, judgment, worship, creation, prophecy
  24. The Story of the Bible "Community" 2/17/20192019/02/18
    The Community that God establishes in the grand redemptive story told in the Bible, is a gathering of his people that will model what God expects of the entire world. God's hope for his church is for us to be formed by the Holy Spirit, so that we can be a people that will love God and love each other well. Scriptures: Acts 2:42-47 Keywords: story, love, Holy Spirit, church
  25. The Story of the Bible "Jesus" 2/10/20192019/02/11
    When God gives Jesus to the world, he gives us what we most need: an answer for our greatest problem. In this sermon, we see how Jesus redeems us from our brokenness and invites us into new life. Scriptures: John 3:16-21 Keywords: Jesus, gospel, salvation, hope, bible, John
  26. The Story of the Bible "Law" 2/3/20192019/02/04
    As we continue our series on the Bible, we see how God's commands and instructions help prepare us to surrender to Jesus as our only hope. Scriptures: Deuteronomy 4:5-9
  27. The Story of the Bible "Freedom" 1/27/20192019/01/28
    Scriptures: Exodus 3:1-10
  28. The Story of the Bible "The Fall" 1/13/20192019/01/14
    After God creates the universe, the first human beings rebelled against him. In this sermon, we look at how this rebellion has affected us today and how God provides us the relief we most need. Scriptures: Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7 Keywords: fall, sin, Eden, creation, serpent, Adam, Eve, repentance, assurance
  29. The Story of the Bible "Creation" 1/6/20192019/01/07
    As we start a new year, we explore how the Bible is one, grand story of God's redemption. In this sermon, we look at how God created the universe and what that tells us about how we can live today. Scriptures: Genesis 1:1-5 Keywords: creation, story, bible, redemption, Genesis, humanity, sovereignty
  30. Stand Alone "New Beginnings" 12/30/20182019/01/01
    There are two types of people: those who make resolutions and those who don’t, but what if there’s something really important, deeply spiritual, about our resolutions? What if our resolutions not only impact our next year, but the new that God is trying to begin in you? Scriptures: Psalm 90:10-12 Keywords: Resolutions, Begin, Sanctification, New Year
  31. Stand Alone "Receiving Jesus" 12/23/20182018/12/24
    As Christmas comes, we look at one of the most foundational truths in our Christian faith: Jesus first and foremost wants us to receive from him. Scriptures: John 1:9-13 Keywords: Christmas, advent, John, spiritual growth
  32. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "The God Who Loves You" 12/16/20182018/12/17
    God's love for us is the foundation of everything that we might think or know about him. In this sermon, we explore how God loves us and how this love can have a deep and meaningful impact on our lives. Scriptures: Romans 8:31-39 Keywords: love, Father, experience, prayer, spiritual growth
  33. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love and Conflict" 12/9/20182018/12/10
    No matter how hard we try, we can't escape conflict with other people. In this sermon, we look at how to face conflict with love as our foundational guide. Scriptures: Isaiah 6:1-13 Keywords: love, relationships, conflict, enemies, friendships, peace
  34. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love and Your Self" 12/2/20182018/12/03
    In today's world we are often told to love to love ourselves, but what does this really mean? In this sermon we look at how to love ourselves in light of God and his truth. Scriptures: Matthew 22:34-39 Keywords: love, self-esteem, self-care, mental health, emotional health
  35. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love and Friendship" 11/25/20182018/11/26
    One of the most important ways we give and receive love happens within our friendships. In this sermon, we look at why friendships are so important and the difference Jesus can make within them. Scriptures: Proverbs 17:17, 18:24, 27:6, 27:9-10 Keywords: love, friendship
  36. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love and Enemies" 11/18/20182018/11/19
    Loving our enemies is a central distinctive of the Christian faith. In this sermon, we see how important it is to extend love to those who have wronged us. Scriptures: Luke 6:27-36 Keywords: love, enemies, relationships, anger, forgiveness, peace
  37. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus " Love and Neighbors" 11/11/20182018/11/12
    The impact of the Good News of Jesus is verified in my love towards others. Through original Christian hospitality we begin to see strangers as neighbors, and neighbors as part of the family of God. This hospitality beckons mystery, births community, and bequeaths truth telling to those God has called us to love. Scriptures: Luke 19:1-10 Keywords: Love, neighbors, hospitality, acceptance
  38. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love and Parenting" 11/4/20182018/11/05
    Raising kids is filled with joy, pain, and countless sacrifices. In this sermon, we see how love can shape who we are as parents. Scriptures: Proverbs 23:15-26 Keywords: children, kids, parenting, family, relationships, love
  39. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love and Money" 10/28/20182018/10/29
    How we view our wealth ultimately shows how we view God. In this sermon we look at how money and wealth are meant to connect us to a life of fullness with him. Scriptures: 1 Timothy 6:6-10 Keywords: money, wealth, love, rich, generosity, freedom
  40. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love and Marriage" 10/21/20182018/10/22
    Marriage is perhaps the greatest relationship in which we seek to experience love. In this sermon, we look at what it means to view marriage in the light of God's understanding of love. Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 16:14 Keywords: love, marriage, divorce, relationships, covenant
  41. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Receiving His love" 10/14/20182018/10/14
    We all carry standards and expectations that must be met to receive or give love, because of this we naturally treat our relationship with God the same. But what if we don’t have to earn His love, but simply receive it? Scriptures: Matthew 22:36-40 Keywords: Love, Faith, Hope, Earn, Receive, Reckless
  42. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Love Is The Highest Calling" 10/7/20182018/10/07
    Typically read at weddings, 1 Corinthians makes an astounding claim that goes far beyond a marriage ceremony: love is the highest calling for our lives. In this sermon, we look at how the pursuit of love is meant to shape everything that we do. Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Keywords: love, 1 corinthians, spiritual growth, calling, relationships, Paul
  43. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Hope and The Future" 9/30/20182018/10/01
    The Bible is one long, grand story that begins and ends with the same thing: hope for the future. In this sermon, we will look at how hope in a God-filled future can lead us to hope for today. Scriptures: Revelation 20:11-15, 21:1-5 Keywords: hope, future, revelation, judgment, heaven, eternity, new heavens and new earth, afterlife
  44. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Hope for yourself and others" 9/23/20182018/09/23
    Change is constant in the world in which we live, and yet we doubt sometimes if true change can happen in our own lives. We can have hope for ourselves, when we receive a new life through Christ. Real change is hard, but we do not wait alone. The reward of our rebirth is being with God while we change. Scriptures: John 3:1-8 Keywords: Born Again, Regeneration, Change, Hope, Purpose
  45. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Hope and Pain" 9/16/20182018/09/17
    Pain has the power to cloud our view of God. In this sermon, we will look at how we can still put our hope in God, even in the midst of suffering. Scriptures: Psalm 34:15-22 Keywords: pain, suffering, disappointment, hardship, hope
  46. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "The Importance of Hope" 9/9/20182018/09/10
    We are hope-based creatures. In this sermon we look at how hope helps us face our lives while we wait for Jesus to make all things new. Scriptures: Ephesians 1:15-21 Keywords: hope, despair, anger, faith, love, emotions, depression, surrender
  47. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Faith and Forgiveness" 9/2/20182018/09/03
    Jesus has made forgiveness an important part of his Kingdom. Forgiveness offers us the personal freedom from our own vindictive or vengeful response to pain; Our hope is that forgiveness becomes a fruit of our faith in Jesus. Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-15 Keywords: Forgiveness, Faith, Sovereignty of God, Compassion, Grace
  48. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Faith and Prayer" 8/26/20182018/08/27
    What does it mean to pray with faith? In this sermon we see that how we pray is ultimately an expression of how we see God. Scriptures: Matthew 21:18-22 Keywords: prayer, faith, hope, spiritual disciplines
  49. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Faith and Worry" 8/19/20182018/08/20
    The temptation to worry is all around us. In this sermon, we look at how faith intersects with worry and can lead us to a life of surrender and trust. Scriptures: Matthew 8:5-13 Keywords: faith, worry, anxiety, control, trust, surrender
  50. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Faith and Works" 8/12/20182018/08/13
    If we are saved by faith alone, why do good works matter? In this sermon, we see how a living faith should lead us to faithful living. Scriptures: James 2:14-26 Keywords: faith, works, growth, James, belief
  51. Faith, Hope, and Love: Pursuing a Life That Looks More Like Jesus "Living By Faith" 8/5/20182018/08/06
    Paul writes that our spiritual lives should be marked by three things: faith, hope, and love. In this sermon, we begin a news series on faith as we explore what it means to "live by faith." Scriptures: Romans 1:16,17, Hebrews 11:1-16 Keywords: salvation, faith, gospel, spiritual growth, Romans, Hebrews, 1 Corinthians
  52. Parables: Short Stories of Jesus "The Prodigal Son" 7/29/20182018/07/30
    This Sunday we look at one of Jesus' most famous parables - the Prodigal Son. in this parable, we see how God deals welcomes us home and calls us to love. Scriptures: Luke 15:1-2, 11-32 Keywords: prodigal son, Luke 15, forgiveness, salvation, parable, grace
  53. Parables: Short Stories of Jesus "The Greatest Treasure" 7/22/20182018/07/23
    In this sermon, we see Jesus tell us that following him is like finding hidden treasure or a the finest of pearls. It requires sacrifice, but our sacrifices lead us to what we really need: joy. Scriptures: Matthew 13:44-46 Keywords: Matthew, Jesus, gospel, parable, hidden treasure, pearl of great price, joy
  54. Parables: Short Stories of Jesus "The Talents" 7/15/20182018/07/16
    In this parable, we see that God gives us all that we have in our lives. He calls us to use whatever he has given to us in service to his Kingdom agenda. Scriptures: Matthew 25:14-30 Keywords: parables, comparison, envy, jealousy, stewardship, joy, Matthew
  55. Parables: Short Stories of Jesus "The Good Samaritan" 7/8/20182018/07/09
    Through the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus reveals to us that to love God is to unquestionably live out his love in a self-sacrificial way to those around us. To love God is to respond to the needs around us at every level. Scriptures: Luke 10:29-37 Keywords: compassion, parable, love, questions, mercy
  56. Stand Alone Message "What is Worship" 7/1/20182018/07/02
    Scriptures: Luke 9:18-25
  57. From The Heart "Parenting like a Child" 6/24/20182018/06/27
    Parenting is one of the most beautiful, rewarding, stressful, and scary jobs. How do I know if I’m doing it right? How do I parent? How do I respond to my parents? Thankfully we have the greatest example from the greatest Father, God, to show us the way. Scriptures: Ephesians 3:14-15 Keywords: Parent, Child, Parenting, Child of God, Responsibility, Role, Authority, Teaching, Discipline
  58. From The Heart "The Joy of Christ" 6/17/20182018/06/18
    There is a true and forever joy that is found only in Christ and we have an opportunity to live in joyful response to the abundance of God. This joy begins with our trust in Him, and grows as we know him more. Scriptures: Psalm 126:1-6 Keywords: Joy, Hope, Trust, Psalms, Anticipation
  59. From The Heart "Blessing, Keeping, and Face-Shining" 6/10/20182018/06/11
    What does it mean to be blessed by God? In this sermon we look at Numbers 6 and see how God blesses us with what we need most - his willingness to be near to us. Scriptures: Numbers 6:22-27 Keywords: blessing, peace, kindness, Aaron, Numbers, security, grace
  60. From The Heart "Hearing God's Voice" 6/3/20182018/06/03
    The Bible is full of stories of people who heard God's voice. In this sermon we look at why we struggle to hear God's voice and how to cultivate an ability to hear from him. Scriptures: Isaiah 58:6-12 Keywords: God's voice, guidance, spiritual growth, Isaiah
  61. Stand Alone Message "The Measure of Love" May 27, 20182018/05/28
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  62. In the Spirit: How God Helps Us Grow "God's Great Love For Us" 5/20/20182018/05/21
    Paul concludes his thoughts on personal growth with one, chiefly important truth: God loves us. In this sermon we see how believing this truth can help us truly change. Scriptures: Romans 8:31-39 Keywords: love, acceptance, Paul, Romans, growth
  63. In the Spirit: How God Helps Us Grow "Help In Our Weakness" 5/13/20182018/05/14
    In this sermon, we see how the Spirit helps us grow through our weaknesses. He intercedes for us and gives us a deep and hopeful assurance of God’s will. Scriptures: Romans 8:26-30 Keywords: change, growth, intercession, prayer, assurance, Spirit, help, Romans
  64. In the Spirit: How God Helps Us Grow "Waiting Eagerly for the Promise" 5/6/20182018/05/07
    Suffering and Pain is not meaningless, it carries with it the hope of future glory. The divine intention for creation and us is not death, it is new life. Scriptures: Romans 8:18-25 Keywords: Suffering, Hope, Promises, Glory, Creation
  65. In the Spirit: How God Helps Us Grow "The Wonder and Power of Adoption" 4/29/20182018/04/30
    Jesus promises us a powerful reality: that, through his work, God adopts us into his family. In this sermon we see how the Spirit helps us realize this truth and, because of it, leads us to change. Scriptures: Romans 8:12-17 Keywords: growth, guidance, adoption, spiritual formation, Romans, identity
  66. In the Spirit: How God Helps Us Grow "Life, Death, and The Power of Our Minds" 4/22/20182018/04/23
    Paul shows us that how we think determines how we life. With the Spirit’s help, we can change how we think, which leads to change in how we live. Scriptures: Romans 8:5-11 Keywords: change, growth, Spirit, formation, Romans, Paul, flesh, mind
  67. In the Spirit: How God Helps Us Grow "Pardon, Freedom, and Walking With The Spirit" 4/15/20182018/04/16
    God’s Spirit reminds us that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus - we are pardoned and set free. From this place of freedom, we can now experience the Holy Spirit’s constant help in our growth. Scriptures: Romans 8:1-4 Keywords: change, growth, Paul, Romans 8, condemnation, shame, Holy Spirit, freedom
  68. In the Spirit: How God Helps Us Grow "The Need For Growth" 4/8/20182018/04/09
    Before we look at how the Spirit helps us with our spiritual growth, we first look at why we need to grow - and why growth is so hard. Scriptures: Romans 7:14-25 Keywords: personal growth, spiritual growth, Romans, Paul, sin, change, health
  69. Easter "Hidden in the Resurrection" 4/1/20182018/04/02
    When Jesus rises from the grave, his resurrection not only gives us a powerful reason to worship him, but also a powerful opportunity to join him in this new life. Scriptures: Mark 16:1-8 Keywords: Easter, resurrection, new life, Jesus, Mark, hope
  70. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus Prepares for Pain" 3/25/20182018/03/26
    Before Jesus faces his death on the cross, he prays to God in a garden. In this sermon, we see how Jesus prepare his soul for suffering. Scriptures: Mark 14:32-42 Keywords: Suffering, pain, comfort, Jesus, Mark, Palm Sunday, Gethsemane, prayer
  71. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus and The Last Supper" 3/18/20182018/03/19
    Before Jesus faces his death, he takes the ordinary elements of bread and wine and transforms them into powerful symbols of what we most deeply need - his provision and grace. Scriptures: Mark 14:12-16, 22-25 Keywords: Mark, Jesus, Communion, Lord's Supper, Last Supper, grace
  72. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Two Great Commandments" 3/11/20182018/03/12
    A religious leader asks Jesus what he has to do to please God. Jesus responds with two great commandments: love God and love your neighbor. Scriptures: Mark 12:28-34 Keywords: Jesus, Mark, love, greatest commandments, neighbor
  73. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus and His Gift of Freedom" 3/4/20182018/03/05
    As Jesus enters Jerusalem to face his own death, he does so as king who is about to give us the greatest of gifts - freedom. Scriptures: Mark 11:1-11 Keywords: Jesus, Mark, freedom, kingdom
  74. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Something to Give" 2/25/20182018/02/26
    We all struggle with giving. We struggle to pour out to those in need. But what if the real life that Jesus has for his calls us to be willing to give of everything? We might see that we all have something to give. Scriptures: Mark 10:46-52 Keywords: Giving, Mark, Sacrifice, Blind, Life
  75. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "The Trap of Wealth" 2/18/20182018/02/19
    In Mark 10, Jesus doesn't offer us warnings about greed or encouragements towards generosity. He instead is saying that there is something radically wrong with us and that money has a particular power to blind us to the mistake of finding our identity in a savior other than himself alone. Scriptures: Mark 10:17-27 Keywords: Wealth, possessions, savior, identity
  76. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus and Divorce" 2/11/20182018/02/12
    Divorce is a common experience in today's world. In this sermon, we look at one of the places in which Jesus addresses divorce and see how it can shape our thinking about marriage and divorce today. Scriptures: Mark 10:1-10 Keywords: Divorce, marriage, discipleship, Jesus, Mark, legalism, relationships
  77. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Demands of Discipleship" 2/4/20182018/02/05
    The Kingdom of God is defined to us by Jesus in more than terms of a reward, He speaks to us also of the costly sacrifices required. The demanding requirements of discipleship provide both an escape from the destructive ways of sin, and the grace fueled adventure of living for his purpose. Scriptures: Mark 9:42-50 Keywords: Sin, Repentance, Persecution, Reward, Jesus
  78. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "True Greatness" 1/28/20182018/01/29
    We all want to be successful - and to have others see us as successful. In this sermon, we see how Jesus defines success and encourages us to place our truest identities in him. Scriptures: Mark 9:33-37 Keywords: Pride, humility, Jesus, Mark, success, greatness
  79. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Making Sense of Jesus" 1/21/20182018/01/22
    How do we make sense of Jesus? In this sermon, we see that because Jesus is the Son of God and because he gives us a resurrection from the dead, we can trust him with our lives. Scriptures: Mark 9:2-13 Keywords: Jesus, Mark, transfiguration, Moses, Elijah, law, prophets, spiritual growth
  80. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Following Jesus Explained" 1/7/20182018/01/08
    What does it really mean to follow Jesus? In this passage, Jesus tells us that it (at least) means we need to deny ourselves, take the lower places in life, and keep close to him. Scriptures: Mark 8:31-28 Keywords: Mark, Jesus, self-denial, discipleship, suffering, spiritual growth
  81. New Years Eve "Love and Live" 12/31/20172018/01/02
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  82. Christmas Eve "The God Who Makes Us Wait" 12/24/20172017/12/25
    As we celebrate Christmas Eve, we see a God who sometimes makes us wait for things - and the beauty he works through our waiting. Scriptures: Luke 1:26-45, Luke 2:1-7 Keywords: Christmas, Advent, Luke, Jesus, incarnation, waiting, hope
  83. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "The God Who Helps Us See" 12/17/20172017/12/17
    How we see God shapes how we interact with him. In this sermon, we look at how Jesus helps us see God for who he really is, and consequently how we can know this same God in personal ways. Scriptures: Mark 8:22-30 Keywords: Mark, blindness, spiritual growth, Christmas, advent, Peter
  84. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "The Danger of a Hardened Heart" 12/10/20172017/12/10
    As Jesus continues his ministry, he warns us about the failure of religious performance and instead invites us into a relationship based on grace. Scriptures: Mark 8:11-21 Keywords: Mark, Jesus, Christmas, Pharisees, heart, pride, arrogance, humility, grace
  85. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus Feeds Four Thousand People" 12/3/20172017/12/03
    As Christmas approaches, we see how the story of Jesus feeding four thousand people helps us ask four important questions about who Jesus is, and what he is up to in our world. Scriptures: Mark 8:1-10 Keywords: Mark, Jesus, Christmas, fish and loaves, spiritual growth
  86. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus vs. Tradition" 11/26/20172017/11/27
    In this passage we see Jesus confront the religious traditions of the day. In this message, we unpack the reality that Jesus reigns and rules over the religious traditions of men. Scriptures: Mark 7:1-13 Keywords: Jesus, Religion, Rules, Tradition, Freedom
  87. Compassion Sunday "The Call to Compassion" 11/19/20172017/11/20
    This Sunday we look at God's gracious call to compassion for the world around us as we also announce our partnership with Compassion International. Scriptures: Micah 6:6-8 Keywords: Compassion, justice, peace, gospel, wholeness, poverty, compassion international
  88. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus Walks on Water" 11/12/20172017/11/13
    When Jesus walks on water, he shows us more than just a miracle - he shows us how God cares for us when we experience trials. Scriptures: Mark 6:45-52 Keywords: Mark, Jesus, water, faith, discipleship, spiritual growth, trials, suffering
  89. Mark: A Journey With Jesus " Overwhelming Faith and Impossible Hope" 11/5/20172017/11/06
    As we continue in the book of Mark we find Jesus comes in contact with 2 people, each in desperate need of help, and each responding with overwhelming faith in Him. What does their story show us about what our faith should ultimately be put in, and what does that faith do for our lives? Scriptures: Mark 5:21-43 Keywords: Faith, Hope, Mark, Mark 5, Trust, God’s Plan, God’s Timing, God’s Goodness
  90. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "The Kindness of God in the Midst of the Storm" 10/29/20172017/10/30
    In the presence of a storm-filled sea, Jesus shows how much he cares for us by hearing our questions, and asking us a few of his own. Scriptures: Mark 4:35-41 Keywords: Mark, Jesus, story, boat, sea, fear, faith, suffering
  91. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Seed, Soil, and How Our Hearts Grow" 10/22/20172017/10/23
    Jesus uses a powerful story to show us how our hearts grow best towards him. Scriptures: Mark 4:1-9 Keywords: Mark, soil, seed, sower, parable, spiritual growth, heart
  92. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "The Sin That Can't Be Forgiven" 10/15/20172017/10/16
    Jesus says there is only one sin that God will not forgive. In this sermon we look at the "unforgivable sin" of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Scriptures: Mark 3:22-30 Keywords: Mark, Holy Spirit, unforgivable sin, scribes, pride
  93. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Gospel over Religion" 10/8/20172017/10/09
    When Jesus is confronted with the most religious of his day he responds with a truth that brings the good news of his arrival along with the freedom to pursue him without tradition or burden. Scriptures: Mark 2:18-28 Keywords: Sabbath, fasting, disciples, pharisees, religion, gospel
  94. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Our Greatest Need" 10/1/20172017/10/02
    What is our greatest need? Jesus not only reveals but also meets our greatest need - to be forgiven. Scriptures: Mark 2:1-12 Keywords: Forgiveness, grace, love, Mark, Jesus, paralytic, faith
  95. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Jesus Shows His Authority" 9/24/20172017/09/25
    In this sermon, we see how Jesus' announcement of the kingdom is backed up by a unique kind of authority - one that serves others in their deepest places of need. Scriptures: Mark 1:21-34 Keywords: Authority, healing, unclean spirits, humility, service, Jesus, Mark
  96. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Repent and Believe" 9/17/20172017/09/17
    As Jesus begins his public ministry, he shows us two of the most important practices in our relationship with God, and how they can change our lives. Scriptures: Mark 1:14-20 Keywords: Repentance, belief, Mark, Jesus, fishermen, Kingdom of God
  97. Mark: A Journey With Jesus "Preparing the Way For Jesus" 9/10/20172017/09/10
    This week, we begin our journey through the Gospel of Mark as we look at the important themes in his book - repentance, belief, and the call to follow Jesus wherever he leads us. Scriptures: Mark 1:1-11 Keywords: Mark, Jesus, discipleship, repentance, faith
  98. Stand Alone "Overcoming Negativity " 9/3/20172017/09/04
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  99. Wise-Foolish: The Path Toward Emotional Maturity "Values That Last" 8/27/20172017/08/27
    Part of becoming wise is learning to value the right things. In this last sermon in our series about emotional maturity, we look at the kind of values that lead to wisdom and maturity. Scriptures: Proverbs 12:15, Proverbs 13:19, Proverbs 14:16, Proverbs 15:5, Proverbs 17:16, Proverbs 17:24, Proverbs 29:9 Keywords: Emotional maturity, spiritual growth, Proverbs, values, wisdom
  100. Wise-Foolish: The Path Toward Emotional Maturity "Avoiding Defensiveness" 8/20/20172017/08/20
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  101. Wise-Foolish: The Path Toward Emotional Maturity "The Realities of Pride" 8/13/20172017/08/13
    Another mark of a foolish person is the presence of pride and stubbornness. This week we lookout how pride limits our emotional growth and how we can overcome it. Scriptures: Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 12:15, Proverbs 14:9, Proverbs 15:5, Proverbs 17:10, Proverbs 18:2, Proverbs 26:3, Proverbs 28:26 Keywords: Emotional maturity, spiritual growth, Proverbs, pride, humility
  102. Wise-Foolish: The Path Toward Emotional Maturity "Practicing Self-Control" 8/6/20172017/08/06
    One of the marks of a foolish person is a lack of self-control. This week we look at the importance of self-control and how we can see it grow in our lives. Scriptures: Proverbs 10:8, Proverbs 12:23, Proverbs 14:16, Proverbs 20:3, Proverbs 26:11, Proverbs 29:9, Proverbs 29:11 Keywords: Emotional maturity, spiritual growth, Proverbs, self control
  103. How to Talk to God: Using the Psalms for Prayer "Prayer as Remembering" 7/30/20172017/07/30
    As we close this series on prayer, we look at how using prayer to remember who God is helps us have hope for what we face in our lives. Scriptures: Psalm 77:11-20 Keywords: Prayer, Psalms, Psalm 77, Remembrance, Hope
  104. How to Talk to God "Finding Wisdom" 7/23/172017/07/23
    Description: The prayers and songs found in Psalms help to direct our wills both by giving us examples of wisdom and by commanding us to trust fully in him. Yet, our view of God will determine our response to this call. Key Verses: Psalms 37:1-7a, Psalms 119:97-98 Key Words: Prayer, Wisdom, Trust, Delight in Him, Worry Not
  105. How To Talk To God "I'm Sorry" 7/16/20172017/07/16
    Confession is the beginning of all relational healing with God and others. Confession is key in our communication with God. Scriptures: Psalm 51, 2 Samuel 12: 1-14, 1 John 1:9 Keywords: Confess, Transgressions, Mercy, Purge, Clean heart, Renew, Forgiveness
  106. How to Talk to God "A Heart of Gratitude" 7/9/172017/07/10
    Words of thanksgiving often escape us when we most need to talk to God. How can we express our gratitude to a heavenly father when gratitude is oftentimes the furthest from our hearts? Leaning on the words of Psalms 34 we can let god shape heart into one of gratitude. Scriptures: Psalms 34:1-10, Psalms 136:1-16,23-26 Keywords: Gratitude, Thanksgiving, Magnify, Contentment, Emotions
  107. How To Talk To God "Pouring Out Our Hearts" 7/2/20172017/07/02
    As we look at how we talk to God there's an area where we lack communication with God, and it's one of the most important, how we feel. God desires to hear our honest feelings, and hearts, but how do we begin to look to God, pour out our hearts to Him, and admit, "God, I'm in trouble." Scriptures: Psalm 62:1-8 Keywords: Lament, heart, pain, suffering, sadness, Psalm, talking, pouring out
  108. From the Heart "Calling, Discouragements, and the Importance of Not Giving Up" 6/25/20172017/06/25
    As we try to follow God, we can often feel discouraged. In this sermon we look at the importance of not giving up, even as we feel discouraged. Scriptures: 1 Timothy 1:1-5 Keywords: Calling, God's call, discouragement, hope, faith, 1 Timothy, Paul
  109. From the Heart "Made in God's Image" 6/18/20172017/06/18
    Every human being carries the image of God. This great truth transforms how we view others, as well as ourselves. Scriptures: Genesis 1:26-27 Keywords: Image of God, Genesis 1, Creation, Humility, Kindness, Justice
  110. From the Heart "Hearing God's Voice" 6/11/20172017/06/11
    In this sermon we look at how God speaks to us, and how we can better hear him when he does. Scriptures: 1 Kings 19:9-18 Keywords: Elijah, 1 Kings, God's voice, stillness, quietness, spiritual disciplines
  111. From the Heart "The Promise of Freedom" 6/4/20172017/06/05
  112. 1 Peter "Grace and Peace" 5/28/20172017/05/28
  113. 1 Peter "Spiritual Warfare" 5/21/20172017/05/21
  114. 1 Peter "Fears, Worries, Anxieties, and Casting Cares" 5/14/20172017/05/14
  115. 1 Peter "The Importance of Humility" 5/7/20172017/05/07
  116. 1 Peter "The Change God Wants For Us - Part 2" 4/30/20172017/04/30
  117. 1 Peter "The Change God Wants For Us - Part 1" 4/23/20172017/04/23
  118. Easter 4/16/20172017/04/17
  119. Palm Sunday 4/9/20172017/04/10
  120. 1 Peter "Unity With Christ" 4/2/20172017/04/03
  121. 1 Peter "Doing Good While Suffering" 3/26/20172017/03/27
  122. 1 Peter "Husbands and the Meaning of Authority" 3/19/20172017/03/20
  123. 1 Peter "Wives and the Meaning of Submission" 3/12/20172017/03/13
  124. 1 Peter "Servants and Masters" 3/5/20172017/03/06
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  126. 1 Peter "Jesus The Cornerstone" 2/19/20172017/02/20
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  135. Tidings of Joy "God Enters Our Brokenness" 12/11/20162016/12/12
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  140. Praxis: How the Church Practices Its Faith "The Blessings of Giving" 11/6/20162016/11/07
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  142. Next Ten Celebration and Building Dedication October 23, 20162016/10/23
  143. Praxis: How the Church Practices Its Faith "Spiritual Friendship" 10/16/20162016/10/17
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  151. The Holy Spirit "Spiritual Gifts" 8/21/20162016/08/17
  152. The Holy Spirit "The Holy Spirit Gives New Life" 8/14/20162016/08/14
  153. The Holy Spirit "Who is the Holy Spirit" 8/7/20162016/08/07
  154. The Life of David "David's Last Words" 7/31/20162016/07/31
  155. The Life of David "David Repents" 7/24/20162016/07/24
  156. The Life of David "David Faces Temptation" 7/17/20162016/07/17
  157. The Life of David "David Shows Mercy" 7/10/20162016/07/11
  158. The Life of David "David Hears From God" 7/3/20162016/07/03
  159. The Life of David "David Spares Saul" 6/26/20162016/06/26
  160. The Life of David "David Defeats Goliath" 6/19/20162016/06/19
  161. The Life of David "How God Chooses A King" 6/12/20162016/06/12
  162. Everything Belongs 6/5/20162016/06/05
  163. You Can Change "The Need for Others" 5/29/20162016/05/29
  164. You Can Change "The Need for New Rhythms" 5/22/20162016/05/22
  165. You Can Change "The Need for Idol-Smashing" 5/15/20162016/05/16
  166. You Can Change "There Is Hope" 5/8/20162016/05/08
  167. Sermon on the Mount "Building a House" 5/1/20162016/05/01
  168. Sermon on the Mount "Bearing Fruit" 4/24/20162016/04/24
  169. Sermon on the Mount "Entering The Gate" 4/17/20162016/04/17
  170. Sermon on the Mount "Asking and Knocking" 4/10/20162016/04/10
  171. Sermon on the Mount "Judging Others" 4/03/20162016/04/03
  172. Easter with Grace 3/27/20162016/03/27
  173. Sermon on the Mount "Defeating Worry" 3/20/20162016/03/20
  174. Sermon on the Mount "The Hearts Treasure" 3/13/20162016/03/13
  175. Sermon on the Mount "Living Without Food" 3/6/20162016/03/06
  176. Sermon on the Mount "Praying in Power" 2/28/20162016/02/28
  177. Sermon on the Mount "Praying in Secret" 2/21/20162016/02/21
  178. Sermon on the Mount "Giving to the Poor" 2/14/20162016/02/14
  179. Four Choices: Living An Intentional Life This New Year "Love" 2/7/20162016/02/07
  180. Four Choices: Living An Intentional Life This New Year "Give" 1/31/20162016/01/31
  181. Four Choices: Living An Intentional Life This New Year "Pray" 1/17/20162016/01/14
  182. Four Choices - Living an Intentional Life This Year "Listen" 1/10/20162016/01/10
  183. "Open Hands" 1/3/20162016/01/03
  184. "New Trajectory" 12/27/20152015/12/27
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  187. The Coming King "The Search for a King" 12/6/20152015/12/03
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  191. Sermon on the Mount "Anger" 11/8/20152015/11/08
  192. Sermon on the Mount " Law, Prophets, and Jesus" 11/1/20152015/11/01
  193. Sermon on the Mount "Salt and Light" 10/25/20152015/10/25
  194. Sermon on the Mount "The Beatitudes " 10/18/20152015/10/18
  195. Sermon on the Mount "Preparing the Way to Preach" 10/11/20152015/10/11
  196. The Next Ten "Cultural Renewal" 10/4/20152015/10/04
  197. The Next Ten "Spiritual Formation" 9/27/20152015/09/27
  198. The Next Ten "Biblical Truth" 9/20/20152015/09/20
  199. The Next Ten "10 Year Celebration" 9/13/20152015/09/13
  200. One Flesh "What Marriage Makes" 9/6/20152015/09/06
  201. One Flesh "What Marriage Means for Husbands" 8/30/20152015/08/30
  202. One Flesh "What Marriage Means for Wives" 8/23/20152015/08/23
  203. One Flesh "What Marriage Is" 8/16/20152015/08/16
  204. What We Believe "The Bible is True" 8/09/20152015/08/09
  205. What We Believe "Death Isn't the End" 8/02/2015 2015/08/02
  206. What We Believe "There is a Helper" 7/19/20152015/07/19
  207. What We Believe "Jesus is Everything" 7/12/20152015/07/12
  208. What We Believe "You Are Worse Than You Think" 7/05/20152015/07/05
  209. What We Believe "God is King" 6/28/20152015/06/28
  210. Heart Talks Series "Fathers Day with Grace" 6/21/20152015/06/21
  211. Heart Talks Series "A Call to Imitation" 6/14/20152015/06/14
  212. Heart Talks Series "Three Great Questions" 6/7/20152015/06/07
  213. Heart Talks Series "The Mission" 5/31/20152015/05/31
  214. Heart Talks Series "Worship and Witness" 5/24/20152015/05/24
  215. Heart Talks Series "Courage" 5/17/20152015/05/17
  216. Heart Talks Series "What It Means To Be A Mother 5/10/2015 2015/05/10
  217. Heart Talks Series "Words that Matter" 5/3/20152015/05/03
  218. Grace and How We See God 4/26/20152015/04/26
  219. Grace & How We See Others 4/19/20152015/04/19
  220. Grace and How We See Ourselves: Grace Changes Everything 4/12/20152015/04/12
  221. Easter With Grace2015/04/05
  222. "Compassion" Unlikely God: A Journey Through Jonah 3/29/20152015/03/29
  223. "Mercy" Unlikely God: A Journey Through Jonah 3/22/20152015/03/22
  224. "Salvation" Unlikely God: A Journey Through Jonah 3/15/20152015/03/15
  225. "Drowning" Unlikely God: A Journey Through Jonah 3/8/20152015/03/08
  226. "Calling" Unlikely God: A Journey Through Jonah 3/1/20152015/03/01
  227. Worship "The Jesus Way" 2/15/20152015/02/12
  228. Obedience - The Jesus Way Series 2/8/20152015/02/08
  229. Denial - The Jesus Way Series 2/1/20152015/02/01
  230. Solitude - The Jesus Way Series 1/25/20152015/01/25
  231. Rest - The Jesus Way Series 1/18/20152015/01/18
  232. Prayer - The Jesus Way Series 1/11/20152015/01/11
  233. Word - The Jesus Way Series 1/4/20152015/01/04
  234. Intentional Prayer 12/28/20142014/12/28
  235. Waiting for Light - Waiting Series 12/21/20142014/12/21
  236. Waiting for Freedom - Waiting Series 12/14/20142014/12/14
  237. Waiting for Victory - Waiting Series 12/7/20142014/12/07
  238. Waiting for God - Waiting Series 11/30/20142014/11/30
  239. How to Live a Generous Life - "For You Not From You" 11/23/20142014/11/23
  240. Why does generosity matter? - "For You Not From You" 11/16/20142014/11/16
  241. The Christian Conflict - "Glorious: The Life of Redemption in Ephesians" 11/9/20142014/11/09
  242. The God Shaped Family - "Glorious: The Life of Redemption in Ephesians" 11/2/20142014/11/02
  243. The God Shaped Family - "Glorious: The Life of Redemption in Ephesians" 10/26/20142014/10/26
  244. Marriage - "Glorious: The Life of Redemption in Ephesians" 10/19/20142014/10/19
  245. Walk in the Light- "Glorious: The Life of Redemption in Ephesians" 10/12/20142014/10/12
  246. Old Made New- "Glorious: The Life of Redemption in Ephesians" 10/5/20142014/10/05
  247. Growth That Matters - "Glorious: The Life of Redemption in Ephesians" 9/28/20142014/09/28
  248. "Let's Pray, Part 2" - "Glorious: The Story of Redemption in the Book of Ephesians" 9/21/20142014/09/21
  249. A Mysterious Proclamation - "Glorious: The Story of Redemption in the Book of Ephesians" 9/14/20142014/09/14
  250. Game Changer - "Glorious: The Story of Redemption in the Book of Ephesians" 9/7/20142014/09/07
  251. Made Alive - "Glorious: The Story of Redemption in the Book of Ephesians" 8/31/20142014/08/31
  252. Let's Pray - "Glorious: The Story of Redemption in the Book of Ephesians" 8/24/20142014/08/20
  253. The Glorious Plan - "Glorious: The Story of Redemption in the Book of Ephesians" 8/17/20142014/08/16
  254. Forward - 8/10/20142014/08/10
  255. Jacobs New Name - "Blessed & Broken Series" 8/2014/32014/08/03
  256. Jacobs Reconciliation - "Blessed & Broken Series" 7/27/20142014/07/27
  257. Jacobs Wrestling Match - "Blessed & Broken Series" 7/20/20142014/07/20
  258. Jacobs Marriage - "Blessed & Broken Series" 7/13/20142014/07/13
  259. Jacobs Dream - "Blessed & Broken Series" 7/6/20142014/07/06
  260. Jacobs Blessing - "Blessed & Broken Series" 6/29/20142014/06/29
  261. The Rewards of Rest - "Rest Series" 6/22/20142014/06/22
  262. The Enemies of Rest - "Rest Series" 6/15/20142014/06/15
  263. The Call to Rest - "Rest Series" 6/8/20142014/06/08
  264. Spiritual Power - "Roots Series" 6/1/20142014/06/01
  265. Mission - "Roots Series" 5/25/20142014/05/25
  266. Financial Update - Grace Community Church 5/18/20142014/05/18
  267. Roots: Community - "Roots Series" 5/11/20142014/05/11
  268. Repentance - "Roots Series" 5/4/20142014/05/04
  269. The Ascension - "Finished Series" 4/27/20142014/04/27
  270. The Resurrection - "Finished Series" 4/20/20142014/04/20
  271. The Cross - "Finished Series" 4/13/20142014/04/13
  272. The End of The Matter - "Chasing After God Knows What Series" 4/6/20142014/04/06
  273. Chasing Wealth - "Chasing After God Knows What Series" 3/30/20142014/03/30
  274. Chasing Work - "Chasing After God Knows What Series" 3/23/20142014/03/23
  275. Chasing Wisdom - "Chasing After God Knows What Series" 3/16/20142014/03/16
  276. The Good Life - "Chasing After God Knows What Series" 3/9/20142014/03/09
  277. We Are All Chasing Something - "Chasing After God Knows What Series" 3/2/20142014/03/02
  278. In Repair - "Beautiful Mess Series" 2/23/20142014/02/23
  279. Conflict In Relationships - "Beautiful Mess Series" 2/16/20142014/02/16
  280. What Do Men Really Need? - "Beautiful Mess Series" 2/9/20142014/02/09
  281. What Women Want - "Beautiful Mess Series" 2/2/20142014/02/02
  282. Fight or Flee - "Start Series" 1/26/20142014/01/26
  283. Moving Forward - "Start Series" 1/19/20142014/01/19
  284. Let Go - "Start Series" 1/12/20142014/01/12
  285. Stop Dreaming Small - "Start Series" 1/5/20142014/01/05
  286. Hope for Tomorrow - "Hope Series" 12/29/20132013/12/29
  287. Hope this Christmas - "Hope Series" 12/22/20132013/12/22
  288. The Word Became Flesh - "Hope Series" 12/15/20132013/12/15
  289. Hopeless to Hopeful - "Hope Series" 12/8/20132013/12/08
  290. The Birth of Hope - "Hope Series" 12/1/20132013/12/01
  291. Live on a Mission - "NEXT GENerosity Series" 11/24/20132013/11/24
  292. Help for a Generous Heart - "NEXT GENerosity Series" 11/17/20132013/11/17
  293. Cultivating Generosity - "NEXT GENerosity Series" 11/10/20132013/11/10
  294. Discovering Generosity - "NEXT GENerosity Series" 11/3/20132013/11/03
  295. I Can't Help It - "Wide Angle Series" 10/27/20132013/10/27
  296. More Than Eternity - "Wide Angle Series" 10/20/2013 2013/10/20
  297. Jesus Did - "Wide Angle Series" 10/13/20132013/10/13
  298. More than Meets the Eye - "Wide Angle Series" 10/6/20132013/10/06
  299. Living Sent - 9/29/20132013/09/29
  300. Why Serve? - "Compass Series" 9/22/20132013/09/22
  301. Why Connect? - "Compass Series" 9/15/2013 2013/09/15
  302. Why Gather? - "Compass Series" 9/8/20132013/09/08
  303. llusion of More - "Illusion Series" 9/1/20132013/09/01
  304. llusion of Control - "Illusion Series" 8/25/20132013/08/25
  305. Illusion of Independence - "Illusion Series" 8/18/20132013/08/18
  306. The Illusion of Happiness - "Illusion Series" 8/11/20132013/08/11
  307. The Unexpected - "ReAct Series" 8/4/20132013/08/04
  308. Speak Up - "ReAct Series" 7/28/20132013/07/28
  309. Direction - "ReAct Series" 7/21/20132013/07/21
  310. Family Feud - "ReAct Series" 7/14/20132013/07/14
  311. First Response - "ReAct Series" 7/7/20132013/07/05
  312. Motive - "ReAct Series" 6/30/20132013/06/30
  313. Extraordinary from Ordinary - "ReAct Series" 6/23/20132013/06/23
  314. Beyond Normal - "ReAct Series" 6/16/2013 2013/06/16
  315. The Resistance - "ReAct Series" 6/9/20132013/06/09
  316. The Turning Point - "ReAct Series" 6/2/20132013/06/02
  317. Fresh Perspective - "Behind the Music Series" 5/26/20132013/05/26
  318. It is Okay to be honest with God - "Behind the Music Series" 5/19/20132013/05/19
  319. Unfailing Love - "Behind the Music Series" 5/12/20132013/05/12
  320. Inside Out - "Behind the Music Series" 5/5/20132013/05/05
  321. Unmistakable Commitment - "Unmistakable Series" 4/28/20132013/04/28
  322. Let the Future Begin - "Unmistakable Series" 4/21/20132013/04/21
  323. Unmistakable Faith - "Unmistakable Series" 4/14/20132013/04/14
  324. Gratitude - "Unmistakable Series" 4/7/20132013/04/07
  325. Doubt + Faith - "Evidence Series" 3/31/20132013/03/31
  326. Where's God? - "Evidence Series" 3/24/20132013/03/24
  327. Cold-Case Christianity - "Evidence Series" 3/10/20132013/03/17
  328. Fighting to Believe - "Evidence Series" 3/10/20132013/03/10
  329. Parent Trap - "Dearly Beloved Series" 3/3/20132013/03/03
  330. Kenwood Campus Faith - "Dearly Beloved Series" 2/24/20132013/02/28
  331. Goin to the Chapel - "Dearly Beloved Series" 2/24/20132013/02/24
  332. Guest List - "Dearly Beloved Series" 2/17/20132013/02/17
  333. Marriage Refined - "Dearly Beloved Series" 2/10/20132013/02/10
  334. Meet The Parents - "Dearly Beloved Series" 2/3/20132013/02/03
  335. Kenwood Campus - Our Common Cause -Be-Cause Series Series 1/27/20132013/01/30
  336. One Cause - "Be-Cause Series" 1/27/20132013/01/27
  337. Cause and Efffect - "Be-Cause Series" 1/13/20132013/01/20
  338. Pick A Fight - "Be-Cause Series" 1/13/2013 2013/01/13
  339. Fight - "Be-Cause Series" 1/6/20132013/01/06
  340. "Next" - 12/30/20122012/12/29
  341. Re-Imagine Home - "Re-Imagine Series" 12/24/20122012/12/24
  342. Re-Imagine Success - "Re-Imagine Series" 12/23/20122012/12/23
  343. Re-Imagine Significance - "Re-Imagine Series" 12/16/20122012/12/16
  344. Re-Imagine Family - "Re-Imagine Series" 12/9/20122012/12/09
  345. Re-Imagine Hope - "Re-Imagine Series" 12/2/2012 2012/12/02
  346. Big Deal - 11/25/20122012/11/25
  347. Thankfulness When You Really Don't Feel Like it - Hard Knock Life Series 11/18/20122012/11/18
  348. His Plan, My Pain? - Hard Knock Life Series 11/11/20122012/11/11
  349. Permission to Speak Freely - Hard Knock Life Series 11/4/20122012/11/04
  350. Loneliness - Baggage Claim Series 10/28/20122012/10/28
  351. All In - Kenwood Campus 10/25/20122012/10/25
  352. Disappointment - Baggage Claim Series 10/21/20122012/10/21
  353. Betrayal - Baggage Claim Series 10/14/20122012/10/14
  354. By the People and For the People 10/7/20122012/10/07
  355. Compassion Sunday 9/30/20122012/09/30
  356. Volume Control - Tongue Tied Series 9/23/20122012/09/23
  357. Dont Show Up Alone - Tongue Tied Series 9/16/20122012/09/16
  358. Silence is Consent - Tongue Tied Series 9/2/20122012/09/09
  359. Make it Personal 9/2/20122012/09/02
  360. When Your Number is Called 8/26/20122012/08/26
  361. Serve - In The Game Series 8/19/20122012/08/19
  362. Connect - In The Game Series 8/12/20122012/08/12
  363. Gather - In The Game Series 8/5/20122012/08/05
  364. Jesus - The Crown Just Didn't Fit - Kings Series 7/29/20122012/07/29
  365. Live Strong - Kings Series 7/22/20122012/07/22
  366. What Really Matters... - Kings Series 7/15/20122012/07/15
  367. Go Strong or Go Home - Kings Series 7/8/20122012/07/08
  368. The Burning Plow - Kings Series 7/1/20122012/07/01
  369. The Convenience Factor - Kings Series 6/24/20122012/06/24
  370. Tough Love - Kings Series 6/17/20122012/06/17
  371. Go Create - Create Series 6/10/20122012/06/10
  372. Surrender to the Creator - Create Series: 6/3/20122012/06/03
  373. Masterpiece - Create Series: 5/27/20122012/05/27
  374. God still creates - Create Series: 5/20/20122012/05/20
  375. Beauty - ReDefine Series: 5/13/201212012/05/13
  376. Man - ReDefine Series: 5/6/201212012/05/06
  377. Forgiveness - ReDefine Series: 4/22/20122012/04/29
  378. Failure - ReDefine Series: 4/22/20122012/04/22
  379. Success - ReDefine Series: 4/15/20122012/04/15
  380. The Easter Burn 4/8/122012/04/08
  381. Live Strong - Kings Series 7/22/20122012/04/01
  382. The Hour Has Come 4/1/12 2012/04/01
  383. Lust Avenue - Sin City 3/25/2012 2012/03/25
  384. Bitterness Boulevard - Sin City 3/18/20122012/03/18
  385. Pride comes before the fall - Sin City Series 3/11/20122012/03/11
  386. Jealousy Street - Sin City Series 3/4/20122012/03/04
  387. What You Sow - Galatians Series 2/26/20122012/02/26
  388. Freedom - Galatians Series 2/19/20122012/02/19
  389. Above the Law - Galatians Series 2/12/20122012/02/12
  390. Simple Is Not Easy - Galatians Series 2/5/20122012/02/05
  391. Your Church - All In Series 1/29/20122012/01/29
  392. Lonely Faith - All In Series 1/22/2012 2012/01/22
  393. Honor God with your Body - All In Series 1/15/20122012/01/15
  394. Think About These Things - All In Series 1/8/20122012/01/08
  395. New You - Old You 1/1/20122012/01/01
  396. Love - Unwrapped Series 12-24-20112011/12/25
  397. Hope - Unwrapped Series 12-18-20112011/12/18
  398. Peace Out - Unwrapped Series 12-11-20112011/12/11
  399. Unwrap Joy - Unwrapped Series 12/4/20112011/12/04
  400. Living My Identity - 11/27/20112011/11/27
  401. The Trust of a Widow - 11/20/20112011/11/20
  402. The Final Chapter - Ghost Chasers Series 11/13/20112011/11/13
  403. Signs of Life - Ghost Chasers Series 11/6/20112011/11/06
  404. Do You Believe in Ghosts? - Ghost Chasers 10/30/20112011/10/30
  405. Difficult People...Awkward Relationships - Necessary Roughness Series 10/23/20112011/10/23
  406. Conflict - Necessary Roughness Series 10/16/2011 2011/10/16
  407. Boundaries - Necessary Roughness Series 10/9/20112011/10/09
  408. Communication - Necessary Roughness Series 10/2/20112011/10/02
  409. Free From Addictions And Destructive Habits - Free Series 9/25/20112011/09/25
  410. Free from Insecurity - Free Series 9/18/20112011/09/18
  411. Breaking free from the pain of death or loss - Free Series 9/11/20112011/09/11
  412. Breaking free from failure - Free Series 9/4/20112011/09/04
  413. Serve - Core Series 8/28/20112011/08/28
  414. Connect - Core Series 8/21/20112011/08/21
  415. Gather - Core Series 8/14/20112011/08/14
  416. Concluding Thoughts - Defiance Series 8/7/20112011/08/07
  417. Bittersweet - Defiance Series 7/31/20112011/07/31
  418. Priceless - Defiance Series 7/24/20112011/07/24
  419. Inside Out - Defiance Series 7/17/20112011/07/17
  420. The Rich Young Ruler - Defiance Series 7/10/20112011/07/10
  421. Feeding the Multitudes...Again - Defiance Series 7/3/20112011/07/03
  422. When Religion Gets in the Way of God - Defiance Series 6/26/20112011/06/26
  423. Not in This Town - Defiance Series 6/19/20112011/06/20
  424. The Other Side - Defiance Series 6/12/20112011/06/12
  425. A Sinner's Party - Defiance Series 6/5/20112011/06/05
  426. The Bible - Concrete Series 5/29/20112011/05/29
  427. Giving - Concrete Series 5/21/20112011/05/22
  428. Tell Your Story - Concrete Series 5/15/20112011/05/15
  429. Prayer - Concrete Series 5/8/20112011/05/08
  430. Church - Concrete Series 5/1/20112011/05/01
  431. He Has Risen! - Easter 4/17/20112011/04/24
  432. True Blood - Story Series 4/17/20112011/04/17
  433. Close Is Not Good Enough - Story Series 4/10/20112011/04/10
  434. Good, Bad, and Ugly - Story Series 4/3/20112011/04/03
  435. Parenting / Fight for the Heart2011/03/27
  436. Making Marriage Last - Modern Family Series: 3/20/20112011/03/20
  437. The Commitment of Marriage - Modern Family Series: 3/13/20112011/03/13
  438. The Purpose of Marriage - Modern Family Series 3.06.20112011/03/06
  439. Only Heaven Knows - Lies Series: 2/27/20112011/02/27
  440. Where is My Reward? - Lies Series: 2/20/20112011/02/20
  441. The Christian's Battle with Sin - Lies Series: 2/13/20112011/02/13
  442. I Can't - Lies Series: 2/6/20112011/02/06
  443. Just Like Daddy - Lies Series: 1/30/20112011/01/30
  444. Walk By Faith- Horizon Series: 1/23/20112011/01/23
  445. Are We There Yet?- Horizon Series: 1/16/20112011/01/16
  446. Today - Horizon Series: 1/9/20112011/01/09
  447. Time For A Change - Horizon Series: 1/2/20112011/01/02
  448. After Christmas - Christmas Series: 12/26/20102010/12/26
  449. The Grace at Christmas - Christmas Series: 12/19/20102010/12/19
  450. This Is Home? - Christmas Series: 12/12/20102010/12/12
  451. Waiting for a King - Christmas Series: 12/5/20102010/12/05
  452. Communion: What, Why and How - 11/28/2010 2010/11/28
  453. God Answers - "Job Series": 11/21/2010 2010/11/21
  454. It's OKay To Question God - "Job Series": 11/14/2010 2010/11/14
  455. Control Issues - "Job Series": 11/7/2010 2010/11/07
  456. The Friend Effect - "Job Series": 10/31/2010 2010/10/31
  457. The Marriage Effect - "Job Series": 10/24/2010 2010/10/24
  458. The Blameless Man - "Job Series": 10/17/20102010/10/17
  459. What's Makes It All Work - "Risky Business Series": 10/10/20102010/10/10
  460. What's Next? - "Risky Business Series": 10/03/20102010/10/03
  461. Serve- "Core Series": 9/26/20102010/09/26
  462. Commit - "Core Series": 9/19/20102010/09/19
  463. Gather - "Core": 9/12/20102010/09/12
  464. Pride - "5ive Series": 9/5/20102010/09/05
  465. Greed - "5ive Series": 8/29/20102010/08/29
  466. Jealousy - "5ive Series": 8/22/20102010/08/22
  467. Anger - "5ive Series": 8/15/20102010/08/15
  468. Guilt - "5ive Series": 8/8/20102010/08/08
  469. Jethro2010/07/25
  470. outsiders: Plan B2010/07/18
  471. Samson - "Outsiders Series": 7/11/20102010/07/11
  472. John The Baptist - "Outsiders Series": 7/4/20102010/07/06
  473. Jephthah - "Outsiders Series": 6/27/20102010/06/27
  474. Esau - "Outsiders Series": 6/20/20102010/06/20
  475. Doubting Thomas - "Outsiders Series": 6/13/20102010/06/13
  476. Parenting On Purpose - "My So Called Life": 6/6/20102010/06/06
  477. Trimming the Family Tree - "My So Called Life": 5/30/20102010/05/30
  478. 9 to 5 Drama - "My So Called Life": 5/23/20102010/05/23
  479. Marriage - "My So Called Life": 5/16/20102010/05/16
  480. Floodwaters - "My So Called Life": 5/9/20102010/05/09
  481. The Real World- "My So Called Life": 5/2/20102010/05/02
  482. Heaven Prep - "Scrapbook Series": 4/25/20102010/04/25
  483. Prayer - "Scrapbook Series": 4/18/20102010/04/18
  484. Adoption - "Scrapbook Series": 4/11/20102010/04/11
  485. Out of Control - "Scrapbook Series": 3/28/20102010/03/28
  486. Go! - Everybody/Everywhere2010/03/21
  487. Everybody: Here - "Everyone Everywhere Series": 3/14/20102010/03/14
  488. Battle Cry - "Everyone Everywhere Series": 3/7/20102010/03/07
  489. Me and You God - "Fanatic Series": 2/28/20102010/02/28
  490. Substance Over Style - "Fanatic Series": 2/21/20102010/02/21
  491. Community Worship - "Fanatic Series": 2/14/20102010/02/14
  492. Why Worship? - "Fanatic Series": 2/7/20102010/02/07
  493. Failure - "Identity Theft Series": 1/24/20102010/01/24
  494. Direction...Not - "Identity Theft Series": 1/17/20102010/01/17
  495. Failure to Forgive - 'Identity Theft Series": 1/10/20102010/01/10
  496. Identity Theft: The New Series 1/3/20102010/01/03
  497. Changing Directions: 12/27/20092009/12/27
  498. Refocus - "2010" Series: 12/13/20092009/12/13
  499. What We're Taking With Us - "2010" Series: 12/06/20092009/12/06
  500. Thanks For Nothing: 11/29/20092009/11/29
  501. The Ultimate Hunger Satisfier- "Hungry" Series: 11/22/20092009/11/22
  502. Feeding The Hunger - "Hungry" Series: 11/15/20092009/11/15
  503. Table For One - "Hungry" Series: 11/8/20092009/11/08
  504. Afterlife- "Hot Topics" Series: 11/1/20092009/11/01
  505. Discerning The Will of God - "Hot Topics" Series: 10/25/20092009/10/25
  506. Baptism - "Hot Topics" Series: 10/18/20092009/10/18
  507. Odd Couple - "Hot Topics" Series: 10/11/20092009/10/11
  508. The Spirit World - "Hot Topics" Series: 10/4/20092009/10/04
  509. Love’s Big Risk - "Everlast" Series: 9/27/20092009/09/27
  510. Hope - "Everlast" Series: 9/20/20092009/09/20
  511. Faith - "Everlast" Series: 9/13/20092009/09/13
  512. Go Orange - 9/6/20092009/09/06
  513. God Owns It All (with Joe Sangl) - reThink Green Series - 8/30/20092009/08/30
  514. Tale Of Two Hearts - reThink Green Series - 8/23/20092009/08/23
  515. reThink Green - 8/16/20092009/08/16
  516. "Hot Seat" Dream On Series - 8/9/20092009/08/09
  517. Dream On - 8/2/20092009/08/02
  518. Fire - "Elements" Series: 07/26/20092009/07/26
  519. Earth - "Elements" Series: 07/19/20092009/07/19
  520. Wind - "Elements" Series: 07/12/20092009/07/12
  521. Water - "Elements" Series: 07/05/20092009/07/05
  522. Wood - "Elements" Series: 06/28/20092009/06/28
  523. The Heart of a Child - "Family Portrait" Series: 06/21/20092009/06/21
  524. Marriage For Keeps - "Family Portrait" Series: 06/14/20092009/06/14
  525. I Think I Do - "Family Portrait" Series: 06/07/20092009/06/07
  526. Taking Jesus To Church - "Roadtrip" Series: 05/31/20092009/05/31
  527. Baptism - 05/24/20092009/05/24
  528. Taking Jesus To Work - "Roadtrip" Series: 05/17/20092009/05/17
  529. Taking Jesus to the Party - "Roadtrip" Series: 05/10/20092009/05/10
  530. Finding Authentic Faith at Home - "Roadtrip" Series: 05/02/20092009/05/03
  531. The Final Chapter - "Epic" Series: 04/26/20092009/04/26
  532. Acts- "Epic" Series: 04/19/20092009/04/19
  533. Cross and Resurrection - "Epic" Series: 04/12/20092009/04/12
  534. Wait - "Epic" Series: 04/05/20092009/04/05
  535. Law - "Epic" Series: 03/29/20092009/03/29
  536. Promise - "Epic" Series: 03/22/20092009/03/22
  537. Death of the Dream - "Epic" Series: 03/15/20092009/03/15
  538. The Writer - "Epic" Series: 03/08/20092009/03/08
  539. Doctor's Orders - "Am I The Only One" Series: 03/01/20092009/03/01
  540. Broken - "Am I The Only One" Series: 02/22/20092009/02/22
  541. Fear/Worry - "Am I The Only One" Series: 02/15/20092009/02/15
  542. Addiction - "Am I The Only One" Series: 02/08/20092009/02/08
  543. The Morning After - "Am I The Only One" Series: 02/01/20092009/02/01
  544. HD Vision for The World - "HD" Series: 01/25/20092009/01/25
  545. HD Vision for My Community - "HD" Series: 01/18/20092009/01/18
  546. HD Vision for My Church - "HD" Series: 01/11/20092009/01/11
  547. HD Vision for Life - "HD" Series: 101/04/20092009/01/04
  548. 2008 Reviewed - "Christmas" Series: 12/28/20082008/12/28
  549. Christmas Savior - "Christmas" Series: 12/21/20082008/12/21
  550. Shaken...not Stirred - "Christmas" Series: 12/14/20082008/12/14
  551. The Greatest Gift - "Christmas" Series: 12/07/20082008/12/08
  552. Waterboy - "Nearsighted" Series: 11/30/20082008/11/30
  553. Seed - "Nearsighted" Series: 11/23/20082008/11/23
  554. Broke at Christmas: 11/16/20082008/11/16
  555. Hope Chest - "Unique" Series: 11/09/20082008/11/09
  556. Revenge of the Nerd - "Unique" Series: 11/02/20082008/11/02
  557. When Mirrors Lie - "Unique" Series: 10/26/20082008/10/26
  558. T.A.L.K. - Dr. Kent Hughes: 10/19/20082008/10/19
  559. How Do I Tell My Story? - "GLife" Series: 10/12/20082008/10/12
  560. G-Life Faith Story - "GLife" Series: 10/05/20082008/10/05
  561. Operation Serve Revisited: 09/21/20082008/09/28
  562. Text Message From God - "GLife" Series: 09/21/20082008/09/21
  563. How to Pray - "GLife" Series: 09/14/20082008/09/15
  564. Prayer - "G Life" Series: 09/07/20082008/09/07
  565. What To Do During Uncertain Times: 08/31/20082008/08/31
  566. Why Serve? - "Compass" Series: 08/24/20082008/08/24
  567. Top 10 Reasons To Be In A Small Group - 08/17/20082008/08/17
  568. Gather - "Compass" Series: 08/10/20082008/08/10
  569. Wonder: "Faith Like A Child" Series: 10/23/20052008/08/03
  570. Wisdom for $400, Alex - "Jeopardy" Series: 07/23/20062008/07/27
  571. Jesus, King Compassion - "Superheroes" Series: 07/20/20082008/07/20
  572. The Hero Who Did Nothing - "Superheroes" Series: 07/13/20082008/07/13
  573. Gideon's Courage - "Superheroes" Series: 07/06/20082008/07/06
  574. Courage - Esther2008/06/29
  575. How'd He Get in Here? - "Superheroes" Series: 06/22/20082008/06/22
  576. Mr. Consistent - "Superheroes" Series: 06/15/20082008/06/15
  577. Dryness - "Superheroes" Series: 06/08/20082008/06/08
  578. Legacy - "Life Comes At You Fast" Series: 06/01/20082008/06/01
  579. It's a Matter of Life and Death - "Life Comes At You Fast" Series: 05/25/20082008/05/25
  580. Kids - "Life Comes At You Fast" Series: 05/18/20082008/05/18
  581. Love Story - "Life Comes At You Fast" Series: 05/11/20082008/05/11
  582. not-a-match.com - "Life Comes At You Fast" Series: 05/04/20082008/05/04
  583. Example - "Let's Talk About Me" Series: 04/27/20082008/04/27
  584. Pretty Much Me - "Let's Talk About Me" Series: 04/20/20082008/04/20
  585. Lonely Pride - "Let's Talk About Me" Series: 04/13/20082008/04/13
  586. Spotlight - "Let's Talk About Me" Series: 04/06/20082008/04/06
  587. Opportunities: 03/30/20082008/03/30
  588. Mulligan - "Fore" Series: 03/23/20082008/03/23
  589. In the Rough - "Fore" Series: 03/16/20082008/03/16
  590. Bunker - "Fore" Series: 03/09/20082008/03/09
  591. Grace Next! - "The Oscars" Series: 03/02/20082008/03/03
  592. Simoniz - "The Oscars" Series: 02/24/20082008/02/26
  593. Mr. and Mrs. Pretender - "The Oscars" Series: 02/17/20082008/02/18
  594. Put on a Happy Face - "The Oscars" Series: 02/10/20082008/02/10
  595. Whatcha'macallit2008/02/04
  596. React - "Blink" Series: 01/27/20082008/01/27
  597. Priority - "Blink" Series: 01/20/20082008/01/20
  598. One Small Moment - "Blink" Series: 01/13/20082008/01/13
  599. Rewind - "Blink" Series: 01/06/20082008/01/07
  600. Me vs. God - "Contender" Series: 12/23/20072007/12/24
  601. Me vs. Myself - "Contender" Series: 12/16/20072007/12/16
  602. Me vs. Hurt - "Contender" Series: 12/09/20072007/12/09
  603. Me vs. Chaos - "Contender" Series: 12/02/20072007/12/03
  604. Take Me Off the List - "NEXTGENerosity" Series: 11/25/20072007/11/25
  605. Mine, Yours, or Ours? - "NEXTGENerosity" Series: 11/18/20072007/11/18
  606. Time - "NEXTGENerosity" Series: 11/11/20072007/11/12
  607. End Path - "GPS" Series: 11/04/20072007/11/12
  608. Green Street - "GPS" Series: 10/28/20072007/10/28
  609. Where Am I Going? - "GPS" Series: 10/21/20072007/10/21
  610. Direction - "GPS" Series: 10/14/20072007/10/14
  611. A Stern Warning: 10/07/20072007/10/07
  612. Bad Reputation - "Losers Series": 09/30/20072007/10/02
  613. Rahab, The Harlot - "Losers Series": 09/23/20072007/09/24
  614. Useless Runaway - "Losers Series": 09/16/20072007/09/17
  615. Unqualified - "Losers Series": 09/09/20072007/09/10
  616. Better from a Distance - 09/02/20072007/09/02
  617. Serve - "Compass" series: 08/26/20072007/08/26
  618. Commit - "Compass" series: 08/19/20072007/08/22
  619. Gather - "Compass" series: 08/12/20072007/08/13
  620. otherOLOGY - 08/05/20072007/08/06
  621. Gideon: Mighty Warrior - "Beach Boys" series 7/29/20072007/07/31
  622. Joshua: Courage Needed -"Beach Boys" series 7/22/20072007/07/25
  623. Elijah-"Beach Boys" series 7/15/20072007/07/17
  624. Ahab: Pouting Problem - "Beach Boys" series 07/08/20072007/07/12
  625. Naaman - "Beach Boys" series 07/01/20072007/07/05
  626. Noah - "Beach Boys" series 06/24/20072007/06/25
  627. Key - "Love is in the House" series 06/17/20072007/06/25
  628. Roof - "Love is in the House" series 06/01020072007/06/11
  629. Time-Out Chair - "Love is in the House" series 06/03/20072007/06/08
  630. Table - "Love is in the House" series 05/27/20072007/05/27
  631. Couch - "Love is in the House" series 05/20/20072007/05/20
  632. Door - "Love is in the House" series 05/13/20072007/05/13
  633. Baptism - "Image is Everything" series 05/06/20072007/05/07
  634. The Way - "Image is Everything" series 04/29/20072007/05/01
  635. Sufficiency - "Image is Everything" series 04/22/20072007/04/23
  636. Desperado - "Image is Everything" series 04/15/20072007/04/16
  637. I Am...the Resurrection - "Image is Everything" series 04/08/20072007/04/09
  638. Shepherd - "Image is Everything" series: 04/01/20072007/04/02
  639. Wolf! - "Storytime" Series 03/25/20072007/03/27
  640. Red Slippers - "Storytime" Series 03/18/20072007/03/19
  641. Arthur and the Boys - "Storytime" Series 03/11/20072007/03/13
  642. Sex: God's Idea - "Whatever" Series 03/04/20072007/03/06
  643. In A Hurry - "Whatever" Series 02/25/20072007/02/27
  644. Twenty-Two Cents - "Whatever" Series 02/11/20072007/02/12
  645. The Office - "Whatever" Series 02/04/20072007/02/05
  646. Health - "Whatever" Series 01/28/20072007/01/29
  647. Your Move - "Next Steps" Series 01/21/20072007/01/21
  648. Table Top - "Next Steps" Series 01/14/20072007/01/16
  649. Peace in me - "Peace Plan" Series: 12/17/20062006/12/22
  650. Gloves & Doves - "Peace Plan" Series: 12/10/20062006/12/13
  651. Who Made Who? - "Peace Plan" Series: 12/03/20062006/12/03
  652. Gratitude - "Inventory" Series: Ron Edmondson 11/26/20062006/11/26
  653. Influence - "Inventory" Series: Chad Rowland 11/19/20062006/11/20
  654. Perspective - "Inventory" Series: Chad Rowland 11/12/20062006/11/13
  655. Rescue - "Inventory" Series: Chad Rowland 11/05/20062006/11/13
  656. Fear of The Unknown - "Fear" Series: Ron Edmondson 10/29/20062006/10/31
  657. Fear of Being Alone - "Fear" Series: Ron Edmondson 10/22/20062006/10/28
  658. Fear of Failure- "Fear" Series: Ron Edmondson 10/15/20062006/10/16
  659. What is Fear - "Fear" Series: Ron Edmondson 10/08/20062006/10/09
  660. Sociology - "Back to School" Series: Chad Rowland 10/01/20062006/10/02
  661. ART - "Back to School" Series: Ron Edmondson 09/24/20062006/09/26
  662. Economics - "Back to School" Series: Chad Rowland 09/17/20062006/09/18
  663. Show & Tell - "Back to School" Series: Chad Rowland 09/10/20062006/09/11
  664. Psychology - "Back To School" Series: Chad Rowland 09/03/20062006/09/04
  665. Serve - "Gather, Commit, Serve" Series: Chad Rowland 08/27/20062006/09/04
  666. Commit (Small Groups) - "Gather, Commit, Serve" Series: Ron Edmondson 08/20/20062006/08/20
  667. Gather - "Gather, Commit, Serve" Series: Chad Rowland 08/13/20062006/08/19
  668. Who Am I? - Kent Hughes 08/06/20062006/08/07
  669. Wisdom for $400, Alex, Part 3 - "Jeopardy" Series: Ron Edmondson 07/30/20062006/08/03
  670. Wisdom for $400, Alex, Part 2 - "Jeopardy" Series: Ron Edmondson 07/23/20062006/07/25
  671. Wisdom for $400, Alex - "Jeopardy" Series: Ron Edmondson 07/16/20062006/07/19
  672. Deal Or No Deal - "Burn" series: Chad Rowland 07/09/20062006/07/19
  673. Rules Of The Game - "Burn" series: Chad Rowland 07/25/20052006/06/27
  674. The Legacy of a Godly Man - "Legacy" Series: Ron Edmondson 06/18/20062006/06/18
  675. The Legacy of Grace - "Legacy" Series: Ron Edmondson 06/11/20062006/06/11
  676. A Really Big Fight - "Legacy" Series: Ron Edmondson 06/04/20062006/06/04
  677. The Final Chapter - "Legacy" Series: Chad Rowland 05/28/20062006/05/29
  678. Finish What You Start - "Legacy" Series: Chad Rowland 05/21/20062006/05/21
  679. Granny & Eunice - "Legacy" Series: Chad Rowland 05-14-20062006/05/14
  680. Still Blue - "Blues" Series: Chad Rowland 04/30/20062006/04/30
  681. The Blues - "Blues" Series: Ron Edmondson 04/23/20062006/04/23
  682. Rise - "God Man Savior" Series: Chad Rowland 04/16/20062006/04/16
  683. Dust and Stones - "God Man Savior" Series: Chad Rowlan 04/02/20062006/04/02
  684. Circumstances - "GodSpeak" Series: Ron Edmonson 03/26/20062006/03/27
  685. He Said, She Said - "GodSpeak" Series: Chad Rowland 03/19/20062006/03/20
  686. More Than Words - "GodSpeak" Series: Chad Rowland 03/12/20062006/03/12
  687. Dance - "We Will Dance" series: Ron Edmondson 03/05/20062006/03/06
  688. Heartbreak - "We Will Dance" series: Ron Edmondson 02/26/20062006/03/02
  689. Crowded - "We Will Dance" series: Kent Hughes 02/19/20062006/02/19
  690. Blending - "We Will Dance": Ron Edmondson 02/12/20062006/02/12
  691. Relationships - "We Will Dance": Chad Rowland 02/05/20062006/02/06
  692. Serve: Chad Rowland 01/29/20062006/01/29
  693. Small Groups: Ron Edmondson 01/22/20062006/01/22
  694. Church Membership: Ron Edmondson 01/15/20062006/01/16
  695. Gather: Chad Rowland 01/08/20062006/01/08
  696. Centerpiece: Pastor Chad Rowland 12/18/20052005/12/18
  697. Awkward: Pastor Ron Edmondson 12/11/20052005/12/11
  698. "Clone" Pastor Ron Edmondson 12/04/20052005/12/05
  699. People Are Strange: Pastor Chad Rowland 11/27/20052005/11/27
  700. Community: Pastor Chad Rowland 11/20/20052005/11/21
  701. Big Picture: Pastor Ron Edmondson 11/13/20052005/11/13
  702. Emotions: Pastor Ron Edmondson 11/6/20052005/11/06
  703. Moment: Pastor Chad Rowland 10/30/20052005/10/30
  704. Wonder: Pastor Chad Rowland 10/23/20052005/10/23
  705. Breathe!: Pastor Chad Rowland 10/16/20052005/10/16
  706. Downs!: Pastor Ron Edmondson 10/09/20052005/10/12
  707. Ups!: Pastor Ron Edmondson 10/02/20052005/10/03
  708. Surprise!: Pastor Chad Rowland 09/25/20052005/09/26
Grace Community Church Clarksville, TN
Grace Community Church is a church within Clarksville, TN that is dedicated to biblical truth, spiritual formation, and cultural renewal. Subscribe and don't miss a single Sunday morning message.

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