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ESLPod.com's Guide to the TOEFL Test

  1. Podcast 29 - How to Use iTunes U to Study for the TOEFL Test2007/12/03
    Learn how to use iTunes U to study for the TOEFL Test. Special guest: Warren Ediger of SuccesfulEnglish.com.
  2. Podcast 28 - How to Use a Tutor to Improve Your English2006/11/20
    In this special podcast, we interview Warren of SuccessfulEnglish.com about how to select and use a tutor to improve your English.
  3. Podcast 27 - Marketing Lecture2006/05/29
    Listen to a lecture about marketing and answer some practice questions on this podcast.
  4. Podcast 26 - Running into Someone2006/05/15
    Practice for the TOEFL Test by listening to this dialog about two friends on campus.
  5. Podcast 25 - Finding a Roommate2006/05/01
    Find a roommate after college in this podcast.
  6. Podcast 24 - University Bookstore2006/04/24
    Visit a university bookstore in the podcast.
  7. Podcast 23 - Looking for a Class2006/04/17
    Find a good class to take in this podcast.
  8. Podcast 22 - Atmospheric Sciences Lecture2006/04/10
    Learn about atmospheric sciences on this podcast.
  9. Podcast 21 - Cognitive Psychology Lecture2006/04/03
    Learn about cognitive psychology in this podcast to prepare you for the TOEFL listening exam.
  10. Podcast 20 - Getting In2006/03/27
    Learn how to get into graduate school in this podcast.
  11. Podcast 19 - Office Hours2006/03/20
  12. Podcast Special Announcement2006/02/21
    Special announcement from ESLPod.com's Guide to the TOEFL Test Podcast: We will be returning soon with new podcasts. Stay subscribed!
  13. Podcast 18 - Lecture on Sociology2006/02/06
    Listen to a lecture on sociology in this podcast.
  14. Podcast 17 - Writing an Essay II2006/01/30
    We discuss how to write the body and conclusion of an essay for the TOEFL or similar English examination.
  15. Podcast 16 - Writing an Essay I2006/01/23
    Learn how to write an academic essay in English in this podcast.
  16. Podcast 15 - Directions on Campus2006/01/16
    Simon gets directions to the student health center on campus.
  17. Podcast 14 - Biology Lecture2006/01/09
    A professor gives a lecture on biology.
  18. Podcast 1 - Introduction2005/10/03
    Begin with this introduction to ESLPod.com's TOEFL® Podcast.
  19. Podcast 2 - Questions about Formatting2005/10/10
    A professor and a student discuss formatting a paper in this podcast.
  20. Podcast 3 - Late for Class2005/10/18
    A student explains to a professor why she was late for class in this podcast.
  21. Podcast 4 - A Full Load of Classes2005/10/24
    A student asks a professor which classes she should take next semester in this podcast.
  22. Podcast 5 - Registering for Classes2005/10/31
    Two students talk about registering for classes.
  23. Podcast 6 - Asking for an Extension2005/11/07
    A student asks his professor for an extension on an assignment.
  24. Podcast 7 - Doing a Group Project2005/11/14
    A group of students work on a project together.
  25. Podcast 8 - Asking Clarification Questions2005/11/21
    A student asks his professor to explain some things he doesn't understand.
  26. Podcast 9 - Exam Results2005/11/28
    Two students talk about different types of exams.
  27. Podcast 10 - Feedback on a Paper2005/12/05
    A student talks to a teaching assistant about her paper.
  28. Podcast 11 - Meeting with a Program Advisor2005/12/12
    A student talks to an advisor about his major.
  29. Podcast 12 - Campus Safety2005/12/19
    Students receive a talk on campus safety.
  30. Podcast 13 - History Lecture2006/01/02
    A guest speaker gives a lecture on history.
ESLPod.com's Guide to the TOEFL Test
Begin with this introduction to ESLPod.com's Guide to the TOEFL® Test Podcast.

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