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  1. Trafcom News Podcast 142: The inside story on gear2016/12/30
    In this episode, Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin, co-authors of The Business of Podcasting, discuss some of the gear they carry when podcasting at a client location or conference. (Remember to check out Trafcom News Podcast 141, when Steve and Donna discuss working with podcasting clients.) Show notes The topics discussed in this interview include: […]
  2. Trafcom News Podcast 141: The business of podcasting – working with clients in studio and on location2016/12/09
    In this episode, Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin, co-authors of The Business of Podcasting, discuss some of the business aspects of podcasting, specifically how to work with clients in studio and on location. Show notes The topics discussed in this interview include: the benefits of podcasting in the eyes of corporate and organizational clients; why […]
  3. Trafcom News Podcast 140: Fake news, blogging for business, remembering Bob Goyetche2016/11/25
    In this episode, I discuss the problem of fake news, along with blogging for business and the Hot Docs Podcast Festival in Toronto. We also remember our friend Bob Goyetche, who left us way too soon. Here are the show note for this episode: Welcome and introduction The problem of face news, particularly related to […]
  4. Trafcom News Podcast 139: An interview with Kare Anderson2016/03/16
    I am happy to be sharing this interview with Kare Christine Anderson. She and I first met at an IABC world conference where she was speaking. Have you ever experienced – and I hope you have – seeing someone on stage who is just luminous? Magnetic? I remember thinking she was someone I wanted to […]
  5. Trafcom News Podcast 138: Report from Podcamp Toronto 20162016/02/25
    This year Podcamp Toronto celebrated its tenth year with a great conference covering podcasting, digital media and more.” Here is my quick report after the event. Visit the Podcamp Toronto 2016 site for more information. If you were there, please add your own thoughts in the comments. Here are the show notes: [00:01] Welcome and […]
  6. Trafcom News Podcast 137: How to show your expertise2016/01/29
    Amid all the marketing clutter out there, how do you show your expertise to clients and prospects? Well, there’s a lot we can learn from Carl Friesen, author of Your Firm’s Expertise Edge, among other books. In this 21-minute podcast, Carl and I discuss content marketing, creating niche content for particular audiences, the value of […]
  7. Trafcom News Podcast 136: Why Your Writing Sucks2016/01/16
    For my first podcast of 2016, I’m delighted to bring you this interview with Marcia Ross, author of Why Your Writing Sucks: Business Writing That Works in the Digital Age. In this conversation, Marcia and I discuss why many of us write so badly, and what we can do about it. Marcia Ross is a […]
  8. Trafcom News Podcast 135: Top 7 podcasting questions2015/08/18
    Questions! I hear questions. In this 11-minute episode, you’ll get the answers to seven very popular podcasting questions: 1. How do I explain podcasting in simple terms my CEO can understand? 2. What microphone should I buy?” 3. How do I interview people in other cities? 4. Can I pay Apple to promote my podcast? […]
  9. Trafcom News Podcast 134: Report from NMX2015/04/30
    Or, “what happens in Vegas goes on this podcast.” Here’s my report from this year’s NMX show, which, for the first time was rolled into the huge NAB show in Las Vegas. Rather than recaps of all of the sessions I attended, this episode brings you highlights, mainly about podcast marketing and audience growth, plus […]
  10. Trafcom News Podcast 133: Communicate your way to a brighter career2015/02/23
    Stand out. Get noticed. Be brilliant. An interview with Gerry Lewis. How many times have you been in a meeting that feels like the movie Groundhog Day? (“Haven’t we discussed this before – to no end?”) How many times have you seen someone bore the audience with a pointless presentation? In the new book by […]
Trafcom News Podcast
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