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  1. bsdtalk266 - The nodes take over2017/02/09
    We became tired of waiting.

    File Info: 7Min, 3MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk266/bsdtalk266.ogg
  2. bsdtalk265 - Sunset on BSD2016/05/31
    A brief description of playing around with SunOS 4.1.4, which was the last version of SunOS to be based on BSD.

    File Info: 17Min, 8Mb

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk265/bsdtalk265.ogg

  3. bsdtalk264 - Down the Gopher Hole2016/04/30
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  4. bsdtalk263 - joshua stein and Brandon Mercer2016/03/23
    This episode is brought to you by ftp, the Internet file transfer program, which first appeared in 4.2BSD.

    An interview with the hosts of the Garbage Podcast, joshua stein and Brandon Mercer. You can find their podcast at http://garbage.fm/

    File Info: 17Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk263/bsdtalk263.ogg
  5. bsdtalk262 - LightZone with Tex Andrews2016/02/19
    An interview with Tex Andrews from Lightzoneproject.org.  LightZone is open source digital darkroom software.

    File Info: 23Min, 11MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk262/bsdtalk262.ogg
  6. bsdtalk261 - Jails and System Management with Kris Moore2016/01/31
    An interview with Kris Moore about the Warden jail management system, iocage, and progress on a new system management API.

    File Info: 30Min, 14MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/BSDTalk261/BSDTalk261.ogg
  7. bsdtalk260 - TeachBSD.org with Robert N. M. Watson and George V. Neville-Neil2015/12/20
    Can you believe that it has been a decade of BSDTalk?  The first episode aired on Dec 20, 2005.

    An interview with Robert N. M. Watson and George V. Neville-Neil about teaching operating systems with tracing and teachbsd.org.

    File Info: 36Min, 18Mb.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk260/bsdtalk260.ogg
  8. bsdtalk259 - Supporting a BSD Project2015/12/01
    A recording from vBSDCon 2015 of the talk titled "Supporting a BSD Project" with Ed Maste and George Neville-Neil.

    File Info: 65Min, 31MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk259/bsdtalk259.ogg
  9. bsdtalk258 - Chris Henschen from fP Technologies2015/10/31
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  10. bsdtalk257 - NetBSD Developer Christos Zoulas2015/09/27
    An interview with NetBSD developer Christos Zoulas at vBSDCon 2015.

    File Info: 15Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk257/bsdtalk257.ogg
  11. bsdtalk256 - Allan Jude2015/09/16
    An interview with Allan Jude at vBSDCon in Reston, Virginia.  We talk about the book FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS that Michael W. Lucas and he co-authored.  You can find more information about the book at www.zfsbook.com

    File Info: 16Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk256/bsdtalk256.ogg
  12. bsdtalk255 - A quick update2015/09/13
    My apologies for not having any recent interviews. More to come when I attend vBSDCon.  School firewalls switched over to PFSense.  Urging calm discussions around NextBSD.

    File Info: 6Min, 3MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk255/bsdtalk255.ogg

  13. bsdtalk254 - PFsense and FreeNAS with Ken Worster2015/09/13
    An interview with Ken Worster who is presenting on topics which include PFSense and FreeNAS in schools at the Technology Teacher ME conference in Bethel Maine.

    File info: 14min, 6MB

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk254/bsdtalk254.ogg
  14. bsdtalk253 - George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
    An interview with George Neville-Neil about the recently published 2nd edition of The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System.

    File Info: 30Min, 15MB

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk253/bsdtalk253.ogg
  15. bsdtalk252 - devio.us with Brian Callahan2015/09/13
    This episode has been brought to you by jot, the utility for printing sequential or random data.  Jot first appeared in 4.2 BSD.

    An interview with devio.us admin Brian Callahan.  http://devio.us is a free shell provider that runs on OpenBSD.

    File Info: 18Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk252/bsdtalk252.ogg
  16. bsdtalk251 - Verisign and FreeBSD: Internet Scale Services at 10 Gigabits per Server presented by Mike Bentkofsky, Marc de la Gueronniere, Julien Charbon2015/09/13
    A talk from vBSDCon in 2013 titled Verisign and FreeBSD: Internet Scale Services at 10 Gigabits per Server presented by Mike Bentkofsky, Marc de la Gueronniere, Julien Charbon

    File info: 47Min, 22MB

    Ogg link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk251/bsdtalk251.ogg
  17. bsdtalk250 - WhatsApp: Half a billion unsuspecting FreeBSD users by Rick Reed2015/09/13
    A recording from a MeetBSD California 2014 talk titled "WhatsApp: Half a billion unsuspecting FreeBSD users" by Rick Reed.

    File Info: 56 Min, 27MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk250/bsdtalk250.ogg
  18. bsdtalk249 - Netflix Update with Scott Long2015/09/13
    A Netflix Update with Scott Long at MeetBSD California 2014.

    File Info: 11Min, 5MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk249/bsdtalk249.ogg
  19. bsdtalk248 - DragonFlyBSD with Matthew Dillon2015/09/13
    An interview with Matthew Dillon about the upcoming 4.0 release of DragonFly BSD.

    File Info: 43Min, 20MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk248/bsdtalk248.ogg
  20. bsdtalk247 - FreeBSD: The Next 10 Years with Jordan Hubbard2015/09/13
    A recording from MeetBSD 2014 in California.  A talk by Jordan Hubbard titled "FreeBSD: The Next 10 Years."

    File Info: 39Min, 18MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk247/bsdtalk247.ogg
  21. bsdtalk246 - Playing with tor2015/09/13
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  22. bsdtalk245 - Looking for a new home2015/09/13
    Just a short update about the server that houses the podcast files.  University IT consolidation has created some unplanned changes, but I hope to have a new server spun up soon.  Also, curious to hear what all of you use for your home directory on the Internet.

    File Info: 7Min, 3MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk245/bsdtalk245.ogg
  23. bsdtalk244 - The Lumina Desktop Environment with Ken Moore2015/09/13
    An interview with Ken Moore about the Lumina Desktop Environment.

    File Info: 28Min, 14MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk244/bsdtalk244.ogg
  24. bsdtalk243 - mandoc with Ingo Schwarze2015/09/13
    Interview about mandoc with Ingo Schwarze.  The project webpage describes mandoc as "a suite of tools compiling mdoc, the roff macro language of choice for BSD manual pages, and man, the predominant historical language for UNIX manuals."

    Recorded at BSDCan 2014.

    File Info: 16Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk243/bsdtalk243.ogg
  25. bsdtalk242 - PFSense with Chris Buechler2015/09/13
    Interview with Chris Buechler at BSDCan 2014.

    File Info: 17Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk242/bsdtalk242.ogg
  26. bsdtalk241 - Bob Beck2015/09/13
    Interview at BSDCan 2014 with Bob Beck from the OpenBSD Project and the OpenBSD Foundation.

    File Info: 26Min, 12MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk241/bsdtalk241.ogg
  27. bsdtalk240 - About Time with George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
    An interview with George Neville-Neil about the network time protocol and the precision time protocol.

    File Info: 35Min, 17MB

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk240/bsdtalk240.ogg
  28. bsdtalk239 - PkgNG with Baptiste Daroussin at vBSDCon2015/09/13
    A recording of Baptiste Daroussin speaking at vBSDCon in October 2013.  He is a FreeBSD source committer and project developer for PkgNG.  PkgNG is a package management tool for FreeBSD. It is the replacement for the current pkg_info/pkg_create/pkg_add tools.

    File Info: 55Min, 26MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk239/bsdtalk239.ogg
  29. bsdtalk238 - Voices from NYCBSDCon 20142015/09/13
    NYCBSDCon 2014 was great, and I recorded a series of voices from the attendees.

    Also, the FreeBSD Journal release was announced at the conference.

    File Info: 9Min, 4Mb.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk238/bsdtalk238.ogg

  30. bsdtalk237 - The FreeBSD Journal with George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
    An interview with George Neville-Neil about the upcoming FreeBSD Journal electronic magazine.  More information at http://www.freebsdjournal.com/

    The interview was recorded using google voice, and I apologize for the low bit rate audio.

    File Info: 22Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk237/bsdtalk237.ogg
  31. bsdtalk236 - NYCBSDCon 2014 with Brian Callahan and Ike Levy2015/09/13
    Interview with Brian Callahan and Ike Levy about the upcoming NYCBSDCon 2014.  More information at http://www.nycbsdcon.org.

    Also, it has been eight years of BSDTalk!

    File Info: 20Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk236/bsdtalk236.ogg
  32. bsdtalk235 - Allan Jude2015/09/13
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  33. bsdtalk234 - Henning Brauer at vBSDCon2015/09/13
    An interview from vBSDCon with Henning Brauer.  We talk about his recent work with the pf firewall and the queuing system.

    File Info: 30Min, 14MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk234/bsdtalk234.ogg
  34. bsdtalk233 - From GCC to LLVM/CLANG with David Chisnall2015/09/13
    Recording of the vBSDCon 2013 talk "Migrating from GCC to LLVM/CLANG" with David Chisnall.

    File Info: 1hour, 31MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk233/bsdtalk233.ogg
  35. bsdtalk232 - Thomas Cort2015/09/13
    Interview with Thomas Cort.  We talk about his work on Minix, NetBSD, and the Google Summer of Code.

    More info on Minix at http://www.minix3.org/

    File Info: 15Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk232/bsdtalk232.ogg
  36. bsdtalk231 - The FreeBSD Documentation Project2015/09/13
    Interview with Tom Rhodes, Glen Barber, Benedict Reuschling, and Warren Block from the FreeBSD Documentation Project at BSDCan 2013.

    More info at http://www.freebsd.org/docproj/

    File Info: 14Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk231/bsdtalk231.ogg
  37. bsdtalk230 - vBSDcon with Verisign CTO Burt Kaliski2015/09/13
    Interview with Verisign CTO Burt Kaliski about vBSDcon.
    More information at http://www.vbsdcon.com/

    File Info: 12Min, 6MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk230/bsdtalk230.ogg
  38. bsdtalk229 - Chris Cappuccio2015/09/13
    This episode has been brought to you by jot, the utility to print sequential or random data.  The jot utility first appeared in 4.2BSD.

    Interview with Chris Cappuccio.  We talk about nsh and flashrd for OpenBSD.  More information at http://www.nmedia.net/nsh/

    File Info: 24Min, 12MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk229/bsdtalk229.ogg
  39. bsdtalk228 - Michael W. Lucas2015/09/13
    Interview with Michael W. Lucas at BSDCan 2013.  We talk about some of his recent books including Absolute OpenBSD 2nd edition and DNSSEC Mastery.

    You can find him at www.michaelwlucas.com

    File Info: 28 Min, 14 MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk228/bsdtalk228.ogg
  40. bsdtalk227 - ZFS with Matt Ahrens2015/09/13
    Interview with Matt Ahrens from Delphix during BSDCan 2013.  Matt was part of the original team that developed ZFS.

    File info: 32Min, 15MB.

    Ogg link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk227/bsdtalk227.ogg
  41. bsdtalk226 - FreeBSD and Netflix2015/09/13
    Interview during BSDCan 2013 with Scott Long, Alistair Crooks, and David Discher from Netflix.

    File Info: 11Min, 5MB.

    Ogg link:https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk226/bsdtalk226.ogg

  42. bsdtalk225 - PC-BSD with Kris Moore2015/09/13
    Interview during BSDCan 2013 with Kris Moore from iXsystems.  We talk about some of the new features of PC-BSD.

    File Info: 12Min, 6MB.

    Ogg Link
  43. bsdtalk224 - Marshall Kirk McKusick and George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
    In interview with Marshall Kirk McKusick and George Neville-Neil about the FreeBSD Foundation.
    More information at http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/

    File Info: 34Min, 16MB.

    Ogg link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk224/bsdtalk224.ogg

    Ending audio is the opening to "Carp License" from the OpenBSD 3.5 release.
  44. bsdtalk223 - bhyve with Michael Dexter2015/09/13
    This episode has been brought to you by rsh, the remote shell command which appeared in 4.2 BSD.

    Interview with Michael Dexter about bhyve, a BSD hypervisor.  More information at http://bhyve.org/

    File Info: 23Min, 11MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk223/bsdtalk223.ogg
  45. BSDTalk222 - Tinkering with Raspberry Pi2015/09/13
    Just a short blurb about FreeBSD on the Raspberry Pi followed by some wise words from Peter Salus at BSDCan2011.

    File Info: 8Min, 4MB.

    Ogg Link:https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk222/bsdtalk222.ogg
  46. bsdtalk221 - Xenocara with Matthieu Herrb2015/09/13
    An interview recorded by Michael Dexter at EuroBSDCon 2012 in Poland.  He speaks with Matthieu Herrb about what Xenocara is and what it is not.  More info at http://www.xenocara.org/

    File Info: 11Min, 5MB.

    Ogg Link:https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk221/bsdtalk221.ogg
  47. bsdtalk220 - Eric Oyen2015/09/13
    Interview with OpenBSD user Eric Oyen.

    File Info: 19Min, 9MB.

    Ogg Link:https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk220/bsdtalk220.ogg
  48. Bsdtalk219 - David Gwynne2015/09/13
    I'll be heading to Tbilisi, Georgia in October.  Any BSDTalk listeners there?

    Interview with David Gwynne from the OpenBSD Project.  We talk about RAID drivers, SCSI, networking, and various other bits that he has been working on.

    File info: 31 Min, 15MB.

    Ogg file:https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk219/bsdtalk219.ogg
  49. bsdtalk218 - Michael W. Lucas2015/09/13
    An interview with Michael W. Lucas at BSDCan 2012.  We talk about his new book "SSH Mastery", the upcoming second edition of "Absolute OpenBSD", and general thoughts about the publishing industry.

    File Info: 16Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link:
  50. bsdtalk217 - The tables are turned2015/09/13
    Another interview from BSDCan 2012, this time the microphone is turned on me by Paul Schenkeveld.
    Thank you to everyone who has contributed their time, money, technical assistance, suggestions, conference admission, and inspiration for this podcast.

    File info: 14min, 7MB.

    Ogg link:https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk217/bsdtalk217.ogg
  51. bsdtalk216 - PC-BSD with Kris Moore2015/09/13
    Interview with Kris Moore from iXsystems at BSDCan 2012.  We talk about new features coming to the next release of PC-BSD.

    File Info: 14Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk216/bsdtalk216.ogg
  52. bsdtalk215 - NetBSD project update2015/09/13
    A conversation with David Maxwell, Julio Merino, and Brett Lymn at BSDCan 2012.  We talk about the upcoming 6.0 NetBSD release.

    File Info: 22Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk215/bsdtalk215.ogg
  53. bsdtalk214 - Peter Hansteen and Henning Brauer2015/09/13
    Interview from BSDCan 2012 with Peter Hansteen and Henning Brauer.

    File Info: 56Min, 27MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk214/bsdtalk214.ogg
  54. bsdtalk213 - EuroBSDCon with Paul Schenkeveld2015/09/13
    Interview with Paul Schenkeveld about the upcoming EuroBSDCon being held in Warsaw, Poland.

    More information at http://www.eurobsdcon.org

    File info: 14Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk213/bsdtalk213.ogg
  55. bsdtalk212 - Justin Sherrill from the DragonFlyBSD Project2015/09/13
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  56. bsdtalk211 - The FreeBSD Foundation with Deb Goodkin2015/09/13
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  57. bsdtalk210 - James Nixon from iXsystems2015/09/13
    Interview with James Nixon from iXsystems at the LISA 2011 conference in Boston.

    File Info: 20Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link:
  58. bsdtalk209 - BSD Certification with Jim Brown2015/09/13
    Interview with Jim Brown from BSDCertification.org.

    File Info: 16Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link:
  59. bsdtalk208 - Teaching Unix using BSD2015/09/13
    A brief description of how I use BSD to teach a Unix course at the University of Maine.

    File info: 15min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link:
  60. bsdtalk207 - ArabBSD with Mohammed Farrag2015/09/13
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  61. bsdtalk206 - Peter Losher from ISC2015/09/13
    Interview with Peter Losher from the Internet Systems Consortium. We talk about ISC, running DNS root servers, and various other projects. For information, see http://www.isc.org/

    File Info: 17Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link:
  62. bsdtalk205 - FreeNAS 8 with Josh Paetzel2015/09/13
    Interview from BSDCan 2011 with Josh Paetzel about FreeNAS 8. More information at http://freenas.org/

    File Info: 17Min, 8MB

    Ogg Link:
  63. bsdtalk204 - mdocml mit Ingo Schwartze and Kristaps Dzonsons2015/09/13
    Interview with Ingo Schwartze and Kristaps Dzonsons at BSDCan 2011. We talk about mdocml and man pages. More information at http://mdocml.bsd.lv/

    File Info: 32 min, 15MB.

    Ogg Link:
  64. BSDTalk 203 - BSDCan and PGCon with Dan Langille2015/09/13
    Interview with Dan Langille. We talk about BSDCan and PGCon 2011. More information on these conferences at http://www.bsdcan.org/2011/ and http://www.pgcon.org/2011/

    File info: 14min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link:
  65. bsdtalk202 - DragonFlyBSD 2.8 with Matthew Dillon2015/09/13
    Interview from MeetBSD California 2010 with Matthew Dillon about the recent 2.8 release of DragonFlyBSD. More information at http://www.dragonflybsd.org/

    File Info: 15Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link:
  66. bsdtalk201 - PC-BSD 9 Alpha with Kris Moore2015/09/13
    Interview from MeetBSD California 2010 with Kris Moore. We talk about the new alpha snapshot of PC-BSD 9. More information at http://blog.pcbsd.org/

    File Info: 18Min, 9MB.

    Ogg Link:
  67. bsdtalk200 - The mg text editor with Kjell Wooding2015/09/13
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  68. bsdtalk199 - PC-Sysinstall with John Hixson2015/09/13
    This episode is brought to you by talk, the original instant messaging client. The talk command appeared in 4.2 BSD.

    Interview with John Hixson. We talk about his work on PC-Sysinstall, the PC-BSD installer and possible alternative to the FreeBSD sysinstall.

    File Info: 14min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link:
  69. bsdtalk198 - MeetBSD California 20102015/09/13
    This episode is brought to you by last, used to show a list of the last logins to the system. Last appeared in 3.0BSD.

    Interview with Matt Olander and James T. Nixon. We talk about MeetBSD California 2010. More information at http://www.meetbsd.com/

    File Info: 12min, 6MB.

    Ogg Link:
  70. bsdtalk197 - FreeNAS 8 with M. Warner Losh2015/09/13
    This episode is brought to you by biff, a utility that notifies you that mail has arrived. The biff command appeared in 4.0BSD.

    Interview with M. Warner Losh about FreeNAS 8. More information at http://freenas.org.

    File Info: 37Min, 18MB.

    Ogg Link:
  71. bsdtalk196 - NYCBSDCon with Mark Saad and George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
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  72. bsdtalk195 - Mike Larkin2015/09/13
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  73. bsdtalk194 - Fossil SCM with D. Richard Hipp2015/09/13
    Interview with D. Richard Hipp. We talk about the Fossil distributed software configuration management system.

    More information can be found at http://www.fossil-scm.org.

    File Info: 30Min, 15MB.

    Ogg Link:
  74. bsdtalk193 - FreeBSD Security Officer Colin Percival2015/09/13
    NYCBSDCon has published their Call for Papers (CFP). See their website for more details: http://www.nycbsdcon.org.

    Interview from BSDCan 2010 with Colin Percival. We talk about cryptography, Portsnap, FreeBSD Update, and Tarsnap.

    File Info: 20Min, 9MB.

    Ogg Link:
  75. bsdtalk192 - PF update with Henning Brauer and Peter Hansteen2015/09/13
    Interview from BSDCan 2010 with Henning Brauer and Peter Hansteen. We talk about recent changes to the OpenBSD PF packet filter. I apologize for the noisy environment.

    File Info: 20Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link:
  76. bsdtalk191 - Clang and llvm with Roman Divácký and Ed Schouten2015/09/13
    Interview from BSDCan 2010 with Roman Divácký and Ed Schouten. We talk about the work being done to build FreeBSD with Clang/LLVM.

    File Info: 17Min, 8MB

    Ogg Link:
  77. bsdtalk190 - Netflow with Michael Lucas2015/09/13
    Interview from BSDCan 2010 with Michael Lucas about his new book "Network Flow Analysis."
    More information at http://www.networkflowanalysis.com/

    File Info: 20Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link:
  78. bsdtalk189 - TheorArm with Robin Watts2015/09/13
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  79. bsdtalk188 - Dru Lavigne2015/09/13
    Interview with Dru Lavigne. We talk about her new book, The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD, and also the upcoming BSD Professional Certification.

    File Info: 28Min, 13MB.

    Ogg Link:
  80. bsdtalk187 - Sam Smith2015/09/13
    Interview with Sam Smith, EuroBSDcon 2009 co-organizer and a UKUUG event organizer.

    File Info: 25Min, 12MB.

    Ogg Link:
  81. bsdtalk186 - Jeff Roberson2015/09/13
    Interview with FreeBSD committer Jeff Roberson. We talk about his recent work on softupdates journaling (SUJ) and also the ULE scheduler.

    File info: 30Min, 14MB.

    Ogg link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk186/bsdtalk186.ogg
  82. bsdtalk185 - James Nixon from iXsystems2015/09/13
    Interview with James Nixon, webmaster and committer for PC-BSD.

    We talk about some of the new features coming up in 8.0, gaming on BSD, his work on the unique look and feel of PC-BSD, and Camp KDE.

    Note: This was recorded a week ago, and 8.0-RC has been released.

    File Info: 16Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link: https://archive.org/download/bsdtalk185/bsdtalk185.ogg
  83. bsdtalk184 - DragonFlyBSD with Matthew Dillon2015/09/13
    An interview with Matthew Dillon. We talk about recent developments in DragonFlyBSD.

    File Info: 34Min, 16MB.

    Ogg Link:
  84. bsdtalk183 - Randal L. Schwartz2015/09/13
    Four years of BSDTalk.

    Interview with Randal Schwartz. We talk about his early experiences with BSD, permissive licenses, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris, perl, the BSDFund credit card, and the Floss Weekly podcast.

    File Info: 24Min, 12MB.

    Ogg Link:
  85. bsdtalk 182 - FreeNAS with Josh Paetzel from iXsystems2015/09/13
    A quick update on FreeNAS with Josh Paetzel from iXsystems.

    File Info: 12Min, 6MB.

    Ogg link:
  86. bsdtalk181 - BSDCan and PGCon with Dan Langille2015/09/13
    Interview with Dan Langille. We talk about the 2010 BSDCan and PGCon conferences. More information at www.bsdcan.org and www.pgcon.org. We also talk briefly about FreeBSD 8.

    File Info: 16Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link:
  87. bsdtalk180 - OpenBSD Enthusiast Girish Venkatachalam2015/09/13
    FreeBSD 8.0 is out, and I'm hoping the Xen DomU support means that I can use it on Amazon's EC2 soon.

    Interview with OpenBSD enthusiast Girish Venkatachalam.

    File info: 25Min, 12MB.

    Ogg Link:
  88. bsdtalk179 - OpenBSD Developer Jacek Masiulaniec2015/09/13
    Interview with OpenBSD developer Jacek Masiulaniec.
    We talk about the OpenSMTPd Mail Transfer Agent and also a little bit about the Epitome data deduplication project.

    File info: 14Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link:
  89. bsdtalk178 - Richard Clayton - Evil on the Internet - EuroBSDCon2015/09/13
    A recording from EuroBSDCon 2009: Richard Clayton - Evil on the Internet.
    A perfect topic for Halloween. This talk covers phishing, mule recruitment, fake escrow, fake pharmacies, fake banks, ponzi schemes, link spammers, etc. Scary stuff.

    File info: 1h 9min, 33MB.

    Ogg Link:
  90. bsdtalk177 - Giorgos Keramidas2015/09/13
    Interview with Giorgos Keramidas. We talk about contributing to FreeBSD and creating a welcoming experience for new developers.

    File Info: 18Min, 9MB.

    Ogg Link:
  91. bsdtalk176 - Unbound with W.C.A. Wijngaards2015/09/13
    Interview with Wouter Wijngaards from NLnet Labs. We talk about the Unbound DNS resolver. More information at unbound.net.

    File Info: 13min, 6MB.

    Ogg Link:
  92. bsdtalk175 - BSD Fund with Michael Dexter2015/09/13
    Interview with Michael Dexter about BSD Fund. We talk about the release of the BSD Fund Visa Credit Card, PCC, and various other projects. More info at BSDFund.org.

    File Info: 23Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link:
  93. bsdtalk174 - Kris Moore at BSDCan20092015/09/13
    Where do you find BSD hiding around you? I have found it in bsdsock.nlm on a novell server, cups-bsd on a Ubuntu server, and in the heading of Apple man pages. Send me your finds.

    Interview with Kris Moore at BSDCan2009.

    File info: 16Min, 7MB.

    Ogg Link:
  94. bsdtalk173 - A Few FreeBSD Core Team Members2015/09/13
    Interview with a few of the FreeBSD Core Team members at BSDCan 2009: Robert Watson, Brooks Davis, Hiroki Sato, Philip Paeps, and George V. Neville-Neil. We talk about the recent 7.2 release, and what is coming for 8.

    File Info: 38Min, 18MB.

    Ogg Link:
  95. bsdtalk172 - BSDCan 2009 with Dan Langille2015/09/13
    Interview with Dan Langille. We talk about BSDCan 2009. More information at http://www.bsdcan.org.

    File Info: 13Min, 6MB.

    Ogg Link:
  96. bsdtalk171 - Andrew Doran from the NetBSD Project2015/09/13
    Interview with Andrew Doran from the NetBSD Project. We talk about the upcoming 5.0 release.

    File Info: 22Min, 10MB.

    Ogg Link:
  97. bsdtalk170 - Marshall Kirk McKusick at DCBSDCon2015/09/13
    A recording of Marshall Kirk McKusick's talk "A Narrative History of BSD" at DCBSDCon this past weekend.

    You can get a much more complete history here: http://www.mckusick.com/history/index.html

    File Info: 55Min, 26MB.

    Ogg link:
  98. bsdtalk169 - Justin Sherrill of the DragonFlyBSD Digest2015/09/13
    Don't forget to visit DCBSDCon.org and register for the conference. Registration has been open for a while, and speakers are being announced on the blog.

    Interview with Justin Sherrill of the DragonFlyBSD Digest, which can be found at http://www.shiningsilence.com/dbsdlog/

    File Info: 22Min, 10MB

    Ogg Link:
  99. bsdtalk168 - Michael Lauth from iXsystems2015/09/13
    Can you believe it has been three years of BSDTalk?

    News: BSDCan is now accepting proposals for talks.

    Interview with Michael Lauth, CEO of iXsystems. We talk about his experiences with running a business using BSD.

    File Info: 17Min, 8MB.

    Ogg Link:

  100. bsdtalk167 - DCBSDCon with Jason Dixon2015/09/13
    A bsdconferences channel has been created on YouTube.

    I speak with Jason Dixon about DCBSDCon, which will take place in February 2009. For more info see www.dcbsdcon.org

    File Info: 10Min, 5MB.

    Ogg Link:
  101. bsdtalk166 - Asterisk Open Source Community Director John Todd2015/09/13
    An interview with Asterisk Open Source Community Director John Todd, who also happens to be a user of BSD. We talk about Asterisk on BSD, and his choice of OpenBSD for his systems.

    File Info: 23Min, 11MB

    Ogg Link:
  102. bsdtalk165 - Julian Elischer2015/09/13
    An interview with Julian Elischer at MeetBSD in California. We talk about his early days with BSD and his work using BSD at various companies. He is currently with IronPort, which was bought by Cisco.

    File Info: 35Min, 16MB.

    Ogg link:
  103. bsdtalk164 - At MeetBSD with some of the FreeBSD Core Team2015/09/13
    A conversation with some of the FreeBSD Core Team at MeetBSD California 2008. I speak with Brooks Davis, Kris Kennaway, Robert Watson, Peter Wemm, and Philip Paeps about the recent core team election, FreeBSD 7.1 and 8, Developer Summits, and the move to Subversion.

    File Info: 38Min, 18MB.

    Ogg Link:
  104. bsdtalk163 - A Tour of iXsystems2015/09/13
    A brief description of my visit to iXsystems in California prior to MeetBSD 2008.

    File Info: 8Min, 4MB.

    Ogg Link:
  105. bsdtalk162 - BSD on a eeePC 900A2015/09/13
    I look forward to attending MeetBSD this weekend.

    A brief description of my first attempts to get BSD on a eeePC 900A. I try OpenBSD 4.4, DragonFlyBSD 2.0.1, PC-BSD 7.0.1, and FreeBSD 7.

    File Info: 10Min, 5MB.

    Ogg Link:
  106. bsdtalk161 - Live from NYCBSDCon Sunday2015/09/13
    A copy of Sunday's live stream from NYCBSDCon 2008. I want to thank Mikel from Olivent.com for providing a backup streaming server in case my systems failed. I would not have dared to attempt live streaming without them.

    File info: 25Min, 12MB.

    Ogg Link:
  107. bsdtalk160 - Live from NYCBSDCon Saturday2015/09/13
    A copy of Saturday's live stream from NYCBSDCon 2008. I wander around during lunch talking to random people. Voices include Jason Dixon, Pawel Jakub Dawidek, Kris Moore, Matt Olander, George Neville-Neil, Phillip Koblence, and Jason Wright.

    File info: 40Min, 18MB.

    Ogg link:
  108. bsdtalk159 - Kris Moore2015/09/13
    Interview with Kris Moore. We talk about the recent release of PC-BSD 7.0.

    File Info: 12Min, 6MB.

    Ogg Link:
  109. bsdtalk158 - Interview with Chess Griffin2015/09/13
    Interview with Chess Griffin, host of the LinuxReality podcast. We talk about his use of Linux and recent exploration into the BSDs.

    File Info: 24Min, 11MB.

    Ogg Link:
  110. bsdtalk157 - Questions for you2015/09/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  111. bsdtalk156 - NYCBSDCon Update with Isaac Levy and Steven Kreuzer2015/09/13
  112. bsdtalk 155 - Martin Tournoij from DaemonForums.org2015/09/13
  113. bsdtalk154 - Matthew Dillon2015/09/13
  114. bsdtalk153 - Michael W. Lucas2015/09/13
  115. bsdtalk152 - A Few FreeBSD Core Team Members2015/09/13
  116. bsdtalk151 - Sean Cody from Frantic Films VFX2015/09/13
  117. bsdtalk150 - Alex Feldman from Sangoma2015/09/13
  118. bsdtalk149 - Justin Gibbs from the FreeBSD Foundation2015/09/13
  119. bsdtalk148 - Jeremy White, Founder of CodeWeavers2015/09/13
  120. bsdtalk147 - FreeBSD Developer Alexander Motin2015/09/13
  121. bsdtalk146 - James Cornell2015/09/13
  122. bsdtalk145 - Adam Wright from No Starch Press2015/09/13
  123. bsdtalk144 - Dan Langille2015/09/13
  124. bsdtalk143 - BSD Hobbiest Deborah Norling2015/09/13
  125. bsdtalk142 - FreeBSD Lead Release Engineer Ken Smith2015/09/13
  126. bsdtalk141 - PBI 4 with Kris Moore2015/09/13
  127. bsdtalk140 - The Mult Project with Kristaps Dzonsons2015/09/13
  128. bsdtalk139 - Dru Lavigne2015/09/13
  129. bsdtalk138 - Central Syslog2015/09/13
  130. bsdtalk137 - Open Community Camp with Marten Vijn2015/09/13
  131. bsdtalk136 - PF with Peter N. M. Hansteen2015/09/13
  132. bsdtalk135 - Joerg Sonnenberger2015/09/13
  133. bsdtalk134 - AsiaBSDCon Update with Hiroki Sato and George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
  134. bsdtalk133 - OpenCon 2007 update from Marc Balmer2015/09/13
  135. bsdtalk132 - Richard Stallman2015/09/13
  136. bsdtalk131 - PCC with Anders "Ragge" Magnusson2015/09/13
  137. bsdtalk130 - Network Stack Virtualization with Marko Zec2015/09/13
  138. bsdtalk129 - BSDCertification Update with Dru Lavigne2015/09/13
  139. bsdtalk128 - Sysjail Revisited with Michael Dexter2015/09/13
  140. bsdtalk127 - Why I like the CLI2015/09/13
  141. bsdtalk126 - MidnightBSD founder Lucas Holt2015/09/13
  142. bsdtalk125 - Matthew Dillon2015/09/13
  143. bsdtalk124 - PC-BSD Founder Kris Moore2015/09/13
  144. bsdtalk123 - William "whurley" Hurley, Chief Architect of Open Source Strategy at BMC Software, Inc.2015/09/13
  145. bsdtalk122 - Embedding FreeBSD with M. Warner Losh2015/09/13
  146. bsdtalk121 - Fast IPSec with George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
  147. bsdtalk120 - BSD Hacker Isaac "Ike" Levy2015/09/13
  148. bsdtalk119 - Playing with IPv62015/09/13
  149. bsdtalk118 - Sidsel Jensen from EuroBSDCon2015/09/13
  150. bsdtalk117 - One Time Passwords2015/09/13
  151. bsdtalk116 - Rick Macklem and NFSv42015/09/13
  152. bsdtalk115 - Jun-ichiro "itojun" Itoh Hagino2015/09/13
  153. bsdtalk114 - A Few FreeBSD Core Team Members2015/09/13
  154. bsdtalk113 - Designing BSD Rootkits Author Joseph Kong2015/09/13
  155. bsdtalk112 - Qing Li and Tatuya Jinmei2015/09/13
  156. bsdtalk111 - FreeBSD Developer Diane Bruce2015/09/13
  157. bsdtalk110 - Josh Berkus, Postgresql Lead at Sun Microsystems2015/09/13
  158. bsdtalk109 - George Neville-Neil and Using VMs for Development2015/09/13
  159. bsdtalk108 - Matt Juszczak from bsdjobs.net2015/09/13
  160. bsdtalk107 - Contiki OS Developer Adam Dunkels2015/09/13
  161. bsdtalk106 - Interview with Matthieu Herrb about Xenocara2015/09/13
  162. bsdtalk105 - Intro to PF with Jason Dixon2015/09/13
  163. bsdtalk104 - Getting to know X2015/09/13
  164. bsdtalk103 - Robert Ricci from Emulab2015/09/13
  165. bsdtalk102 - Cisco Distinguished Engineer Randall Stewart2015/09/13
  166. bsdtalk101 - FreeBSD Developer George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
  167. bsdtalk100 - NetBSD Developer Lubomir Sedlacik2015/09/13
  168. bsdtalk099 - AsiaBSDCon PC Chair George Neville-Neil2015/09/13
  169. bsdtalk098 - DragonFlyBSD Developer Matthew Dillon2015/09/13
  170. bsdtalk097 - OpenBSD Developer Pierre-Yves Ritschard2015/09/13
  171. bsdtalk096 - Artist and Musician Ty Semaka2015/09/13
  172. bsdtalk095 - OpenBSD Developer Claudio Jeker2015/09/13
  173. bsdtalk094 - BSD Consultant Jeremy C. Reed2015/09/13
  174. bsdtalk093 - EMC Lab Admin Glen R. J. Neff2015/09/13
  175. bsdtalk092 - Run Your Own Server Podcast Host Adam Glen2015/09/13
  176. bsdtalk091 - Phil Pereira from bsdnexus.com2015/09/13
  177. bsdtalk090 - Sys Admin Mike Erdely2015/09/13
  178. bsdtalk089 - NetBSD Release Engineer Jeff Rizzo2015/09/13
  179. bsdtalk088 - A Year of BSDTalk2015/09/13
  180. bsdtalk087 - FreeBSD Developer Joseph Koshy2015/09/13
  181. bsdtalk086 - FreeBSD Developer Kip Macy2015/09/13
  182. bsdtalk085 - FreeBSD Port Committer Thomas McLaughlin2015/09/13
  183. bsdtalk084 - FreeBSD Release Engineer Bruce Mah2015/09/13
  184. bsdtalk083 - Pkgsrc Developer Johnny Lam2015/09/13
  185. bsdtalk082 - OpenBSD Developer Jason Wright2015/09/13
  186. bsdtalk081 - Thorsten Glaser from MirOS2015/09/13
  187. bsdtalk080 - EuroBSDCon Organizer Massimiliano Stucchi2015/09/13
  188. bsdtalk079 - OpenBSD Developer David Gwynne2015/09/13
  189. bsdtalk078 - Kris Moore from PC-BSD2015/09/13
  190. bsdtalk077 - Matt Olander from iXsystems2015/09/13
  191. bsdtalk076 - OpenBSD Developer Marc Balmer2015/09/13
  192. bsdtalk075 - Jim Curtin and Leo Reiter from Win4BSD2015/09/13
  193. bsdtalk074 - Interview with Hiroki Sato and George Neville-Neil from AsiaBSDCon2015/09/13
  194. bsdtalk073 - Interview with Sevan Janiyan2015/09/13
  195. bsdtalk072 - Interview with Poul-Henning Kamp about Varnish2015/09/13
  196. bsdtalk071 - Interview with Einar Th. Einarsson from f-prot.com2015/09/13
  197. bsdtalk070 - Interview with NetBSD Developer Tim Rightnour2015/09/13
  198. bsdtalk069 - Interview with Christoph Egger about Xen on OpenBSD2015/09/13
  199. bsdtalk068 - Interview with OpenBSD Developer Bob Beck2015/09/13
  200. bsdtalk067 - Interview with Dan Langille about backups2015/09/13
  201. bsdtalk066 - Interview with Michael Dexter about sysjail2015/09/13
  202. bsdtalk065 - Interview with Eirik Øverby2015/09/13
  203. bsdtalk064 - Interview with NetBSD Developer Jason Thorpe2015/09/13
  204. bsdtalk063 - Interview with Mitchell Smith about BSD and Accessibility2015/09/13
  205. bsdtalk062 - Interview with YAWS developer Claes Klacke Wikstrom2015/09/13
  206. bsdtalk061 - Interview with lighttpd developer Jan Kneschke2015/09/13
  207. bsdtalk060 - My BSD History2015/09/13
  208. bsdtalk059 - Interview with Matt Morley2015/09/13
  209. bsdtalk058 - Interview with Jason Thaxter from gomoos.org2015/09/13
  210. bsdtalk057 - Interview with Massimiliano Stucchi2015/09/13
  211. bsdtalk056 - Interview with Joel Jaeggli about nsrc.org2015/09/13
  212. bsdtalk055 - Interview with Greg Lehey2015/09/13
  213. bsdtalk054 - Interview with Andy Ritger and Christian Zander from nVidia2015/09/13
  214. bsdtalk053 - Interview with Matthew Dillon2015/09/13
  215. bsdtalk052 - Interview with Pawel Jakub Dawidek2015/09/13
  216. bsdtalk051 - Dumb Terminals2015/09/13
  217. bsdtalk050 - Interview with OpenBSD Developer Joris Vink2015/09/13
  218. bsdtalk049 - Interview with Honeynet.org President Lance Spitzner2015/09/13
  219. bsdtalk048 - Interview with FreeBSD Developer Poul-Henning Kamp2015/09/13
  220. bsdtalk047 - Interview with Dan Langille2015/09/13
  221. bsdtalk046 - Interview with OpenBSD Developer David Gwynne2015/09/13
  222. bsdtalk045 - Interview with NetBSD Developer Mouse2015/09/13
  223. bsdtalk044 - Interview with Rasterman2015/09/13
  224. bsdtalk043 - Interview with James Cornell2015/09/13
  225. bsdtalk042 - Interview with Karl Lehenbauer from Flightaware2015/09/13
  226. bsdtalk041 - Interview with Chris DiBona from Google2015/09/13
  227. bsdtalk040 - Interview with PC-BSD Developer Kris Moore2015/09/13
  228. bsdtalk039 - Interview with BSD Developer Scott Ullrich2015/09/13
  229. bsdtalk038 - Interview with Eric S. Raymond2015/09/13
  230. bsdtalk037 - Interview with the Freesbie Development Team2015/09/13
  231. bsdtalk036 - Interview with Arjan van Leeuwen from Opera Software2015/09/13
  232. bsdtalk035 - Interview with NetBSD Core Group Member Matt Thomas2015/09/13
  233. bsdtalk034 - Interview with Mark Brewer from Covalent Technologies2015/09/13
  234. bsdtalk033 - Interview with Thomas Sha from Yahoo2015/09/13
  235. bsdtalk032 - Interview with FreeBSD Developer Joe Marcus Clarke2015/09/13
  236. bsdtalk031 - Interview with Peter Hofer from DesktopBSD2015/09/13
  237. bsdtalk030 - Interview with Devon O'Dell and Jason Dixon2015/09/13
  238. bsdtalk029 - Interview with Lynne and William Jolitz2015/09/13
  239. bsdtalk028 - Interview with Liam Foy2015/09/13
  240. bsdtalk027 - Interview with OpenBSD developer Marco Peereboom2015/09/13
  241. bsdtalk026 - Interview with Mark Kane from MKProductions2015/09/13
  242. bsdtalk025 - Thin Clients with XDMCP2015/09/13
  243. bsdtalk024 - Interview with TiddlyWiki creator Jeremy Ruston2015/09/13
  244. bsdtalk023 - Interview with OpenBSD developer Henning Brauer2015/09/13
  245. bsdtalk022 - Interview with Matthew Dillon from DragonFly BSD2015/09/13
  246. bsdtalk021 - Interview with Stephen Jones of SDF2015/09/13
  247. bsdtalk020 - Insecure Sharing with NFS2015/09/13
  248. bsdtalk019 - Interview with Brian Tiemann2015/09/13
  249. bsdtalk018 - Interview with Kirk McKusick2015/09/13
  250. bsdtalk017 - Interview with FreeBSD Release Engineer Scott Long2015/09/13
  251. bsdtalk016 - Intro to the vi text editor2015/09/13
  252. bsdtalk015 - Interview with PostgreSQL developer Bruce Momjian2015/09/13
  253. bsdtalk014 - Interview with Dan Langille from BSDCan2015/09/13
  254. bsdtalk013 - Interview with Richard Bejtlich2015/09/13
  255. bsdtalk012 - Interview with Dru Lavigne2015/09/13
  256. bsdtalk011 - USB Drives and Interview with FreeNAS Author Olivier Cochard2015/09/13
  257. bsdtalk010 - BSD in School2015/09/13
  258. bsdtalk009 - Interview with Webmin Author Jamie Cameron2015/09/13
  259. bsdtalk008 - No Cost BSD Shell Accounts2015/09/13
  260. bsdtalk007 - Live BSD CDs2015/09/13
  261. bsdtalk006 - Three Headed Daemon2015/09/13
  262. bsdtalk005 - Unique Utilities2015/09/13
  263. bsdtalk004 - Intro to Network Configuration2015/09/13
  264. bsdtalk003 - Intro to disks and filesystems2015/09/13
  265. BSDTalk002 - Intro to Installing software2015/09/13
  266. BSDTalk001 - Intro to BSD2015/09/13
Talking about the BSD family of free operating systems.

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