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  1. Bruce Shapiro; data threat and ransomware; the Vatican's indigenous collection 2019/09/10
    Bruce Shapiro on US politics; why US local governments and electoral rolls are vulnerable to ransomware; and the Vatican museum's indigenous collection
  2. Laura Tingle; Inequality; Julius the Chimpanzee2019/09/09
    Slow economic growth, drug testing welfare recipients and the push for a Federal anti-corruption commission. While the overall wealth of the world's population is increasing, is it increasing equally, or is that possible and even desirable?
  3. Brexit, the never ending war on drugs and Ecomodernism 2019/09/04
    Deal, no deal, a general election? Ian Dunt's Brexit update. Antony Loewenstein takes us inside the bloody war on drugs and how would ecomodernists avert a climate crisis - Jonathon Symons explains.
  4. West Papua, Kochland and the Bengal famine2019/09/03
    Violence in West Papua, the secret history of Koch industries and the role of Richard Casey in the Bengal famine.
  5. LNL Monday 2nd September 20192019/09/02
    Boats and refugees , religious freedom and toilets have dominated Canberra politics in the past week. Why has the state of Western Sahara has been waiting almost 30 years for their promised referendum for independence?
  6. The politics shift in Texas, nuclear power in Australia and reforestation in Africa. 2019/08/29
    Daniel McCarthy analyses the political shift in the once solidly Republican State of Texas. Australia, once again, debates developing nuclear power. An innovative solution to re-green a barren African landscape.
  7. China arrest, East Timor, working elephants2019/08/28
    The arrest of Yang Henjun in China, East Timor anniversary, the working elephants on Myanmar
  8. Bruce Shapiro, extended in-studio chat about US politics; a new biography of the visionary Don Dunstan2019/08/27
    Bruce Shapiro, on a visit to Sydney, sits down with Phillip to discuss a range of pressing US political issues, and compares secrecy cultures of Australia and the US.
  9. Laura Tingle; Italian politics; History of Sludge2019/08/26
    The anniversary of Scott Morrison's first year as Prime Minister. Can Italy's would-be strongman become the next Prime Minister? The amount of sludge that was created during the gold rush caused huge problems across the goldmining community.
  10. Louise Adler: Life and learning2019/08/22
    Louise Adler shares her thought on life with Phillip Adams
  11. Ian Dunt's UK, Antarctic Treaty threatened, Denis Michael Rohan 2019/08/21
    Ian Dunt on Boris Johnson upping the Brexit ante, why the 60-year old Antarctic Treaty is under pressure and the explosive political legacy of Denis Michael Rohan.
  12. Bruce Shapiro, convict slang, black lives matter2019/08/20
    Bruce Shapiro, Simon Barnard on convict slang and DeRay Mckesson on Black Lives Matter
  13. Laura Tingle ;Red Web; Chinese spies2019/08/19
    Pacific Islands Forum divided over climate change. Despite Putin’s control over the internet, a small space for dissent still remains.
  14. The US-China trade war. ATO vs Glencore. Reoffending and the historical record. 2019/08/15
    Daniel McCarthy examines the changing economic relationship between the US and China. Journalist Will Fitzgibbon and law professor Miranda Stewart reflect on the mining giant Glencore's loss against the Tax Office in this weeks High Court decision. Criminologist Barry Godfrey turns to the historical record to understand why some criminals reoffend while others don't.
  15. Pacific Islands, Moonkind and the comedy of John Clarke2019/08/14
    The Pacific Islands Forum, Moonkind and the legacy of the comedy of John Clarke
  16. Bruce Shapiro; extremism in Bangladesh; first Australian wireless broadcast2019/08/13
    Bruce Shapiro analyses US politics. Is secular Bangladesh threatened by the rise of extremism and terrorism? Australia's first wireless broadcast, 100 years ago, was not on the radio.
  17. LNL 12th August 20192019/08/12
    National Politics with Laura Tingle. The Malka Leifer case and Yaakov Litzman. A History of Criminal Law in NSW.
  18. LNL Thursday 8th August 20192019/08/08
    Before I forget, Geoffrey Blainey's memoir of the first forty years of his life, from his childhood to his career as historian and writer.
  19. Ian Dunt, global nuclear energy and a Rohingya refugee's story2019/08/07
    Ian Dunt's UK report, the state of the global nuclear energy industry and a rare first hand account of life as a Rohingya refugee.
  20. Bruce Shapiro's USA; History of Philosophy2019/08/06
    Is the US a failed state? How has philosophy evolved over time?
  21. Laura Tingle; John Mearsheimer2019/08/05
    Laura Tingle reports on the latest issues in National Politics. Leading US foreign policy thinker John Mearsheimer on why the liberal international order is dead and the future of US foreign policy is cold hard realism.
  22. Tim Costello hour2019/08/01
    Tim Costello chats about faith, fear and politics.
  23. Democratic debate, the Facebook Libra, slavery at sea2019/07/31
    Dan McCarthy on the latest democratic debate, what impact will the Facebook Libra have, slavery in the Thai fishing industry
  24. Bruce Shapiro on US politics; Fintan O'Toole on Brexit and Boris; the sounds of Earth sent to outer space2019/07/30
    Bruce Shapiro dissects US politics; Fintan O'Toole on Boris, and the Irish view of Brexit; the sounds and images sent to 'aliens' in deep space nearly 40 years ago
  25. Laura Tingle; Return of the Tanker Wars; Bauhaus Diaspora2019/07/29
    Laura Tingle examines the politics behind key legalisation before parliament. What are the lessons learned from the 1980s Tanker War in the Persian Gulf?
  26. Marcia Langton2019/07/25
    Marcia Langton on life's detours.
  27. Ian Dunt, new red guards of China and the sand shortage2019/07/24
    Ian Dunt on new PM Boris Johnson, China's new red guard and running short on sand
  28. Bruce Shapiro on US politics; the Australian response to ISIS women; the human bone trade2019/07/23
    Bruce Shapiro dissects the latest on US politics. Lydia Khalil on whether Australia should treat ISIS women differently to men. And the past and present of human bones, and why the trade in bones is booming.
  29. Laura Tingle on national politics. The invention of the modern dog. Gaia originator James Lovelock turns 100.2019/07/22
    Laura Tingle reviews key pieces of legislation before parliament. Michael Worboys looks at the invention of the modern dog. Tim Lenton assesses the life and ideas of James Lovelock, originator of the Gaia hypothesis, who this week turns 100.
  30. The geopolitics of the moon2019/07/18
    In a special program to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, a discussion about the geopolitics and commercialisation of space.
  31. Ian Dunt's UK, Deutsche Bank and Thomas Harriot2019/07/17
    Ian Dunt ponders the implications of a "do or die" Brexit, Deutsche Bank's radical restructure and resurrecting the reputation of the English Galileo.
  32. Trump's twitter tirades, Hugh White on how to defend Australia, 2019/07/16
    Trump's Twitter tirade against non-white Congresswomen.
  33. Laura Tingle on national politics. The loss of citizenship for terrorists. How beef changed America2019/07/15
    Laura Tingle on the politics of reconciliation and recognition. Kim Rubenstein reviews the current provisions for terrorism-related loss of citizenship. Historian Josh Specht explains how beef changed America.
  34. Happy Birthday Phillip2019/07/11
    Richard Fidler asks Phillip Adams the questions in his 80th birthday special.
  35. Daniel McCarthy, digital politics and the wealth explosion2019/07/10
    Daniel McCarthy reflects on Ross Perot, rethinking our digital future and the origins of modern wealth
  36. Bruce Shapiro on US politics; the global industry of state surveillance; looking for the good in technological progress2019/07/09
    Bruce Shapiro discusses the UK and US diplomatic stoush, Jeffrey Epstein, and MAD Magazine. State surveillance is a global industry which often informs foreign policy. Technological progress should be celebrated albeit with caution.
  37. Laura Tingle on national politics. Remembering Mum Shirl. The 1892 scandal that ruined the Hassans2019/07/08
    Laura Tingle discusses the week ahead in politics, a new exhibition remembers and celebrates the life of Redfern's Mum Shirl and the scandal that brought down the power couple of Hyderabad.
  38. Evolution of the brain and early notation of an Indigenous language.2019/07/04
    What we can learn from the brains of babies about how they have evolved and the story of Katy Langloh Parker who notated the local indigenous language around Lightning Ridge when she moved there in the 1880s.
  39. North Korea, Ceduna debit card trial and Richard Falk2019/07/03
    What is the good news from the Trump step into North Korea, the Ceduna debit card trial and Richard Falk talks about the latest from Iran, Israel and the Palestinian territories.
  40. Bruce Shapiro, the secret trade deal and libraries and the homeless in NYC2019/07/02
    Bruce Shapiro brings the latest news from the democratic debates and the Supreme Court, what is the secret trade deal being negotiated without the USA and the homeless and the New York City Library.
  41. National politics with Laura Tingle. Banking after the Royal Commission. Rwanda post genocide.2019/07/01
    Laura Tingle surveys another week in national politics as the PM returns from the G20 in Japan and preparations begin for the first Parliamentary sitting since the election.
  42. Dan McCarthy on the Democratic presidential candidates’ first debate; Which country is the most peaceful on earth?; Himalayan indigenous languages2019/06/27
    Dan McCarthy on the Democratic presidential candidates’ first debate; What does the 13th annual Global Peace Index tell us about the state of the world; There are hundreds of indigenous languages in the Himalayan region, but identifying and preserving them is controversial;
  43. The 70th anniversary of 1984, and E Jean Carroll revisited2019/06/26
    George Orwell's 1984 has had a recent resurgence in sales, despite being 70 years old, and an interview with the unforgettable E Jean Carroll.
  44. Bruce Shapiro on US politics; Boris Johnson's character and controversies; why civilisations collapse2019/06/25
    Bruce Shapiro dissects the latest developments in the US. Sonia Purnell, former colleague and biographer of Boris Johnson, on the would-be PM of the UK. An historical 'autopsy' of how civilisations collapse.
  45. National politics with Laura Tingle. Robyn Archer on the state of the arts.2019/06/24
    Laura Tingle looks at what's on the political agenda for the 46th Parliament and special guest Robyn Archer on cabaret, political satire and her long and successful career in the arts.
  46. Geoffrey Robertson on Julian Assange's extradition. France in the Pacific. The Future of Food. 2019/06/20
    Geoffrey Robertson QC considers the case against Julian Assange. Alex Dayant explains why France wants to maintain a presence in the Pacific and environmental journalist Amanda Little explores the future of food in "a bigger, hotter, smarter world."
  47. The Tory leadership race and the US-Australia alliance2019/06/19
    Ian Dunt discusses who's still in the running to become Britain's next prime minister and two defence experts, John Lee and Charles Edel, explore the future of Australia's security alliance with the US.
  48. Bruce Shapiro, Grenfell remembered and digitising art2019/06/18
    Bruce Shapiro gives us his regular update on what is happening in the USA, what has happened in the two years since the Grenfell fire to prevent another disaster and what impact has the digital revolution had on the arts?
  49. LNL Monday 17th June 20192019/06/17
    Paladin update. The Gulf of Oman incident: Will it lead to war with Iran? How animals navigate.
  50. Who is Elizabeth Warren, a geologist view of time and how plants think. 2019/06/13
    Conservative commentator Daniel McCarthy on the surge of support for Elizabeth Warren and why facebook is bad for the press and freedom.
  51. Hong Kong, bitcoin winners, Iola Matthews2019/06/12
    What effect are the protests having on the business community of Hong Kong, the twins that made money from bitcoin and Iola Mathews and the golden age of the ACTU.
  52. Bruce Shapiro on US politics; security and secrecy - what's behind the media raids; the rise of American Christian fundamentalism2019/06/11
    Bruce Shapiro dissects the latest developments stateside. We go more deeply into the laws, and the jostling for power, behind last week's media raids. And the short history of the Fundamentalist church in America.
  53. Gillian Armstrong2019/06/10
    Gillian Armstrong chats to Phillip Adams about her life and career in film.
  54. Leadership changes in PNG, Webtopia, the Gold rush2019/06/06
    Papua New Guinea has a new Prime Minister - So what will James Marape's new leadership look like? Former ABC correspondent Shane McCleod on the latest from PNG.
  55. Successful public policy and a musical take on La Perouse2019/06/05
    Ian Dunt brings us the latest on Donald Trump's state visit to the UK, we explore public policy successes from Australia and New Zealand and Australian pianist Chris Cody explains how an 18th-century French navigator inspired his latest composition.
  56. American politics, waste politics and the politics of Arthur Calwell2019/06/04
    Bruce Shapiro brings the latest report from America, why Malaysia is turning away Australia's waste and what can we learn from Arthur Calwell's battle with the press.
  57. Laura Tingle's Canberra politics; Drones of war; 17th century Quacks2019/06/03
    Can Labor's new shadow cabinet put political pressure on Scott Morrison's new government? Has drone warfare got more deadly in the past 12 months?
  58. Impeachment and the Mueller report, Science bites back, Remembering Tony Horwitz 2019/05/30
    Donald Trump says the Mueller report is "case closed " but is it ? Daniel McCarthy surveys the week in American politics. Philosopher Lee McIntyre discusses his new book The Scientific Attitude : defending science from denial, fraud and pseudoscience. Remembering journalist and author Tony Horwitz who died this week.
  59. EU Elections, Huawei and Australian cartooning2019/05/29
    Stan Grant analyses the EU elections, Huawei and a history of Australian cartoons.
  60. Bruce Shapiro, Plan S and Just add Love the Cookbook2019/05/28
    Bruce Shapiro surveys US politics, open access scholarship with Martin Borchert, and Just add Love: Holocaust survivors share their stories and recipes.
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