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  1. Iran's revolutionary generation gap; the enigma of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas 2020/01/30

    After the Islamic revolution in 1979 and the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s there's a widening generation gap on the future of the Islamic republic.
  2. How Europe sees Brexit, Good news for Iceland's whales and a challenge to big tech2020/01/29

    Commentator Alberto Alemanno discusses Brexit from a European perspective, whale hunting in Iceland last year was postponed but will it continue? and why do we need a digital bill of rights?
  3. 28 January 20202020/01/28

    Bruce Shapiro, Australia's lost fauna and assessing the severity of the Corona virus.
  4. LNL Monday 27th January 20202020/01/27

    Before I forget, Geoffrey Blainey's memoir of the first forty years of his life, from his childhood to his career as historian and writer.
  5. South China sea standoff; Choking Huawei; David Williamson2020/01/23

    The Natuna Islands were the scene of a tense stand-off between China and Indonesia over summer. The United States with an increasing number of western countries are blocking any involvement of the Chinese company , Huawei in 5G networks , the next big thing in digital communication.
  6. UK politics and the Brexit deadline, Insects under threat and spice at any price2020/01/22

    Ian Dunt with the latest in British politics as the Brexit deadline draws closer. Insects numbers are in decline worldwide so how can we help preserve them. The life and times of Dutch spice trader Frederick Houtman.
  7. Bruce Shapiro on US politics; Iran after the assassination; the rise of contemporary circus 2020/01/21

    Bruce Shapiro previews the impending impeachment trial. An inside view of Iran since the US assassination of Qasam Soleimani. And why contemporary circus is a thriving artform.
  8. Bushfires, climate change and politics2020/01/20

    The politics and future of the bushfires and the climate.
  9. Geoffrey Robertson and David Olusoga on museums of plunder2020/01/16
    Visitors pose in the British Museum in front of the Elgin Marbles
  10. Henry Reynolds's history2020/01/15
    Henry Reynolds, Australian historian.
  11. The Gospel According to Paul2020/01/14
    Jonathan Biggins performs in "The Gospel According to Paul".
  12. A portrait of Gillian Triggs, human rights defender2020/01/13
    Former President of the Human Rights Commission
  13. Don Dunstan: the visionary politician who changed Australia; The cult of Penny Wong2020/01/09
    Journalist Margaret Simons has written a revelatory biography of Penny Wong, a politician she describes as "cool-headed, cautious yet charismatic and possessed of piercing intelligence."
  14. The geopolitics of the moon2020/01/08
    The next war will be a space war
  15. Lex Marinos2020/01/07
    Lex Marinos (standing centre, in black) with the cast and crew of 'The Slap' at the Logie Awards in 2012
  16. Gillian Armstrong2020/01/06
    Gillian Armstrong was the first Australian woman in 46 years to direct a feature film. She's now being honoured as one of 'Ten Female Trailblazers' at this year's Sydney Film Festival.
  17. Jung Chang and Kate McClymont2020/01/02
    Ei-ling Soong, May-ling Soong and Ching-ling Soong in Chunking, 1940.
  18. Lord Tugendhat's library and the Future Library2020/01/01
    Margaret Atwood, the first author to write a book for the Future Library, is pictured here with Scottish artist Katie Paterson deep in the Nordmarka forest near Oslo.
  19. Happy Birthday Phillip2019/12/31
    Phillip Adams and Richard Fidler
  20. The adventures of Di Morrissey2019/12/30
    Phillip Adams and Di Morrissey
  21. Politicised convicts; Decoding Australia's first dictionary2019/12/26
    William Cuffay, the son of a West Indian slave and an English woman, campaigned in England for an eight hour day. He was sentenced to 21 years in Van Diemen's Land, for 'conspiring to levy a war' against Queen Victoria.
  22. Tim Costello: Faith and fear2019/12/25

    Tim Costello chats about faith, fear and politics.
  23. Virginia Hall: WW2 Master spy; Richard Sorge: master spy2019/12/24
    Virginia Hall worked with the resistance in France during WW2.
  24. Louise Adler: Life and learning2019/12/23
    Phillip Adams and Louise Adler
  25. Marcia Langton2019/12/19
    Phillip Adams and Marcia Langton
  26. Dorian Lynskey on 1984 and Tony Rinaudo on forest making2019/12/18
    A mural of George Orwell in the English town of Southwold referencing a quote from the writer's prescient novel '1984' and his wartime work at the BBC.
  27. Robyn Archer and Sisonke Msimang on Winne Mandela2019/12/17
    Robyn Archer, performer, festival director and mentor
  28. Elena Kats-Chernin2019/12/16
    Phillip Adams and Elena Kats-Chernin
  29. What do fossils, babies and Einstein tell us about the way our brains have evolved?; How plants think.2019/12/12
    How do plants make life and death decisions
  30. Dr Lynn Arnold AO joins Phillip for a chat2019/12/11

    The Honourable Reverend Dr Lynn Arnold AO has one of those names that tells you immediately – he’s done a few things. He’s been busy. You don’t get that many prefixes and suffixes without burning the midnight oil.
  31. Mary Anning; How the Earth shapes our destinies2019/12/10

    How did a 19th-century English working-class woman with no formal education end up becoming one of the most influential fossilists of all time? We explore the impact of ice, wind and plate tectonics on who we are today.
  32. Eva Cox 2019/12/09
    Eva Cox and Phillip Adams in the Late Night Live studio.
  33. Was 2019 a good year for comedy?2019/12/05
    Standing, from left: Phillip Adams, Alice Fraser, Dan Ilic, Cathy Wilcox. Token appearance by Andy Matthews
  34. Trump's apocalypse and Ireland in 19222019/12/04
    General Michael Collins leaves a Requiem service held at Portobello Barracks, Dublin. August 1922. Not long before his assassination by Anti-Treaty IRA.
  35. Bruce Shapiro and Australia in 19562019/12/03

    Bruce Shapiro wraps up the year and Nick Richardson explains the significance of 1956 in Australia's history.
  36. Laura Tingle; Wikileaks; Canberra's view on Julian Assange2019/12/02

    A week of machismo and masochism as the Prime Minister fights to save the political career of his Energy Minister, Angus Taylor. Kristinn Hrafnsson explains why journalists should care about what happens to Julian Assange.
  37. Daniel McCarthy's Washington update and Vale Clive James2019/11/28

    Daniel McCarthy explores what effects the impeachment proceedings are having on voter sentiment and we commemorate Clive James. In an interview with Phillip in 2006, the late raconteur reveals his love of the tango, Japanese culture and Peter Sellers.
  38. Tories in trouble with Twitter; Trump and right wing media; time to bring Russia in from the Cold? 2019/11/27

    Ian Dunt wraps up the year in UK politics as the Brexit election looms.
  39. Bruce Shapiro and Christopher Tughendhat2019/11/26

    News from America with Bruce Shapiro and the history of Britain in books.
  40. Laura Tingle; Westpac's money laundering scandal; Dreaming under Hitler2019/11/25
    Info (Show/Hide)
  41. The politics behind the Christchurch massacre and the history of Venus2019/11/21

    Journalist Jeff Sparrow traces the fascist roots of the Christchurch massacre and British historian Bettany Hughes explores the darker side of the goddess Venus.
  42. Asbestos in Asia, Alexander von Humboldt and vale Colin Tatz2019/11/20

    Asbestos on the rise in Asia, who was Alexander von Humboldt and vale Colin Tatz
  43. 19 November 20192019/11/19

    Bruce Shapiro on Trump's impeachment hearings; Google's obsession with your health; and the forest that will become books to fill a library - in the year 2114.
  44. The adventures of Di Morrissey2019/11/18

    Di Morrissey has come full circle coming back to her birth place and journalistic roots.
  45. Geoffrey Robertson on museums of plunder and LNL Revisited: Geraldine Brooks 2019/11/14

    Geoffrey Robertson discusses why the British Museum should "wash its hands of blood" and return the Elgin marbles, the Benin bronzes and "other pilfered cultural property.”
  46. Ian Dunt's UK, climate change as a security threat and women at war2019/11/13

    Ian Dunt discusses how political parties in the UK are gearing up for the December 12 election, Danish academic Ole Wæver explains how political response to climate change could threaten democracy and Simon Parkin on the ingenious young British women who helped turn back Nazi U-boats in World War Two.
  47. Bruce Shapiro on US politics, Spain back to the polls, and understanding animals2019/11/12

    Bruce discusses the emergence of Michael Bloomberg for the Democrats, and other matters. Spain keeps on heading back to the polls. And a philosopher's take on the human/animal connection.
  48. Laura Tingle; Bougainville Independence referendum; History of Climate Science2019/11/11

    Labor's election post-mortem. The referendum on independence for Bougainville starts on 23 November, what are the options for the future?
  49. US update, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Poisoner's Handbook2019/11/07

    Daniel McCarthy brings us an update on the gubernatorial elections in the US, historian Elizabeth Leake on what role the CIA played in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and we revisit a classic from the LNL archives: Deborah Blum on the invention of modern forensic medicine.
  50. Aged care and Charles Massy2019/11/06

    Aged care workers tell their story, as does 5th generation farmer Charles Massy.
  51. Bruce Shapiro, unrest in Chile and Australia's islands2019/11/05

    An impeachment update, the source of Chile's unrest and Australia's islands reviewed
  52. Laura Tingle ;Health and Climate Change; The Woman behind the first fairy tale2019/11/04

    Quiet Australians and noisy minorities. The World Health Organisation has declared climate change to be "the most significant threat of the 21st century." What impact is it having on Australians' health?
  53. Future of religion and Europe2019/10/31

    The history and future of religion and the history and future of Europe
  54. Ian Dunt's UK, People Smuggling & Mosquitoes2019/10/30

    Ian Dunt discusses the UK's upcoming December election, we look at the increasing risks of undocumented migration and we meet the most dangerous animal in the world, the mosquito.
  55. Report from America, France and the hijab, Naomi Klein2019/10/29

    Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the impeachment hearings, John Litchfield on the latest controversy surrounding the hijab in France, and Naomi Klein outlines the case for a green new deal.
  56. Canberra Capers; Facial Recognition; George Seddon's legacy2019/10/28

    Shifting the goal posts in Canberra. Is facial recognition technology creating a dangerous mass surveillance system. Remembering George Seddon, an extraordinary polymath who radically rethought our relationship with the environment.
  57. Dan McCarthy's America, fake news in Asia and Dr Claire Weekes2019/10/24

    Dan McCarthy on Republicans storming the impeachment inquiry, how fake news is threatening democracy in South East Asia and Judith Hoare celebrates the pioneering Australian doctor who cracked the anxiety code.
  58. Lebanon protests, Taiwan tension and Megafauna2019/10/23

    Protests in Lebanon, Security risks in Taiwan and the end of the megafauna
  59. Bruce Shapiro on US politics; highway through the Amazon; crabs and conflict2019/10/22

    Bruce Shapiro on two bizarre press conferences, and more. President Bolsonaro is rebuilding a highway through the Amazon. And what crabs can tell us about when conflict is necessary
  60. Canberra politics; Early Indians; Hilton bombing2019/10/21
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