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Life Matters

  1. Investigating female monogamy, working to improve Indigenous dental health, and tackling climate change through food labelling2018/10/16
    Misconceptions about women and sex. Improving the dental health of Indigenous Australians. Could a new food labelling system help save the planet?
  2. Leigh Sales on surviving the worst day of your life, meeting a 400kg seal, being young, male and single2018/10/15
    How Leigh Sales found her way back from the most frightening experience of her life. The Moth: When Worlds Collide. Solo: young men on being single.
  3. Best of: diagnosing autism, code like a girl, Invictus champion, sustainable bouquets2018/10/13
    A new app leads the way in autism diagnosis, girls encouraged to make those apps, a former soldier turns Invictus athlete, and which cut flowers are sustainable?
  4. Children and physical activity, Osher Günsberg: Back After the Break and hating your friend's partner2018/10/12
    Physical literacy for children. Osher Günsberg: living with mental illness. Modern Dilemma: should you tell your friend you hate their fiancé?
  5. Recreational drugs, becoming poor and Invictus Games2018/10/11
    My 20-year-old takes drugs at parties — should I be worried? How one family went from 'middle class to poor' in a month. Soldier turned sportsman. Life in 500 Words: discovering a love for music.
  6. Talkback on mental health stigma, men respond to a post #metoo world, being more sustainable when we buy flowers and philosophising about consumerism2018/10/10
    Talkback: How far have we come in reducing the stigma around mental health? Men negotiating the #MeToo world. Burning Question: sustainable flowers. Philosophy Espresso # 2: Consumerism.
  7. How to talk about old age, a new way to deal with kidney failure in an Aboriginal community and coders challenging the status quo2018/10/09
    Talking about ageing, decline and death. Aboriginal-owned dialysis service providing help and a home away from home in Alice. Code Like A Girl puts their revolution in a caravan.
  8. Screening for autism spectrum disorder, living with ovarian cancer, learning to be alone2018/10/08
    Early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Still Jill: living with terminal ovarian cancer. Solo: learning to be alone.
  9. Best of Life Matters: sleep dilemmas, lying exposed, philosophy espresso, cryptic crossword brain2018/10/06
    Two experts pull apart our sleeping dysfunction, why lying for good can turn out to be evil, pocket sized philosophy, and keeping the brain active with cryptic crosswords.
  10. Life-changing travels, Poppy the world champ skater and housemates who work together2018/10/05
    Talkback: life-changing journeys. The Little Things: Poppy the skater. Modern Dilemma: how do you handle housemates who air their dirty laundry in the office?
  11. Can we think about sleep and time in new ways and can crosswords improve the flow of our neural pathways? 2018/10/04
    Changing our thinking on sleep. Laura Vanderkam: Being 'crazy organised' about your time could help you relax. The neural gym of crosswords.
  12. Quality teachers, lying and Celeste Barber2018/10/03
    Sorting fact from fiction on the teaching profession. Should we stop telling well-meaning lies? Philosophy Espresso # 1: Aren't we all philosophers, really? From parody to celebrity: Celeste Barber #challengeaccepted.
  13. Video game addiction, nationalising the electricity sector and the tallest mural in the Southern Hemisphere2018/10/02
    The video game gambler? Should we have more public services? Face painting social housing.
  14. Ineffective surgeries, raising well-rounded sons, celebrating singledom2018/10/01
    When it comes to surgery, does doctor know best? Fighting stereotypes and raising good men. Solo: the rise of the single life.
  15. Best of Life Matters: the value of co-operation, intermittent fasting explained, the art of conversation, and blindfold circus2018/09/29
    In a competitive world is there enough value on co-operation? The science behind intermittent fasting, the art of good conversation and how blindfolded circus performers make us think about a sightless world.
  16. Heroes and roadies2018/09/28
    A conversation with two heroes. Trucks and drugs and rock and roll: the life of roadies revealed.
  17. The psychological effects of disadvantage and Dan Siegel on his new research into the science of presence2018/09/27
    Overcoming disadvantage. Dr Dan Siegel: why our brains like being anywhere but here.
  18. Life Matters 26.09.20182018/09/26
    Talkback: blended families. The Moth: Control. Burning Question: intermittent fasting.
  19. Private school funding, a male childcare worker, conversational skills and a blind circus 2018/09/25
    Public funding of private schools. The Little Things: Ramesh the childcare worker. How to have better conversations. Blindfolded circus brings a different vision.
  20. Social creatures, childhood cancer and missing soldiers2018/09/24
    Competition vs cooperation: which human instinct is stronger? Raising awareness of rare childhood cancers. The scandal of WWI's missing dead.
  21. Best of Life Matters: housing solutions, the legend of Toots, and food for older people2018/09/22
    A new book proposes new solutions to making more housing more affordable, the story of Toots who for thirty years drove trucks into Far North Queensland, and a rethink on the food we plate up when we're older.
  22. Helping dads play with their kids, understanding PCOS and should you give your children your surname if you're not happy with it?2018/09/21
    Why dads should play with their children. The complex hormonal condition affecting women. Modern Dilemma: the man with the unfortunate surname.
  23. Examining your life insurance, dealing with your perfectionism, and thinking about organ donation2018/09/20
    Is life insurance worth it? Life in 500 Words: Losing a loved one to drug abuse. The downside of being a perfectionist. What happens when faith and organ donation meet?
  24. Housing crisis, food for the ageing and design for disability2018/09/19
    How do we fix the housing crisis? Should we be changing our diets as we age? Where's the toilet? - design, disability and inclusion.
  25. Aged care, BMX riding and Listening on the stage2018/09/18
    Talkback: Your stories of aged care. The Little Things: BMX bandit. Listening By Hand: from men for women.
  26. Compulsive exercise, easing male loneliness and Toots the truckie2018/09/17
    The link between compulsive exercise and eating disorders. Education on emotions and a more communal society: how to ease male loneliness. When your mum is a truckie.
  27. Best of Life Matters: marking time properly, living inside your skin, tiny sustainable houses, and dads staying connected to daughters2018/09/15
    Are we really time poor or do we just think we are? Overcoming the pressures of body image, living tiny and well, and how fathers and teenage daughters can keep their bond alive.
  28. Starting a new career in your seventies, recovering intimacy after stroke and is your partner boasting about his son too much?2018/09/14
    Finding your calling late in life. Sexuality after stroke. Modern Dilemma: I'm turned off by the way my partner boasts about his son.
  29. Talkback on how much parents should be using their devices, the Gunditjmara tradition of eel basket weaving and measuring where our time goes2018/09/13
    Talkback: distracted parenting in the age of the smart phone. Gunditjmara weaving traditions preserved. Are you actually time-poor or do you just think you are?
  30. Work for the dole, trees and rain and Taryn Brumfitt2018/09/12
    Work for the dole part two: what do host employers and job providers think? Burning Question: do more trees mean more rain? Embrace yourself: how to love the skin you're in. The Little Things: Teens and Gender.
  31. High-density life, politics in rural Australia, and tiny houses2018/09/11
    Where do families fit in high-rise cities? Politics, rural towns and the preconceptions dividing Australia. Tiny houses sustainable for old and young.
  32. A new way to treat illness, fake news and young people, fathers and daughters2018/09/10
    Is it time to replace your local GP clinic with something radically different? How are young people separating fact from fake news? Keeping fathers and daughters connected.
  33. Best of Life Matters: gambling on stage, ditching the dead weight, footy mergers on film & planning now for housing later2018/09/08
    A reformed gambler uses theatre in a powerful way, why Mike Rolls decided to amputate his remaining leg, a new movie combines footy, refugees and rural survival, and a national survey asks how we plan to live together when we're older.
  34. Making reading fun, housing our older selves, learning through travel and how to stop the other kid from stealing the ball2018/09/07
    How to make reading as fun as watching TV. Young Australians need to think now about housing their older selves. Life in 500 Words: culture shock. Modern Dilemma: who you gonna call when one player hogs the ball?
  35. The unemployment experience, moving on when you lose both your legs, making comedy about football and refugees2018/09/06
    Work for the dole part one: audio diary. What do you do when the "worst thing possible" actually happens? The Merger.
  36. Diabetes, gambling stigma and George McEncroe2018/09/05
    Combating diabetes part three: effective reduction strategies. Tackling gambling stigma through theatre. George McEncroe: 'you just gotta do the next thing'.
  37. Family businesses, lowering the risk of diabetes and Afghan Women on the Move 2018/09/04
    Talkback: family business. Combating diabetes part two: participants report back on bid to reduce their disease risk. Exhibition highlights the struggles and triumphs of Australian Afghan women.
  38. Child protection, landing a pay rise, ancient love magic2018/09/03
    Why we still don't believe children when they report sexual abuse. Negotiating a pay rise. Getting someone to love you: the ancient history of erotic magic.
  39. Best of Life Matters: energy for renters, jiffy jams for kids, resting heart rate and fathers talk dads2018/09/01
    What options can renters use to keep their energy bills lower, a new free Instagram game sparks creative play, how low is your resting heart rate, and two fathers open up about their dads.
  40. What's it like to be Chinese-Australian today, to grow up gay and to need to decline your friend's birthday in Bali?2018/08/31
    What does it mean to be Chinese-Australian? Growing up gay in Australia. Modern Dilemma: the politics of the destination invitation.
  41. How to put the play back into learning, a Syrian mother battling for home and what being a dad teaches you2018/08/30
    Learning through play. Marwa Al-Sabouni: reimagining and rebuilding Syria. In my father's footsteps - being a Dad.
  42. Community projects, heart rate and creative thinking2018/08/29
    Talkback: Community groups that help the environment while feeding the soul. Burning Question: your maximum heart rate. Getting into a Jiffy Jam: creative thinking for children.
  43. Power bill stress, international students' experiences of Australia, and trying to reverse diabetes2018/08/28
    Low-income renters and energy affordability. Why are Chinese students choosing to study in Australia? Combating diabetes part one: four people try to reduce their risk.
  44. Teens and sports pressures, defining a disease and community based sustainability2018/08/27
    Sports injuries: is the pressure on teen athletes too great? How diseases are born and die. Harnessing the power of community.
  45. Best of Life Matters: Overscheduling children, dogs providing emotional support, grieving and embracing life in a cemetery, deep brain stimulation2018/08/25
    The downside to children having too many planned activities, a cemetery that helps people deal with grief and embrace life, why some men turn to their dogs in times of emotional turmoil, former journalist Geoff Wilkinson's personal experience with Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation.
  46. Giving up booze in the country, going to uni after the army, getting over divorce and losing your leading role to a friend2018/08/24
    Challenges for veterans seeking higher education. Life in 500 Words: moving on from a marriage break-up. Living sober in the country. Modern Dilemma: when a friend is given the role you've long prepared for.
  47. Why are people unfaithful? Why do people light fires? Both questions answered on today's show.2018/08/23
    Inside the mind of an arsonist. Talkback: Infidelity.
  48. Family violence, image based bullying and Parkinson's2018/08/22
    Funding needed to stop cross-examination of family violence survivors by ex-partners. Tackling image-based bullying. Geoff Wilkinson talks crime, Parkinson's and Deep Brain Stimulation.
  49. Overscheduling, distractions and living with grief2018/08/21
    Resisting the urge to overschedule children. Are distractions stifling our creativity? Yoga, walking and a good chat: one cemetery's approach to grief.
  50. Women taking risks, men and their dogs and The Alice Fraser Trilogy2018/08/20
    How can we learn to grow our risk-taking muscle? Could our dogs offer a cure for men who feel cut off? Using comedy to talk about tragedy.
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