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Life Matters

  1. Emotional labour, backyard birds and Honeysuckle Creek2019/03/11
    Is the 'work' you're doing emotionally draining you? What can we learn from our backyard birds? Honeysuckle Creek and the first man on the moon.
  2. Weekend Life Matters: being Mandela's grandson, exercising at work, romance on Cradle Mountain, and ear wax hygiene2019/03/09
    Ndaba Mandela, and the relationship with his famous grandfather, how the workplace can aid our personal fitness, the romance behind two of Cradle Mountain's greatest supporters, and should you remove ear wax?
  3. International Women's Day, Alison Harcourt, open relationships and vegan children2019/03/08
    How this generation of feminists is putting inclusivity at the centre of their agenda. Senior Victorian of the year Alison Harcourt on life and statistics. ABC Open: Open Hearts. Modern Dilemma: the vegan child and the birthday party.
  4. Helping families deal with a missing loved one, a Cradle Island love story and an unlikely path to university2019/03/07
    When loved ones go missing how do we help those living with the unknown? The love story that opened Tasmania's Cradle Mountain to tourism. How Hassan got to Uni: the journey from goat herder to scholar.
  5. Life Matters 06.03.20192019/03/06
    Religious school chaplains face an uncertain future. Private investigator uses free business support to launch herself. ABC Open - my great grandfather's shed. Burning question - do we need to clean out earwax, or should we put the cotton buds down?
  6. Medicinal cannabis update, skydiving into a life change and what's it like to be an older parent?2019/03/05
    Critics say medicinal cannabis regulation is failing patients. Life in 500 Words - testing yourself. Talkback: being an older parent.
  7. Practising compassion, Ndaba Mandela on justice and his grandfather, exercise at work2019/03/04
    Has compassion been hijacked by do-gooders? Lessons Ndaba Mandela learned from his grandfather. Unlocking the barriers to exercising at work.
  8. Weekend Life Matters -searching for community, teen shoplifting, is empathy over rated, top health apps2019/03/02
    Residents on our city fringes aren't just missing out on services, they're missing community too. Why restorative justice beats punitive response in teenage shoplifting, why empathy can get in the way, and top health apps as judged by researchers.
  9. Sleep, slam poetry and gaming partners2019/03/01
    Devices and LED globes are more damaging for our sleep than we first thought. Slam poet Jesse Oliver on becoming himself. Modern Dilemma - how do you get your gaming partner out of the house?
  10. Creating community in new suburbs, the case against empathy and a new children's book about same-sex parented families2019/02/28
    Creating community in the suburbs. How much of a role does empathy play in being a good person? Representing same-sex parented families in children's books.
  11. Supporting survivors hearing the news of the Pell verdict, talkback on returning to work after cancer and night fishing with Dad 2019/02/27
    How survivors of child sexual abuse are being affected by the Pell verdict. ABC Open: Night fishing with Dad. Talkback: returning to work after cancer.
  12. Helping sensitive children thrive, supporting CALD communities with dementia and talking to teens about shoplifting2019/02/26
    How to support the sensitive, "orchid" children in your life to thrive. When there's no word for dementia. Teen Matters - how to deal with shoplifting.
  13. Conspiracy theories, female surgeons, ineffectual health apps2019/02/25
    Why the internet is helping more of us believe things that aren't true. Why are women leaving surgical training? Is that healthy living app worth the cost?
  14. Weekend Life Matters - holiday job hell, composting in flats, being fabulous, and body image2019/02/23
    Fancy a short job in Kenya over summer? What could possibly go wrong. How to not let food scraps fall into apartment land fill, the power of being fabulous and overcoming family expectations of body image.
  15. Setting goals, Two Toms and phone etiquette 2019/02/22
    When our goals sabotage our happiness. The Two Toms ask if you heard what they saw. Modern Dilemma - is it ok to text at all times of the night?
  16. Men after #MeToo, Bling through the ages and the voice of Lofty Fulton2019/02/21
    Masculinity in the #MeToo era. The reason we've been wearing jewellery for centuries. Lofty Fulton - the man with the big voice.
  17. Preparing for pandemics, Kirsten Drysdale on how her life took a drastic turn in Kenya, and what to do with your compost2019/02/20
    Are we ready for pandemics and antibiotic resistance? When your overseas job turns into a nightmare. Burning question - how can you compost if you've got no backyard?
  18. Interrogating good leadership, how an experience can alter your life's direction and challenging ideas of beauty2019/02/19
    Talkback: the key to good leadership. Life in 500 Words: a life's evolution. Changing our idea of beauty.
  19. The long-term impact of hearing loss, aftermath of Queensland floods, being fabulous2019/02/18
    Is it time for a concerted public health campaign on hearing? The devastation of burying all your cattle. What does it mean to be fabulous?
  20. Weekend Life Matters: re-homing dogs, sand unites and divides us, making friends with an app, and theatre for women in prison2019/02/16
    The dreadful feelings around moving a loved pet to a better place, India and Indigenous performers unite over climate change, finding new people online for friendship and nothing else, and a 39 year old theatre program giving women inmates a chance to self express.
  21. Drinking recycled water, performing with parents, adults only weddings2019/02/15
    Would you drink recycled waste water? A Family Outing - 20 years on. Modern Dilemma: the adults-only wedding.
  22. Life Matters at the Heywire Regional Youth Summit 20192019/02/14
    Heywire explores overcoming loss, town survival, and beating ice addiction in its 2019 Regional Youth Summit.
  23. Alternative financial options, navigating end of life choices and watching theatre in prison2019/02/13
    Turning your back on the banks. When it's time to go. Taking theatre to women in prison.
  24. Can we stop the trolls? How to do decide if your dog needs a new home? And talking Indigenous dance2019/02/12
    What can be done to combat online trolling and cyber hate? Dealing with the emotional turmoil of finding your pet a new home. Indian and indigenous dance for us and the planet.
  25. Thriving as we age, moving to Australia and finding friends online2019/02/11
    Talkback: overcoming negative attitudes towards ageing. Life in 500 Words: Why did you move to Australia? Need friends? There's an app for that.
  26. Weekend Life Matters: Friday with the folks, giving up plastic, slow tv and milk choices for health2019/02/09
    Consciously choosing time with your ageing parents is good for all, why the microfibres from synthetic clothes are significant, how slow TV became a thing, and does soy milk play with your hormones?
  27. Homelessness, Perth festival, and parenting dilemmas2019/02/08
    Helping homeless people get healthy. Perth throngs to witness night time display from inside bio diversity hotspot. Young shearers stepping up. Modern Dilemma: when it comes to raising children does aunty know best?
  28. Coping with Black Saturday 10 years on, fish farming in the outback and connecting to bushland2019/02/07
    Talkback: Black Saturday 10 years on. Growing fish in the outback. Finding my place in the bush, finding my place in the world.
  29. Natural therapy rebates, remembering Black Saturday and, what's the best milk to drink? 2019/02/06
    Academic claims research and access to natural therapies is being curtailed. Memories of a house on the mountain 10 years after Black Saturday. Health question - is soy milk dangerous for you?
  30. Talking to your parents about ageing, Black Saturday activism and Slow TV2019/02/05
    Conversations about ageing, illness and life. Carol Matthews - grieving mother, lead litigant and Black Saturday activist. Are you on board the slow TV train?
  31. The real source of financial wellbeing, restoring rainforest, quitting plastic2019/02/04
    Do the people with the most money feel the most financially secure? The community group turning farmland back into rainforest. How can we cut down our plastic use?
  32. Weekend Life Matters - menopause revealed, love factually, refugees start small businesses, Teen Matters debuts2019/02/02
    Despite health and lifestyle stories being everywhere, menopause is still the silent partner, one writer combines romance anecdotes with relationship science, refugees get essential support for business ventures, and an educator and psychologist invite your questions over adolescent behaviour.
  33. Planetary health diet, secrets and job ethics2019/02/01
    Can this diet prevent the collapse of the natural world? The mental cost of keeping secrets. Modern Dilemma - the job offer you're not sure whether to take.
  34. The dangers of heat stroke, the science of love and supporting refugee entrepreneurs 2019/01/31
    Is it time to stop working outdoors? What conversations about love can teach us about ourselves. Refugee entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams.
  35. Decluttering our space, staying home alone, and helping your child get a leg up in school2019/01/30
    Talkback: dealing with the clutter in your home. ABC Open: Odious encounter. What you can do at home to help your child succeed at school.
  36. Talking about perimenopause, working on our relationships with teenagers and dealing with our wedding dramas2019/01/29
    Is it possible to feel good during menopause? Teen Matters - what's at stake? Wedding blues.
  37. LMS The world that AI made and The Moth 28.1.192019/01/28
    Are we ready for the AI world we're creating? The Moth: Katrina Kolt.
  38. Weekend Life Matters: midlife crises pulled apart, duped by compulsive liars, which timber is sustainable? and needle pointing industry2019/01/26
    Seeing beyond the clichés in midlife crises, how one journalist almost married a compulsive liar, which timber can you use ethically, and how one artist uses needlepoint to capture her industrial environment.
  39. Has the IQ test had its day, Betty Kitchener on mental first aid, the modern dilemma of marriage guidance2019/01/25
    Is there more to being smart than IQ? From deep depression to Australia Day Ambassador. Modern Dilemma: You see cracks appearing in your daughter's marriage, do you speak up or choose not to interfere?
  40. Having tricky conversations with children, being yourself in a small town and the neuroscience of mindfulness2019/01/24
    Talkback: conversations with children and teens. Standing out in a small town. The neuroscience of mindfulness: using everyday tasks and hobbies to change your brain.
  41. Balancing our need for Vitamin D and sun protection, getting duped by our lovers and understanding sustainable timber2019/01/23
    Getting the balance right on avoiding skin cancer while maintaining vitamin D levels. When our lovers and partners lie, why do we believe them? Burning Question - what timber is the most sustainable?
  42. Thinking about young people living in aged care, protecting yourself from online scams and capturing gentrification in needlepoint2019/01/22
    Getting younger Australians out of aged care. Spotting a scam . Jessie Deane involved in industrial stitch up.
  43. Surviving a mid-life crisis, houses for older homeless people, working from home2019/01/21
    Is the midlife crisis the great equaliser? Wintringham clocks up three decades housing older homeless people. Working from home could ruin your sleep and stifle your career.
  44. Broken heart, Bob Murphy and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/18
    Can you die of a broken heart? Leather Soul: Bob Murphy on life and football. The Fitzroy Diaries part 8: The street party.
  45. Barefoot surgeon, Mike Rolls and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/17
    The friendship of two 'miracle workers': Fred Hollows and Sanduk Ruit. What do you do when the "worst thing possible" actually happens? The Fitzroy Diaries part 7: The incident. Life in 500 Words: where spur-of-the-moment choices take us.
  46. Shack life, overscheduling children and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/16
    Shack life escape on Sydney's doorstep. Resisting the urge to overschedule children. Life in 500 Words: leaving London on the brink of war. The Fitzroy Diaries part 6: Worse things happen at sea.
  47. Teacher burnout, fathers and daughters and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/15
    Has being a teacher in Australia become so hard that no one wants to do it? Life in 500 Words: giving thanks for a good teacher. Keeping fathers and daughters connected. The Fitzroy Diaries part 5: The gorgeous, noisy shambles of it all.
  48. Adults with autism, fly fishing and the Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/14
    Understanding autism in adults. Greg French: reflections from the natural world. The Fitzroy Diaries 4: Locked in. Life in 500 Words: my whirlwind wedding.
  49. Man called Yarra, tiny houses and tea cosy festival2019/01/11
    A man called Yarra. Tiny houses sustainable for old and young. The Fitzroy Diaries part 3: A precious time. The secret of a tea cosy.
  50. Men and eating disorders, Toots the truckie and Fitzroy diaries2019/01/10
    Men with eating disorders and body image issues. When your mum is a truckie. The Fitzroy Diaries part 2: Different back then. Life in 500 Words: falling in love with the stage.
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