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  1. Best of: science of memory, Frank remembers, the Honey Badger speaks out, and revelling in insomnia2018/12/08
    What is a memory, how are they kept, and why do they lie? Life inside a Catholic orphanage, Nick Cummins talks Batchelor and family, and how accepting sleeplessness can change everything.
  2. Office romances after #MeToo, Dylan Alcott's autobiography, and the Modern Dilemma2018/12/07
    Office romance after #MeToo. Dylan Alcott on sport and glass ceilings. Modern Dilemma — Noisy neighbours are destroying my peace!
  3. The effect of the royal commission on banking behaviour, seeing your insomnia as a philosophical experience and a happy return to an orphanage2018/12/06
    Big banks after the royal commission. How to transform your insomnia into a mind-blowing, soul-shaking, philosophical experience. Emotional return to St Patrick's orphanage.
  4. Christine Armstrong on juggling work and life, should I buy an electric car? Talking to the honey badger2018/12/05
    Crying hysterically, fighting nonstop and drinking yourself to sleep - welcome to parenting. Burning Question: are electric cars actually better for our environment? Nick Cummins - the life of the honey badger.
  5. Extreme weather, the wheel of consent, memory science and choosing to have babies2018/12/04
    Bushfires and other extreme weather events. The wheel of consent and how it can help long-term couples have better sex. Diving for seahorses: the amazing stories of memory science. Philosophy Espresso # 10: Bodies and babies.
  6. Talkback on raising children as a parent with a disability, how music influences consumers2018/12/03
    Parenting with a disability — talkback. How much does the music in shops influence what you buy?
  7. Best of - couples counselling, our inner life and ethical travel2018/12/01
    Two long time psychologists open up about the reasons why couples seek their services, a warning that our essential inner lives are being hollowed out in a digital world, and what it really means to be an ethical traveller.
  8. E-exams, exploring the heart and a modern dilemma in the cafe2018/11/30
    E-exams — the way of the future? The history of heart surgery. Modern Dilemma — a cafe conundrum.
  9. Is Australia actually the land of the fair go? Can we maintain our inner lives in the age of social media? And how two half-sisters found each other through a DNA test2018/11/29
    How socially mobile is Australia? Sebastian Smee on how to protect our tender souls from being obliterated by the internet. Discovering my half-sister through a DNA test.
  10. Caring for our older homeless population, travelling ethically and finding your ancestry through art2018/11/28
    Increase in ageing homeless population prompts call for better housing options. How to be an ethical traveller . Beverly Smith - finding my art and ancestry.
  11. Avoiding junk food, being brainy and sporty and 50 years of Autism Camp2018/11/27
    Talkback: The rise and rise of junk food. Philosophy Espresso # 9: Exercise and intellectualism. Autism camp marks its 50 year anniversary.
  12. Couples counselling, senior drivers, surviving a forced hysterectomy2018/11/26
    Who's afraid of couples counselling? Seniors and driving: staying safe behind the wheel. We've Got This: my forced hysterectomy.
  13. Best of: science of crying, Honeysuckle Creek to the moon, young nomads and fierce grandmothers2018/11/24
    Is crying really good for you? The little known story of how we helped the US reach the moon, not so grey nomads, and a Jewish grandmother who escaped the Nazis and cooks with love.
  14. Ageing successfully, fangirls of boy bands, and the dilemma of Christmas gifts2018/11/23
    How to embrace positivity and age well. Boyband fangirls through the ages. Modern Dilemma: if you ditch the Christmas gifts, will you be forgotten?
  15. How to discipline children without smacking, how to call out sexism amongst friends and how to tour your family around the country2018/11/22
    Punishing children without smacking. When our friends are sexist, why don't we tell them to shut up? Not so grey nomads.
  16. Birthing on country, having a good cry, the philosophy of straight talk, bringing Neil Armstrong alive and labyrinthine travel journeys2018/11/21
    Birthing on Country project aims to improve outcomes for Indigenous families. Burning Question: is crying good for us? Philosophy Espresso # 8: Straight talking. Honeysuckle Creek and the first man on the moon. Life in 500 Words: labyrinths.
  17. Changes to natural therapy rebates, how to sort good parenting advice and teaching history and culture through food2018/11/20
    Private health insurance and natural remedies. Managing munchkins: Kaz Cooke on sorting good parenting advice from bad. Food is Love: how Judy Kolt survived WW2.
  18. Male friendship, acquiring a disability later in life, an unusual beauty contest2018/11/19
    Talkback: the art of the bromance. We've Got This: Acquiring a disability later in life. The Moth: Janine Hilling.
  19. Best of: beating power prices, rubber jellyfish kill turtles, game based therapy for autism and ADHD2018/11/17
    A new report explains why electricity prices have risen and what can happen to change that trend. A new doco highlights the impact of helium balloons on sea turtles, and a game based therapy changes the brains of young children with autism, and ADHD.
  20. Spanking your kids, future of farming and the Modern Dilemma2018/11/16
    Smacking children to punish them. Sustainable farming in the face of climate change. Philosophy Espresso # 7: Distraction. Modern Dilemma: can you claim a name?
  21. Opt our or in of my health record, Socrates and Nietzsche on iphone distraction, helium balloons and sea turtles2018/11/15
    Talkback: Opting out of MyHealth . Rubber jellyfish vs sea turtles: who wins? MyHealth Record official response.
  22. Soaring power prices, women in prison, kids teaching the teachers2018/11/14
    Report finds Victoria and South Australia hit hardest by power bills. How women are affected by prison. The Kids' Conference: students teaching teachers.
  23. Intergenerational care, bush medicine and game-based support for children2018/11/13
    Calls to expand intergenerational care to help both children and the elderly. Project aims to develop roadmap for a sustainable bush medicine industry. Game based training boosts results for children with learning difficulties.
  24. Queer, disabled and parenting, young people and work, dating with a chronic illness 2018/11/12
    What will help you get the job you want after year 12? Dating and illness. We've Got This: Queer, Disabled and parenting.
  25. Best of: Tim Ferguson, video game philosophy, music and children's minds, parenting with a disability, hand hygiene2018/11/10
    Doug Anthony Allstar Tim Ferguson talks of the art and science of comedy, video game philosophy, children revel in music education, having a child as a quadriplegic parent and paper towels or hand dryers?
  26. Sex and the senior, music and kids and the Modern Dilemma2018/11/09
    Sex and the senior — what does intimacy look like as you grow older? How music helps children learn. Modern Dilemma: when other people step in to discipline your child.
  27. Codeine addiction, vasectomies on the rise and Tim Ferguson gives a masterclass on how to be funny2018/11/08
    Codeine and other opioids — the questions to ask to avoid addiction. Vasectomy back in vogue as men see contraception as a shared responsibility. Tim Ferguson: juggling humour and sadness.
  28. How are we affected by sports betting and should you hand dry or use a paper towel?2018/11/07
    Talkback: what impact has sports gambling had on your life? Burning Question: paper towels or hand dryers? The Moth: Jessica Ferrari.
  29. Science of sin and the Melbourne Cup2018/11/06
    The science of sin: part 2. The Melbourne Cup: the unknown designers and craftsmen.
  30. The science of sin, concern about video games, fighting to parent2018/11/05
    The science of sin: part 1. Philosophy Espresso # 6: Video games, children and our propensity for worry. We've Got This: fighting to parent.
  31. Best of: lending to family and friends, inside the test kitchen, Jeanne Little remembered, best dogs of all time2018/11/03
    Sound advice on safely lending money to family or friends, Pamela Clarke on almost 50 years of testing recipes, Jeanne Little's showbiz life celebrated by her daughter, and the best dogs of all time. Definitely.
  32. Life Matters 02.11.20182018/11/02
    Pregnancy discrimination at work. Keeping your data private. Modern Dilemma: nervous about love late in life.
  33. Love and loans, Pamela Clark and forest bathing2018/11/01
    Love and loans. The Moth: Stuart Webb. How many of Pamela Clark's 'Women's Weekly' birthday cakes have you made? The gentle art of forest bathing.
  34. How do we clean up our noisy environments, can we keep improving our foster care system and what was it like to grow up with Jeannie Little as a mum? 2018/10/31
    It's official: noise pollution is bad for our health . Are we learning from our past foster care mistakes? Catch a Falling Star: growing up with Jeanne Little.
  35. Choosing public transport, living in the moment and the best dogs of all time2018/10/30
    Talkback: transport choices. Philosophy Espresso # 5: just live in the moment. Are these the best dogs of all time?
  36. Rudeness at work, diagnosing your own cancer, parents with an intellectual disability2018/10/29
    Reducing rudeness at work: like family therapy for you and your colleagues. The doctor who diagnosed her own cancer. We've Got This: parenting with an intellectual disability.
  37. Best of: myth busting superfoods, woman of the wild, capturing ancient suburbia2018/10/27
    'Superfoods' have no formal classification, Miriam Lancewood lives and hunts in the wild, a new series on parenting with a disability, and saving ancient suburbia one photo at a time.
  38. Eating out more, the numbat task force and ... ladies first?2018/10/26
    Why we're eating out more. How a beer-loving truckie fell in love with a rare cuddly marsupial. Life in 500 Words: discovering a passion. Modern Dilemma: should we be teaching our young boys the 'ladies first' rule?
  39. Poverty in Australia, independence and life in the wilderness2018/10/25
    Talkback: What does poverty in Australia look like and what would help turn things around? Philosophy Espresso # 4: Independence. Choosing the wild, nomadic life.
  40. Examining the 'Man Box', working out what makes a superfood, looking at your life in 500 words and understanding what makes a misfit2018/10/24
    Stuck in the 'Man Box': how traditional masculinity harms men and those around them. Burning Question: is there a standard for superfoods? Life in 500 Words: the lucky one. A round peg in a square hole. What makes a misfit?
  41. Children and housing affordability stress, why we volunteer and capturing suburbia2018/10/23
    Impact of housing affordability stress on children. Service and volunteering: giving your time for others. Saving ancient suburbia one photo at a time.
  42. Menopause and work, national apology to child abuse survivors, parenting with a disability2018/10/22
    Menopausal and more productive than ever: older women at work. What do national apologies mean to survivors? We’ve Got This: the early years.
  43. Best of: sexual untruths, enviro food labelling, not eating meat, diary of a single man2018/10/20
    A sociologist claims women being more faithful and less sexual is a complete untruth, how labelling food with environmental impacts could change farmer and consumer behaviour, the latest figures on going vego and two men in their 30s discuss being solo blokes.
  44. Coping with failure, an update on the drought and the Modern Dilemma2018/10/19
    Coping with failure. How are drought-affected farmers coping? Modern Dilemma: the windfall you wish you didn't have.
  45. Talkback on being single, philosophy espresso and garage sale trail2018/10/18
    Talkback: solo — your stories of being single. Philosophy Espresso # 3: Are we really star dust? Reducing your waste the fun way.
  46. Taking on flexitarianism, revamping the Aussie "mum's group" and investigating true crime podcasts2018/10/17
    Becoming a "flexitarian" may help combat climate change. Is it time "mums' groups" got a revamp? True crime: an insight into our justice system.
  47. Investigating female monogamy, working to improve Indigenous dental health, and tackling climate change through food labelling2018/10/16
    Misconceptions about women and sex. Improving the dental health of Indigenous Australians. Could a new food labelling system help save the planet?
  48. Leigh Sales on surviving the worst day of your life, meeting a 400kg seal, being young, male and single2018/10/15
    How Leigh Sales found her way back from the most frightening experience of her life. The Moth: When Worlds Collide. Solo: young men on being single.
  49. Best of: diagnosing autism, code like a girl, Invictus champion, sustainable bouquets2018/10/13
    A new app leads the way in autism diagnosis, girls encouraged to make those apps, a former soldier turns Invictus athlete, and which cut flowers are sustainable?
  50. Children and physical activity, Osher Günsberg: Back After the Break and hating your friend's partner2018/10/12
    Physical literacy for children. Osher Günsberg: living with mental illness. Modern Dilemma: should you tell your friend you hate their fiancé?
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