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Life Matters

  1. Work-life balance special: rethink your career, combating fatigue, and the benefits of active rest2018/01/19
    Starting your own business in mid-life. The Great Fatigue Crisis. Rest, play and creativity.
  2. Education special: reading, bush play and silence in schools2018/01/18
    Reading essential for starting school. Bush kinder: why kids should run around in the dirt. The power of silence in schools and workplaces.
  3. Michael Mosley, living with OCD and naughty dogs part 22018/01/17
    Gut instinct: Michael Mosley advocates for a healthy microbiome. Because we are bad: Living with severe OCD. Why it's our fault dogs are naughty: Part 2. I Smell You.
  4. Anaesthesia, Naughty dogs part 1 and fear of holes2018/01/16
    Anaesthesia: the gift of oblivion and the mystery of consciousness. What happens when we go under: An anaesthetist speaks out. Why it's our fault dogs are naughty: Part 1. Fear of holes.
  5. Narcissists, rebel girls and learning to fly2018/01/15
    From the office to the home, dealing with narcissists. Turning the tables on gender stereotypes in kids fiction. Old enough to fly, too young to drive. Double life dentist.
  6. Best of Life Matters: language brokering, apnoea adventures, poisonous history of cosmetics, tap dancing in your 80s2018/01/13
    Best of Life Matters: language brokering, apnoea adventures, poisonous history of make-up, and tap dancing in your 80s.
  7. Dementia and travel, Adventures in CPAP part 4 and low impact life2018/01/12
    Navigating the joys and stresses of travel while living with dementia. Adventures in CPAP Pt4. What it's like to live without money. Same-sex ballroom dancing.
  8. Body donation, Adventures in CPAP part 3 and politics of cosmetics2018/01/11
    What happens when you donate your whole body to science. Adventures in CPAP Pt 3. The sin of wearing red lipstick: a social history of the modern make-up industry.
  9. Love and dying, Adventures in CPAP part 2 and Indigenous literacy2018/01/10
    Thirty Days: Mark Baker's memoir on love and dying. Sleep Apnoea: Adventures in CPAP Pt 2. Improving literacy through Indigenous stories and songs. Tchingal: the story of a killer emu.
  10. Substance addiction, piano project and Adentures in CPAP part 12018/01/09
    Woman of Substances: A Journey into Addiction and Treatment. The Piano Project. Sleep Apnoea: Adventures in CPAP Part 1. Octogenarian tap-dancer.
  11. Translating for parents, wellmania and ethical fashion2018/01/08
    Language brokering: what is it like to translate for non-English speaking parents. Wellmania: one woman's quest for a healthy and happy life. The Dancing Doctor. Less is more: Being ethically fashionable.
  12. Best of Life Matters: falling in love, insomnia house, yoga nanna, older farmer walks Kokoda2018/01/06
    Best of Life Matters: falling in love, insomnia house, yoga nanna, elder farmer walks Kokoda.
  13. Sex special: sexual preferences, talking about sex with your mum, and being a madam2018/01/05
    What our google searches reveal about sexual preferences. Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny on sex and relationships. The Pink House, Australia's longest running brothel.
  14. Love special: How to fall in love, navigating your lovelands and revenge 2018/01/04
    How to fall in love with anyone. Navigating your love lands. Revenge: from Broome to ancient Greece.
  15. Body and mind special: Anorexia, labiaplasty and living with insomnia2018/01/03
    Cold Vein: Anorexia, the monster within. When women don't like their vulvas. Designing a house for insomnia.
  16. Your stories: Adoption sandals, being overprotective of our parents, yoga nana and living with a heart transplant2018/01/02
    A mother's story, being told to give back her adopted baby. Being too protective of elderly parents. ABC Open: surprised by our public health system. Living on borrowed time. How yoga changed my Scottish Nanna's life.
  17. An uncomfortable conversation about relationships2018/01/01
    Neil Strauss faces 'The Truth'.
  18. Best of Life Matters: self control, lady tradie and repairs2017/12/30
    Best of Life Matters: why self control matters, communication breakdowns, lady tradies, fixing stuff yourself, and a 70 year old love story.
  19. Only children, an illness in the family part 3 and house names2017/12/29
    'For better or worse I am an only child'. An Illness in the Family: part three. Home Lea.
  20. The attachment, an illness in the family part 2 and lady tradie2017/12/28
    The Attachment: letters from a most unlikely friendship. An Illness in the Family: part two. Architect to carpenter: the rise of the 'lady tradie'. ABC Open: Communication breakdown.
  21. Self control, an illness in the family part 1 and Kyle Wiens2017/12/27
    Self controlling your future. An Illness in the Family: part one. Saving the environment one repair job at a time. ABC Open: Vegetarian children?
  22. Women in Leadership2017/12/26
    NGV forum: Women in Leadership.
  23. The Suburbs2017/12/25
    Suburbia: Beauty, sadness and isolation. Suburban love story.
  24. Best of Life Matters: dads who stay at home, are you really tone-deaf?, sheepdogs help kids, and returning home2017/12/23
    What it's like to be a stay-at-home dad, why many of us think we can't sing, how training sheep dogs is giving young people a sense of self, and coming home to be a parent.
  25. Genetic testing, tone deaf and exercise and injury part 42017/12/21
    Genetic testing: A double-edged sword. Convincing the tone deaf they can sing. Exercise and Injury Part Four. ABC Open: Whisky and the rage of a woman.
  26. Stay at home dads, relationship mind reading and exercise and injuries part 32017/12/20
    Dads still unlikely to be house husbands. Mind reading in relationships. Exercise and Injury Part Three. When being near family really matters.
  27. Backtrack, reinventing middle age and exercise and injury part 22017/12/19
    Getting kids back on track. Peak: Reinventing middle age. Exercise and Injury Part Two. ABC Open: Silver on the dance floor.
  28. Kathy Lette, Australian lives and exercise and injuries part 12017/12/18
    Best laid plans: Kathy Lette on raising a child with autism. Oral histories illuminate Australian lives. Exercise and Injuries Part One. Mango Madness: battling a tropical heatwave.
  29. Best of Life Matters: curing affluenza, festive feelings, family Christmas horror and sensitive Santa2017/12/16
    Best of Life Matters: curing affluenza, festive feelings, dealing with diabetes, family Christmas horror and being sensitive Santa.
  30. Farmers taking a break, you're not that great, a groping brother-in-law, Christmas Pudding2017/12/15
    Farmers and holidays... can the two gel? You're not that great: Negativity and the pursuit of success. ABC Open: Tablespoon of brandy. Modern Dilemma: the gropey brother-in-law.
  31. Miscarriage: an often silent trauma, affluenza in Australia and diabetes for beginners: part 22017/12/14
    Miscarriage: breaking an often silent trauma. Curing affluenza: why we should all buy less. Diabetes for beginners: Part 2.
  32. Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb unpick the best of 20172017/12/13
    Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales on their favourite books, movies, TV and recipes of 2017.
  33. Christmas and strangers, refugees and asylum seekers in the workforce and The Moth2017/12/12
    How to better help refugees and asylum seekers enter the workforce. Three Men and a Feeling: keeping it festive. What it's like spending Christmas with strangers. The Moth: what getting naked in public revealed for a woman.
  34. Young men reflect on sexual harassment, joint replacements, Sensitive Santa2017/12/11
    Weinstein & #MeToo: young men take a hard look at their behaviour . Replacing joints: second safest operation in the world. Sensitive Santa bringing Christmas to autistic people .
  35. Best of Life Matters: 9.12.172017/12/09
    Best of Life Matters: Jelena Dokic, defeating self loathing, Tracks turns 40.
  36. Friends as family at Christmas, Robyn Davidson and 40 years since "Tracks", cultural exchange or parody2017/12/08
    Choosing friends as family during the holiday season. Robyn Davidson reflects on 40 years since "Tracks". Modern Dilemma: where is the line between cultural exchange and offensive parody?
  37. Is Australia actually multicultural? What the LGBTI elders think of SSM & making a joke too soon2017/12/07
    The future of multiculturalism in Australia. What LGBTI elders think of SSM. Tall Tales & True: Comedian Dan Illic.
  38. Insurance and mental health, Launceston's first Afghan supermarket, and Jelena Dokic opens up about her abusive father2017/12/06
    Concern grows over mental health exclusions in insurance policies. Afghan refugees share traditional food and culture in their adopted home. Jelena Dokic's torment - could Australia have done more?
  39. The secret to long-lasting love, preventing self loathing & The Moth 2017/12/05
    Talkback: How to make love last in the long term. Three Men and a Feeling: self loathing. The Moth: a delicate sea creature, Johanna Bell.
  40. Dispelling disability stereotypes, autism and ADHD, giving birth during a threatened volcanic eruption2017/12/04
    Breaking down the stereotypes on disability. Raising children who have autism and ADHD. Giving birth in the shadow of Agung.
  41. Best of Life Matters: desert cycling and weight loss surgery2017/12/02
    We meet two people pushing their limits in very different ways. One woman takes 3 months to cycle solo from Broken Hill to Alice Springs, the other faces her obesity head on by deciding to take out a loan and join the thousands of other people having weight loss surgery every year.
  42. Decriminalising sex work, safe injection rooms, lending money to a friend2017/12/01
    The debate over decriminalising sex work. Inside Sydney's safe injection clinic. Modern Dilemma: lending money to a friend.
  43. Climate change influencing motherhood, Indigenous children & foster care, stroke recovery2017/11/30
    How climate change is impacting motherhood in the climate science community . Indigenous children are 10 times more likely to be placed in care, says report. ABC Open: Celebrating a family birthday over Skype. Stroke recovery: a sensory revolution.
  44. Pushing your body to the limit, inflamed gums and the healing power of colouring-in 2017/11/29
    A journey to the soul: why we undertake treks of endurance. Burning Question: Are inflamed gums a sign of heart disease? Colourathon: young women use colouring-in to address family violence. ABC Open: Unconditional love.
  45. Involuntarily committals, a woman's cycling journey, avoiding black and white thinking and The Moth 2017/11/28
    The moral dilemmas of involuntary committals. Cycling from Broken Hill to Alice Springs. Three Men and a Feeling: more than binary. The Moth: Chrissie Graham on losing a contact lens .
  46. Talkback: the pros and cons of bariatric surgery2017/11/27
    Weight loss surgery: one woman's experience and the issues it raises.
  47. Best of Life Matters: real faces on local media, talking serenity, space station engineering, exercise and self control and same sex ballroom2017/11/25
    Has digital and online journalism improved our reflection of Australian diversity in the media? Three men ask: " how's the serenity?" Meet an Australian engineer in touch with the European Space Station, and discover why exercise can help strengthen self will.
  48. Self sabotage, the price of weddings, lying about your age2017/11/24
    How to stop self-sabotaging your relationships and career. Paying the price on your wedding day. Modern Dilemma: lying about your age in online dating.
  49. Teaching children to manger their finances and a doctor's experience through Leukemia2017/11/23
    Talkback: let's talk about money. Leukemia forces doctor to become patient, and to ask difficult questions.
  50. Artificial sweeteners, willpower in exercise, diversity in Australia's media landscape2017/11/22
    The risks and benefits of artificial sweeteners. Exercise Room: building self-control through exercise. How diverse media reflects who we are as a nation. Same-sex ballroom dancing.
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