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Life Matters

  1. Decluttering our space, staying home alone, and helping your child get a leg up in school2019/01/30
    Talkback: dealing with the clutter in your home. ABC Open: Odious encounter. What you can do at home to help your child succeed at school.
  2. Talking about perimenopause, working on our relationships with teenagers and dealing with our wedding dramas2019/01/29
    Is it possible to feel good during menopause? Teen Matters - what's at stake? Wedding blues.
  3. LMS The world that AI made and The Moth 28.1.192019/01/28
    Are we ready for the AI world we're creating? The Moth: Katrina Kolt.
  4. Weekend Life Matters: midlife crises pulled apart, duped by compulsive liars, which timber is sustainable? and needle pointing industry2019/01/26
    Seeing beyond the clichés in midlife crises, how one journalist almost married a compulsive liar, which timber can you use ethically, and how one artist uses needlepoint to capture her industrial environment.
  5. Has the IQ test had its day, Betty Kitchener on mental first aid, the modern dilemma of marriage guidance2019/01/25
    Is there more to being smart than IQ? From deep depression to Australia Day Ambassador. Modern Dilemma: You see cracks appearing in your daughter's marriage, do you speak up or choose not to interfere?
  6. Having tricky conversations with children, being yourself in a small town and the neuroscience of mindfulness2019/01/24
    Talkback: conversations with children and teens. Standing out in a small town. The neuroscience of mindfulness: using everyday tasks and hobbies to change your brain.
  7. Balancing our need for Vitamin D and sun protection, getting duped by our lovers and understanding sustainable timber2019/01/23
    Getting the balance right on avoiding skin cancer while maintaining vitamin D levels. When our lovers and partners lie, why do we believe them? Burning Question - what timber is the most sustainable?
  8. Thinking about young people living in aged care, protecting yourself from online scams and capturing gentrification in needlepoint2019/01/22
    Getting younger Australians out of aged care. Spotting a scam . Jessie Deane involved in industrial stitch up.
  9. Surviving a mid-life crisis, houses for older homeless people, working from home2019/01/21
    Is the midlife crisis the great equaliser? Wintringham clocks up three decades housing older homeless people. Working from home could ruin your sleep and stifle your career.
  10. Broken heart, Bob Murphy and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/18
    Can you die of a broken heart? Leather Soul: Bob Murphy on life and football. The Fitzroy Diaries part 8: The street party.
  11. Barefoot surgeon, Mike Rolls and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/17
    The friendship of two 'miracle workers': Fred Hollows and Sanduk Ruit. What do you do when the "worst thing possible" actually happens? The Fitzroy Diaries part 7: The incident. Life in 500 Words: where spur-of-the-moment choices take us.
  12. Shack life, overscheduling children and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/16
    Shack life escape on Sydney's doorstep. Resisting the urge to overschedule children. Life in 500 Words: leaving London on the brink of war. The Fitzroy Diaries part 6: Worse things happen at sea.
  13. Teacher burnout, fathers and daughters and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/15
    Has being a teacher in Australia become so hard that no one wants to do it? Life in 500 Words: giving thanks for a good teacher. Keeping fathers and daughters connected. The Fitzroy Diaries part 5: The gorgeous, noisy shambles of it all.
  14. Adults with autism, fly fishing and the Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/14
    Understanding autism in adults. Greg French: reflections from the natural world. The Fitzroy Diaries 4: Locked in. Life in 500 Words: my whirlwind wedding.
  15. Man called Yarra, tiny houses and tea cosy festival2019/01/11
    A man called Yarra. Tiny houses sustainable for old and young. The Fitzroy Diaries part 3: A precious time. The secret of a tea cosy.
  16. Men and eating disorders, Toots the truckie and Fitzroy diaries2019/01/10
    Men with eating disorders and body image issues. When your mum is a truckie. The Fitzroy Diaries part 2: Different back then. Life in 500 Words: falling in love with the stage.
  17. Renaissance skin, whiplash treatment and Fitzroy Diaries2019/01/09
    What we know about skin, then and now. Whiplash treatment could change lives. The Fitzroy Diaries part 1: With me, even when you’re not. Life in 500 Words: taking the plunge.
  18. Later life career change, child of exile and cemetery wellness centre2019/01/08
    Finding your calling late in life. Sisonke Msimang: Finding home as a child in exile. Yoga, walking and a good chat: one cemetery's approach to grief. Life in 500 Words: resisting the undertow.
  19. Spinster, history of disease and roller skating2019/01/07
    Single and loving it: life as a spinster in the 21st century. How diseases are born and die. Fitness and fun: roller-skating. Life in 500 Words: discovering a love for music.
  20. Triple zero call takers, girls at the piano, Harry Cook and finding love2019/01/04
    The work lives of triple zero call takers. A memoir of piano playing and family. Growing up gay in Australia. Finding Love: Dennis and Denise.
  21. Chinese Australians, Jill Stark and pole dancing2019/01/03
    What does it mean to be Chinese-Australian? Jill Stark: when having it all just isn't enough . Fitness and Fun: Pole-dancing.
  22. Valerie Taylor, Joe Williams and shearing romance2019/01/02
    Valerie Taylor on sharks, conservation and writing. Joe Williams: defying the enemy within. ABC Open: My clothes washing nightmare comes true. Love in a shearing shed.
  23. Life Matters — pets special2019/01/01
    Fitness and fun: Dog agility training. Could our dogs offer a cure for men who feel cut off? Dogs and children, under one roof. A man, a van and a cat.
  24. 20 years of Heywire2018/12/31
    Heywire's 20th birthday bash.
  25. Mr Ordinary, schools for Deaf children and open water swimming2018/12/28
    What I learned from my time in prison. Fighting to improve schools for Deaf children. Open water swimming all year round. Finding Love in the Country: Tinder challenge that ends in twins.
  26. Growing up Aboriginal, urban heat and dodgeball2018/12/27
    Growing up Aboriginal in Australia. Whatever the Weather: battling urban heat. Fitness and fun: dodgeball.
  27. Women in leadership panel2018/12/26
    Women in Leadership.
  28. Heroes and Roadies2018/12/25
    A conversation with two heroes. Trucks and drugs and rock and roll: the life of roadies revealed.
  29. James Jeffrey and how the weather affects your mood2018/12/24
    James Jeffrey: My Family and Other Animus. Whatever the Weather: mood.
  30. Life in a cult, Mari Andrew, love in the Kimberley, and Estonian songs2018/12/21
    Life in a cult: how I got in, how I got out. How to find happiness and accidentally become Insta-famous on the way. Finding Love in the Country: when you're a blackfella in the Kimberley. Our Songs: Paul Kadak and Kieran Scott .
  31. Donated embryos, family experience of war and stand up paddling2018/12/20
    Growing your family with donated embryos. Home Sweet Home helps heal through sharing stories of war. Fitness and fun: Stand up paddling.
  32. Flying optometrist, dementia, death metal and Welsh male choir2018/12/19
    The flying optometrist: eye care service a flying success. A poignant portrait of dementia and a daughter's love. The curious joy of death metal music. Welsh Male Choir boosts joy and aids memory.
  33. Music and ABI, colourism, charisma and Fare Share2018/12/18
    Music after an acquired brain injury. "Pretty for a dark-skinned girl": Colourism. What makes someone charismatic? FareShare fills a gaping hole in Australian stomachs.
  34. Retirement, community power and trampolining for fitness and fun2018/12/17
    Are you prepared for retirement? Harnessing the power of community. Our Songs: Rainbow and Irene Chan. Fitness and fun: trampolining.
  35. Best of: a white xmas for some, being Malala's father, inside the story factory, 800 years of busking2018/12/15
    Christmas in Antarctica whilst writing a tv drama, fighting patriarchy through education for girls, making stories for all, and West African history through busking.
  36. Why we chase happiness, parenting without violence, 800 years of a musical tradition, grandkids and presents2018/12/14
    Why we humans behave the way we do. Life in 500 Words: non-violent parenting. 800 years of music in one busker. Modern Dilemma - when the grandkids no longer appreciate your gifts, do you stop buying them?
  37. Summer jobs and a fellowship in Antarctica2018/12/13
    Talkback: summer jobs. Summer at the South Pole.
  38. How long to wait between babies, Malala Yousafzai's amazing dad, and young people finding their voice through creative writing2018/12/12
    Study supports waiting 18 months before trying for another child. Ziauddin Yousafzai — feminism and fatherhood . Story Factory helps young people hone their sense of self.
  39. The DNA of eating disorders, visiting loved ones in prison, a journey to Australia, Christmas time stress and the philosophy of love 2018/12/11
    How much of eating disorders is in our DNA — and can we predict and prevent them? Bus service makes it easier to visit loved ones in prison. Life in 500 Words: moving abroad for marriage. Christmas brings existential stress beyond money and family concerns. Philosophy Espresso # 11: Love.
  40. DIY cohousing as aged care alternative, living in a cashless world and mothers with dwarfism talk about parenting2018/12/10
    DIY aged care - could cohousing be the aged-care solution baby boomers are looking for? A completely cashless society? We've Got This: Nine months of questions.
  41. Best of: science of memory, Frank remembers, the Honey Badger speaks out, and revelling in insomnia2018/12/08
    What is a memory, how are they kept, and why do they lie? Life inside a Catholic orphanage, Nick Cummins talks Bachelor and family, and how accepting sleeplessness can change everything.
  42. Office romances after #MeToo, Dylan Alcott's autobiography, and the Modern Dilemma2018/12/07
    Office romance after #MeToo. Dylan Alcott on sport and glass ceilings. Modern Dilemma — Noisy neighbours are destroying my peace!
  43. The effect of the royal commission on banking behaviour, seeing your insomnia as a philosophical experience and a happy return to an orphanage2018/12/06
    Big banks after the royal commission. How to transform your insomnia into a mind-blowing, soul-shaking, philosophical experience. Emotional return to St Patrick's orphanage.
  44. Christine Armstrong on juggling work and life, should I buy an electric car? Talking to the honey badger2018/12/05
    Crying hysterically, fighting nonstop and drinking yourself to sleep - welcome to parenting. Burning Question: are electric cars actually better for our environment? Nick Cummins - the life of the honey badger.
  45. Extreme weather, the wheel of consent, memory science and choosing to have babies2018/12/04
    Bushfires and other extreme weather events. The wheel of consent and how it can help long-term couples have better sex. Diving for seahorses: the amazing stories of memory science. Philosophy Espresso # 10: Bodies and babies.
  46. Talkback on raising children as a parent with a disability, how music influences consumers2018/12/03
    Parenting with a disability — talkback. How much does the music in shops influence what you buy?
  47. Best of - couples counselling, our inner life and ethical travel2018/12/01
    Two long time psychologists open up about the reasons why couples seek their services, a warning that our essential inner lives are being hollowed out in a digital world, and what it really means to be an ethical traveller.
  48. E-exams, exploring the heart and a modern dilemma in the cafe2018/11/30
    E-exams — the way of the future? The history of heart surgery. Modern Dilemma — a cafe conundrum.
  49. Is Australia actually the land of the fair go? Can we maintain our inner lives in the age of social media? And how two half-sisters found each other through a DNA test2018/11/29
    How socially mobile is Australia? Sebastian Smee on how to protect our tender souls from being obliterated by the internet. Discovering my half-sister through a DNA test.
  50. Caring for our older homeless population, travelling ethically and finding your ancestry through art2018/11/28
    Increase in ageing homeless population prompts call for better housing options. How to be an ethical traveller . Beverly Smith - finding my art and ancestry.
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