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Life Matters

  1. Best of Life Matters: why we cheat on our partners, using hip hop for health, the sound of dementia, and inside a men's shed2018/07/14
    Renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel reveals what drives people to be unfaithful, hip hop music helps young people speak out, why a noisy world is frightening when you have dementia, and we step inside a men's' shed in NW Tasmania.
  2. Highlights: artificial sweeteners, self-sabotage and grade cricket2018/07/13
    The risks and benefits of artificial sweeteners. How to stop self-sabotaging your relationships and career. ABC Open: Unconditional love. The Grade Cricketer: Tea and No Sympathy.
  3. Highlights: sex work, infidelity and hip hop for mental health2018/07/12
    The debate over decriminalising sex work. Rethinking infidelity: when an affair is not the end. Using hip hop to build resilience and improve mental health.
  4. Highlights: inheritance, dementia sounds and the trauma cleaner2018/07/11
    The morality of inheritance. This is how dementia sounds. The Trauma Cleaner. Choosing to live for your daughters.
  5. Highlights: treks of endurance and bariatric surgery2018/07/10
    A journey to the soul: why we undertake treks of endurance. Weight loss surgery: one woman's experience and the issues it raises.
  6. Highlights: young entrepreneurs, Belle Gibson and endurance2018/07/09
    Nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of students. Belle Gibson: a morality tale for our times? Cycling from Broken Hill to Alice Springs. ABC Open: Celebrating a family birthday over Skype.
  7. Best of Life Matters: Mr Ordinary goes to jail, netball injuries rise, were we healthier two generations ago, and how families heal post war2018/07/07
    A white collar criminal is relieved he went to prison, why netball is one of those sports with rising rates of injury, were we healthier in our grandparent's time, and a touring project heals war torn families.
  8. Understanding the trauma of torture, strengthening first languages and reprimanding stingy friends2018/07/06
    Impact of torture on the brain. Reviving Indigenous languages through song. Modern Dilemma: the tight-wad friend.
  9. School Choice and memorialising objects of war2018/07/05
    Talkback: at nearly half a million dollars, are private school fees worth the cost? Home Sweet Home helps heal through sharing stories of war.
  10. Childcare funding changes, healthier grandparents and going to jail2018/07/04
    The childcare equation: making the sums work. Burning Question: were our grandparents healthier than us? Life in 500 Words: the power of holding on. What I learned from my time in prison.
  11. High energy prices the 'new normal', Brisbane's convict history, and how to reduce the rate of sports-related knee injuries2018/07/03
    Making homes more energy-efficient. Life in Irons: stories of Brisbane's Aboriginal people and convicts. The Little Things: life as a female butcher. Netball injuries could be helped with one more step.
  12. Food labelling, mindfulness, Kai and Kylie's unusual relationship2018/07/02
    Will the new country of origin labels change the way you shop? Mindfully: being present at home and outside. Finding Love: when your partner's a sex worker.
  13. Best of Life Matters: Triple Zero stories, whiplash recovery, charisma puzzles and trapeze act for fitness2018/06/30
    A triple zero phone operator talks about her job and the lives that depend on her, a new project tackles the half of Australians who've never fully recovered from whiplash injuries, why are some people charismatic?, and Amanda Smith becomes a swinger.
  14. Enjoying retirement, napping in highschool, being a stay-at-home dad and keeping secrets from a friend2018/06/29
    Are you prepared for retirement? The Little Things: What does it mean to be a stay-at-home dad in Alice Springs? Why adolescents should nap at school. Modern Dilemma: Keeping mum about adoption.
  15. When it's time for a new relationship to bloom, when an accident can change your life and when you're suffering from a disease no-one knows about2018/06/28
    Talkback: how long should you wait before starting a new relationship? Life in 500 Words: the aftermath of an accident. Scleroderma: the disease no-one knows about.
  16. Teacher burnout, flying trapeze and children's grief2018/06/27
    Has being a teacher in Australia become so hard that no one wants to do it? Fitness and fun: Flying trapeze. Feather-weight comfort for grieving child in new book.
  17. Truancy fines, answering triple zero calls, fighting harassment, treating whiplash2018/06/26
    Fining parents for truancy. The work lives of triple zero call takers. The Little Things: Madison de Rozario fights back against harassment. New whiplash treatment could change lives.
  18. Pregnancy-friendly workplaces, charisma, long-distance love2018/06/25
    Pregnant and overworked? What makes someone charismatic? Finding Love: Konrad and Donna.
  19. Best of Life Matters: food, bags, art and singing2018/06/23
    Why more than half of our packaged food isn't worth buying, what are the best choices for carrying our shopping after the bans on plastic bags, and singing for health and the celebration of a new life in Australia.
  20. How to be a doctor and stay sane, what it's like to model nude and why you should get paid for your hard work 2018/06/22
    Preventing burnout in junior doctors. Nothing to hide: Women are prepared to bare all as nude live models. Modern Dilemma: the expectation of free labour.
  21. Processed food, Mari Andrew and dinner table topic taboos2018/06/21
    Study finds lack of healthy food on supermarket shelves. How to find happiness and accidentally become Insta-famous on the way. The Little Things: the man who changed his name. Speaking easy over dinner table taboos.
  22. Learning challenges when you have dyslexia, how cancer affects families and plastic bag bans on the way2018/06/20
    How well does our education system cope with students who have dyslexia? The Ripple Effect of Cancer: Paul's family. Burning Question: alternatives to plastic bags.
  23. Talking about gender inequality, fleeing Iran, and singing for good health2018/06/19
    Men's violence and women's safety: what conversations should we be having? Art, defiance and finding home: a mother and daughter's story. Welsh Male Choir boosts joy and aids memory.
  24. Understanding our anger, falling in love, online therapy for kids2018/06/18
    Talkback: why are we so angry? Life in 500 Words: the first flush of love. Online therapy for kids with severe behavioural problems.
  25. Best of Life Matters: marathon back to health, song writing for peace of mind, are you ready for adulthood, dodge ball for fitness2018/06/16
    Order of Australia recipient Elsie Sariat uses her success in marathon to lead Thursday Island back to health, Wild at Heart is where song writing can help heal mental illness, high school graduates self assess their readiness for the next stage of life, and Amanda dodges balls while trying to land a few shots of her own.
  26. The future of vocational education, Life in 500 Words, when to call out bad behaviour2018/06/15
    Talkback: The future of vocational education in Australia. Life in 500 Words: pulling no punches. Modern Dilemma: Call-out culture to handle a difficult colleague.
  27. Belonging at school, remembering the holocaust and singing for mental health2018/06/14
    Belonging: how to make students feel OK at school. The importance of remembering the Holocaust. Mental illness and song writing.
  28. Running marathons, working while undergoing cancer treatment, and giving dodgeball a go2018/06/13
    Indigenous Marathon Project running to make changes. The Ripple Effect of Cancer: Janet and Janice. Fitness and fun: dodgeball.
  29. Trust in banks, eSports in schools and are we ready to change what we learn?2018/06/12
    How banks can address the 'trust deficit'. How eSports could shake up the classroom. Are you ready: to change what we learn at school?
  30. Archie Roach and Jack Charles in conversation2018/06/11
    A tale of two Uncles.
  31. Best of Life Matters: escaping to the bush, choosing your news, and sharing grandmother stories2018/06/09
    Gregory Smith remembers ten years of living in the bush, teenagers assess their readiness for choosing their news, and grandmothers share stories, wisdom, and accomplishments.
  32. Dealing with drought, women in sport and Facebook culling2018/06/08
    Farmers facing drought. Women and sports fandom. Modern Dilemma: social media ghosting.
  33. How the police deal with people who are mentally ill, how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, and hearing the stories of our grandmothers2018/06/07
    Waiting for Elijah: policing and the mentally ill. Burning Question: improving fertility while on IVF. Grandmothers.
  34. The causes of addiction, singing in language, and getting a cancer diagnosis2018/06/06
    Talkback: what are the causes of addiction and the potential solutions? Our Songs: Mt Druitt Indigenous Choir. The Ripple Effect of Cancer: Geoff and Robyn.
  35. Allergy tests, Out of The Forest and can teens deal with fake news?2018/06/05
    Unproven allergy tests. A decade in the forest: How Gregory Smith lost and found himself. Are you ready: to choose your news?
  36. Diagnosing autism in adults, mental health in teens, non-binary love2018/06/04
    Understanding autism in adults. Life in 500 Words: learning from my daughter. How teens can stay mentally healthy. Finding love: Tori and Rain.
  37. Best of Life Matters: telling the story of a Man Called Yarra, getting teenagers ready to manage their finances, and trying pole dancing2018/06/02
    Telling Stan Yarramunua's extraordinary story in a new autobiography, asking teenagers if they're ready to manage their own money, and trying pole dancing for fun and fitness.
  38. Dancing as therapy, tax time for freelancers, Life in 500 Words, the ethics of home help2018/06/01
    Dancing as therapy. Tax time for freelancers. Life in 500 Words: taking the plunge. Modern Dilemma: The ethics of hiring a cleaner.
  39. Doctors who are cancer patients, cyber safety for children, and haunted by the ghost of Paul McCartney2018/05/31
    Care always: doctors reflect on what it's like to be a patient. Balancing protection with education when it comes to children and technology. The Moth: Sloane Rider.
  40. Heart disease among women, pole-dancing for fitness and A Man Called Yarra2018/05/30
    Many women in the dark about heart disease risks. Fitness and Fun: Pole-dancing. A man called Yarra.
  41. Creativity among kids, Life in 500 words and teenagers managing their finances2018/05/29
    Talkback: how do we nurture creativity? Life in 500 Words: an innocent bystander. Are you ready: to manage your own money?
  42. Future of education, a journey through the legal system, the 1950s kitchen revolution, dressing up animals 2018/05/28
    The Future of Education: Universities. Eggshell Skull: one woman's journey through the justice system. Dressed up animals: cute or cruel? Cooking up a revolution.
  43. Best of Life Matters: walking for sustainable fashion, leaving your school friends, educating deaf children2018/05/26
    Walking through Southeast Asia to raise awareness of sustainable fashion, asking teenagers if they're ready to leave behind their school friends, and fighting to improve schools for children who are deaf.
  44. Pet bereavement, the dilemma of an uncouth colleague, Our Songs2018/05/25
    Talkback: Pet bereavement. Our Songs: Paul Kadak and Kieran Scott . Modern Dilemma: the belching office colleague.
  45. How to buy a home, writer and musician Justin Heazlewood, and a tea cosy festival2018/05/24
    How to buy a home. Get Up Mum: growing up with schizophrenia. The secret of a tea cosy.
  46. Over-medicating aged-care residents, pay day loans on the rise, and the pros and cons of vegan leather2018/05/23
    Know your rights around dementia and drugs in aged-care homes. Payday lenders target vulnerable women. Burning Question: How does 'vegan leather' help the environment? Fighting to improve schools for Deaf children.
  47. Youth mentoring, sex addiction, ethical porn and preparing to leave your school friends2018/05/22
    Giving youth a leg-up through mentoring. The ethical porn movement . What is sex addiction and how do we deal with it? Are you ready: to leave your school friends?
  48. Rethinking maternity care, sustainable fashion and love that evolves2018/05/21
    Do we need to rethink maternity care in Australia? Inspiring sustainable fashion choices. Finding Love: Janet and Penny.
  49. Best of Life Matters: exercising with apps, attending your first job interview, and trying dog agility for fun and fitness2018/05/19
    Using smartphone apps to track exercise and health, asking teenagers if they're ready for their first big job interview, and having a go at dog agility for fitness and fun.
  50. End of life discussions, boys learning about respectful relationships, and public transport bugbears2018/05/18
    Discussing death and dying with people with intellectual disabilities. Young men and respectful relationships. Modern Dilemma: claiming your space on crowded public transport.
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