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Life Matters

  1. High-density life, politics in rural Australia, and tiny houses2018/09/11
    Where do families fit in high-rise cities? Politics, rural towns and the preconceptions dividing Australia. Tiny houses sustainable for old and young.
  2. A new way to treat illness, fake news and young people, fathers and daughters2018/09/10
    Is it time to replace your local GP clinic with something radically different? How are young people separating fact from fake news? Keeping fathers and daughters connected.
  3. Best of Life Matters: gambling on stage, ditching the dead weight, footy mergers on film & planning now for housing later2018/09/08
    A reformed gambler uses theatre in a powerful way, why Mike Rolls decided to amputate his remaining leg, a new movie combines footy, refugees and rural survival, and a national survey asks how we plan to live together when we're older.
  4. Making reading fun, housing our older selves, learning through travel and how to stop the other kid from stealing the ball2018/09/07
    How to make reading as fun as watching TV. Young Australians need to think now about housing their older selves. Life in 500 Words: culture shock. Modern Dilemma: who you gonna call when one player hogs the ball?
  5. The unemployment experience, moving on when you lose both your legs, making comedy about football and refugees2018/09/06
    Work for the dole part one: audio diary. What do you do when the "worst thing possible" actually happens? The Merger.
  6. Diabetes, gambling stigma and George McEncroe2018/09/05
    Combating diabetes part three: effective reduction strategies. Tackling gambling stigma through theatre. George McEncroe: 'you just gotta do the next thing'.
  7. Family businesses, lowering the risk of diabetes and Afghan Women on the Move 2018/09/04
    Talkback: family business. Combating diabetes part two: participants report back on bid to reduce their disease risk. Exhibition highlights the struggles and triumphs of Australian Afghan women.
  8. Child protection, landing a pay rise, ancient love magic2018/09/03
    Why we still don't believe children when they report sexual abuse. Negotiating a pay rise. Getting someone to love you: the ancient history of erotic magic.
  9. Best of Life Matters: energy for renters, jiffy jams for kids, resting heart rate and fathers talk dads2018/09/01
    What options can renters use to keep their energy bills lower, a new free Instagram game sparks creative play, how low is your resting heart rate, and two fathers open up about their dads.
  10. What's it like to be Chinese-Australian today, to grow up gay and to need to decline your friend's birthday in Bali?2018/08/31
    What does it mean to be Chinese-Australian? Growing up gay in Australia. Modern Dilemma: the politics of the destination invitation.
  11. How to put the play back into learning, a Syrian mother battling for home and what being a dad teaches you2018/08/30
    Learning through play. Marwa Al-Sabouni: reimagining and rebuilding Syria. In my father's footsteps - being a Dad.
  12. Community projects, heart rate and creative thinking2018/08/29
    Talkback: Community groups that help the environment while feeding the soul. Burning Question: your maximum heart rate. Getting into a Jiffy Jam: creative thinking for children.
  13. Power bill stress, international students' experiences of Australia, and trying to reverse diabetes2018/08/28
    Low-income renters and energy affordability. Why are Chinese students choosing to study in Australia? Combating diabetes part one: four people try to reduce their risk.
  14. Teens and sports pressures, defining a disease and community based sustainability2018/08/27
    Sports injuries: is the pressure on teen athletes too great? How diseases are born and die. Harnessing the power of community.
  15. Best of Life Matters: Overscheduling children, dogs providing emotional support, grieving and embracing life in a cemetery, deep brain stimulation2018/08/25
    The downside to children having too many planned activities, a cemetery that helps people deal with grief and embrace life, why some men turn to their dogs in times of emotional turmoil, former journalist Geoff Wilkinson's personal experience with Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation.
  16. Giving up booze in the country, going to uni after the army, getting over divorce and losing your leading role to a friend2018/08/24
    Challenges for veterans seeking higher education. Life in 500 Words: moving on from a marriage break-up. Living sober in the country. Modern Dilemma: when a friend is given the role you've long prepared for.
  17. Why are people unfaithful? Why do people light fires? Both questions answered on today's show.2018/08/23
    Inside the mind of an arsonist. Talkback: Infidelity.
  18. Family violence, image based bullying and Parkinson's2018/08/22
    Funding needed to stop cross-examination of family violence survivors by ex-partners. Tackling image-based bullying. Geoff Wilkinson talks crime, Parkinson's and Deep Brain Stimulation.
  19. Overscheduling, distractions and living with grief2018/08/21
    Resisting the urge to overschedule children. Are distractions stifling our creativity? Yoga, walking and a good chat: one cemetery's approach to grief.
  20. Women taking risks, men and their dogs and The Alice Fraser Trilogy2018/08/20
    How can we learn to grow our risk-taking muscle? Could our dogs offer a cure for men who feel cut off? Using comedy to talk about tragedy.
  21. Best of Life Matters: Inside the Bureau of Meteorology, sleeplessness and bad decision making, space weather, fly fishing and living in nature2018/08/18
    Life Matters gets weather obsessed and tours the Bureau of Meteorology, sleep deprivation impeding our decision making, how space weather affects us all, fly fishing and reflections on a life in Tasmania’s wilderness.
  22. Whatever the Weather: your stories2018/08/17
    Talkback: Whatever the Weather.
  23. Childcare centre language fail, the hazards of working outside and how spontaneous decisions change our lives2018/08/16
    A quarter of childcare centres failing on language. Whatever the Weather: working outside. Life in 500 Words: where spur-of-the-moment choices take us.
  24. Is it time for a national sleep policy, how do we handle urban heat and should I install a solar battery?2018/08/15
    On Sleep: how our lack of shut eye hampers our health and decision making. Whatever the Weather: battling urban heat. Burning Question: is solar battery storage worth it?
  25. Special episode: a peek inside the Bureau of Meteorology2018/08/14
    Whatever the Weather: inside the Bureau of Meteorology.
  26. Weather and mood, horse therapy and reflections from nature2018/08/13
    Whatever the Weather: mood. Horses inspiring humans. Greg French: reflections from the natural world.
  27. Best of Life Matters: Consumer laws, hidden wonders of commuting, dealing with a life-altering illness, open water swimming2018/08/11
    Calls for Australia’s consumer laws to be tweaked to clamp down on misleading claims and unsafe products, study shows the hidden wonders that can be experienced in your daily commute, how one family has dealt with a life-altering diagnosis and the frosty delights of open water swimming in winter.
  28. Love in the shearing shed, supporting friends through illness and the singing coal miner2018/08/10
    Love in a shearing shed. Talkback: Baker and the Beast episode 5 - reflections. The Little Things: coal miner by day, musical theatre performer by night.
  29. Caring for a friend with a life-altering illness, commuting with meaning and open-water swimming all year2018/08/09
    Baker and the Beast episode 4: practical help and care. How commuting transforms us. Open water swimming all year round.
  30. Consumer safety protections, caring for a loved one and live crowdfunding2018/08/08
    Bigger fines and better safety protections: do our consumer laws need a tweak? Baker and the Beast episode 3: the impact on family. What is live crowdfunding?
  31. Social robots helping us connect, living with a life-altering illness, the Backtrack Boys2018/08/07
    Social robots to be part of our daily lives? Baker and the Beast episode 2: the new normal. Backtrack Boys: documentary celebrates innovative program for at risk youth.
  32. Cath Baker's life altering diagnosis, finding home and the benefits of community choirs2018/08/06
    Baker and the Beast episode 1: how to break bad news. Life in 500 Words: falling in love with Australia. Community choirs helping people connect.
  33. Best of Life Matters: Looking after tradies, Happily Never After, cultural connections for Indigenous kids, personality tests2018/08/04
    Getting tradies to care for their bodies as well as they look after their tools, one fateful day in the newsroom prompts Jill Stark to tackle a life time of anxiety, examining the validity of personality tests, and how one service is helping troubled Indigenous kids to navigate the legal system and make connections with elders and Aboriginal community members.
  34. Dowry abuse in Australia, Sisonke Msimang on exile and taking on sexist bosses2018/08/03
    Dowry abuse in Australia. Sisonke Msimang: Finding home as a child in exile. Modern Dilemma: trying to change your partner for your boss's sake.
  35. Better drug rehab, tradie health, playing pool for empowerment2018/08/02
    Making it easier to give up drugs for good. No tradies, being in pain is not part of your job! The Moth: Elizabeth Gray.
  36. Sex in long term relationships, male midwife and alkaline diet2018/08/01
    Talkback: What helps and hinders sex in long-term relationships. The Little Things: being a male midwife. Burning Question: can you benefit from an alkaline diet?
  37. Migraines, legal advice for indigenous youth and personality tests2018/07/31
    The cure migraine sufferers have been waiting for? Youth legal service aims to stop the cycle of incarceration for Aboriginal Australians. Why do we like personality tests so much? The Little Things: women in music.
  38. Building ties between schools and industry, Happy Never After and the tenth Gay Games2018/07/30
    Improving links between schools and industry. Jill Stark: when having it all just isn't enough . A history of the Gay Games.
  39. Best of Life Matters: Bob Murphy unveiled, the dangers of fragrance, one teacher changes it all, and walking towards self discovery2018/07/28
    Former Western Bulldogs captain Robert Murphy exposes his leather soul, why artificial fragrances and essential oils are damaging some people's lives, how one teacher changed a student's destiny, and finding out why walking the length of the UK was many steps towards self awareness.
  40. YA fiction from disaster zones, Bob Murphy reflects, and giving feedback to boring friends2018/07/27
    Zoe Daniel: children in disaster zones. Leather Soul: Bob Murphy on life and football. Modern Dilemma: friends with a boring writer.
  41. Helping communities come together, good teachers and street parties2018/07/26
    Talkback: connecting communities with good karma. Life in 500 Words: giving thanks for a good teacher. The Fitzroy Diaries part 8: The street party.
  42. Drug-impaired drivers, the insights that come long distance walking and The Fitzroy Diaries continue2018/07/25
    Digital devices and drugs: two growing problems behind Australian road deaths. A life-changing trek across the UK. The Fitzroy Diaries part 7: The incident.
  43. Dealing with bad PMS, self-driven workforces, girls in footy and Fitzroy Diaries2018/07/24
    Am I crazy or is my PMS worse than yours? Do you feel driven at work? The Little Things: one of the only girls on the field. The Fitzroy Diaries part 6: Worse things happen at sea.
  44. Mental health in the bush, the hidden dangers of scent, Fitzroy Diaries2018/07/23
    Rural Australia and mental health: why do country people find it hard to ask for help? What we don't know about our perfumes and scented candles. The Fitzroy Diaries part 5: The gorgeous, noisy shambles of it all.
  45. Best of Life Matters: unlimited leave from work, fitting in to a new country, the barefoot surgeon and Fitzroy diaries2018/07/21
    Why offering employees unlimited leave is actually a good idea, the signs you're fitting in to a new country, how one surgeon is reversing preventable blindness, and the minutiae of life in a suburb.
  46. Digging into our data privacy choices, adjusting to life in a new country and gently broaching the subject of bad dental hygiene2018/07/20
    Talkback: the data 'privacy paradox'. Life in 500 Words: Anne-Marie Smith. Modern Dilemma: what to do when bad teeth are getting in the way of true love?
  47. Helping you understand My Health Record, Nadia Wheatley shares all a mother tries to find sanctuary in her parked car2018/07/19
    My Health Record: your questions answered. Nadia Wheatley is her mother's daughter. The Fitzroy Diaries 4: Locked in.
  48. Avoiding tensions when planning funerals, the harms of cleaning products, and is there a place for chivalry2018/07/18
    Navigating funerals of faith. Burning Question: the environmental impact of cleaning products. The Little Things: debutante ball. The Fitzroy Diaries part 3: A precious time.
  49. The impact of hoarding, refugee sewing school and the Fitzroy Diaries continue2018/07/17
    Hoarding and social isolation. The Social Studio sewing school. The Fitzroy Diaries part 2: Different back then.
  50. The Barefoot Surgeon, unlimited paid leave, the Fitzroy Diaries2018/07/16
    The friendship of two 'miracle workers': Fred Hollows and Sanduk Ruit. Unlimited leave to help work-life balance. The Fitzroy Diaries part 1: With me, even when you’re not.
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