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Ockham's Razor

  1. The future is fungus2020/06/28
    The pink shell fungi is one of the five percent of fungi we know anything much about.
  2. To catch a (wildlife) thief2020/06/21
    The difference between captive bred and wild animals shows up in their hair, scale or quills.
  3. Algorithms that make art2020/06/14
    Would an algorithm fix her smile?
  4. The big bran theory2020/06/07
    How will agriculture change in the next 100 years?
  5. A vaccine for gonorrhoea?2020/05/31
    A colourised scanning electron micrograph of Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria, which causes gonorrhea
  6. Awe-inspiring weather with Nate Byrne2020/05/24
    ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne
  7. Venturing to a breakaway iceberg2020/05/17
    The RSS James Clark Ross moving between icebergs in 2012. Melanie Mackenzie was aboard the same ship on a journey to Antarctica in early 2018
  8. A pinch of salt with that news headline, please2020/05/10
    Would you like salt with that?
  9. How to build your own satellite2020/05/03
    The UNSW Cubesat leaving the ISS in May, 2017.
  10. A meme of sand and hope2020/04/26
    When life gives you fire, you don't need more coal.
  11. Creating the perfect sports team2020/04/19
    Putting the Everything in Team.
  12. Can a river sing?2020/04/12
    The Murray would be in fine voice when this much water is flowing.
  13. Moving beyond 'us' and 'them'2020/04/05
    Protestors at a climate rally.
  14. Fire, hope and healing2020/03/29
    How does it feel to lose all of this.
  15. People, animals and pandemics2020/03/22
    Bat health ... human health ... one health
  16. Forensic archaeology2020/03/15
    Chemical fingerprints can pinpoint the origin of this ochre.
  17. How to run a research institute2020/03/08
    Will those results lead to grant funding or a paper?
  18. Is all freshwater up for grabs?2020/03/01
    Is it ok to plumb the depths of the seafloor for freshwater?
  19. How to fake acupuncture2020/02/23
    A double-blind trial has to fool the therapist and the patient.
  20. The future is one part tequila2020/02/16
    It thrives in the desert and supplies way more than cocktail mixers.
  21. Is eating meat bad for you?2020/02/09
    Are kangatarians more virtuous than other red meat eaters?
  22. The greatest time machine ever invented2020/02/02
    The coast of South Australia once rubbed shoulders with Antarctica.
  23. Down with war ... on cancer2020/01/26
    Is it time to retire the fighting rhetoric?
  24. It could happen to your child2019/12/15

    You're carrying a few lethal genes, but how would you know? Ockham's Razor returns January 26, 2020.
  25. Einstein's physics for kids2019/12/08
    Let's stop lying to our kids, for Einstein's sake
  26. Green energy for lazy people2019/12/01
    Making the switch without having to flick a switch
  27. HealthLit4Kids2019/11/24
    You're never too young to learn about health.
  28. Tackling obesity with a twist2019/11/17
    It's not just sugar.
  29. The end of tobacco smoking2019/11/10
    The tobacco is toasted - will the industry ever be toast?
  30. Nudity, easels and the science of embodiment2019/11/03
    Can drawing a nude model make us more empathetic?
  31. Life after Earth ... for capitalists2019/10/27
    You guessed it, black holes play a part in this economic growth future.
  32. The downside of good science communication2019/10/20
    Could raising awareness of saltmarshes endanger our conservation efforts?
  33. The complexity of pregnancy2019/10/13
    Can we apply complexity theory to pregnancy?
  34. New stemsation: do stem cells live up to the hype?2019/10/06
    Do stem cells live up to the hype?
  35. From the lab to the patient2019/09/29
    Research needs to be embedded within healthcare delivery.
  36. The other microbiome ...2019/09/22
    The same bug that turns milk into yoghurt makes life difficult for disease-causing bacteria in the vagina.
  37. The secrets hidden in crystals2019/09/15
    They don't tell the future, but crystals hold secrets to the past.
  38. The case of L Ron Hubbard V Science2019/09/08
    L Ron Hubbard in 1950
  39. Today no one got eaten.2019/09/01
    Kate keeps one eye on the gear, one on bear patrol.
  40. Where do ideas come from?2019/08/25
    Ideas don't just strike in the bathroom.
  41. John Snow and the Broad St pump2019/08/18
    John Snow's original map showing clusters of cholera around the broad street pump
  42. Thomas Harriot: England's Galileo2019/08/11
    Portrait believed to be of Thomas Harriot - the man who gave us <, > and much >.
  43. Romancing the stars2019/08/04
    That's not the eye of Sauron - it's a dying star spewing out elements like hydrogen (green), nitrogen (blue) and oxygen (red).
  44. The Titanic and beyond2019/07/28
    Not all shipwrecks are as accessible as this one. And diving deep for answers has been prohibitively expensive until now.
  45. Tackling cancer with maths2019/07/21
    High school maths is the basis of a lot of mathematical modelling used in the fight against cancer.
  46. Silicosis is NOT the new asbestosis2019/07/14
    Silicosis is as old as sandstone dust - and completely preventable.
  47. Fertility drugs and nuns' wee2019/07/07
    It's a far cry from the truckloads of urine that gave birth to assisted reproductive technology.
  48. Jobs in the age of intelligent machines2019/06/30
    Robots probably won't take jobs that require a bit of humanity - no matter how good their handwriting.
  49. To catch a (wildlife) thief2019/06/23
    The difference between captive bred and wild animals shows up in their hair, scale or quills.
  50. The future is fungus2019/06/16
    The pink shell fungi is one of the five percent of fungi we know anything much about.
Ockham’s Razor

Ockham’s Razor is a soap box for all things scientific, with short talks about research, industry and policy from people with something thoughtful to say about science.

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