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Soul Music of the World

  1. I Speak2017/07/07

    I speak for the many who find your beauty & charm to be timeless, for the multitude of men who now wander aimlessly in search of that feeling experienced when they once first laid eyes upon you 😊
  2. Respect due...DJ Elliot Sunn2017/04/11
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  3. Slow Grind2016/04/04

    A classic from the artist known as Godfather Sage...

    "Slow Grind" circa 2004
  4. Atlantic Fusion 2016/04/04
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  5. Ode to Unemployable Music 2016/03/27

    An oldie but goodie mixed by the phenomenal Katy Walker..download "We Live in Brooklyn" now. A fantastic set featuring music from the likes of Peter Hadar. So much great music out there. Cut those radios off and dig a bit deeper. You deserve it! For more on Unemployable, follow the link below.

  6. Sacrifices by Stico Von Drake2016/01/10
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  7. Ode to Unemployable Music and Katy Walker2015/12/28
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  8. "Solitude" by DJ Renay2015/10/18

    DJ Renay and I have been friends for years, laughing with each other thru life's ups and downs. One constant reminder of our friendship is our love for music. In particular, our like passion for House Music. Here is a track I'm happy to present to you all, the latest production from my friend DJ Renay. Hope you'll enjoy...
  9. Hassanah Revisited2015/09/06

    My friend Hassanah has been making beautiful music for years. She has new tracks on the way and we're excited about that. When we told her about our app, Mariami, she graciously lent her support. Listen and indulge and feel free to share her sound as well. As always, thanks for your love and continued interest.


    DJ Come of Age
  10. Mariami mixed by DJ Eric (Kenya)2015/08/15

    "The kind of music you've waited all your life for...and didn't even know it!" The exclusive Mariami Mix as done by our friend DJ Eric from Nairobi, Kenya. Have you purchased our app yet? Stay in touch and follow us online via the Mariami Music App now on Google Play and the App Store .

  11. Final Installment of Krafty Kuts 2015/08/02

    Here is the final installment of DJ Krafty Kuts in the mix. A brilliant selection of "ol skool" hip hop and rap, perfectly blended. Destined for heavy rotation on playlists everywhere. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to support Krafty Kuts everywhere online.

    Krafty Kuts on Soundcloud
  12. Kay Flow: Ghost Protocol2015/03/31

    Hip Hop MC Kay Flow's "Ghost Protocol" became a viral sensation two years ago. We recently contacted him and were able to corral a free download for our listeners. With a new album on the way that promises much of the same, stellar delivery, we are all very excited for Hip Hop music. Please listen, share, and enjoy....
  13. Introducing Krafty Kuts...Amazing Hip Hop Artistry 2014/10/26
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  14. DJ Eliot Sunn--House Music Specialist 2014/10/25
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  15. Neo Soul it is...2014/04/14
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  16. Queen Sheba: Poetry Slam2013/12/28
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  17. This Small Cafe: The Remix2013/12/27

    We're here, getting ready for 2014!!!! Happy New Year to each of you. Big things coming so stay tuned. Find us on Twitter and Instagram via the info below:



    IG: musicforitunes

  18. DJ Eric (Kenya): Partner in Crime2013/12/07
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  19. DJ Wrex: Vibin' Out2013/06/29
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  20. DJ Soulfood from Karlsruhe, Germany2013/02/09

    DJ Soulfood from Karlsruhe, Germany

    Drum n' Bass Mix circa July 2007

    This is a repost...if any of you can put me back in touch with DJ Soulfood, we'd appreciate it.

  21. Music Licensing for YouTube Beauty Gurus and Content Providers2013/01/06
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  22. Words and Sounds Radio: DJ Bobby Bob2012/11/04
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  23. @djeric04 The October 2012 Blend...2012/10/28

    Listen and enjoy! Follow DJ Eric on Twitter now: @djeric04
  24. LRG and Complex present DJ Jazzy Jeff: Life Colors2012/10/20

    We found this online, a free mix crafted by our favorite, the one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff. "LRG and Complex present DJ Jazzy Jeff: Life Colors." Everyone is downloading this mix, smooth, precise, and innovative as always. Support LRG and share this mix. We're glad to be a part of a wonderful movement of music makers and those who support the groove.

  25. Introducing the Flashback DJs!!!2012/09/24

    The first of many "old school" mixes from London's own Flashback DJs.

  26. JaBig: Deep & Dope Mixes2012/09/23
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  27. DJ Eric's September Mixx 20122012/09/15

    Pleased to deliver the latest in the series of mixes by DJ Eric. Twitter: @djeric04 We posted about it on Instagram already. As always, a free download for you to enjoy. Get each and every one of Eric's mixes at his website:


    Thanks for your support!


  28. CandaceK: Concentrate On You2012/09/15
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  29. DJ Smoove: Martini Music2012/08/27

    "Martini Music", the latest in a series of soul sessions crafted by DJ Smoove. We recently featured him on our Facebook page and the response was tremendous. Want more? Want the playlist? Well, we want to lead the way. Check out DJ Smoove at:

    DJ Smoove

    All of the neo-soul mixes are air tight and come highly recommended. One luv!


  30. In The Light2012/08/27

    Just sharing one of the tracks done by Stico Von Drake. This one is titled "In the Light". For lovers of #housemusic and #dancemusic . We hope you'll enjoy it, especially the breakdown...

    Model: Jannica Instagram:missjanni

  31. Lenny Hamilton: Wayout2012/08/27
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  32. DJ Oscar McMillan : Terra (House Mix)2012/08/18
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  33. Soulinterviews.com : Patrice Rushen 2012/08/09
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  34. DJ Eric's August 2012 Mixtape2012/08/05

    Find us on Twitter!


    The following blend was mastered in the mix by DJ Eric. He's on Twitter via: @djeric04 Please download, share, and most of all continue to $upport the musicians and artists who make this possible.


    Van Hunt

    Calvin Richardson


    Gordon Chambers


  35. Travel Light by Rebekka Ling2012/08/04
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  36. In the mix with @djeric04...Tweet to this!2012/06/02
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  37. TwinSpirit: Foreplay2012/05/24
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  38. Introducing Leroge...2012/04/18


  39. The Return of DJ Sly: Hip Hop Soul (en francais)2012/03/21
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  40. Music Featuring Instruments2012/03/08
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  41. DJ RAV (London) returns.....2012/01/25
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  42. Follow on Twitter: @djeric042012/01/01
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  43. Alison Carney: Stellar2012/01/01
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  44. DJ Renay--Soulful House Mix Dec 20112011/12/27
  45. Sexxxy Love Volume 32011/12/24
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  46. Church Volume 4 by Mark de Clive Lowe2011/12/20

    We present to you "Church" mixed by Mark de Clive Lowe. This is Volume IV in a stellar series of great music. Be sure to read more about Mark and his living legacy via http://www.markdeclivelowe.net . Keep in touch and all the best in 2012.

  47. Solo Los Solo2011/11/29
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  48. Cerebral Awakening by @fathomdj2011/09/22
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  49. “ Acao “by @alvinthethird2011/09/22

    http://www.alvinthethird.com/ this is a mix that I’ve been wanting to put out for a long time now, finally motivated and got in finished-Acao means Action in portugese, which i thought was appropriate for getting it done.

    afrobeat, latin, funk, brazilian tunes in the mix.
  50. Better late than never....2011/08/01

    The June Mixxtape by DJ Eric...

    We missed publishing this one, guess things got a bit hectic. How is everyone? Get at us!


  51. "Speakeasy" by @alvinthethird2011/05/24
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  52. DJ Eric--May Mixtape 20112011/05/02
  53. Deep Waters mixed by DJ Purple 2011/04/12

    I'd post a tracklist if i had one...lol

  54. My friend DJ Yutaka Miyazaki...2011/04/12
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  55. DJ Eric--The April Mixxtape2011/04/03
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  56. Meldeah : Record Store2011/03/12
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  57. MJ Cole--Jazzanova "Sincere" Remix2011/02/26

    Jazzanova Remixes

    MJ Cole-- Sincere

  58. Puerto Rico On A Rise (Bebe)2011/02/18

    DJ Playero and Nico Canada

    Boricua Guerrero EP 1997
  59. Welcome the the Party: Jazzanova Remix2011/02/01

    Welcome to the Party

    Artist: Har You Percussion Group

    Remixed by Jazzanova

    Album: Jazzanova the Remixes 1997-2000
  60. @djeric04--#thatisall2011/02/01
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  61. AM444: Album Sampler2011/01/31
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  62. Pinnawela (Poland) "Fly Away"2011/01/23
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  63. "Held" by Ernesto (Sweden)2011/01/23
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  64. TruSage2011/01/20
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  65. DJ Rav: Sugar and Spice Vol 22011/01/19
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  66. MN8: Happy--Jodeci Mix2011/01/19

    Hmmmm, whatever became of MN8? Remember the Jodeci remix of "Happy"? If not, this will refresh your memory. Shoutouts to DJ Rav and DJ Bounce, true spinnas who still rep for that "ole" skool type vibe. Peace and love from Omaha.

    DJ Come of Age
  67. Whatever happened to SEEK? 2011/01/18
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  68. Assorted Treats by Jay Soul2011/01/15
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  69. Babylon Bye Bye : GreenTara2011/01/05

    Song: Babylon Bye Bye

    Artist: GreenTara

    Album: Music For A Mixed Nation

  70. Dream feat Antonia Jenae 2011/01/04
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  71. Gabriel and Tangible Truth : Saturday2011/01/02

    Gabriel and Tangible Truth : Saturday

    Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/djcomeofage
  72. Sinnamon and Kinky Fox: I Need You Now2011/01/01

    Sinnamon and Kinky Fox: I Need You Now

    "Tee's Master Extended Mix"
  73. Warm Summer Days by Vybe (Remix)2010/12/31

    Happy New Year to all of you....

    See ya in 2011!

  74. "Quick" by Freddie Joachim2010/12/25
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  75. JSOUL: Black Sinatra2010/12/24
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  76. Will Vill: Wishes2010/12/23

    This is by far one of fav rappers of all time. Check out the flow and crazy lyrical skills of Will Vill. This track is titled "Wishes" and comes from his album "The Arrival". Already half a decade old and still getting mad love and fierce airplay. I'm still conviced....


  77. Menoosha2010/12/23
  78. Amber Ojeda....2010/12/19
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  79. DL Incognito: The best you've never heard...2010/12/18

    "Live In My Element" (2006) by one of my favorite rappers, DL Incognito. Check out the song and support his work by downloading the full album via the link below.


  80. Production by Sole Profit2010/12/18

    We create, license, and promote original music for film, television, web videos, and all visual media. Contact us so we may enhance your next project. Serious inquiries only!

    DJ Consortium


    dj coa, sole profit, jay soul, simpleX, kafele bandele, stico von drake

  81. Arrested Development-Ease My Mind 2010/12/18

    Arrested Development-Ease My Mind

    DJ Premier Remix (Unreleased)
  82. Kay Flow courtesy of MrCooDoo2010/12/13
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  83. My brother Kafele Bandele2010/12/11

    Just listen....and enjoy!

    dj come of age

    kafele bandele
  84. Ode to Matt Jam Lamont..2010/12/09
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  85. Nakia Henry2010/12/05
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  86. Introducing Kristopher Lamont...2010/12/05
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  87. Prosthetik Intelligentz: Headphones2010/12/04
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  88. Adios 2010: DJ Eric Mixtape2010/12/04
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  89. Lifetime feat Kia Bennett2010/11/06
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  90. November 2010 by DJ Eric2010/11/04
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  91. Beautiful Sounds by DJ Nerstylist2010/11/04
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  92. Fall Tonalities by Brent Crampton2010/11/04
  93. Stacye Branche is here!!2010/11/04
  94. Jovia: Justified feat Yaw2010/10/30
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  95. Welcome to the Bunker!2010/10/29
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  96. Summer Storm by DJ Sezy...2010/10/21
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  97. Transformerz RMX: The Feeling2010/10/18

    Here is the new and official Transformerz Remix of STRANGE FRUIT Project's "The Feeling"
    Special thanks to Sly for putting us up on this. Much love and respect to the Transformerz Turntablist Crew. Be sure to connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

    DJ Sly
  98. Urbansuburbenz: The Return of Mr. Cook2010/10/18
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  99. Introducing Lando...."Space"2010/10/18
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  100. Mandjou Mix by DJ Crash2010/10/15
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  101. What U Said by Rebekka feat Big Pooh2010/10/08
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  102. Midas Dutch: Missy vs Midnight Star by Jay Soul (Shanghai--Amsterdam)2010/10/07
  103. Shu: I Wanna Leave2010/09/16
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  104. DJ Bounce--Jazz Cafe Mix v.22010/09/14

    London's finest on the wheels of steel, DJ Bounce. Check out his latest, hot off the press is the "Jazz Cafe Mix Volume 2." Catch up with DJ Bounce at his website and/or Twitter page. Much luv!


    DJ Bounce on Twitter...

    DJ Bounce Homesite
  105. Isaac Ssebandeke 2010/09/14
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  106. Michael Jackson Tribute Mixx by Deejay Eric2010/09/13

    World famous DJ Eric, Kenya's finest, put together this tribute mix to Michael Jackson a couple of months back. Due to his busy schedule it took a while to catch up to him. Well, it's never too late to listen and celebrate the music of MJ. Well, what can we say...enjoy this mix and find us on Twitter for more mixes.


    DJ Eric

  107. Labor Day Mixdown by DJ Eric2010/09/07

    Labor Day USA? Shouldn't this be our day off? Yeah right! DJ Eric sent in the September Mixx and just in time. So go ahead and download it and then, send us your feedback. We're working on tour dates right now....




  108. Jazz Essentials2010/08/30
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  109. DJ Damage: Summer of Peg2010/08/29
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  110. Sunshine and Lemonade by Trizonna McClendon (Chicago)2010/08/29
  111. Soul Flo by Anonamas2010/08/29
  112. Kyra Simone (UK) Cup of Coffee2010/08/28
  113. The Brass King Volume 32010/08/22
  114. DJ Crash: Connected Spirit Mix2010/08/15
  115. Mr. Mendez : Another Saturday....2010/08/12
  116. Brent Crampton: Omaha, Nebraska--Worldwide!!2010/08/03
  117. It's August already...dang!! DJ Eric in the mixx!!2010/08/02
  118. Nneka--Concrete Jungle (Show Your Love)2010/07/24
  119. Kick In the Door (Remix) by Shade Cobain.....2010/07/19
  120. Door Kickin' (Akai)--by Shade Cobain2010/07/17
  121. Omaha's Finest: DJ Brent Crampton2010/07/13
  122. Introducing Chicago's Finest: DJ Fathom2010/07/13
  123. Herma Puma: Pimp Rocker2010/07/12
  124. @djcomeofage 2010/07/05
  125. Koku Gonza: So High (Confessions of a Songwriter)2010/06/28
  126. Aletta: A Jump At The Sun2010/06/13
  127. "Crazy" Baby Mamas: The Teaser (The Brass King)2010/06/01
  128. Amaze and Astound: DJ Eric--The June Mixxtape 2010/06/01
  129. Bashiri Asad: Beautiful You2010/05/31
  130. Tish by DJ Come of Age: Various Artists2010/05/28
  131. Tish 2: The Complete Neo Soul Mix by DJ COA2010/05/28
  132. Jahah: Mamas Only Son 2010/05/27
  133. Thousands of One: No Separation2010/05/23
  134. Rachel Claudio: Claudiography2010/05/23
  135. Lauren Santiago et Freddie Joachim: YES2010/05/22
  136. Lauren Santiago: Autumn Enemy2010/05/20
  137. Always Time To Celebrate with DJ Eric2010/05/16
  138. Marion Lombardi Reviews Choklate (en francais)2010/05/16
  139. If It Were I by DJ Come of Age2010/05/12
  140. Salakida: The Resurrection (Kiss the Sky)2010/05/08
  141. DJ Eric--The May Mixx2010/05/02
  142. Aniesia Williams: Can't Be A Fool2010/05/02
  143. Jaleenah Birdland by Marion Lombardi2010/05/01
  144. DJ Eric: The Saga Continues2010/04/18
  145. Introducing Philip Clark: World Turns Around2010/04/17
  146. Bashiyra : Don't Get In My Face2010/04/15
  147. Introducing the Soulrific Podcast Show2010/04/06
  148. Gabbie McGee: Mississippi's Daughter2010/04/04
  149. DJ Eric--The April Mixxtape2010/04/01
  150. Beautiful by Stevy Mahy2010/03/30
  151. Moonlight Sessions by DJ Nerstylist2010/03/26
  152. Introducing Soul Monique (London)2010/03/24
  153. Gagnez Poet: Perception2010/03/24
  154. Eric Daniel and Friends: Art of Sax2010/03/24
  155. Tru Spinna and Ty Music Present: Something Big2010/03/17
  156. Wendisue: Suffer the Loss2010/03/13
  157. Meemee Nelzy: Soul of the French West Indies2010/03/08
  158. March 2010: DJ Eric2010/03/01
  159. Bekay the Brass King2010/02/19
  160. MilesMaedaMixes.com 2010/02/17
  161. Back2Bassix by Jay Soul2010/02/15
  162. Keke Wyatt: Who Knew2010/02/08
  163. Global Reach-Global Appeal..DJ Eric February Mixxtape2010/02/01
  164. Green Tea Soul2010/01/28
  165. DJ Cornelius (France) Globalsexydeephouse Music Mix2010/01/26
  166. Wade III: The Best Album You've Never Heard2010/01/20
  167. Soul on Twitter? Tweet to this...2010/01/19
  168. Mattias Axelsson: STRAY (If Lovin' U)2010/01/18
  169. Priscilla Cruz: LoveFiend2010/01/18
  170. Showtime by SPODA-Mr. Dopeflow2010/01/09
  171. DJ COA presents Jahselle: Infatuation2010/01/04
  172. Welcome to 2010: DJ Eric's January Mixxtape2010/01/01
  173. Hand In Hand: Free Like Me2009/12/30
  174. Cloud 9 by Malachi Rivers feat Maria Bentley2009/12/28
  175. 2010--Thanks to the Dough Bar Co.2009/12/23
  176. DJ Smoove--Headnod Volume 62009/12/15
  177. Monet-"Vain" featuring Tarrah Reynolds2009/12/12
  178. Sajida--No Love2009/12/12
  179. Muddy Soup by Sole Profit (What IF)2009/12/11
  180. Introducing Suzy Chase: Groove Radio.com2009/12/01
  181. Seeker of Knowledge by Kafele2009/12/01
  182. DJ Eric's December Mixx Tape2009/12/01
  183. UBQ Dub: Mary J. Blige (Be Happy)2009/11/25
  184. Astral 22 presents Imperial2009/11/21
  185. D-Influence: Midnite (Remix)2009/11/19
  186. Afi: Baby It's Cold Outside2009/11/19
  187. Angela Johnson: Better (Micky More's Classic Mix)2009/11/18
  188. Jon Bibbs--2009/11/12
  189. Nonameko: Goddess-Volume 12009/11/08
  190. DJ Eric..does it again! Soul Classic Mixtape 22009/10/26
  191. Kafele Bandele: Faraway Places2009/10/26
  192. Mr. Walters: Traveling Man Music Mix2009/10/26
  193. Luv Luv Movement by DJ Malachi2009/10/19
  194. Fly Gypsy2009/10/19
  195. Daisha Graf: Starry Eyed Surprise2009/10/17
  196. Tell him COA sent ya: DJ Smoove2009/10/05
  197. DJ Eric (Kenya) October's Mixtape2009/10/01
  198. Salakida...Funk Soul Mistress2009/09/27
  199. Akoma Aya: Creolite urbaine feat Afrosoulicious2009/09/23
  200. Soulissime Volume One: Elisa par Erik (soul-creole)2009/09/23
  201. DJ Bounce--New Jack Swing Mixtape....2009/09/20
  202. Introducing DJ Phaze...Worldwide2009/09/16
  203. Teau : You Got Me (Exclusive)2009/09/15
  204. Bag of Old Soul by dj coa and sean mooney2009/09/15
  205. Scorpio by Sean Mooney..Tweet This!2009/09/15
  206. Down On Your Knees: Exclusive Track2009/09/15
  207. Polar Personified2009/09/08
  208. Pseudo Slang by Broke and Copasetic feat Vin2009/09/08
  209. Strange Fruit Project: The Feeling Remix by Sly Transformerzqfoclan2009/09/03
  210. Introducing DJ Eric...welcome aboard!2009/09/01
  211. Blue by Markus Ekholm and DJ CoA2009/09/01
  212. New Freedom by Hassanah2009/08/29
  213. 2nd Installment: DJ Malachi2009/08/29
  214. Do You Love Me by COA and Sean Mooney2009/08/29
  215. The Diva: Nikki Wade2009/08/23
  216. Introducing DJ Malachi: The Luv Luv Movement (Lost Files) Vol 12009/08/01
  217. COA--Myxer: Ringtones and Wallpapers for your mobile!2009/07/25
  218. Soulfrito: Reggae Special2009/07/25
  219. Aurevoir(MrWindmillJaySoulRemix)2009/07/25
  220. Damn Sista by Jarrard Anthony2009/07/16
  221. Introducing V.Rich2009/07/16
  222. Soulfrito Mix Radio Show:Hosted by The Brass King and Mercedes Soul2009/06/29
  223. Jarrard Anthony "Meditates" in the Underground!2009/06/23
  224. The Latin Project :Musica De La Noche 2009/06/08
  225. TwinSpirit: Song About Nothing2009/06/07
  226. Choklate-To Whom It May Concern (Promo)2009/06/02
  227. La sagesse de Louisa Stephanie2009/05/23
  228. Jay Soul: The Groove Architect2009/04/20
  229. Nyee Moses: One to Watch2009/04/15
  230. E.A.R.T.H.--Sexin' After Textin'2009/04/10
  231. Akoma Aya2009/03/26
  232. DJ Smoove-Chocolate Soul2009/03/20
  233. Dister Berlin2009/03/08
  234. Velben: Randomness2009/03/08
  235. Old School Live mixed by DJ Kaio (France)2009/03/07
  236. So Natural featuring Kia Bennett (DigiSoul)2009/03/03
  237. Fantastic Planet: Adrenalin forlovers of jazz...2009/03/02
  238. Wade 3: Right Now (the video)2009/02/28
  239. David Mensah: My Day2009/02/18
  240. Hassanah and Big Brooklyn Red2009/02/15
  241. 2009: The Year of Kim Arrington2009/01/01
  242. Sha Bless: I Suppose2008/12/16
  243. DJ Purple Reigns2008/12/07
  244. DJ COA: When A Soul Mates2008/11/23
  245. Heroes of the Dancefloor release "Torch," All Proceeds to Benefit the Homeless2008/11/22
  246. Amber Ojeda: Ladylike2008/11/22
  247. Fly-by Niki Andre2008/11/17
  248. Bekay the Brass King...Alma Lounge/Miami, FLA2008/11/15
  249. 400,000 Downloads--World's Fastest Growing Podcast/Vidcast2008/11/11
  250. Rebekka: Coffee and Music (Featured Download)2008/11/11
  251. DJ Sly: Mixtape de l'espace....Highly Recommended!!!2008/11/10
  252. DJ Eddie Scissors: 5000 Mix (Hip Hop Ol' Skool Style)2008/11/10
  253. Hope Of A Better Day: President Elect Barack Obama!2008/11/05
  254. Pru: Candles2008/11/04
  255. Meet Lee: Back 2 Love2008/10/23
  256. dj rav--the mega mixx 22008/10/22
  257. coa presents DJ Rav--Mega Mix 12008/10/22
  258. Where on earth is Sean Mooney2008/10/22
  259. Dreamworld: Neo Soul Mix by JWill2k82008/10/22
  260. There's nothing like a free mixtape to download, share, and enjoy!!2008/10/18
  261. DJ COA: The Second Verse2008/10/12
  262. This Truth: Lovespirals Kambronn Mix2008/10/09
  263. DJ Domewrecka: Special Classics Mix2008/10/09
  264. DJ Rav Old Skool Hip Hop2008/10/05
  265. DJ Rahdu: Swoon Unitz2008/10/03
  266. DJ R4V : Greatest Bad Boy Mix (Unofficial)2008/10/02
  267. Derek Pittman aka DJ Smoove2008/09/28
  268. Introducing Reggie Webster2008/09/28
  269. Jarrard Anthony: Damn Sista2008/09/26
  270. Wayna: My Love2008/09/26
  271. Drea: Love Affair2008/09/24
  272. Jazmine Sullivan-Need You Bad (Conway's Groovy Groove)2008/09/20
  273. Raze: Break 4 Luv2008/09/20
  274. Nairobi--Funky Soul Makossa2008/09/18
  275. DJ Anonymous: R&B Remixes (Helsinki, Finland)2008/09/18
  276. Another Fabulous Mix by DJ Pockets of WorldCast Radio2008/09/16
  277. Forever: Sponsored by The Dough Bar Co.2008/09/14
  278. Martha Wash: Carry On Vocal Bass Dub Mix2008/09/10
  279. Michael Jackson turns 50!2008/08/30
  280. DJ COA: Disponible Partout2008/08/25
  281. Frizzy's Groove: 1012008/08/25
  282. Maxin' and Relaxin'--New Album coming soon!2008/08/24
  283. Bernie Mac: You left us way too early!2008/08/09
  284. The Truth: Part 22008/07/14
  285. SoulTripper.com: Dark and Lovely2008/07/13
  286. Flavorfull: Diggin4ALivin2008/07/07
  287. Impromptu2008/07/04
  288. Song: Walk With Me2008/07/04
  289. More of DJ Casper: 90's Hip Hop and R&B Flava2008/07/04
  290. DJ Anonymous: Haus Classics2008/07/01
  291. Jonas: Sweet Dreams Guaranteed2008/06/26
  292. Jodeci: Freek' N You (M.K. Dub)2008/06/24
  293. Where is Casserine?2008/06/24
  294. DJ COA presents Stone Mecca: Come Home2008/06/24
  295. DJ COA presents CJ: The Next.....2008/05/28
  296. DJ Casper: 90's R&B Hip Hop Flava2008/05/18
  297. The Return of Soul David2008/04/19
  298. DJ Come of Age: Just the Beats 12008/03/25
  299. DJ Bobby Bob: My Own Way2008/03/24
  300. Lee: Back 2 Love2008/02/03
  301. Jahbang: Fall Down2008/02/03
  302. Angel Williams: Give It To Me2008/01/16
  303. MI2: DJ I-Cut in the mixx......2008/01/07
  304. Hate On Me (Brass King Remix)2008/01/01
  305. Definition of Chillout: Volume One2007/12/25
  306. Frances Jay: Neo Soul Cafe (Dallas, TX)2007/12/24
  307. Jamie Lin: Funk My Life2007/12/24
  308. Wonder Twinz: Mixtape Kingz2007/12/20
  309. If It Were I....2007/12/08
  310. ONUTSS 4: Visions Unfold2007/11/18
  311. Keith "Versatyle" Washington2007/11/17
  312. DJ Bobby Bob: Words and And Sounds Mixtape (Espana)2007/11/13
  313. Jazz Hop by DJ Ragz2007/11/08
  314. Anji Bee: Motherless Child2007/11/04
  315. Jahah!!! Ha Ha!2007/10/31
  316. 20082007/10/30
  317. Raff2007/10/25
  318. Free Download courtesy of The Dough Bar Co.2007/10/02
  319. Jua: A Testament of Quality Soul Music2007/09/08
  320. One Nation Under the Soul Shack: No Time Like the Present2007/08/07
  321. The Dread Daze Podcast Show (Exclusive)2007/08/03
  322. DJ COA meets Bridget Gray2007/07/28
  323. Chez Nous2007/07/10
  324. ONUTSS 2: Unconditional Love2007/07/04
  325. EJ Flavors: Ole Skool Wednesdays is back....2007/06/24
  326. DJ Renay's Soulful House Music Session2007/06/15
  327. I AM YOU2007/06/07
  328. One Nation Under the Soul Shack: The Mixtape2007/05/22
  329. The Return---Back in the Mixx!2007/05/14
  330. Nu Jazz: Free Download of the Week2007/04/21
  331. DJ Crash: The Mixologist2007/04/21
  332. Welcome to The Soul Swede Show...2007/04/09
  333. Soul David on Mercedes Benz Podcast!!!2007/03/27
  334. DJ Purple: After Hours House Mix2007/03/26
  335. Versatyle2007/03/23
  336. DJ Wrex: Chillout Live Volume 22007/03/05
  337. Kafele: Prodigal Moon2007/02/24
  338. "Roots" by DJ Come of Age2007/01/21
  339. Carmen Rodgers: Free2007/01/09
  340. Maty Soul2006/12/21
  341. Above Ground Music: Brass King Soul Selections2006/12/15
  342. An Evening With Mr. Frizzy!2006/11/10
  343. Niki Andre: Lost Girl2006/11/08
  344. Downloads For Dollars takes flight!2006/10/30
  345. Music to smile about! Stico Von Drake2006/10/20
  346. Salakida: Like Heaven2006/10/19
  347. Untamed Tongues: The Encore Presentation2006/10/18
  348. For Goldrose, Suga Shock, Trel, and Gary Anderson2006/10/14
  349. Cheetah Conservation Fund: Download for Dollars Campaign2006/09/13
  350. Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge Show!2006/09/12
  351. DJ Come of Age: Tish 22006/09/10
  352. Italiano: Soul David and Fara One42006/09/05
  353. Honey Soul: Setting the Standard in Soul Music2006/09/03
  354. Corey: It Just Iz.....the wait is finally over!2006/08/28
  355. Feel My Flo!!! Free Download of the Week2006/08/27
  356. Nick Nack2006/08/26
  357. November Promise2006/08/19
  358. Guess who's back? DJ Nerstylist!!!!!!!!!!!2006/08/16
  359. Mixed Emotions Volume 1!2006/08/16
  360. Menoosha, donnes moi un coup de fil!2006/07/31
  361. Reggae vibes with Dread Daze!!2006/07/27
  362. Heavenly Noise2006/07/22
  363. DJ COA presents Gentle Aura 4: The Come Up!2006/07/17
  364. Marcel Penn: Soul on the Fast Track2006/06/28
  365. Billy Miles...A Style All Her Own!!!2006/06/11
  366. Gentle Aura 3: Chez Nous2006/06/05
  367. SOUL SANCTUARY MIX2006/05/30
  368. DJ COA meets Fat Jon!2006/05/30
  369. Queen Sheba: Business Sense2006/05/10
  370. DJ Riz: Welcome to RizRock2006/04/28
  371. Power Outage2006/04/24
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  373. Slowmo: The start of it all.....2006/04/12
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  375. Bekay the Brass King: Above Ground Music2006/04/02
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  377. DJ Come of Age: The Gentle Aura Mix2006/03/25
  378. When Barcelona calls....introducing Irene!2006/03/22
  379. Impetus From Within!!!2006/03/16
  380. Tati: A Modicum of Succor2006/02/28
  381. If the SHU fits...2006/02/24
  382. ONE2006/02/20
  383. Valentine's Day Jazz Suite Special2006/02/14
  384. Songs for Leonil......http://www.mystikarts.com/2006/02/08
  385. Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, Wilkommen!2006/02/03
  386. The Influence of Gabriel Rich2006/02/03
  387. The Nickel_G Session: Volume 12006/01/26
  388. Standing on Fertile Ground...2006/01/21
  389. The Sexiest Woman in Radio....2006/01/11
  390. DJ COA--The Mixtape2006/01/07
  391. The genius of Mark de Clive Lowe, Fascade, and Kimberly Holloway2005/12/23
  392. In love with Lizz Fields...2005/11/28
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  397. The Mixtape: Project Vibe.net2005/11/02
  398. Timeless gems to treasure...2005/10/31
  399. Impetus from within...2005/10/26
  400. Gentlemen of Soul2005/10/26
  401. A Touch of Funk2005/10/25
Soul Music of the World
A potent mix of neo soul, hip hop,and jazz to move and inspire...download, share, and enjoy.


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