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The TRANSFRONTIER Sound System Nº1 Broadcasters

  1. Radio Kenya - Xillbilli Mau-Mao Nº1 Short Wave2007/02/12

    All Kenya represented here - One-man guitar & Benga love

    Tamu Swahili Kikuyu sounds
  2. Xillbilli Mau-Mao Nº1 Short Wave - Grande Afrique2007/02/12

    Random bits from the Xillbilli Mau-Mao Nº1 Short Wave Africa (East & West, for those with a compass)
    Dig in & turn up these real living bits of what flys through the air waves in Mamaland - Senegal, Kenya & Tanzania are represented here with little bits from over the borders into the Sahel....

    Vipi mambo & Masalama, Ya'll
  3. Radio Kenya - The Random FM Air Waves floating around Nairobi2007/01/18
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  4. Xillbilli Mau-Mao Nº1 - Kentucky to Kenya, two peas in a podcast2006/12/14
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  5. Xillbilli Mau-Mao Nº1 - Hillbillies of the World Unite, TEST & TENT show2006/11/21
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The TRANSFRONTIER Sound System Nº1 Broadcasters
This is where the Southern Highlands of America buck dances with the "Motherland" - big ole Africa... Yesterday, today & tomorrow.
Worldwide, Hollers, Nooks & Crannies, Appalachian Old-Time music, Afro-Beats, Hillbilly Blues, Country & Eastern, Banjo & Fiddle tunes, Xalam & Kora improv, Griots bills paid in full, Boubon & Highlife, Mento Breakdowns, Oud laments, Field Recordings from the darkest basements, Holler Dub & Jungle Mixes, Self-determination & Sustainable designs, Finger picking guitars from Eastern Kentucky & East Africa.....
If you want to dance, someone's got to pay the fiddler! But, its more bang for the buck...
Speaking in tongues on AM stations, Melungeon free jazz at its best... You pick your spirit & let it take hold.

Talking, Thinking, Laughter. We've sweet potatoe pie, grits & greens, Palm wine, corn or 9 bars of single origin espresso cafe to drink - your pick, plus cultural rants & world geographies for the timid & strong alike..

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