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  1. Should we measure the performance of our surgeons?2018/05/14
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  2. Unlocking the secrets of venom2018/05/07
    Australia is notorious for being the home of a huge number of the world's most venomous animals — funnelweb spiders, box jellyfish and brown snakes among them.
  3. Virus epidemic hits Australia for a third time2018/04/30
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  4. ACL injuries are on the rise in Aussie kids — what can we do about it?2018/04/23
    Australia has the highest rate of knee reconstructions in the world — what's going on, and how do we stop it? Plus, how weight loss can help with diabetes remission, the impact diabetes has on surgical outcomes, and the factors that play into higher rates of psychological distress among Aboriginal Australians.
  5. Daytime sleepiness and Alzheimer's, best-practice care for children, intrauterine insemination and improving the diagnosis of mystery illnesses2018/04/16
    Excessive sleep during the day a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Intrauterine insemination more effective than we thought. Are Australia's kids receiving best-quality care? Diagnosing mystery illnesses better and faster.
  6. The Spanish flu: Understanding a devastating pandemic2018/04/09
    The Spanish flu: Understanding a devastating pandemic.
  7. Unravelling the Glasgow effect2018/04/02
    The Glasgow Effect: Unpacking why the west of Scotland has poor health outcomes.
  8. Crowdfunding medical care, MDMA for psychiatric disorders, Aboriginal preventive health and bugs and drugs2018/03/26
    Crowdfunding medical care: What does its rise say about Australia's health system? Exploring MDMA as a treatment for psychiatric disorders. What next in the war on superbugs? A new guide for Aboriginal health.
  9. Bipolar treatments, babies born before arrival, calcium, vitamin D and polyps and the different types of diabetes2018/03/19
    Calcium, vitamin D supplements increase risk of pre-cancerous polyps. Lithium remains best treatment for bipolar disorder. Born-before-arrival: When a baby's born before Mum gets to hospital. There are five forms of type 2 diabetes. Send us your medical bills.
  10. Self-serve nurse treats his own heart attack, prostate cancer treatments and screening, and what's best for lower back pain?2018/03/12
    The nurse who treated his own heart attack. Back pain management: How do you treat a sore low back? Single PSA test for prostate cancer doesn't save lives. Weighing up different aggressive prostate cancer treatments.
  11. Tummy tucks, antidepressants, low carb v low fat and the mental health of the homeless2018/03/05
    Low fat vs low carb: Whole foods matter more than the diet you choose. Could a tummy tuck fix urinary incontinence? Antidepressants more effective than placebo. The mental health issues and needs of the homeless.
  12. Folic acid and autism, unnecessary cannulas, early type 2 diabetes and cannabis chocolate2018/02/26
    Folic acid protective against autistic traits in babies. Reducing cannulation: When is it necessary and when can we go without? Early development of type 2 diabetes leads to worse outcomes. Cannabis chocolate sends three hospitality workers to emergency department.
  13. Fear of needles, the flu and heart attacks, and training junior doctors more effectively2018/02/19
    Making risky medical procedures less risky. When a fear of needles stops you from seeing the doctor. Influenza can increase your risk of a heart attack up to 10-fold.
  14. The UK doctor struck off for her errors and the messages exercise sends to your body2018/02/12
    Dr Bawa-Garba: Who or what should be blamed when a medical tragedy occurs? Research suggests a reason for the widespread benefits of exercise.
  15. Wind turbine syndrome, heart rate changes, hospital complications and chronic condition self-management2018/02/05
    Publishing hospital complication rates to improve patient outcomes. Heart rate holds clues to your future risk of dying and suffering a heart attack, stroke or heart failure. Managing chronic conditions: Evidence on value of self-management programs mixed. Wind turbine syndrome: a communicated disease with Simon Chapman.
  16. Do Not Resuscitate tattoos, the end of over-the-counter codeine, and psychosocial disability and the NDIS2018/01/29
    The end of over-the-counter codeine. Gaps in NDIS coverage for people with psychosocial disability: report. Do-not-resuscitate tattoos: What's a doctor to do?
  17. Facial yoga, hormone therapy and chronic disease, tamper-resistant opioids, and no link between baby formula and diabetes2018/01/22
    People injecting oxycodone less after introduction of tamper-resistant formulation. Hormone therapy for chronic disease prevention achieves mixed results. Cow's milk in baby formula doesn't increase diabetes risk. Facial yoga: Can exercising your facial muscles make you look younger?
  18. SIDS, sleep apnoea, and gonorrhoea2018/01/15
    Treating sleep apnoea doesn't prevent heart attack or death. Poor evidence for the efficacy of diet. Serotonin and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Wash your mouth out!
  19. Childhood stress, depression and dementia2018/01/08
    Can childhood stress lead to late life dementia? Depression and dementia. More than just a sore throat?
  20. Hookworms, infected mozzies and the Daintree ulcer2018/01/01
    Hookworms against diabetes! Infected mozzies against dengue fever! Sexual health in Australia's tropical north. Daintree Ulcer.
  21. Osteoarthritis2017/12/25
    Everything you ever wanted to know about osteoarthritis.
  22. Talking sugar tax...2017/12/18
    Is it time for a sugar tax?
  23. Fasting and fat cells, oral contraceptives, antibiotic surveys and macular degeneration research2017/12/11
    Skipping breakfast and your fat cells. The pill and breast cancer risk. Post-surgery antibiotics wrongly prescribed. Bio-factories: A new treatment for macular degeneration.
  24. Falls in older people, BMI and brain shrinkage, HPV screening and vaginal mesh2017/12/04
    Low BMI, aging and brain shrinkage. How do you stop older people from falling? A new, more accurate cervical cancer screening program. Controversial transvaginal mesh banned.
  25. Fatty liver and shrinking brain volume, liver cancer treatments, macular degeneration and nudge theory2017/11/27
    Fatty liver disease and your overall brain volume. Developing new liver cancer treatments. Age-related macular degeneration on the decline. Nudge theory guiding you towards healthy choices.
  26. The nocebo effect, low-fat diets, palliative care and the vaginal microbiome2017/11/20
    Nocebo effect could be making you feel sick. Low-fat diets reduce early death in obese people. Vaginal microbiome influences your risk of STIs. Palliative care and euthanasia.
  27. E-cigarettes, cancer treatments and an ex-naturopath2017/11/13
    E-cigarettes: Is Australia missing out? 'In-built immunotherapy' found in some pancreatic cancer patients. Blood-vessel boosting cancer treatment. Ex-naturopath blowing the whistle on industry.
  28. Robot surgeries, cancer symptom awareness and new lymphoma testing2017/11/06
    Is laser cataract surgery worth it? No benefits to robotic colorectal surgery, study says. Knowing about cancer symptoms for early diagnosis. A revolution in lymphoma treatment.
  29. Biosimilar drugs, colonoscopies and appendicitis, and staph in the community2017/10/30
    MRSA in the community. What's a colonoscopy got to do with appendicitis? Could 'biosimilar' drugs save millions?
  30. Bone marrow transplants, heavy menstrual bleeding guidelines, birth positions and pre-pregnancy cancer screening2017/10/23
    Bone marrow transplants. Pre-pregnancy carrier screening. Epidurals and birth position. Heavy menstrual bleeding guidelines.
  31. Food labelling, and when the doctor becomes the patient..2017/10/16
    Food labelling. When doctor becomes patient.
  32. Atypical melanoma, The First Thousand Days, and childhood literacy..2017/10/09
    Atypical melanoma, The First Thousand Days, and childhood literacy..
  33. Standard of care for cancer patients below par in clinical trials and busting myths about fat in your diet2017/10/02
    Control group in breast cancer trials missing out on proper care. Would you like fat with that?
  34. Exposing cancer drug costs, a new way to boost organ donation and response to PCOS overdiagnosis claims2017/09/25
    How much does it cost to bring a cancer drug to market? Boosting organ donation after circulatory death. Can you overdiagnose an under-recognised syndrome?
  35. Hospital rehab not value for money, less is more for breast cancer treatment, mutation detection in patients with advanced cancer and rethinking how we do peer review2017/09/18
    Rehab at home better value for money. Lymph nodes and breast cancer treatment. How to increase reliability of scientific studies. Mutation detection in patients with advanced cancer.
  36. Perceptions of pain, reducing waste in medical research and increasing female participation in sport2017/09/11
    How the brain shapes perceptions of pain. Reducing waste in medical research. Removing barriers to female sport participation .
  37. Self-reported wheat sensitivity, improving safety of breast implants, business as usual for adolescents and antidepressants and is medicine ready for artificial intelligence?2017/09/04
    How to diagnose wheat sensitivity . Improving safety of breast implants. Best practice for treating children and adolescents with depression . Is medicine ready for artificial intelligence?
  38. Lithium linked to lower dementia risk, new hope for healthy aging, meth use and stroke risk and how unhealthy industries undermine public health2017/08/28
    Lithium in water lowers dementia risk. Eat kale, age better? Young methamphetamine users at higher risk of stroke. Food for thought: how unhealthy industries undermine public health.
  39. Tracking asthma mortality, occupations and risk of rheumatoid arthritis, re-defining polycystic ovary syndrome and unpacking salt2017/08/21
    Tracking asthma mortality. Could your job be giving you arthritis? Are doctors over-diagnosing polycystic ovary syndrome? Unpacking salt .
  40. Private health insurance overhaul, privacy concerns over personal genomic testing and e-health for older Australians2017/08/14
    Private health insurance and out of pocket costs. Privacy concerns for personal genomic tests . Home is where the health data is . Microvascular dysfunction linked to late-life depression.
  41. Transforming Australia’s digital health services, the designer vagina, and the Affordable Dialysis Project2017/08/07
    Transforming Australia’s digital health services. The designer vagina. The Affordable Dialysis Project.
  42. Better therapies, better outcomes? Improving physical health for those with mental health issues, and better blood pressure measurement2017/07/31
    Better therapies, better outcomes? Equally Well. Better blood pressure measurement.
  43. Success rates for IVF, dieting during pregnancy, lasers against heart attack and stroke, and the health economics of ageing2017/07/24
    Success rates for IVF. Dieting during pregnancy. Lasers against heart attack and stroke! The health economics of ageing.
  44. Treating sleep apnoea doesn't prevent heart attack or death, poor evidence for the efficacy of diet in children and adolescents, mouthwash might beat Gonorrhoea, and the role of serotonin in SIDS2017/07/17
    Treating sleep apnoea doesn't prevent heart attack or death. Poor evidence for the efficacy of diet. Serotonin and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Wash your mouth out!
  45. Osteoarthritis2017/07/10
    Everything you ever wanted to know about osteoarthritis.
  46. Can childhood stress lead to late life dementia? What about depression? Also - is strep throat linked to mental health issues in children?2017/07/03
    Can childhood stress lead to late life dementia? Depression and dementia. More than just a sore throat?
  47. Refining cancer risk, sitting up after stroke, BMI and Parkinson disease, and dissolving the extracellular matrix.2017/06/26
    Refining cancer risks. To sit, or not to sit? High BMI lowers Parkinson's risk. Matrix: Dissolved.
  48. Dodgy dental implants, breastfeeding reduces cancer risk, cupping comes with a risk of burns, and is your super smoke free?2017/06/19
    Dodgy dental implants. Breastfeeding reduces cancer risk. Cupping burns. Is your super smoke free?
  49. Red meat and your health, weight gain in pregnancy, and getting medical students to think rural2017/06/12
    Red meat and your health. Weight gain in pregnancy. Country doctor.
  50. Live from Cairns2017/06/05
    Hookworms that prevent diabetes, bacteria that battle dengue mosquitoes, the sexual health of Australia's tropical north, and the Daintree Ulcer.
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