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  1. New Gallery2013/09/25
  2. OffScreen Magazine2013/09/23
    I’m glad to present you my pictures in the lastest OffScreen Magazine issue N°22. This article is about my trip in California in 2013.
  3. Video Post2013/09/18
  4. Mauritius2013/09/12
    Mauritius was a very good trip. Nice people, nice places, great thinks to do and good coladas. Planning our trip, we had two flight options from Cape Town - either direct on Air Mauritius or via Joburg on SAA.
  5. Quote Post2013/08/29
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  6. Embracing Travelling Time2013/08/23
    Okay, the long answer is a bit elaborate, so let me go through the pros-and-cons.
  7. Travelling Quote2013/08/17
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  8. Collecting Air2013/08/13
    As a kid, I spent a lot of time traveling alone on airplanes. Two weeks here, two months there, and then back again.
  9. Great Song2013/07/14
    The instrumental to this is probably just amazing.
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