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  1. Algoriddim 20150109: Wailing2015/01/10

    For Nesta's earthday
  2. Snake In The Grass: Larry Marshall & Alvin Leslie, Eugene Paul & The Demons2014/12/29

    This is a sweet little musical biscuit that I've been vibing off of lately. Love the harmony vocals on the version.
  3. I Love Jah So: Ashanti Waugh2014/12/29

    This is one of those tracks I've been enjoying lately, so I decided to mix it up, and share it here with you.
  4. Running Up and Down (Dennis Brown & Big Youth with Joe Gibbs & The Professionals) 2011/09/18
    Running Up and Down by Big Youth and Dennis Brown. This 12" comes from producer Joe Gibbs.

  5. No Jestering (Carl Malcolm & Big Youth with Clive Chin & The Impact All Stars) 2011/09/18
    Another mix from the algoriddim lab. No Jestering riddim produced by Clive Chin featuring the vocal from Carl Malcolm, dubs from the Impact All Stars and DJ versions from Big Youth. A classic run from Randy's Studio...

  6. I'm Not A King2011/07/25
    A run on this riddim featuring Delroy Wilson, Barry Brown and others...

  7. Hotter The Battle2010/12/22

The algoriddim podcast has moved! You can now listen to it at: http://www.algoriddim.org/podcast/

These are the sounds of Iman Selection, serious reggae mixes coming straight to you from the studios of WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago.

Each show focuses on a certain artist, producer, or theme as the foundation for a mix. I try to keep the talk to a minimum and allow the music to speak for itself. Most of this is mixed live in the studio, so you get to hear the mix as it develops.

If you're enjoying the podcasts, let me know by posting a comment or contact me here:

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