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Deloitte Canada Insights

  1. International Women’s Day: Equal rights, equal opportunities, progress for all 2010/03/08
    International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the role of women leaders in Canada. What progress have we made? What challenges exist? Get the inside scoop with Deborah Gillis, Vice-President, North America of Catalyst. Joining her is Jane Allen, Deloitte Canada’s Chief Diversity Officer and a partner at Deloitte. (14 minutes)

  2. Meet a new Best Managed company: United Van Lines 2010/02/16
    What does it mean to become a member of the elite group that comprises Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies? How can a private company tap into the community of business leaders to learn best practices and network with peers? Learn about the experience first-hand as we talk to Anne Martin, president of United Van Lines Canada Ltd., a new Best Managed company. (15 minutes)

  3. Que nous réserve le domaine des technologies? Prédictions TMT 20102010/01/27
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  4. What’s ahead for tech? TMT Predictions 20102010/01/27
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  5. Safe to move: Raising the bar for food safety2009/12/11
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  6. Key trends in accounting and financial reporting2009/11/03
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  7. M&A opportunities in the oil patch: What’s different this time?2009/10/16
    Is M&A activity heating up in the oil patch? With capital and equity markets reopening and commodity prices stabilizing, mergers and acquisitions are expected to make a comeback. Against the backdrop of the economic downturn, what are the greatest risks for oil and gas companies considering a transaction? (19 minutes)

  8. Les innovations vertes ouvrent la voie : faites la connaissance de la grande lauréate du Fast 50 cette année2009/10/09
    Apprenez à connaître ProSep, l’entreprise no 1 du programme Technologie Fast 50MC de Deloitte. Écoutez la balado pour découvrir comment ProSep a décroché la première place. Sachez ce que la liste des entreprises primées cette année révèle sur la direction que prend le secteur de la technologie.

  9. Green innovations lead the way: Meet this year’s Fast 50 winner 2009/10/09
    The Deloitte Technology Fast 50™, Canada’s leading technology awards program, ranks companies based on their five-year revenue growth. Listen to our interview with Jacques Drouin, the head of ProSep Inc., the No. 1 ranked company for 2009.

  10. Vision, passion, achievement: A Best Managed case study2009/06/26
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  11. Raising capital in tight credit markets2009/02/13
    Robert Olsen, North American leader of the Capital Advisory practice, and Russell David, national leader of the Corporate Finance practice, discuss the state of capital financing in Canada. Learn how companies can ensure that their capital requirements are adequately addressed, despite tight credit markets. (18 minutes)

  12. Public sector challenges: Managing in volatile times2008/12/10
    The Honourable Pierre S. Pettigrew, Deloitte’s executive advisor on international affairs, and Paul Macmillan, national leader of the Public Sector practice, discuss the challenges of governing in volatile times. What can governments do to boost a faltering economy? Is infrastructure spending a viable option? What other policy instruments should governments consider? (17 minutes)

  13. Mission critical IT: Managing in volatile times2008/12/05
    In this special edition of Deloitte Canada Insights, Paul Held discusses the role of information technology in an economic slowdown. How can technology leaders assess which IT projects are mission critical? How can they ensure IT is delivering value to the business? And how can they get more value from technology partners? (14 minutes)

  14. Turnaround strategies: Managing in volatile times2008/12/01
    Ramesh Swamy and Bryan Tannenbaum of Deloitte’s Financial Advisory practice discuss response strategies for distressed companies in this special edition podcast. Learn about the three stages of distress, the response strategies that apply to each, and key tactics for preserving cash in turbulent times. (16 minutes)

  15. CFO debates: A practical approach to decision-making2008/11/26
    Doug Wilkinson, national leader of the Control Assurance practice, and Steve McCaughey, national leader of the Finance and Performance Management practice, set the context for today’s critical CFO challenges and debate some of the key decisions CFOs face. Weigh both sides of the debates and make the right decisions for your company. (19 minutes)

  16. Agribusiness in Canada: It is a growing concern2008/10/27
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  17. Green supply chain management: Opportunity today, imperative tomorrow2008/08/22
    Valerie Chort, leader of Deloitte's Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability practice in Canada, and Stephen Brown, a partner with the Supply Chain practice, discuss the key benefits and challenges of 'greener' supply chains. Discover how leading companies are making their supply chains more sustainable — and how you can get started. (20 minutes)

  18. Succession planning: Ignore at your own risk2008/07/03
    Harley Mintz draws on 30 years of experience in serving private companies to talk about the importance of good succession planning. Learn about the main disposition strategies, the role of tax planning, and the key to executing a successful family transfer. (19 minutes)

  19. The future of manufacturing in Canada2008/06/18
    Deloitte's Luc Martin and Jayson Myers, president of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, discuss the key challenges and competitive advantages of Canada's manufacturers. Learn about the weakest link in manufacturing value chain, and what Canadian manufacturers can do to boost their competitive edge. (24 minutes)

  20. Breathing lessons for CFOs: How today's CFOs can find time to do it all2008/05/16
    Steve McCaughey and Doug Wilkinson explore why many of today's chief financial officers are struggling to keep their heads above water. Discover the many roles that CFOs must fulfill, how they can find time to do it all — and ultimately, add value in their organizations.

  21. Contents under pressure: Protect your company from market volatility2008/04/10
    Ryan Brain and Russell David discuss the many external and internal forces that are putting pressure on companies — and on their bottom lines. Learn how your business can prepare itself to respond more effectively and alleviate the pressure.

  22. What it takes to be the best: Lessons from Canada's Best Managed Companies2008/03/13
    John Hughes and Mike Goodfellow of Canada's 50 Best Managed awards program explore the characteristics of award-winning private companies. Discover how to take your company from good to better to best.

  23. 2008 Canadian technology, media and telecommunications trends2008/02/27
    John Ruffolo and Duncan Stewart of Deloitte's Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry group discuss emerging trends in 2008. Discover the key TMT trends for Canada, and how they may impact your business.

  24. Venture capital in Canada: An industry in crisis2007/12/20
    John Ruffolo, Deloitte's Technology, Media & Telecommunications leader, examines the crisis in Canada's venture capital industry. Learn about the surprising results of Deloitte's global VC survey, and the tax barriers impeding foreign VCs from investing in Canada's tech companies.

  25. Developing the oil sands: Exploring the producers' dilemma2007/12/10
    Dick Cooper and Brant Sangster examine the dilemma facing today's oil sands producers: how to forge ahead in a booming industry. Learn about the most likely outcomes of current development, and how producers can influence the evolution of the industry. (20 minutes)

  26. Addressing climate change: Strategies for sustainability2007/10/24
    Valerie Chort and Pat Concessi examine how increasing awareness of climate change is impacting companies in every industry. Discover how companies can respond to rising expectations from stakeholders and strengthen their climate change strategy.

    20 minutes

  27. Intellectual property theft: Not if, but when2007/09/17
    Bob Low and Dave Stewart discuss why companies need to understand the value of their intellectual property. Learn how to reduce the risk of intellectual property theft, and how to respond if it happens to your company. 25 minutes

  28. Driving business performance: Bridging strategy and technology to build shareholder value2007/08/30
    In this Deloitte Canada Insights podcast, Raymond Pineda and Patrick Stobbs examine the benefits of effective performance management. Learn how to select the right performance management tools to help you make informed business decisions.

    26 minutes

  29. Provinces in transition: Exploring the challenges facing today's provincial governments 2007/06/15
    Paul Macmillan, Deloitte's public sector leader in Canada, discusses the challenges facing the provincial level of government. Learn about the magnitude and scope of the issues, as well as effective strategies for a successful transition.

  30. Income trusts: Facing the new realities and getting on with business2007/05/22
    Andrew W. Dunn and Brent Houlden, co-leaders of Deloitte's Trusts and Partnerships group, examine the prevailing trends shaping the trust sector. Learn about the options available to trusts as they prepare for impending taxation in 2011.

  31. La responsabilité d'entreprise : de la stratégie à une citoyenneté engagée2007/04/20
    À l'ère d'une plus grande transparence et des attentes accrues des intervenants, Johanne Gélinas de Deloitte explique comment une société peut rehausser son niveau de responsabilité d'entreprise. Apprenez comment attester la performance de votre société à ce chapitre, améliorer votre rapport de responsabilité et créer de la valeur économique.

  32. Corporate responsibility: From strategy to good corporate citizenship2007/04/20
    Deloitte's Valerie Chort discusses what it takes to be a responsible corporate citizen in today's climate of increased transparency and heightened stakeholder expectations. Learn how to assess your company's performance, improve your corporate responsibility report and create business value.

  33. Certification for smaller companies: Same end game, different approach2007/03/30
    Terry Hatherell discusses how smaller companies can implement a risk-based compliance program to address the requirements of CEO and CFO certification. Discover how smaller companies can take advantage of their leaner structures to achieve certification compliance.

  34. Mergers and acquisitions: The art of the deal2007/02/28
    In this Deloitte Canada Insights podcast, Charles Knight and Derek Alty discuss the forces behind today's dynamic M&A markets. Learn about key trends and discover the pitfalls to a profitable deal.

  35. Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions for 2007: Power to the people2007/01/18
    John Ruffolo, leader of the Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice, delves into leading industry trends in Canada. Learn how these trends may impact your business model, consumer demand and your ability to drive future growth.

  36. Tips for safe online shopping: Protect yourself and your customers against online fraud2006/12/15
    In this Deloitte Canada Insights podcast, Raj Krishnamoorthy, leader of the Security & Privacy Services group in Toronto, offers his tips on how to make online shopping safe for both consumers and online retailers.

  37. Lessons from Canadian technology leaders: Spotlight on Canada's Fast 500 winners2006/11/07
    In this Deloitte Canada Insights podcast, Deloitte's John Ruffolo examines the secrets of success behind Canada's strong showing on Deloitte's Fast 500 North America ranking. Learn how Canada's fastest-growing tech companies are driving their growth through innovation and R&D.

  38. Canada's oil sands: Is it the new frontier for an oil-thirsty world?2006/10/20
    In this Deloitte Canada Insights podcast, Deloitte's Dick Cooper takes an in-depth look at the challenges facing oil sands companies. Learn what the oil sands mean to the Canadian economy and what companies are doing to get their projects onstream.

  39. Moving beyond compliance: How directors can help companies reap the rewards of good governance2006/09/13
    In this Deloitte Canada Insights podcast, Jim Goodfellow, vice-chair and senior partner in charge of Deloitte's Corporate Governance practice, discusses how companies can turn the regulatory requirements into drivers of improved corporate governance.

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