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The Faithbuilders

  1. To Pray or To Punch2006/12/28
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  2. The Voice of Truth2006/12/10
    Through the simple, heart-warming sound of her child singing, Faithbuilder Co-Founder Kimberli Brackett hears a message for all of us from our Heavenly Father to listen for the sound of his voice. It's hard to sort through the many voices screaming at us throughout the day, demanding our attention. God wants us to "choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.”
  3. The Faithbuilders - An Interview2006/12/05
    Meet Co-Founders Kimberli Brackett, Tracy Crawford, Amie Newberry, and speaker Denise Jordan. The girls talk about faithbuilder events and the message they feel called to share with women everywhere. Join us for a chat!
  4. Be Still And Know2006/11/28
    Sometimes, God has to go to extremes to get our attention in our busy lives. With all the noise and the distractions, we often forget to be still and know that He is God. Faithbuilder Co-Founder Kimberli Brackett shares a humorous description of life in Noodle, Texas...and the wonderful extremes that God went to in order to get her to be still and hear his voice.
  5. The Chosen One2006/11/24
    Doesn't it feel good when you are chosen for something? Chosen to be on the team, chosen as a friend, chosen for a special opportunity? Doesn't it feel horrible when you are the last person chosen? Faithbuilder member Denise Jordan reminds us all that we ARE chosen...by our Father, our Creator, by our God. It's time to not only start believing it...but living it.
  6. Game Over2006/11/22
    Ever find yourself caught up in the Comparison Game? It's you and THEM...and either they don't measure up...or you don't. Kimberli Brackett, co-founder of The Faithbuilders, takes an honest look at why we play this game, who the real losers are, and how to hear the best words of all...Game Over.
  7. The Movie Of Your Life2006/11/17
    This devotional, written by Faithbuilders co-founder Kimberli Brackett, asks women to think about what rating the movie of THIER life would receive. Kimberli is honest and real about how we all can fall short of perfection, but through God's love and forgiveness we can earn that G rating - G for Grace.
The Faithbuilders
Four ordinary gals bring you a passion, a devotion, and a faith that is extraordinary. With an easy style and down-home feel, these devotionals speak to real women with real life stuggles and triumphs. Save and share with all of your friends, just be sure to give credit.

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