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  1. iWitness News 15th May 20072007/05/17
    This week’s panel is joined by freelance journalist Naima Bouteldja to discuss the Presidential elections in France and the impact of Nicolas Sarkozy’s victory. In addition we discuss the chaos gripping Pakistan with explosions and riots taking place in Peshawar and Karachi . Finally, we’ll be discussing that secret memo.
  2. Iwitness News 08th May 20072007/05/09
    In this weeks podcast Osama, Noman and Humza discuss the impact of local elections in the UK and specifically the end of Labour domination in Scotland at the hands of the SNP. In addition, the crew looks at Blair’s legacy as he seems to be on his way out, will it be Iraq or Stormont? Finally, we discuss the plight of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston.
iWitness Comments on the weeks news and politics and all that is happening in Scotland

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