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PediaCast: a pediatric podcast for parents

  1. Swimmer's Ear and Premature Babies - PediaCast 4672020/07/23
    Dr Ben Kovalcik and Dr Erica Braswell visit the studio as we discuss care of the preterm infant. We explore unique concerns and needs of these babies, including medical complications and issues related to breathing, feeding, growth and development. Also covered: swimmer’s ear. We hope you can join us!

  2. Poison Ivy and Summer Conditioning - PediaCast 4662020/07/15
    Sports Medicine experts, Dr Jim MacDonald and Kirk Sabalka, visit the studio as we consider student athletes and summer conditioning in the age of COVID. It’s also time for our yearly reminder on itchy rashes caused by the poison plants of summer. We hope you can join us!

  3. The Importance of Well Checks - PediaCast 4652020/07/08
    Well child checkups are important… even during a pandemic! Our Plain Language Panel returns for an insider’s look at these visits. We explore immunizations, growth and development and guidance offered for each age group. Also: tips for a safe visit with your child’s medical provider. We hope you can join us!

  4. Racism is a Public Health Crisis - PediaCast 4642020/06/24
    Dr Jordee Wells and Dr Fareeda Haamid visit the studio as we consider racism as a public health crisis. What exactly does this mean and who suffers the consequences? How did we arrive at this moment in history? And where do we go from here? Join us for answers to these questions and more!

  5. What You Need To Know About Bullying - PediaCast 4632020/06/17
    Dr Nkeiruka Orajiaka visits the studio as we consider the problem of bullying. How does it look and who is at risk? What signs point to this behavior? What are the consequences? How can we prevent bullying… and intervene when it occurs? Join us for answers!

  6. How Our Immune System Works - PediaCast 4622020/05/20
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  7. Preventing Child Abuse During a Pandemic - PediaCast 4612020/05/07
    Child abuse and neglect occur even as families stay home. And yet reports of abuse are down because teachers, medical providers and community partners have less contact with the families they serve. Dr Kristin Crichton and Becca Fredin explore the problem and provide tips for supporting families and preventing child abuse during these difficult days. We hope you can join us!

  8. Academic Fitness During a Pandemic - PediaCast 4602020/04/22
    School work and learning must go on, even during a pandemic. Our neuropsychology team visits as we explore tips, tricks and resources for parents as they partner with schools and provide additional learning moments for children and teens… while staying home. We hope you can join us.

  9. Physical Fitness During a Pandemic - PediaCast 4592020/04/15
    Physical activity and exercise are important, even during a pandemic. Our sports medicine team visits as we explore family activities, physical fitness, sports conditioning and connecting with coaches, athletic trainers and teammates… while staying home. We hope you can join us!

  10. Mental Fitness During a Pandemic - PediaCast 4582020/04/01
    Parents and children have many feelings these days, including anxiety, anger, depression and disappointment. These are normal responses to our new reality. We explore the feelings and share practical tips for weathering the storm. Gina McDowell, clinical counselor with Big Lots Behavioral Health Services, is our guest. We hope you can join us!

  11. COVID-19: Our New Routine - PediaCast 4572020/03/25
    In the midst of a pandemic, life goes on. This week we discuss new routines and an important job that never stops: parenting! Dr Yolanda Evans is our guest. She is a pediatrician and mother living in the Seattle epicenter of COVID-19. We hope you can join us!

  12. COVID-19: Social Distancing and Flattening the Curve - PediaCast 4562020/03/19
    Our COVID-19 coverage continues with an update on the pandemic and the important concepts of social distancing and flattening the curve. We also begin a series of check-ins with pediatricians across America and discover how coronavirus is impacting their families, medical practices and communities. First up: Dr Jaime Friedman from San Diego. We hope you can join us!

  13. Coronavirus (COVID-19): What You Need to Know - PediaCast 4552020/03/11
    Everything you need to know about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 disease. We go beyond the headlines and dive deep, exploring the cause, transmission, symptoms, treatment, risks, complications and prevention of this rapidly evolving pandemic. We hope you can join us!

  14. Teens, Dating and Social Media - PediaCast 4542020/02/25
    Caitlin Tully is a Community Educator with the Center for Family Safety and Healing in Central Ohio. She visits the studio as we consider teenagers, dating and social media. How are tweens and teens using social media… and what are the various pitfalls and dangers of today’s social media platforms? We have answers!

  15. Supporting Kids and Adults with Down Syndrome - PediaCast 4532020/02/18
    Dr Murugu Manickam and Kari Jones visits the studio as we consider Down Syndrome. This condition impacts many families and is the leading genetic cause of learning disabilities and intellectual impairment. We explore cause, features, diagnosis, support and complications. We also discuss the unique needs, challenges and rewards associated with Down Syndrome. We hope you can join us!

  16. Hydrocephalus: Management of a Lifelong Problem - PediaCast 4522020/02/12
    Dr Jeffrey Leonard visits the PediaCast Studio as we consider hydrocephalus and explore the cause, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this lifelong problem. We hope you can join us!

  17. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - PediaCast 4512020/02/06
    Dr Kate McCracken visits the PediaCast Studio as we consider polycystic ovary syndrome. This common condition is associated with obesity, infertility, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a big difference for teenagers and young women with this disease. We hope you can join us!

  18. Orthodontics and Braces - PediaCast 4502020/01/22
    Dr Kara Morris visits the PediaCast Studio as we consider orthodontics and braces. We answer the questions parents and kids ask: why are braces needed? Will they hurt? How long do they last? Will braces interfere with sports, band or singing? And how much will they cost? We hope you can join us!

  19. Rumination Syndrome - PediaCast 4492020/01/14
    Drs Desale Yacob and Ashley Kroon Van Diest visit the studio as we explore rumination syndrome. Learn the cause, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this condition and discover how it differs from vomiting and reflux. We hope you can join us!

  20. Colds and Flu, TV and Exercise, Suicide Prevention - PediaCast 4482020/01/08
    It’s cold and flu season! We explore these common viral infections, including the cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention. Less TV time and more exercise is important for families… we explain why. And learn about an intensive crisis intervention that aims to prevent teen suicide.

  21. Croup and Bronchiolitis - PediaCast 4472019/12/11
    Join us as we explore two respiratory illnesses circulating in the community: croup and bronchiolitis. Discover the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and natural course of these common viral infections. We also consider the latest AAP Clinical Practice Guidelines for bronchiolitis and what these mean for parents and providers.

  22. Fever, Infections and Medicine - PediaCast 4462019/12/05
    Our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns to the studio as we consider fever, infections and medicine. We explore best ways to take a child’s temperature and explain the cause and treatment of fever. We’ll let you know when to worry and share tips for fighting infections at home. We hope you can join us!

  23. Martial Arts & Competitive Dance - PediaCast 4452019/11/12
    The sports medicine team returns to the studio as we consider martial arts and competitive dance. We explore benefits, training, participation, injuries and rehabilitation for these increasingly popular activities. We hope you can join us!

  24. Halloween Safety & Asthma Express - PediaCast 4442019/10/23
    Halloween is around the corner! This week we cover safety tips for families choosing costumes, carving pumpkins and heading outdoors for tricks and treats. Fall also brings wheezing. We consider the cause, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of asthma and explore a special program at Nationwide Children’s called Asthma Express. We hope you can join us!

  25. Influenza & Flu Shots - PediaCast 4432019/10/01
    A simple flu shot can save your life! PediaCast and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team up this week to bring you the latest information regarding influenza, including what to expect this flu season, signs and symptoms of the disease, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. We hope you can join us!

  26. Communication and Support for Families with Complex Medical Conditions - PediaCast 4422019/09/26
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  27. Newborn Care - PediaCast 4412019/09/12
    The Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns to the studio as we consider newborn care. We explore all things new parents need to know, including infant sleeping, feeding, growing, peeing, popping, spitting up and bathing. We also cover fussiness, colic, jaundice, rashes, cradle cap, belly buttons and baby shots. We hope you can join us!

  28. Syndromic Craniosynostosis - PediaCast 4402019/08/20
    Drs Gregory Pearson and Ibrahim Khansa visit the studio as we explore syndromic craniosynostosis. This condition impacts growth of a baby’s skull. We discuss the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, management, complications and long-term outlook for kids affected by this disorder. We hope you can join us!

  29. Tooth Care for Kids and Teens - PediaCast 4392019/08/15
    Dr Janice Townsend returns to the PediaCast Studio as we conclude our dental trilogy. This week we explore tooth care for kids and teens, including brushing and flossing (of course), fluoride, cavities, fillings, root canals, crowns, implants, dental sealants and teeth whitening. We hope you can join us!

  30. Diabetes, Kara and the (Not So) Dire Beastie - PediaCast 4382019/07/30
    Kara & the (Not So) Dire Beastie is an animated series aimed at helping young patients and their families better understand type 1 diabetes. Series creators, Dr Angelina Bernier and Alan Caudel, visit the studio as we explore the development and impact of this important project. We hope you can join us!

  31. Grandparents, Nail Polish, Heroin and Driving - PediaCast 4372019/07/18
    This week we cover more news parents can use. Topics include abusive caregivers, grandparents and their dangerous drug habits, hazards of personal care products, teenage heroin use, teen suicide, driver education for those with autism and early preparation for flu season. We hope you can join us!

  32. Keeping Kids Safe - PediaCast 4362019/07/11
    Our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns as we consider keeping kids safe at home and away. We share important tips aimed at preventing broken bones, burns, choking, drowning, head injuries, poisoning and more. We hope you can join us!

  33. Bikes & Babies, Safe Cookware, Adults with Autism - PediaCast 4352019/06/27
    This week we answer more listener questions. Topics include traveling with infants, bikes and babies, toddlers who bite, safe cookware, the meningitis B vaccine and adults with autism. Plus we’ll share how to get YOUR questions answered on the podcast. We hope you can join us!

  34. Athletes with Disabilities & Adaptive Sports Medicine - PediaCast 4342019/06/12
    Physical fitness and sports participation benefit everyone, including those challenged by disability. Adaptive sports medicine supports disabled athletes by anticipating need, providing help and connecting families with essential resources. Dr Jonathan Napolitano and Ashley Davidson visit the studio as we explore this important topic. We hope you can join us!

  35. Summer Slide and DIY Sunscreen - PediaCast 4332019/05/29
    Students lose lots of math and reading skills over the summer. We examine the summer slide and offer fun tips for keeping kids on their academic toes during the break. Then we explore sun safety, including the dangerous practice of making sunscreen at home. We hope you can join us!

  36. Anxiety in Children and Teenagers - PediaCast 4322019/05/14
    Dr Anna Kerlek visits the studio as we consider anxiety in children and teenagers. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in the pediatric population, affecting every age from toddlers to teens. Join us as we explore causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention.

  37. What's Up with Measles and the MMR Vaccine? - PediaCast 4312019/05/01
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  38. Teenagers and the Opioid Crisis - PediaCast 4302019/04/16
    Join us for the compelling story of teenagers affected by the opioid crisis… and the adolescent medicine doctor who journeys with them on the road to recovery. We also check in with the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance to learn more about their important work.

  39. Dental Trauma and Emergency Tooth Care - PediaCast 4292019/04/11
    Dr Janice Townsend returns to the studio as we consider dental trauma and emergency tooth care. We explore common dental injuries and their treatment, including what to do when teeth are chipped, knocked loose or fall out. We hope you can join us!

  40. Anesthesia, Naps, Deaths and Funerals - PediaCast 4282019/04/03
    We answer more of your questions this week! Topics include behavioral concerns following anesthesia, the importance (or non-importance) of naps, helping kids process death and funerals, sternoclavicular dislocation (we’ll explain what that means) and the best child health and parenting magazines. We hope you can join us!

  41. Exercise-Induced Asthma - PediaCast 4272019/03/26
    Breathing problems should not keep kids and teens from playing sports! Dr Tom Pommering and Allison Strouse visit the studio as we explore best practices for identifying exercise-induced asthma, treating symptoms and supporting young athletes on the playing field. We hope you can join us.

  42. Ear Infections and Ear Tubes; Outdoor Fun and Spring Injuries - PediaCast 4262019/03/21
    Our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns as we consider ear infections and ear tubes. Plus, warm weather is on the way (finally!) We have terrific ideas for outdoor fun… and tips for responding to Spring injuries. We hope you can join us!

  43. Paging Dr Google: Tips for Finding the Best Medical Information Online - PediaCast 4252019/03/06
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  44. Sports Physicals - PediaCast 4242019/02/20
    Dr Jim MacDonald and Dr Peter Kriz visit the PediaCast Studio as we consider the pre-participation sports physical. What makes this visit different than a well-child exam? What are the important components and where should the exam takes place? Plus, we talk conditioning, injury rehabilitation, cardiac screening and concussions. We hope you can join us!

  45. Infant Teething and Toddler Tooth Care - PediaCast 4232019/02/07
    Dr Janice Townsend is Chief of Dentistry at Nationwide Children’s. She joins us to answer questions about infant teething and tooth care for babies and toddlers. We explore symptom relief, brushing, fluoride, cavities, thumb-sucking and pacifiers. We hope you can join us!

  46. Polar Vortex, Toddler Sleep, Baby on the Way - PediaCast 4222019/01/30
    It’s winter in Ohio and the Polar Vortex is here! This week we cover cold-weather safety, including tips for preventing, recognizing and treating frostbite and hypothermia. We also answer a pair of listener questions concerning toddler sleep and preparing young siblings for the arrival of a new baby in the home. We hope you can join us!

  47. Ibuprofen Allergy, Fever Truths and Myths - PediaCast 4212019/01/16
    This week we answer a listener question about severe ibuprofen allergy (anaphylaxis) and examine truths and myths surrounding fever. We hope you can join us!

  48. Feed the Baby Hummus: Parenting Practices Around the World - PediaCast 4202018/12/19
    Dr Lisa Lewis, author of Feed the Baby Hummus, visits this week as we explore parenting practices from countries and cultures around the world. We hope you can join us!

  49. Influencers and Worries... According to Kids! - PediaCast 4192018/11/28
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  50. Antibiotic Awareness - PediaCast 4182018/11/15
    It is antibiotic awareness week! Join us as we reach into the PediaCast archive and share an interview with Dr Preeti Jaggi on antibiotic stewardship. We introduce the concept and share steps medical providers and families can take to reduce the misuse of antibiotics.

  51. Family Literacy & Great Books for Every Age - PediaCast 4172018/10/25
    November is Family Literacy Month! Drs Alex Rakowsky and Mary Ann Abrams visit the studio as we explore the many benefits of reading. We share tips for nurturing a kid’s love of written stories and reveal our favorite books for babies, teens and all the ages in between. We hope you can join us!

  52. Pilonidal Disease, Infant Walkers, Teen Suicide - PediaCast 4162018/10/02
    Dr Peter Minneci visits the studio as we explore the symptoms, treatment and prevention of pilonidal disease. Also considered this week: MiraLAX and infant-walker safety, texting while driving and teenage suicide. We hope you can join us!

  53. Benefits & Risks of Immunizations, HPV Vaccine, Meningitis Shot - PediaCast 4152018/09/19
    This week we explore the real benefits and risks of immunizations. Have your children had their HPV vaccine? (They should… and that includes your boys!) What about the meningitis shot? And how many shots are too many? Dr Mike Brady stops by as we consider common vaccine questions asked by parents. We hope you can join us!

  54. Back to School: Audience Q&A - PediaCast 4142018/09/13
    10TV’s Tracy Townsend and Dr Mike entertain back-to-school questions from our Facebook Live audience. Topics include sleep hygiene, breakfast and school lunches, after school activities, immunizations, vision and hearing problems, illness prevention, energy drinks, friends, stress, Pop-Tarts, vaping… and more!

  55. West Nile Virus & Fertility Preservation - PediaCast 4132018/09/05
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  56. Baby Hearing Loss, Hand Washing, Reading Comprehension - PediaCast 4122018/08/15
    This week we answers listener questions and take a sneak peek into the future of pediatric medicine. Topics include baby hearing loss, hand-washing and family dynamics, reading comprehension, 3D-printed replacement bone, ketamine for teenage depression and a blood test for Kawasaki Disease.

  57. Salmonella, Meningitis, Teenage Endometriosis - PediaCast 4112018/08/08
    Dr Leslie Appiah visits the PediaCast Studio as we explore teenage endometriosis. Discover the cause, symptoms, work-up, treatment and long-term outlook for those affected. Also reviewed this week: salmonella and meningitis. We hope you can join us!

  58. Lawn Mowers & Clubfoot - PediaCast 4102018/07/19
    Dr Amanda Whitaker visits the studio as we explore the cause, diagnosis and treatment of a common birth defect: clubfoot. We also consider lawn mower safety with tips and best practices for trimming the grass with children at home. We hope you can join us!

  59. Fitness Facts & Ideas - PediaCast 4092018/07/12
    This week we review bicycle safety (hint: helmets are REALLY important!). Then our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns as we consider fitness facts and ideas for all ages. Whether the sun is shining… or it’s raining… or even the middle of winter… we share practical tips for having fun and staying fit. We hope you can join us!

  60. Button Batteries & Honey, Retro Toddler - PediaCast 4082018/06/21
    Dr Anne Zachry visits the studio as we explore her new book from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Retro Toddler: More Than 100 Old-School Activities to Boost Development. We also consider the benefit of giving honey when children swallow button batteries. We hope you can join us!

  61. Healthy Summer Meals - PediaCast 4072018/06/13
    Liz Weiss visits the studio as we explore healthy summer meals. Liz is a registered dietician, food blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, cookbook author and all-around family nutrition expert. We’ll consider healthy options for summertime eating, including family meals on the go, picnics and grilling out. We hope you can join us!

  62. Playing it Safe in the Summer - PediaCast 4062018/05/31
    Our Pediatrics in Plain Language Panel returns to the studio as we explore summer safety. Dr Alex Rakowsky and Dr Mary Ann Abrams share plenty of tips for keeping your kids injury-free this warm-weather season!

  63. If You Dream It, You Can Do It - PediaCast 4052018/05/23
    Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Founder of Her Universe (makers of Star Wars apparel for fangirls), joins us in the studio to talk about making your dreams come true. Ashley shares her story of growing up with Disney and Star Wars… and how we can accomplish our dreams by wishing, believing, doing, transforming and trusting. We hope you can join us!

  64. Self-Care & Wellness for Moms - PediaCast 4042018/05/17
    Dayna Kurtz, author of Mother Matters: A Holistic Guide to Being a Happy, Healthy Mom, joins Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to explore self-care and wellness for moms. We hope you can join us!

  65. Measles, Junk Food, Depression - PediaCast 4032018/05/02
    This week we cover more news parents can use! Topics include screen-free week; the impact of motherly depression on her child’s IQ; liquid nicotine and e-cigarette safety; protecting children from junk food ads; and dangerous complications of ear infections. We’ll also ask the question: are measles still deadly? We hope you can join us!

  66. Transitioning Your Teenager to Young Adulthood - PediaCast 4022018/04/26
    This week we consider the transition of teenagers to young adulthood. It’s important to start early and gradually encourage participation, critical thinking and responsibility. Clinical social workers, Michele Buck and Rebecca Furru, visit the studio to provide helpful hints on moving our children toward independence and autonomy. We hope you can join us!

  67. Pants-Wetting, Meat-Eating, Floor-Scooting, Doctor-Choosing - PediaCast 4012018/04/17
    We answer more of YOUR questions this week! Topics include toddler urinary accidents during the day, meat consumption in young kids, crawling and scooting instead of walking, and choosing the right doctor for your child’s care. We hope you can join us!

  68. Fatherly Stress, Hoverboards, Teen Drivers - PediaCast 4002018/04/10
    This week we explore more news parents can use! Topics include fatherly stress at the time of conception, safe infant sleep in the care of babysitters, hoverboard hazards, vaccination rates in those with autism, the effect of TV viewing at age two with health and wellness at age thirteen, and the impact of ADHD and conduct disorders on early teenage driving. We hope you can join us!

  69. Parenting with Science - PediaCast 3992018/03/07
    Tracy Cutchlow visits the studio to talk about her book Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science. Discover evidence-based recommendations on a variety of topics, including sleep, meal time, play time, discipline, exercise… and many more. We hope you can join us!

  70. Rare Genetic Diseases - PediaCast 3982018/02/28
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  71. Wintertime Blues - PediaCast 3972018/02/15
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  72. Red Blood Cells & Rocket Launches - PediaCast 3962018/02/08
    This week we answer your questions about laryngomalacia, noise sensitivity and G6PD deficiency. We also consider the recent test flight of Falcon Heavy and how watching a rocket launch can ignite a child’s love of science. We hope you can join us!

  73. Babysitting, Smartphones, Social Media and Happiness - PediaCast 3952018/01/31
    Dr Sara Ross, medical director of Safe Sitter, visits the studio to talk about babysitting classes teens can take to improve safety, skills and confidence. We also consider smartphones, social media and digital content… and their impact on happiness and mental health. We hope you can join us!

  74. Toddler Tantrums, Eye Injuries, Childhood Mortality - PediaCast 3942018/01/18
    Dr Brandy Hunt visits the studio this week to talk about toddler temper tantrums. We also consider influenza, eye injuries from non-powder guns, bariatric surgery and heart health, child mortality in the United States and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). We hope you can join us!

  75. Solid Foods, Window Blinds, Genetic Counseling - PediaCast 3932018/01/11
    More News Parents Can Use this week as we cover starting solid foods for babies, window-blind safety, anxiety with chronic medical conditions, and the ins and outs of genetic counseling. We hope you can join us!

  76. Hypothermia, Frostbite, Basketball Injuries - PediaCast 3922018/01/03
    Winter has arrived! This week, we describe warning signs for hypothermia and frostbite and provide tips on keeping kids safe when the temperature drops. The sports medicine team also visits the studio to discuss prevention and treatment of basketball injuries, including sprains and strains, torn ligaments, finger fractures and head injuries. We hope you can join us!

  77. Meet the Pharmacist & Giving Kids Medicine - PediaCast 3912017/12/20
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  78. Coco & Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures - PediaCast 3902017/12/13
    A trio of specialists visit the PediaCast Studio to discuss psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. Listen as we explore the presentation, work-up, treatment and long-term outlook for patients and families impacted by this condition. We hope you can join us!

  79. Kindness... According to Kids! - PediaCast 3892017/11/13
    It’s World Kindness Day! We are joined by editor-in-chief of Highlights for Children, Christine French Cully, to talk about the state of kindness… according to kids. Harvard developmental psychologist, Dr Luba Falk Feigenberg, also stops by to provide insight and practical tips on fostering kindness at home. We hope you can join us!

  80. Bee Stings, Emergency Care, Influenza - PediaCast 3882017/10/18
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  81. Food as Medicine - PediaCast 3872017/10/11
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  82. Top 10 Pediatric Symptoms - PediaCast 3862017/09/13
    Join us as we examine the top 10 pediatric symptoms. We consider possible causes, let you know when to worry and explore how providers determine a diagnosis and plan treatment. Are you ready for the fall and winter illness season? Listen and find out!

  83. Breakfast & Sports Nutrition - PediaCast 3852017/09/06
    Sports nutrition expert, Jessica Buschmann, joins me in the studio as we consider breakfast and food as fuel for student athletes. We discuss meals, snacks, supplements and hydration. You’ll hear tips on helping picky eaters and others at risk from poor nutrition. We hope you can join us!

  84. Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine - PediaCast 3842017/08/23
    Drs Kimberly Wolf, Jen Bryant and Frances Comer stop by the PediaCast Studio to talk about osteopathic manipulative medicine. We explore the differences (and similarities) between MDs and DOs and consider the utility of a “hands-on” approach for the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury. We hope you can join us!

  85. The Importance of Recess - PediaCast 3832017/08/16
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  86. The Do Nothing Summer - PediaCast 3822017/07/26
    Pam Lobley joins Dr Mike on PediaCast. She is author of the book Why Can’t We just Play: What I Did When I Realized My Kids Were Way Too Busy. We discuss the benefits, logistics and impact of pulling back and unplugging from an overly-scheduled family life. We hope you can join us!

  87. Sun Safety & Brachial Plexus Injuries - PediaCast 3812017/07/19
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  88. Drowning, Story Time, Dosing Errors - PediaCast 3802017/07/12
    This week we cover more pediatric news! Topics include drowning, colic and love, story time strategies, inactive teenagers, smartphones & parenting, lawn mower injuries and medication dosing errors. We hope you can join us!

  89. Hemophilia & Baby Sleep - PediaCast 3792017/06/21
    Dr Amy Dunn and members of the Homecare Factor Team visit the PediaCast Studio to talk about hemophilia. We explore the cause, diagnosis and treatment of this bleeding disorder and highlight the challenges these families face. We also consider baby sleep and a new room-sharing study that may impact safe sleep guidelines. We hope you can join us!

  90. Looking Out For Number Two - PediaCast 3782017/06/08
    Dr Bryan Vartabedian (Texas Children’s Hospital) joins us to talk about his new book, Looking Out for Number Two: A Slightly Irreverent Guide to Poo, Gas and Other Things That Come Out of Your Baby. The title speaks for itself, so please join us this week and learn all about baby poo!

  91. Kinship Foster Care - PediaCast 3772017/05/31
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  92. Lunch & Recess, Mobile Health Apps, Homeoprophylaxis - PediaCast 3762017/05/10
    More pediatric news and answers to YOUR questions this week. Topics include kids seeing everything, best practices for lunch and recess, mobile health apps, homeoprophylaxis as an alternative to immunizations, Hirschsprung disease and safe baby sleep that is family friendly. We hope you can join us!

  93. Scoliosis & EOS Imaging - PediaCast 3752017/05/03
    Dr Walter Samora joins Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio to talk about scoliosis. What causes this common condition? What symptoms result? How is it diagnosed and treated? Then we’ll explore the emerging technology of EOS imaging, which uses very low-dose radiation to create 3D pictures of the spine. We hope you can join us!

  94. Flame Retardants, Throwing Injuries, Alice in Wonderland - PediaCast 3742017/04/26
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  95. Infant Feeding Problems - PediaCast 3732017/04/19
    Dr Sudarshan Jadcherla stops by the PediaCast Studio to talk about neonatal and infant feeding problems. We consider common causes, diagnostic tests and evidence-based treatment strategies. Learn about abnormal swallowing, reflux and GI motility issues… in babies. We hope you can join us!

  96. Seizure Action Plan! - PediaCast 3722017/03/29
    Dr Dara Albert stops by the PediaCast Studio to remind us of the ins and outs of epilepsy, including types of seizures, methods of diagnosis, management options and seizure prevention. She also introduces the concept of the seizure action plan—a simple document that can make a big difference for parents, teachers and caregivers of epileptic children. We hope you can join us!

  97. Flag Football, Swimming Lessons, Color Blindness - PediaCast 3712017/03/22
    We have a big show for you this week! Pediatric news covers cat ownership & mental health, congenital heart disease & school performance, and flag football injuries. Then Lisa Armitage stops by the studio to talk about swimming lessons. Finally, we answer listener questions on color blindness, iron intake and vegetarian diets. We hope you can join us!

  98. Tongue Tie, Nosebleeds, Reading Skills - PediaCast 3702017/03/08
    This week we answer more of your questions! Topics include tongue tie & breastfeeding, enlarged adenoids and frequent nosebleeds. Then Dr Colleen Carroll joins us with tips on stimulating a child’s interest in books and strategies for boosting reading skills. We hope you can join us!

  99. Picky Eaters & Pet Medication - PediaCast 3692017/02/22
    Dr Lauren Garbacz visits the PediaCast Studio as we talk about picky eaters and other common feeding problems. When is picky eating a concern? How should parents engage their picky eater? And where can families seek additional help? Also covered this week: the danger of pet medication in the home. We hope you can join us!

  100. Abnormal Baby Heads - PediaCast 3682017/02/08
    Dr Gregory Pearson stops by the PediaCast Studio to talk about abnormalities of the infant head. We consider microcephaly and macrocephaly, along with the diagnosis and management of positional plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis. Big complex names, yes; but also fairly common problems. We hope you can join us!

  101. Teenage Attitude & Early Peanut Introduction - PediaCast 3672017/02/01
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  102. Whole Grapes, Autism, Marijuana Smoke - PediaCast 3662017/01/18
    Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for another round of pediatric news! This week we consider the danger of whole grapes, fasting as a cancer treatment, a cause of autism, reducing the pain of baby shots, a hearing test to diagnose concussion and consideration of second-hand marijuana smoke.

  103. Potty Training, Sports Drinks, Hearing Loss - PediaCast 3652017/01/11
    This week we answer YOUR questions. Topics include distracted drivers, early potty training, Tdap for adults, homemade sports drinks, ADHD behavior and conductive hearing loss. We hope you can join us!

  104. Ankle Injuries - PediaCast 3642017/01/04
    The Sports Medicine Team returns to the Pediacast Studio to talk about ankle injuries. We explore why the ankle is easily injured and discuss strategies for prevention in basketball players, dancers and gymnasts. We also consider strengthening, conditioning, rehabilitation and returning athletes to play. We hope you can join us!

  105. Infant Teething, Whole Milk, Scouts & Guides - PediaCast 3632016/12/14
    Join Dr Mike in the PediaCast Studio for our final show of 2016. This week we cover more news parents can use. Topics include lying on your back during pregnancy, infant teething, making the switch from whole milk to a low-fat variety, family media use and the benefit of scout or guide participation on a child’s future mental health. Happy holidays, everyone!

  106. Toxic Stress & Concussion Update - PediaCast 3622016/12/07
    This week we consider communication strategies for helping kids deal with toxic stress. We also cover concussions with Dr Kevin Walter, a concussion expert from the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. He recently visited Nationwide Children’s and stopped by the PediaCast Studio to talk about concussion care and guidelines for returning student athletes to action. We hope you can join us!

  107. Tip-Overs & Falls - PediaCast 3612016/11/30
    Dr Lara McKenzie stops by the PediaCast Studio to talk about indoor safety related to tip-overs and falls. We discuss the dangers of TVs and furniture, high chairs, bunk beds, stairs, baby gates and windows. And we consider ways of creating a safe home environment for kids of all ages. We hope you can join us!

  108. School-Based Asthma Therapy - PediaCast 3602016/11/23
    This week we review asthma (definition, cause, diagnosis, treatment, prevention) and explore the details of a unique school-based asthma therapy program (SBAT). Studio guests include Dr Beth Allen and Courtney Rowe. We hope you can join us… and best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

  109. AAP National Conference 2016 - part 3 - PediaCast 3592016/11/09
    Join us for our final installment of interviews with pediatricians across the country at the 2016 AAP National Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco! Topics include HPV vaccine, safe infant sleep, how pediatrics has changed, physician burnout and more insight into ADHD treatment.

  110. AAP National Conference 2016 - part 2 - PediaCast 3582016/11/02
    We’re back with more interviews with pediatricians across the country at the 2016 AAP National Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco. This week we cover toxic stress and resiliency, pediatric practice in a rural setting, and more insight into pediatric residency and physician presence in social media. We hope you can join us!

  111. AAP National Conference 2016 - part 1 - PediaCast 3572016/10/26
  112. Thirty-One Gifts & Girls Take Flight - PediaCast 3562016/10/19
  113. Fantasy Play, RSV, Room Scents - PediaCast 3552016/10/12
  114. The Athlete's Foot & Health Literacy - PediaCast 3542016/10/05
  115. Sick Kids & Child Care, Neck Injuries - PediaCast 3532016/09/14
  116. Childhood Vaccines - part 2 - PediaCast 3522016/09/07
  117. Childhood Vaccines - part 1 - PediaCast 3512016/08/31
  118. Cutting & Self-Harm - PediaCast 3502016/08/24
  119. 10 YEARS, Insect Bites, Parenting Books - PediaCast 3492016/07/19
  120. Water Safety - PediaCast 3482016/07/13
  121. Mealtime & Playtime, Pastoral Care, C-Sections & Allergies - PediaCast 3472016/07/06
  122. Full Moon, Taxi Rides, Preventing Cavities - PediaCast 3462016/06/22
  123. Cry It Out, Cuts & Scrapes, Herpes or Hand Foot Mouth - PediaCast 3452016/06/15
  124. Autism, Poison Safety, ADHD Meds - PediaCast 3442016/04/18
  125. Cough Medicine, Younger Siblings, Residency Training - PediaCast 3432016/04/13
  126. Video Games, Diaper Rash, Baby Bottles - PediaCast 3422016/03/30
  127. Lawn Mowers, Bedwetting, Guillain-Barre Syndrome - PediaCast 3412016/03/23
  128. School Performance, Brain Tumors, W-Sitting - PediaCast 3402016/03/02
  129. Chronic Fatigue, Palliative Care, ADHD & Tics - PediaCast 3392016/02/10
  130. Concussion, CAP4Kids, Zika Virus - PediaCast 3382016/02/03
  131. The Intuitive Parent - PediaCast 3372016/01/20
  132. Formula Intolerance, Fire Safety, Syrian Refugees - PediaCast 3362016/01/13
  133. Listener Question Marathon part 2 - PediaCast 3352015/12/17
  134. Listener Question Marathon part 1 - PediaCast 3342015/12/11
  135. Family Safety & Healing - PediaCast 3332015/11/18
  136. The Sports Medicine Team - PediaCast 3322015/11/05
  137. Talking To Children & Teens About Sex - PediaCast 3312015/10/28
  138. Screen Time, Bullying, Zip Lines - PediaCast 3302015/10/21
  139. The Vaccine War - PediaCast 3292015/10/14
  140. All About MRSA - PediaCast 3282015/10/07
  141. Scabies, Laughing Gas, Spinach Popsicles - PediaCast 3272015/09/02
  142. Picky Eaters, Joking & Pretending, Engaged Fathers - PediaCast 3262015/08/26
  143. Sports Nutrition - PediaCast 3252015/08/05
  144. Baby Names, Child Abuse, Vitamins, Sniff Test - PediaCast 3242015/07/29
  145. Baby Problems - PediaCast 3232015/07/15
  146. Poison Ivy, Tick Bites, Sunburn - PediaCast 3222015/06/24
  147. Caring Environment, Creative Play, Healthy Food - PediaCast 3212015/06/17
  148. BPA, Head Lice, Teen Driving - PediaCast 3202015/06/03
  149. Erythema Multiforme & Electromagnetic Waves - PediaCast 3192015/05/27
  150. Rugby, Rowing, Dancing, Running – PediaCast 3182015/05/20
  151. Nurse Practitioners – PediaCast 3172015/05/06
  152. Back Pain in Student Athletes - PediaCast 3162015/04/29
  153. Teen Suicide - PediaCast 3152015/04/15
  154. Chefs, Sharenting, Medical Marijuana - PediaCast 3142015/04/08
  155. Narcissists, Sex Education, E-Cigarettes - PediaCast 3132015/04/01
  156. Nursemaid's Elbow, Febrile Seizures, Sever's Disease - PediaCast 3122015/03/25
  157. Juvenile Arthritis - PediaCast 3112015/03/18
  158. Music Therapy - PediaCast 3102015/03/04
  159. Napping, Pizza, Carbon Monoxide - PediaCast 3092015/02/18
  160. Acting Out, Au Pairs, Rolandic Epilepsy - PediaCast 3082015/02/12
  161. Adult Congenital Heart Disease - PediaCast 3072015/02/04
  162. Common Cold, Concussions, Toy Safety - PediaCast 3062015/01/21
  163. Infant Fever - PediaCast 3052014/12/17
  164. Intelligence, Power Lines, Laundry Pods - PediaCast 3042014/12/10
  165. Doctors Teaching Doctors - PediaCast 3032014/11/19
  166. Infant Mortality, SIDS, Safe Sleep - PediaCast 3022014/11/12
  167. Ebola, Antibiotic Stewardship, Frozen Poop - PediaCast 3012014/11/05
  168. Childhood Apraxia of Speech - PediaCast 3002014/10/29
  169. Scoliosis - PediaCast 2992014/10/22
  170. Essential Oils, Anemia, Teething Pain - PediaCast 2982014/10/15
  171. New U, Play Strong, Ounce of Prevention - PediaCast 2972014/10/08
  172. Enterovirus D68, School Lunch, Soda Tax – PediaCast 2962014/09/24
  173. Asthma & Mobile Technology II – PediaCast 2952014/09/10
  174. Vending Machines, Video Games, Schoolyards – PediaCast 2942014/09/03
  175. Milk, Pregnancy Spacing, Psoriasis – PediaCast 2932014/08/27
  176. Constipation – PediaCast 2922014/07/30
  177. Indoor Tanning, Parents & Friends, Redesigned Well-Checks – PediaCast 2912014/07/09
  178. Child Life – PediaCast 2902014/06/25
  179. Speech Disorders – Nasal Speech & Velopharyngeal Dysfunction – PediaCast 2892014/06/11
  180. Growth Charts, Sinus Infections, Game Night – PediaCast 2882014/06/04
  181. Hirschsprung Disease – PediaCast 2872014/05/21
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