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blue beetle

  1. smashing dope ring 05/15/19402007/08/20
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  2. sabotage and liquidation 05/17/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. May 17, 1940. Sabotage and Liquidation. Part one. A new Army pursuit plane crashes, it looks like an inside job! The Blue Beetle is captured by Capt. X13, who plans to kill him along with the daughter of the president of the plane company. 15 minutes. Part 2. The Blue Beetle sinks the sabotage ship and rescues the beautiful girl. Frank Lovejoy, Paul Ford. 15 minutes
  3. murder for profit 05/22/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. May 22, 1940. Murder For Profit. Part one. An industrialist has been murdered on the operating table in hopes of manipulating the stocks of his companies. The Blue Beetle uses Formula X4 to melt the lock on a suspicious safe. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle is captured by the arch fiend Cochran, who plans to maim him for life! Frank Lovejoy, Paul Ford. 15 minutes.
  4. blasting the dynamite gang 05/24/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. May 24, 1940. Blasting The Dynamite Ring Part one. What is behind the series of explosions plaguing the city? The Octopus strikes! 15 minutes. " Part two. The mayor's son has been kidnapped, can nothing save the city from this criminal scum The Blue Beetle is almost roasted by an electric ray gun. Frank Lovejoy, Paul Ford. 15 minutes.
  5. invisible ghost 05/29/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. May 29, 1940. The Invisible Ghost. Part one. The Blue Beetle tackles a crooked slot machine gang. Dr. Franz is working on an invisibility fluid! 15 minutes. Part two. An invisible Blue Beetle breaks up a racket with the help of the invisibility fluid. Frank Lovejoy, Paul Ford. 15 minutes
  6. death rides on horseback 05/31/19402006/11/25
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  7. death strikes from the east 06/05/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. June 5, 1940. Death Strikes From The East. Part one. Tong Wars are being waged in Chinatown. The Blue Beetle looks toward the Orient to battle The Purple Dragon. Commissioner Warrens daughter has been kidnapped. 15 minutes. Part two. The Purple Dragon hosts a Chinese drama, with a human sacrifice for an encore! 15 minutes.
  8. sea serpent 06/07/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. June 7, 1940. The Sea Serpent. Part one. The Blue Beetle wears Dr. Franzs Poison Detector Ring and sets out to investigate reports of a slimey mystery off shore 15 minutes. Part two. Joan Mason, a reporter on The Chronicle, has been kidnapped. The secret of the serpents is revealed. 15 minutes.
  9. frame up 06/12/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. June 12, 1940. The Frame Up. Part one. The Blue Beetle uses the fluid of invisibility to visit an inmate on Death Row, about to burn for a murder he didnt commit. 15 minutes. Part two. The midget portable sound recording device is used to dismantle a frame. 15 minutes.
  10. spirits dont talk 06/14/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. June 14, 1940. Spirits Dont Talk. Part one. A medium named Professor Windrift claims he can speak with the dead. Danny uses the x-ray camera with the infra-red lens to photograph a murder. 15 minutes. Part two. The boss of the spirit racket plans mayhem for the Blue Beetle, but The Blue Beetle Knows Everything. 15 minutes.
  11. thoroughbreds always come through 06/19/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. June 19, 1940. Thoroughbreds Always Come Through. Part one. A long-shot named White Star wins an important race, then the jockey is arrested. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle visits the track, with a little paint remover. The Beetle gathers evidence with his portable television set. 15 minutes.
  12. smashing the arson ring 06/21/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. June 21, 1940. Smashing The Arson Ring. Part one. A one armed man is the clue to a burn for profit scheme. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle uses his portable wireless telephone and his ray gun to call for help from the bottom of a barge being filled with sand. 15 minutes.
  13. rounding up the payroll bandits 06/26/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. June 26, 1940. Rounding Up The Payroll Bandits. Part one. The Blue Beetle kills one of the gang holding up payrolls, but he also learns the first name of the leader of the gang. 15 minutes. Part two. The head of the gang is surprisingly revealed by the Blue Beetle. The gangster then commits suicide. 15 minutes.
  14. crime incorporated 07/03/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. July 3, 1940. Crime Incorporated. Part one. The Overlords Of Crime are planning to form a syndicate. The Blue Beetle infiltrates the gang and is hired by them to imitate...the Blue Beetle! 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle is unmasked and shot, but it's only a flesh wound. The Magic Ray helps the Blue Beetle break up the gang. 15 minutes.
  15. saved by a hair 07/10/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. July 10, 1940. Saved By A Hair. Part one. A dead cop provides the clue to a gang victimizing parolees. The Blue Beetle is captured and arrested. 15 minutes. Part two. A gang threatens the parole commissioners daughter by tying her to a log and pushing her through a buzz saw. 15 minutes.
  16. finesse in diamonds 07/17/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. July 17, 1940. Finesse In Diamonds. Part one. A genuine costumed hero of the comics on radio. The first episode of the story in which the Beetle tackles a stolen diamond case. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle recovers the Bannister diamonds, worth half a million dollars 15 minutes.
  17. sabotage incorporated 07/24/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. July 24, 1940. Sabotage Incorporated. Part one. The only suspect in a murder case is an anthropologist with an air pistol that fiendishly shoots a suffocating gas. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle strikes another blow for law and order. 15 minutes.
  18. smashing the restaurant racket 07/31/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. July 31, 1940. Smashing The Restaurant Racket. Part one. The Blue Beetle tackles a restaurant protection gang. 15 minutes. Part two. An aerial chase in an airplane piloted by the mayor himself puts an end to the head of the restaurant racket. 15 minutes.
  19. two rackets in one 08/07/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. August 7, 1940. Two Rackets In One. Part one. The Modern Trucker Protective Association and a poultry racket means double trouble for York City. The Blue Beetle is captured by a Mexican bandito. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle steals a bombing plane and attacks the leader of the rackets. 15 minutes.
  20. underworld goes underground 08/14/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. August 14, 1940. The Underworld Goes Underground. Part one. The Blue Beetle goes underground to find out why so many accidents are plaguing a tunnel project. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle breaks out of a decompression chamber and breaks up the racket. 15 minutes.
  21. dancing ghost of rocky hill 08/21/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. August 21, 1940. The Dancing Ghosts Of Rocky Hills. Part one. A ciphered message to the Blue Beetle sends him to a haunted house to investigate. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle solves the mystery of the dancing ghosts and a counterfeiting ring. 15 minutes.
  22. whale of pirates folly 08/28/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. August 28, 1940. The Whale Of Pirates Folly. Part one. The Blue Beetle tracks down a gang of smugglers and is thrown into the harbor, tied up in a net and left unconscious. 15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle captures a submarine disguised as a whale being used by smugglers. 15 minutes.
  23. asylum of doctor drear 09/04/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. September 4, 1940. Asylum Of Dr. Drear. Part one. The Blue Beetle is captured while trying to free a banker being kept imprisoned in an insane asylum.15 minutes. Part two. The Blue Beetle escapes from a straight jacket and frees the banker. 15 minutes.
  24. jewel mystery of channel island 09/11/19402006/11/25
    The Blue Beetle. September 11, 1940. Jewel Mystery Of Channel Island. Part one. The Blue Beetle begins an investigation of jewel robberies on an island resort. 15 minutes. Part two. Recovering from a hundred foot jump into the sea, the Blue Beetle captures the jewel thief. The last show of the series. 15 minutes.
blue beetle
The Blue Beetle is Dan Garrett, a rookie patrolman. Who, after being shot, was given a mysterious vitamin 2X that gave him the strength of 10 men. And, by wearing bullet proof blue chain mail, transformed himself into the mysterious Blue Beetle, a daring crusader for law. After his father was killed by a gangsters bullet, young Dan Garret joined the New York Police Department, but soon tired of the slow pace and red tape of police work. With the help of his friend and mentor, pharmacist and drugstore proprietor Dr. Franz, Dan acquired a strange mask and suit of impenetrable blue chain armour which was flexible as silk but stronger than steel, and began a second life, fighting crime as The Blue Beetle. His calling card was a small beetleshaped marker that he left in conspicuous places to alert criminals to his presence, using their fear of his crime fighting reputation as a weapon against them.

The Blue Beetle was created by Charles Nicholas. The character made his first appearance in August of 1939 in the comic book Mystery Men 1, published by Fox Features Syndicate. The Blue Beetle Radio Serial aired from 051540 to 091340 as a CBS. 30 minutes, syndicated series. Actor Frank Lovejoy provided the voice of the Blue Beetle for the first thirteen episodes. Later episodes were uncredited.

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