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  1. Saving Stories2007/04/03
    How to make your family reunion last a lifetime Hear three different ways to save family stories. They include creating a book, a video and a story montage. And hey, if you do not feel like creating the final product yourself, I know of three people who would be happy to assist you. Marianne Waller, Rosita […]
  2. Pedigree Analysis: Back to the Basics2007/02/26
    Can you prove that your grandparents are really your grandparents? Often genealogy can become a tangled web of people and places, dates and documents. New web sites and databases are available every day. Sometimes we need to stop and re-evaluate our basic goal. Generally that goal is to trace direct ancestry back in time. The […]
  3. Enhance Your Digital Archives2007/02/18
    Organizing genealogy computer files How do you arrange your genealogy computer files? Are they arranged so that you can easily file and retrieve your digital documents? Learn how setting up your digital archives, using naming conventions and attaching your documents to your lineage software can enhance the analysis of your documents. Also in this episode: […]
  4. Avoid Genealogy Deja vu2007/01/13
    Create a Better Research Workflow Life often gets in the way of our favorite pastime. We can not spend every waking moment researching our ancestors. How can you arrange your research so that we can easily pick up where we left off? How can you stop repeating the same steps over and over? Learn a […]
  5. The Genealogy Study Group Report2007/01/05
    A Way Forward (Genealogically) The Genealogy Study Group report was created by a mixed group of genealogical helping hands. They realize that our genealogical organization is not all that it can be. You are in a genealogical quagmire. Your ancestors are on the brink of a civil war. (If they have not already descended into […]
  6. New Episode Notification2006/12/26
    Join the Google Group!! Do you want to receive email notification when a new episode of Genealogy ON DEMAND is available? If the answer is yes then you can: Join the Genealogy ON DEMAND Google Group http://groups.google.com/group/genealogy-on-demand?hl=en, or Email me at genealogyondemand@gmail.com
  7. DNA Fun at Your Family Reunion2006/12/23
    Sharing DNA test results at your Family Reunion A family reunion is the most natural place to share your DNA test results. How do you capitalize on the excitement generated from learning your ancestral origins? Learn a variety of ways to engage your family, share history and send them home with cool mementos. Listen to […]
  8. Google Genealogy2006/12/15
    Getting the Most Out of Online Genealogy Use Google to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of genealogy, find ancestors and collaborate with other family history researchers. Also learn the top four ways that Google can help you to have a better family reunion. Also in this episode: News: win an iPod Nano, top […]
  9. How Researching German Ancestors is Different2006/12/08
    An Interview with James Beidler Pennsylvania expert and columnist James Beidler joins this genealogy podcast to discuss “How Researching German Ancestors is Different.. Learn more than a few interesting facts about German research and colonial America. Also learn how to create a plan to update your lineage software. Also in this episode: News: Sorenson Molecular […]
  10. Family Website vs. Family Blog2006/12/01
    Which is best for genealogy? Are you planning to create a website or a blog for your family? Not sure which to choose? Take a few minutes to learn whether you should be a webmaster or a blogger. Also, receive a plan on how to begin putting your family history on the internet. Also […]
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