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  1. Can you Think!2008/05/28

    Hip Hop hotness from an unlikely sauces.

    Hit me back and let me know what you think:
  2. Adrenaline Rush2006/07/19

    New and improved superboi.
    First track off new Demo Resurrection.
    I've change the concept of the podcast.
    I'll now be featuring some HOT instrumentals created by yours truly.

    Feed back is always encouraged!

    Get at me at superboi3@aol.com

  3. The Second Time Around2006/07/16

    Hitting you off with a new kinda sound for superboi.

    Check it out.

    Feed back at superboi3@aol.com

  4. All Night Long2006/07/05

    All night long is a fusion track, combining House Music and a little Techno.

    Hit me up at: superboi3@aol.com

  5. Pulled Your Card2006/06/23

    Hitting you off with the NEW AGE of hip hop. This is called Pulled Your Card!

    Get at me: superboi3@aol.com
  6. The Revolution Will Be Herd2006/06/20

    Playing the hottest music from unsigned artist from every where.

    1 Idle Chatter- SuperBoi
    2 Love?- Shadow
    3 I Can't Hold it back- SuperBoi
    4 Fire- Fame
    5 I want you back (Love lost)- SuperBoi
    6 2003- Shadow
    7 Can we Talk?- SuperBoi
    8 My Bitch- Shadow/ Fame on the track

  7. Chasing Dreams2006/06/20

    House music at it's finest!

    Feed back: superboi3@aol.com
Playing the hottest beats/music from unsigned artist from all over.

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