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Our Life in Christ

  1. Steve the Builder Begins!2009/01/15
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  2. Role of Laity in the Orthodox Church2008/10/07
    Kevin Allen of "The Illumined Heart" podcast here on AFR interviewed Steve on lay ministry in the Orthodox Church. As usual, Kevin asks the hard questions. Join Steve and Kevin for a frank discussion of the opportunities and yes, sometimes pitfalls of trying to do lay ministry in the context of the Orthodox Church.

  3. Encountering Mary, Part Five2008/09/22
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  4. Encountering Mary, Part Four2008/07/19
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  5. Encountering Mary, Part Three2008/07/04
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  6. Encountering Mary, Part Two2008/06/21
    In Part Two of our series on dealing with "Mary issues," the tardiloquent and equipotent Steve and Bill talk more about "the culture of the Kingdom," the language of the Church, and the development of the Marian doctrines in Church history.

  7. Encountering Mary, Part One2008/05/23
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  8. Interview with Fr. Gregory Jensen on Psychology, Part Two2008/05/09
    The second hour of an interview with Fr. Gregory Jensen on the use of psychology and the Orthodox spiritual life.

  9. Interview with Fr. Gregory Jensen on Psychology, Part One2008/04/30
    Steve interviews Fr. Gregory Jensen, an Orthodox priest and psychologist. Fr. Gregory discusses the place of clinical psychology within Orthodox spirituality, particularly as it relates to pastoral care and confession.

  10. Essence and Energy, Synergy Part 62008/03/24
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  11. Essence and Energy, Relics Part 52008/02/20
    We continue the discussion of essence and energy and give a very broad overview of the influence of the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle on Augustine and Aquinas and how philosophy has influenced the views of God in the West. We also discuss how the East and West's views of God manifest themselves in how we view creation and the human being's relationship to God.

  12. Podcast Promotion2008/02/17
    You can order the CD from Grace Brooks at goodnightgrace2006@gmail.com The cost is $12.50 plus shipping. Tell her you heard about it on Our Life in Christ!

  13. Relics Part 4: Persons, Essence and Energies2008/01/23
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  14. Relics Part 3: Essence and Energies2008/01/15
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  15. Relics Part Two, The Orthodox View of Salvation2007/11/05
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  16. Relics, Part One2007/10/19
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  17. Sola Scriptura on the Andrew Tallman Show2007/07/14
    Steve and Bill are once again invited to guest host the Andrew Tallman Show on KPXQ, a live Phoenix drive time Christian talk show. We decide to boldly go where no Evangelical talk show host has gone before. We discuss the topic of sola scriptura and during the program get a call from a suprise guest.

  18. Fr. Jonah on Why Be a Monk2007/06/27
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  19. Father Jonah on the Healing of the Human Person, Part 22007/06/12
    In part two of the conversation with Father Jonah we discuss the relationship of monasticism to the "normal" Christian life. The life lived in the Gospel is universally applied to all Christians, has the same goal and foundation, but is lived out in various ways.

  20. Father Jonah on the Healing of the Human Person, Part 12007/05/22
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  21. Fr. Jonah on Monasticism2007/05/10
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  22. Interview with Fr. Jonah on the Jesus Prayer, Part 22007/04/17
    In part two of the discussion of the Jesus Prayer, Fr. Jonah talks about the context of the practice of the prayer and some of the spiritual pitfalls and dangers of entering a discipline of prayer without spiritual direction.

  23. Interview with Abbot Jonah on the Jesus Prayer, Part 12007/04/02
    During a recent visit to St. John's Monastery, Steve recorded and interview with Abbot Jonah about the Jesus Prayer. In part one, Fr. Jonah discusses the Orthodox view of prayer that goes beyond "requests and praise." He also discusses the practice of the Jesus Prayer and the transformation of the human being which is a difficult and sometimes painful experience.

  24. We’re Back2007/03/05
    Steve and Bill offer indisputable evidence that they are still alive by breaking radio silence. Tune in and find out what has been going on for the last few weeks, and then join them in a discussion of "The Unseen Warfare," a Lenten discussion of the spiritual warfare.

  25. The Andrew Tallman Show Hour Two2007/01/25
    This is hour two of the Andrew Tallman Show that Steve and Bill hosted during Andrew's Christmas vacation.

  26. Steve and Bill Host a Protestant Radio Program2007/01/10
    Steve and Bill got invited to fill in for the vacationing Andrew Tallman, the afternoon drive time talk show host on 1360 KPXQ, the Phoenix area SALEM evangelical radio station. It is a two-hour show from 5 to 7pm, so we are posting the first hour of the program this week and the second hour next week.

  27. An Explanation of the Nativity Icon2006/12/23
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  28. Holy Spirit Part 22006/11/23
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  29. The Holy Spirit Part 12006/11/07
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  30. End Times Part 4: 666, Antichrist and the Beast2006/10/23
    In the last program of the End Times series, Steve and Bill try to tag team wrestle "the Beast" and the "Antichrist." It was a tough match-up, and the they left some marks on them, but not the trademark "666." And just what does "666" mean anyway? Tune in and see who has been marked as the Beast and the Antichrist through history.

  31. End Times Part 3, Rapture, Dispensationalism and Zionism2006/10/16
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  32. End Times Part 2, Church History2006/10/08
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  33. The End Times Part One2006/10/03
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  34. The Divine Liturgy Part 9: The Dismissal and Post Communion Prayers2006/09/25
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  35. The Divine Liturgy Part 8: Receiving Communion2006/09/17
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  36. The Divine Liturgy, Part 7: Pre-Communion Prayers2006/09/12
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  37. The Divine Liturgy, Part 6: The Epiclesis2006/09/01
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  38. Divine Liturgy Part 5: Lay Aside All Earthly Cares2006/08/25
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  39. The Divine Liturgy, Part 4: The Liturgy of the Faithful - The Great Entrance2006/08/19
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  40. The Divine Liturgy, Part 3: The Liturgy of the Word2006/08/08
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  41. The Divine Liturgy, Part 2: The Proskomide2006/07/29
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  42. The Divine Liturgy, Part 12006/07/22
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  43. A Tour of an Orthodox Church2006/07/10
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  44. Sacred Space2006/06/30
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  45. Personal Prayer2006/06/23
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  46. The Great Feasts2006/06/18
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  47. The Eight Tones2006/06/08
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  48. Prayer, The Daily Order2006/05/26
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  49. Scholasticism and Theology: The Difference Between East and West2006/05/21
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  50. Christ is Risen! Words From Holy Week2006/05/05
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  51. Christ is Risen! KPXQ Radio Program Segment2006/04/27
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  52. The Prayer of St. Ephraim - Patience, Love, and Not Judging Our Brother2006/04/14
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  53. The Prayer of St. Ephraim - Humility2006/04/07
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  54. The Prayer of St. Ephraim - Chastity2006/03/29
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  55. The Prayer of St. Ephraim - Lust for Power and Idle Talk2006/03/24
    We continue our discussion of the famous Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian and his plea for God to remove from him the "lust for power" and "idle talk". As is made clear from the sayings of the Fathers cited here, these sins are so well-rooted in our normal, everyday lives that raising our self-awareness regarding how and how often we commit them is a significant Lenten undertaking.

  56. Lent: The Prayer of St. Ephraim2006/03/18
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  57. The Purpose of Lent2006/03/09
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  58. The Filioque2006/03/03
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  59. Rome, Petrine Doctrine and the Orthodox Tradition2006/02/23
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  60. Answering Objections to Apostolic Succession2006/02/08
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  61. Apostolic Succession2006/02/03
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  62. Orthodox Ecclesiology2006/01/23

  63. The Orthodox Church’s View of Non-Orthodox Christians Part 42006/01/16

  64. Converts Part 32006/01/09

  65. Converts Part 22006/01/02

  66. Understanding The Virgin Mary - Part 32005/12/27
    This is the final program of the three-part series on Mary from our audio archives of our live program on KPXQ Phoenix. In this program we discuss several misconceptions about Mary and her place within the Christian Church through the ages.

  67. Converts Part 12005/12/08

  68. Confession Part 32005/11/25

  69. Confession Part 22005/11/21

  70. Confession Part 12005/11/14

  71. The Eucharist2005/11/07

  72. Original Sin2005/11/02

  73. The Sacrament of Baptism - Part 42005/10/26

  74. The Sacrament of Baptism - Infant Baptism, Part 32005/10/12

  75. The Sacrament of Baptism, Part 22005/10/04

  76. The Sacrament of Baptism, Part 12005/09/26

  77. Sola Sacramentalism?2005/09/12
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  78. Sacred Meals2005/08/29
    An interview with Fr. John Finley (www.sacredmeals.com)

  79. Incarnation, Sacrament and Salvation - Part 92005/08/22
    In the ninth part of the series on forming an Orthodox world view, Steve and Bill continue the discussion of the sacramental world view in light of the Incarnation and Trinity.

  80. Incarnation, Sacrament and Salvation - Part 82005/08/15
    In Part 8 of the series we discuss the foundations of a "sacramental world view" based on the dogmas of the Incarnation and Trinity. How does God relate to creation and thus to the human being through the Incarnation and how does this manifest itself in the sacramental life of the Church?

  81. Trinitarian Anthropology: Being as Communion - Part 72005/08/08
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  82. The Trinity, Incarnation and Nature of the Church- Part 62005/08/01
    We continue the discussion of the nature of the Church and the self understanding of the Orthodox Church as being the "one true Church". How does this concept fit within the modern concepts of the "mystical" or "invisible Church"? We also discuss the early Christological heresies and how they relate to the modern concepts of the Church.

  83. The Creed, Trinity, Incarnation, and the One Church Part 52005/07/25
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  84. The Creeds and the Sacramental Life - Part 42005/07/18
    In Part 4 we continue the discussion of the Creeds and the 7 Ecumenical Councils. In a broad survey of the first eight centuries we discuss why the Councils called and the specific issues the 7 Councils dealt with. Then we ask, "What practical application do the ancient Councils have for modern Christians?"

  85. The Creeds and the Sacramental Life - Part 32005/07/11
    In part three, we discuss the importance of the Creedal statements of the early Church. Are the dogmatic formulations of Trinity and Christology philosophical minor details for scholars or are they the very foundation of how we define EVERYTHING. Are Creeds divisive, intolerant and pointless or are they the basis for real unity in Truth?

  86. On the Spiritual Life2005/06/27
    An Interview with Father Damian

  87. Story Time for Father’s Day2005/06/20

  88. Trinity, Incarnation and Sacrament - Part 22005/06/13
    In part two of the series, we discuss different world views and philosophies that the Incarnational and Trinitarian Christian dogmas confront. We continue to discuss the importance of clear and precise dogma and what has happened to the concept of "sound doctrine" in the modern Christian world.

  89. Trinity, Incarnation and Sacrament: Dogma - Part 12005/06/06
    This is the first part of a nine-part series on forming an Orthodox world view that is founded on the dogmas of the Trinity, Incarnation and Sacrament. In part one we discuss the concept of "dogma" or doctrine. Is dogma important? How can we talk to modern people who believe they don't believe in "dogma"?

  90. Sola Scriptura and Tradition - Part 42005/05/30
    Part four of a four part series on "Sola Scriptura".

  91. Sola Scriptura and Tradition - Part 32005/05/16
    Part three of the four part series on "Sola Scriptura".

  92. Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future2005/05/02

  93. Sola Scriptura and Tradition - Part 22005/04/25
    Part two of a four-part series on an Orthodox response to the doctrine of sola Scriptura.

  94. Sola Scriptura and Tradition - Part 12005/04/18
    Part one of a four-part series on sola Scriptura. Steve and Bill discuss Hank Hanegraaff's (The Bible Answer Man) Christian Research Institute's piece on "What Think Ye of Rome" in which Norman Geisler and Ralph MacKenzie defend sola Scriptura. In this series of programs they show how and why the anti-Roman Catholic arguments for sola Scriptura do not fit within an Orthodox framework.

  95. Interview with Bishop Benjamin (OCA)2005/04/11

  96. First Visit to an Orthodox Church: 12 Things I Wish I’d Known - Part 42005/04/04

  97. Closed Communion: 12 Things I Wish I’d Known - Part 32005/03/28
    Frederica Mathewes-Green

  98. First Visit to an Orthodox Church: 12 Things I Wish I’d Known - Part 22005/03/21

  99. First Visit to an Orthodox Church: 12 Things I Wish I’d Known - Part 12005/03/14

  100. The Monastic Life2005/03/07
    An Interview with Hieromonk Damascene

  101. Overview of Lent2005/02/21

  102. Prayers to the Saints - Part 4: State of the Dead, cont’d.2005/02/14
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  103. Prayers to the Saints - Part 3: The State of the Dead2005/02/07
    How can we communicate with the departed saints if they are dead? What is the state of the departed according to the Scriptures? Are they concious, and if so, of what? Can they hear the petitions of those alive on earth? What do they do when people pray to them? These and other questions are actually answered in the Bible. Tune in and find out where.

  104. Prayers to the Saints - Part 2: Why Intercession?2005/01/31
    In this program we deal with the concept of prayer and intercession. What is prayer in the scriptures? Is "prayer" worship to be given only to God? What is intercession? Why are we commanded to intercede for each other? More importantly, who can intercede for us?

  105. Prayers to the Saints - Part 1: What is a Saint?2005/01/24
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  106. The Feast of the Theophany: Salvation of the Cosmos - Part 22005/01/17

  107. The Feast of the Theophany: Salvation of the Cosmos - Part 12005/01/10

  108. Best Of Sacred Music2005/01/03
    Music featured on Our Life of Christ

  109. Understanding The Virgin Mary - Part 22004/12/20
    In this program we continue the discussion of the Church's teachings regarding the perpetual virginity of Mary. This program was from originally broadcast live in December 2004 on KPXQ in Phoenix, AZ

  110. Understanding The Virgin Mary - Part 12004/12/13
    In the next three programs we deal with the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. This series is taken from our live broadcasts at KPXQ 1360 in Phoenix, AZ.

  111. Liturgical Worship: In Spirit and Truth?2004/12/06
  112. Liturgical Worship in the New Testament2004/11/29
  113. The Nativity Fast2004/11/22
  114. An Hour With Father Peter Gillquist2004/11/15
  115. Icons and Veneration2004/11/08
  116. Icons and the Theology of Light, the Orthodox View of Salvation - Part 22004/11/01
  117. Icons and the Theology of Light, the Orthodox View of Salvation - Part 12004/10/25
  118. Holy Tradition and Holy Scripture2004/10/18
  119. History of Icons2004/10/11
  120. Icons in the Orthodox Faith - Part 22004/10/04
  121. Icons in the Orthodox Faith - Part 12004/09/27
  122. Brokenness and Restoration2004/09/13
Our Life in Christ
Join program hosts Steven Robinson and Bill Gould for an hour of insightful discussion about Orthodox Christian faith and practice.

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