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  1. White House ‘Norms:’ Past and Present2018/09/14

    President Trump has famously violated traditional rules of presidential behavior. Now Barack Obama has broken the studied silence maintained by former presidents. He’s even attacked Trump by name. Warren explores the historical context and future implications with Tim Naftali, who once ran the Richard Nixon Library and Museum.
  2. Climate Change and Big Money for New Technology2018/09/12

    California leads the nation in reducing greenhouse emissions, but Governor Jerry Brown concedes that’s just the beginning. Will his global conference on climate change make any difference? Not without trillions of dollars, which will have to come from private investors. We’ll hear about some exotic technologies attracting that kind of money.
  3. The Supreme Court and the End of Judicial Restraint2018/09/06

    Senate confirmation for SCOTUS nominees has become a political circus. That’s because unelected judges have seized legislative powers--when Congress fails to take action. Ruth Bader Ginsburg says Roe v. Wade is bad constitutional law, even though she agrees with the outcome. Should abortion have been left to the voters? Will Brett Kavanaugh make a difference?
  4. Fascism in Trump’s America2018/08/30

    Adolf Hitler admired Jim Crow laws, segregation and other historic departures from America’s highest ideals. That’s detailed in, “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us Against Them.” Yale philosopher Jason Stanley says that President Trump is resurrecting ideas, rhetoric and practices from the past to divide Americans in the present.
  5. Can President Trump’s Climate Change Denial Survive Massive Wildfires?2018/08/23

    Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has admitted that climate change is a factor in this year’s massive wildfires. But President Trump continues pushing a disinformation campaign. That’s fueling the conflict between environmentalists and the timber industry over how best to manage America’s forests.
  6. Follow the Money2018/08/16

    President Trump promised to hire “the best people” and “drain the swamp” in Washington. But he’s setting White House records for firing his own staff, and it’s “business as usual” for many of those who remain. We’ll look beyond the trial of Paul Manafort.
  7. The Jewish State of Israel: Democracy or Apartheid?2018/08/09

    Israel’s recent “national unity” law calls the country “unique” to the Jewish people. But 21 percent of Israelis are Arabs. Do Jewish values conflict with pluralistic democracy? Jews in both countries are sharply divided over a question that goes to the founding of the “Jewish State.”
  8. Is ‘socialism’ dividing the Democrats2018/08/02

    From Bernie Sanders to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,“socialism” is having a hot summer. Is it the future of the Democratic Party or an easy Republican target? Prominent liberals and conservatives describe the history--and possible future--of a term loaded with many meanings in America’s political history.
  9. Cartoons, Comic Strips and Opinions2018/07/25

    Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is the latest editorial cartoonist to lose his job. Fired for harsh portrayals of President Trump. We’ll talk with him and look at another kind of cartooning: comic strips. Even when the kids don’t realize it, they’re political, too. They’re a highly sophisticated artform and a barometer of social change.
  10. Cyberwar: Can the US Defend Against “The Perfect Weapon?”2018/07/23

    By hacking centrifuges, the US may have slowed Iran’s nuclear-weapons program. But a good offense is not the best defense. Threats to US elections, the power grid and even medical records are real and present. But they’re not getting the attention they deserve. That’s according to the New York Times’ David Sanger, in his book The Perfect Weapon .
  11. Trump & Putin2018/07/19

    Even many Republicans say President Trump is beholden to Russia rather than the United States. Investigative reporters tell Warren that’s nothing new. Is Trump furthering his personal interests against those of the United States? Is that grounds for impeachment?
  12. Special: ‘Trump Baby’ flies over Big Ben…2018/07/11

    President Trump flies to Europe this week for meetings with NATO, the Queen and Russia’s President Putin. But the president won’t be the only Trump flying when he lands in the UK. An enormous, orange “Trump baby” balloon, complete with a diaper and cell phone is set to float just above the streets of London, for all to see. What else do British protestors have in store?
  13. On the road to SCOTUS: Politics trumps the law2018/07/10

    Conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation looks highly likely, but crucial issues won’t go away. The Supreme Court may see cases involving abortion, health care and the limits of presidential power. Can Democrats use upcoming hearings to dramatize what’s at stake--before November’s elections?
  14. Politics and ‘incivility’2018/07/04

    One Democrat wants Trump aides confronted in public over separating immigrant families. But her party’s leaders call that “incivility.” The question is: does moderation accomplish real change -- or is it a smokescreen for the status quo? When it comes to achieving racial equality, what’s worked and what hasn’t?
  15. Family migration and the politics of incivility2018/06/30

    Separating immigrant families at the border may be something new, but the US has never extended the “Good Neighbor Policy” to Central America. Clinton and Bush discouraged newcomers, and Obama was called, “Deporter in Chief.” We’ll provide context ignored in mainstream media coverage.
  16. Imprisoning our mentally ill?2018/06/21

    American jails and prisons have become hospitals for the mentally ill. A murderer doing 20 years at New York’s Sing Sing prison works with schizophrenics serving 24 months for misdemeanors. He tells Warren that sick people should be treated outside. The Sheriff in Chicago says it’s not just inhumane but a waste of taxpayers’ money. How did we get here? What can be done?
  17. Did Trump get conned by Kim?2018/06/13

    Six months after threatening nuclear warfare, “little rocket man” and the “dotard” were talking peace in Singapore. Beyond the hype, did President Trump and Kim Jong Un really mean it? A seasoned diplomat, a UN nuclear weapons inspector and veteran journalists provide contrasting assessments.
  18. Post primary wrap, what’s the takeaway?2018/06/07

    California’s billed as the heart of “resistance” to President Trump. But in this month’s Golden State primary, young and Latino voters stayed home. That’s produced a clash of voices between Progressive Democrats and Clinton-era Centrists. What will that mean come November with control of the Congress at stake?
  19. The politics of prison reform2018/05/31

    Prison reform is moving in Red States, Blue States and (maybe) on Capitol Hill. But America still incarcerates more people than any other country-- including China. Meantime, the Trump White House is divided. Jared Kushner is pushing sentence reform, while Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to stay “tough on crime.” What are the prospects for much needed change?
  20. California and America’s future2018/05/29

    Less than 10 years ago, historian Kevin Starr warned that California might be “the first failed state in America.” But, despite that dire prediction, the Golden State is now roaring back. Is California’s resurgence establishing pattern for America?
  21. Trump’s war on the FBI2018/05/24

    Donald Trump claims rogue FBI agents are part of a Deep State he accuses of “spying” on his presidential campaign. A former agent tells Warren the “the FBI doesn’t spy… it catches spies.” Shades of Watergate? Richard Nixon’s former White House lawyer, John Dean, says, “no way.”
  22. Touching down in fly-over country2018/05/21

    Dodge City, Kansas and Erie, Pennsylvania may have something in common. That’s just one surprise in “Our Towns,” a new book by James and Deborah Fallows. The veteran Atlantic magazine correspondent and his scholarly wife spent two weeks in each of 25 different cities. Their search for America’s character provides anecdotes, comparisons and distinctions after a journey of 100,000 miles.
  23. Diplomacy in Jerusalem, death in Gaza2018/05/16

    As the U.S. moved its embassy to Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers were killing unarmed protesters in Gaza. Good politics for Trump and Netanyahu, but how long will that last--especially if support for Israel becomes a partisan issue in the U.S.?
  24. Teachers are battling back2018/05/14

    Teachers are mad as hell in several red states. They’re walking out over cuts in pay and reductions in classroom support. It’s a grass-roots rebellion from West Virginia to Kentucky and Arizona. Will it renew support for the value of public education in a changing economy?
  25. After the Iran Nuclear Deal: Does Trump have a Plan B2018/05/10

    President Trump made good on a campaign promise. The U.S. is out of the “horrible” “one-sided” Iran nuclear deal. Can it stop Iran from restoring its nuclear program? Make diplomatic peace with allies in Europe? Convince North Korea the U.S. can be trusted?
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