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Party Truck USA

  1. Episode 107: Grace Jones Ride Repair2013/05/16
    In which we discuss: the Chillow, Goonies, Los Angeles Qs&A, the economics of porting retro video games, and Sadecki's venture into carneyhood.
  2. Episode 106: Drumline War Crime2013/04/18
    In which we discuss: Rich’s cabin fever, standing desks, Explosions in Jurassic Park, Team Sadecki: now and forever, Norm Macdonald, golfers with comedians’ names, personal pan pizzas: a thorough retrospective, Little Caesar’s black hole of sadness, celebrity photos, camping and the dangers of poison oak, the Risk of being friends with Rich.
  3. Episode 105: Skarsgard Foreheads2013/04/11
    In which we discuss: Self-Bonesing, Mucinex, sponjamas, Umbros, Jordy's March Madness bracket, naming Sadecki's fantasy baseball team, Leighton Meester eggs, Part of Your World, Rich embarrassing a child for no reason, Jurassic Park 3D, Simpson's Tapped Out.
  4. Episode 104: Minimum Two Baby Daddies2013/03/29
    In which we discuss: Sleep terrors, in class barfers, Cheaters' legacy, Batman '89, and North Korea.
  5. Episode 103: RIP Grumpy Cat2013/03/15
    In which we discuss: The Bachelor finale, medical marijuana, trending spree, pickle crazy, and the Party Truck curse.
  6. Episode 102: Speed Weed2013/03/07
    In which we discuss: the first Did-I-Do-That, Disneyland, text messaging and the decline of the human race, Jordy's SVU recap.
  7. Episode 101: Discover Your Pleasures2013/02/28
    In which we discuss: The Oscars, The Jordys, Guilty Pleasures or lack thereof, PB2, Chances Are, and Rich's possible repressions.
  8. Episode 100: Omelet Juice2013/02/24
    In which we discuss: car parking fiascos, auto-correcting texts, wrestling, Jordy's horrible business ventures, Coach interviews for a job, and the newest Bachelor update.
  9. Episode 99: Mouth Sounds Impersonator2013/02/15
    In which we discuss: NutriBullet, break out Lucille, the State of the Union, Jordy's Bachelor harem, The Walking Dead, Law & Order: SVU: Monster's Legacy, and Jimmy!
  10. Episode 98: Lick It, Stick It, See Ya Later, Bye2013/02/07
    In which we discuss: settling bets, snowboarding, Disney marathons, Super Bowl commercials, House of Cards, Scott Bakula, Bones.
  11. Episode 97: Hollow Earth Dot Biz2013/01/31
    In which we discuss: Fish McBites, pork futures, Jordy's back, Rich's nasty old The Crow t-shirt, Super Bowl bets, Sadecki's children's books.
  12. Episode 96: Babyback Maps2013/01/24
    In which we discuss: Lynch's spawn, Sadecki's new quest, the shrimp who stole Christmas, Space Team, white people in tsunamis, The Last Stand, and Stosh throwing his hat in the ring.
  13. Episode 95: President Will Smith’s Kid2012/12/20
    In which we discuss: Jordy's rollercoaster voice, Sadecki 3000, Best and Worst of 2012
  14. Episode 94: Cramps Sizzleton2012/12/13
    In which we discuss: Firing the first shot of our War on Christmas AND Hanukkah, Rich's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Joke, Sadecki's Sneaky Pete review of the Hobbit, an enlightened conversation on 2012 documentaries, Simpsons Tapped Out addicts, Show concepts we will totally get around to doing, and much more.
  15. Episode 93: Barbecue With Steaks2012/12/07
    In which we discuss: Jurassic Park, Fifty Shades of Grey: The Fucking Finally Final Chapters, CatRich, Lynch's Phone Friend, and a very bad day.
  16. Episode 92: Did you mean Stush Sadowski?2012/11/29
    In which we discuss: the Weetabix theme park, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Stosh, the holidays, hangovers, E Cigarettes, the Home Alone series, Tapped Out, and Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 22 and 23.
  17. Episode 91: How You Say?2012/11/26
    In which we discuss: Ice Cube's Black Friday, Lynch and Jordy's Delusion trip, Blackout LA, not my president, Simpson's Tapped Out, Manhattan live read, Gangnam Style, Is It Wednesday Yet?, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Fifty Shades of Gray: Chapters 20 and 21.
  18. Episode 90: Trevor?2012/11/09
    In which we discuss: taking the reigns, Cage Match 2012, boozie movie brainstorms, election predictions, daylight savings, which STD is which, Blackout!, faces of death, puppy roasts, Book of Mormon, Mormon Mormons, the last segment where we wrap up the show, we all get in our cars and leave after that, I go home, make some chicken, not much more to report.
  19. Episode 89: Spanking Raspberry Butts2012/11/02
    In which we discuss: tongues in jars, Halloween costumes, BlackoutLA, elections, Jordy's Wikipedia page, favorite porns, Sadecki's hopes and dreams, Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 18-19, Law and Jorder, Hop scandals.
  20. Episode 88: Factory of Nightmares2012/10/26
    In which we discuss: Holiday SFX CDs, Halloween costumes, A Christmas Story museum, The Toy, Haunted Corn Maze, Gremlins, Super Mario Bros., the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, Delusion: A Haunted Play (if you don't want spoilers skip to 60:07), Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 17 & 18.
  21. Episode 87: Little Butters2012/10/19
    In which we discuss: cacao nibs, pearl harbor, pearl bailey, Cage Match, Geography with Sadecki, Rich's mud run, Lynch bullying his neighbors, Arrow, Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 14-15, He Made One Up.
  22. Episode 86: I Chug Candy2012/10/11
    In which we discuss: Peter Gabriel, the S.M.A.R.T. team, E.T., and haunted theme parks.
  23. Episode 85: Talko2012/10/03
    In which we discuss: The greatness of the year 1985 movie wise, Brian's prom stories, 1985 movies again, Doug Benson's Avengers interruption, Rich grooms Derick for Sadeckihood, Cat in Tree, and Taco talk.
  24. Episode 84: Bernsen Bears2012/09/29
    In which we discuss: Where in the World are Sadecki and Rich, Brian's Harry Potter Box again, Growing up, Major League screening, Frank Oz, J.K. Rowling's Casual Vacancy release night plans, and Dredd.
  25. Episode 83: Holy Moses, Oysters!2012/09/20
    In which we discuss: Sadecki's conception, Disney films, Harry Potter Wizard's Collection boxed set, buyer's remorse, Lynch's meltdown, Lenscrafters, 50 Shades of Grey chapters 12-13, Cadbury Screme Eggs, our James Lipton interview, some other stuff, I dunno I kinda tuned out at the end, how have you been.
  26. Episode 82: Made Of Cats2012/09/13
    In which we discuss: unfortunate wedding photos, Pete & Pete reunion, Oogieloves, Coach, Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 10-11.
  27. Episode 81: Bathroom Needs2012/08/30
    In which we discuss: Iowa being stupid, Halloween III, Hollywood Horror Nights, Rich's colonic, Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 8 & 9, Butterbean Ham.
  28. Episode 80: All the Jordys2012/08/24
    In which we discuss: vocal exercises, Rich and Brian's sensory deprivation, Jordy's new acting career, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Dur Dur D'etre Bebe, Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 4-7, Tony Scott.
  29. Episode 79: For A Few Shades More2012/08/16
    In which we discuss: Smarty Truck USA, Fifty Shades of Grey: Chapters 2 and 3, the geography of the Pacific Northwest, favorite teas, Clayton’s, steamy car ride logistics, parent subsidized pornography, Skinemax, Real Sex, The Shark Is Still Working, The Raid: Redemption on DVD.
  30. Episode 78: 50 Shades of U.S.A.2012/08/09
    In which we try to discuss other things but only talk about Fifty Shades of Grey.
  31. Episode 77: Infinity Knives2012/08/02
    In which we discuss: Rich and Sadecki's rendezvous, The Dark Knight Rises, slash fiction, the Krispy Kreme Kontroversy, new Party Truck contest, and Raul Julia.
  32. Episode 76: We’re All Doozers2012/07/26
    In which we discuss: Chick-Fil-A, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Fun times in Orlando and Iowa, Jordy's fantastic new restaurant, and even MORE fantastic future body.
  33. Episode 75: The Big 75th Episode Episode!!!2012/06/28
    In which we discuss: Brian's cutting, abandoned episodes, Rich's summary song, Donkey Kong 3, Baby Pac-Man, This Is What A Monster Sounds Like, Rich Likes/Dislikes, Trending Spree, Brian's Sneaky Peaks: G.I.: Retaliation, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Is It Wednesday Yet?, Alan Moore and Harry Potter's flacid, electrical penis, Lego movie, Law and Jorder, Frequently Asked Titles, Top Tens: Comic Villains.
  34. Episode 74: Bandzer Wagoon2012/06/21
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  35. Episode 73: Grand Tickets2012/06/14
    In which we discuss: Hanksgiving, the Josh Baskins conundrum, homemade mace, bangarang pie, Toy Soldiers, Tootsie, The Boy Who Laughed at Tornadoes, M.A.S.K., Top Tens.
  36. Episode 72: Lizard Villain2012/06/07
    Info (Show/Hide)
  37. Episode 71: Star Wars 35th Anniversary Spectacular2012/05/31
    In which we discuss: new themes, kinds of Jordies, face eaters and gut chuckers, Kingdom Hearts, For Cereal, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Star Wars, Spaceballs, Cathy, Danzig as Wolverine, Trending Spree, iCarly, Keenan & Kel.
  38. Episode 70: Covered In Clown Bites2012/05/24
    In which we discuss: the bones of Giovanni Ribisi, copyright law, Jordy’s allergies, Rich’s home remedies, the new Spider-Man twist, Michael McKean, Stephen King, Lost, Flash Forward, The Event, The Nine, Girls, LA Complex, Game of Thrones, Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation, Veep, Community and Dan Harmon, Sweatpants, Pink Floyd, Rich’s web of lies.
  39. Episode 69: Faster Than An Echo2012/05/17
    In which we discuss: sexytime, cyborgs, Miyazaki, Airborne, Brian’s rib, American Gladiators, Guts, tales of anesthesia, roastin’ Twinkies, LA revival houses, Avengers, D Box seats, tiger trials, our new educational segments, plugs, good-byes, everyone says their own names, the last song, that’s it.
  40. Episode 68: The New Class2012/05/10
    In which we discuss: introducing the new class, wrestling contest results, political correctness, Transformer: The Ride in 3D, Spider-Man: The Ride, Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Six Flags Safari, The Turin Horse, The Avengers. Thanks to special guest stars: Bryan Strang, Derick Armijo, and Rob Lewis.
  41. Episode 67: Party Truck Wrestling Federation2012/05/03
    In which we discuss: flash sideways, Jordy's breakfast, The Definitive Guide to Party Truck, J.K. Rowling, Trending Spree: May, Glee, Harry Styles, Corporate Greedo, The Future is Now, Time Traveler, Dragon's Lair, The Avengers, HItler and Jackie O, Lynch's intervention, wrestling contest, XPT, The Vow
  42. Episode 66: Potter Truck UK2012/04/26
    In which we discuss: Order 66, Jaws, Pottermore.
  43. Episode 65: Party Truck Civil War2012/04/19
    Info (Show/Hide)
  44. Episode 64: M.U.S.C.L.E.2012/04/12
    For Cereal: Chocolate Weetabix, Party Truck Poster Contest, Nintendo64, Jack Tramiel, Terminator Part 1: McGee's Salvation, Is It Wednesday Yet?, Avengers vs. X-Men, Jordy's Gregarious Spider-Man, The Court of Owls, Top Tens: Shorts, Mad Refunds on the Turbo T, Favorite Wrestling Video Games, M.U.S.C.L.E., Ain't It Cool web series
  45. Episode 63: Shockmaster Returns2012/04/05
    Trending Spree topics: Lightning US release, #shewannaleaveALREADY, RAW, Toonami, Twitter Hoes, Erica Rapping.
  46. Episode 62: What’s the Score?2012/03/29
    In which we play America's new favorite game: What's the Score?
  47. Episode 61: Gallagherspeed God2012/03/22
    Sadecki's pre-show prep, Dennis Pepper, Mr. Roid Rage, doggy torture vest, fake endings, needle dicks, facials, Top Tens, Jordy's sour grapes, Party Truck movie poster contest, Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles, Gallagher.
  48. Episode 60: So Bad At Liquids2012/03/15
    Special guest, Bryan Strang, the magic of number 60, embarrassing voicemails, Rich's road rage, blowholes, crying at movies, Magneto hands, Top Tens, The Tastebud Challenge.
  49. Episode 59: Zits Ain’t Bad2012/03/08
    Sharing a mic, early bird specials, Top Tens, U.S. Acres, the Weetabix commercials, fan shoutouts, describing each other for the blind, a sad, disturbing Sunday Funnies Sunday, Count Vaguely's job interview, ImprovJam, V2K2, The Wall, Donal Logue, Donatello, Avengers sneaky preview.
  50. Episode 58: Slaw Hoes2012/03/01
    Bike tricks, For Cereal: Trader Joe's High Fiber Fruit & Nut Multigrain Medley and Wheatabix, our weaknesses, shoutouts, Juan Luis Guerra, slaw hoes, Revolution X, astrology, Rich's killer bits.
  51. Episode 57: Melk2012/02/23
    Thorazine Jordy, Jane Pauley: comic strip groupie, For Cereal: Lucky Charms, Jordy's lack of cereal taste, explaining Doonesbury, Popeye: The Movie, creepy kids movies, oolee boolee, Lady and the Tramp, Rich's Red Shoe Diaries, best Boner Jamz, Top Tens, and Mr. Belvedere's testicles.
  52. Episode 56: Chapa Chawa2012/02/16
    Special Strangs, a deranged Jordy and his flawless Katharine Hepburn impersonation, A Better Place, Stivo, For Cereal: Cocoa Nuggets, Dino Fun Facts, John Ritter as George Jetson, Sadecki Explains Doonesbury, Top Ten things that aren't The Great Muppet Caper, SVU Recap: Personal Fouls, Comic Book Men, Star Wars: Phantom Menace 3D, chapa chawa, the globe of peace, Frequently Asked Titles.
  53. Episode 55: Playtime Poppy2012/02/09
    Can't Drive 55, lost boys, For Cereal: Apple Jacks, Sunday Funnies Sunday, Jordy Explains Doonesbury, boob ladies, the Doonesbury musical, highschool plays, Playtime Poppy, Mad Libs, the Digiorno commercial, Superbowl commercials, The Avengers trailer, IMAX, Zalman King, Rich's sexy midnight story, Frequently Asked Titles.
  54. Episode 54: America Says Hey2012/02/02
    Sadecki’s lost lines, For Cereal, Sunday Funnies Sunday, Jordy explains Doonesbury, listener questions, comic book frozen dinner tie ins, Blues Brothers vs. Ghostbusters, fairy tales, Groupon stories, tales of Groupon and butt tubes, Madlibs.
  55. Episode 53: I’m Untouchable, Baby2012/01/26
    Retroactive New Year’s resolutions, Sadecki and other celebrity breakups, Fresh Prince opening races, Stella, Rich puts divorce in perspective, rollercoaster safety, muggings, Rich closes the blinds, Sunday Funnies Sunday, Jordy explains Doonesbury, the gifting suite, Drew Peterson: Untouchable, Red Tails, Six Degrees of St. Elsewhere
  56. Episode 52: Rapatory Statutes2012/01/19
    Sadecki on the lam, Funny Sunday Funnies, Family Circus, book fairs, Blockbuster hidden gems, Jordy explains Doonesbury, Stuff Sadecki Likes, Sleep No More, a very special Law & Order: SVU, Adopt-A-Twitterer
  57. Episode 51: Newspapers are on, like, microfilm somewhere2012/01/12
    Slow rappin', new theme song, Jordy's bug, 2012: A Year In Revyou, Jordy's Dog Days with Rich Monahan, Sunny Funny Sunday Funnies, Rich's interview with Bane and Jonathan Davis, PT TeeVee, and mouth slappies.
  58. Episode 50: Honey Tree Evil Eye2011/12/21
    Info (Show/Hide)
  59. Episode 49: America Gets the Clear Balls2011/09/23
    The reboot, unsexy vampires, new costumes, oatmeal podcasts, back to school, MC Hammer and Don Johnson, cliques and bullies, Cedar Rapids and its dangerous terrain, pool table Baby Jessica, lady pants and hypercolor, Jordy Googles, After Party Fuck P.U.S.S.Y., the DC relaunch, Faith Ford, Ninja Turtles, Vampire's Kiss and Nic Cage crazies, Hidden Gems.
  60. Epiosde 48: Coma Dream Twist2011/08/29
    Jealous Richie, table shakes, what's new on the internet, jingle contest, tiny fuppets, Attack the Block, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Andy Serkis face smoosh, Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man 2, biracial Spider-man, comic book deaths, SCC news, Swing Kids, Misfits, how Green Lantern is still bad, the worst movies of the year, Hop bootlegs, Puss in Boots, and TMNT.
  61. Episode 47: The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon? Marshmallow?: Grown-up2011/07/13
    Info (Show/Hide)
  62. Episode 46: Couples Skate2011/07/07
    Wrapping up the PTUSA arcs, Heathcliff vs. Garfield, THE PARTY TRUCK MUSIC CONTEST, Brian and Brian almost kissing, Is It Wednesday Yet?, Comic-Con snubbin', fitchykinsbustedatthiswebsite.com, first crushes, Jordy's teen line, couples skate, Rich's ironic crush, Groundhog Wednesday, calling your Stiles, Six Proms, Dancin' Shoes, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Prom Mom, Leighton Meester News.
  63. Episode 45: I Should Have Stole His Yellow Bones2011/06/28
    Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Blake Lively, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Green Lantern.
  64. Episode 44: Ballad of the Cross-eyed Albino2011/04/19
    Info (Show/Hide)
  65. Episode 43: Elmo, Beloved Dick-Tickler2011/04/10
    Podcast bingo, gypsy cake, eBay, ballmarangs, muppet steak, Ron Silver, cameos, courtroom artists, Jordy zoning out, Tickle Me Elmos, Celebrity Apprentice, Jordy's Doggy Corner, Leighton Meester News, the worst restaurant idea ever, Is It Wednesday Yet?, The Walking Dead, Sweet Tooth.
  66. Episode 42: We the Pleeples2011/04/04
    Info (Show/Hide)
  67. Episode 41: Jordy Fun2011/03/24
    Judge, Jordy, and Executioner recap, Textbook Bogguss, engagement etiquette, history's first podcast, online dating, charm monsters, Dave Foley, Just The Ten Of Us update, Limitless, Paul, Win Win, Hop premiere, bullies, perms, Hawaiian shirts, confetti pants, Urkel shirts, and gymnastics.
  68. Episode 40: Judge, Jordy & Executioner2011/03/15
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  69. Episode 39: Teeth Whistles2011/03/09
    Info (Show/Hide)
  70. Episode 38: Lemon Knees2011/03/02
    Fishing, fucking waves on lakes, vomit mouth, death chimps, bachelor parties, Fishy Centipede, Demolition Man, Planet Hollywood, Fever Dog, Mr. Bangs, Party-Truck-in-a-minute, Space Dude, Superfish Swordfish and Sonic the Hedgehog, Ed, Bud Baxter, New Jizz City, They Came From Uranus, Francis the Visionary, VHS dubbing, and Cup-O.
  71. Episode 37: Shrove Tuesday2011/03/02
    Saved By The Bell switcheroo, got a minute, the Oscars, The Jetsons, Gatoroid, Harvey Weinstein's human suit, Charlie Sheen's fire breathing fists, The Chase, Julian Sands, Gnomeo & Juliet, SNL musical guest/host combos, Drive Angry, Take Me Home Tonight, Beastly, Leighton Meester News, Party Truck Book Club, Secret Origins.
  72. Episode 36: Inward Princess Burp2011/02/25
    Six Flags Magic Mountain, Rich and Sadecki’s snowboarding trip, breakfast cereal (yes, again), ET-X, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, Raven Symone, Threat Level Midnight, Dead Island, Zombies vs Robots, Fantastic Four, Ultimate Spider-Man, Watchmen 2, Batman Inc., Spike 5, Preacher: The Movie, Lampshades, Leighton Meester News.
  73. Episode 35: Red Football Face2011/02/18
    Nate’s Party Truck song, Stroke girl, Brian still hasn’t listened to the last episode, Angry Naked Pat, Comic Strip Land, breakfast cereal marketing tie-ins of the 90s, Biz Markie’s fictional cereal, Hop, Captain America, X-Men: First Class, Thor, Mars Needs Moms, Johnny Storm, The Cape, Wonder Woman, Leighton Meester News, Spoiler Goose contest, SNL, What’s in Sadecki’s Mouth?, Pop Sickles.
  74. Episode 342011/02/08
    It’s Super Bowl Sunday and we are Lynchless. Wacky foreign neighbors. The NFL team quiz. The Eagle. Gnomeo & Juliet. Cedar Rapids. Community. Chevy Chase. John Landis. Jersey Shore. Rose Perez. Rich Likes/Dislikes. Secret Origins. Leighton Meester News.
  75. Episode 332011/02/02
    Info (Show/Hide)
  76. Episode 322011/01/27
    Forty minutes after the Power Hour, Party Truck USA is back to bring you the most incoherent episode yet. Join us for a reprise of Secret Origins, some of the Party Truckers' dating history, and Rich's descent into drunken madness.
  77. Episode 312011/01/25
    Party Truck USA embarks on a very special journey: The Power Hour. Four podcasters. One special guest. Sixty shots of beer. One hour. Several pending apologies. Please enjoy!
  78. Episode 302011/01/18
    Party Truck reviews new TV shows (The Cape, Episodes, Shameless, Bob's Burgers and Californication) and pitches a new show of its own.
  79. Episode 292011/01/02
    Party Truck manages to get a semi-exclusive interview with Spider-Man catastrophe-observer and Party Truck host, Brian Lynch, mere WEEKS after the event that captivated a nation.

    Special guest Bryan Strang weighs in on 2010 in film. And a star is born as Spoiler Goose joins the Party Truck stable of animals that warn you about spoilers.
  80. Episode 282010/10/28
    Lynch recounts his recent trip to Japan in rich, butt-watery detail. Rich talks about his new living tomb. Plus a review of Jackass 3-D and details about the upcoming Angry Naked Pat animated series.
  81. Episode 272010/09/21
    Party Truck dishes about the summer sleeper, Virginity Hit; discusses the soul-crushing video game, Limbo; and answers viewer questions.
  82. Episode 262010/09/13
    Party Truck catches up after an action-packed summer. The truckers discuss the pop culture phenomenon of The Lady Gagas and the summer's biggest blockbuster: Big Helium Dog.
  83. Episode 252009/12/15
    The 2009 Party Truck USA Christmas Spectacular - Jersey Shore, Best Of and Worst Of 2009 Movies, Blackest Night
  84. Episode 242009/09/21
    In this very special Party Truck, the Truckers discuss the end-of-summer movies and, in a way, the end of their innocence.
  85. Episode 232009/07/20
    Party Truck is back. In this episode, the truckers dish about Watchmen, Green Lantern, Transformers 2, Terminator: Salvation, texterventions, and Mars...
  86. Episode 222008/12/17
    Party Truck dishes about Christmas plans, Rich's sleep crazy things, TOYS!, Santa, Punisher: War Zone, and attempt to answer listener questions.
  87. Episode 212008/11/17
    Party Truck dishes about their lack of ratings, Rich not being famous, Facebook questions, The Happening, Related Podcasts, Left 4 Dead demo, and Cake dinners.
  88. Episode 202008/11/07
    In this special episode, Richard learns a valuable lesson about keeping your friends close... and you enemies friendly.
  89. Episode 192008/11/02
    Halloween comes early for listeners who like special guests.
  90. Episode 182008/10/14
    We're back and we're chronicling everything that has happened in the past year and a half. Enjoy!
  91. Episode 172007/05/24
    Summer: Now For Pale Nerds
  92. Episode 162007/05/11
    We make-a the funny, yes?
  93. Episode 152007/05/08
    The quest for the list.
  94. Episode 142007/04/26
    Jordy admits that he made up half of the shit he said.
  95. Episode 132007/01/30
    Jordy discusses the Goth nightclub scene.
  96. Episode 122007/01/22
    The Party Truckers take the simplest ingredients to make fun soup!
  97. Episode 112007/01/15
    Bryan Johnson joins Party Truck to talk about his new comic and to share secrets.
  98. Episode X-Mas2007/01/12
    Remember Christmas? No? Here's a little reminder.
  99. Episode 92006/12/18
    We take a look at 2006 and all it's had to offer. Man, oh, man was it ever a year long.
  100. Episode 82006/12/11
    John burns some bridges. Cougar joins the group. Lynch settles into lameness.
  101. Episode 72006/11/20
    The Party Truckers talk about what they’re thankful for.
  102. Episode 62006/11/13
    The Party Truckers preview Casino Royale and Happy Feet. Jordy opens up. Brian Lynch's friends betray him.
  103. Episode 52006/11/05
    The Party Truckers are up all night and waiting for you to call. Pick up the phone. Also, there's some comic stuff and some awesome treats.
  104. Episode 42006/10/29
    The Party Truckers give you a case of the deep-down spookies in a very special Halloween episode.
  105. Episode 32006/10/22
    John Dalton joins in on a very special Party Truck USA.
  106. Episode 22006/10/13
    The Party Truckers tackle this week's tv, film, and comics. Also, Rich thinks he sees a monster.
  107. Episode FUN!2006/10/09
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Party Truck USA – A podcast
Brian Lynch, Richard Monahan, and Brian Sadecki take on the big questions.

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