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Working to Beat Hell

  1. WTBH #203: Active Waiting2016/12/11
    Advent is a season of waiting. Fr. Brian explains that for Christians this waiting is not passive, but active, as we eagerly anticipate Christ's return.
  2. WTBH #202: Jesus Christ King of the Universe2016/12/11
    Proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the King of the Universe is a paradox. Fr. Brian explains what it means, and how this proclamation impacts our decisions and actions.
  3. WTBH #201: The Apocalypse, The Election and Fear2016/12/11
    As our readings become more apocalyptic, and our nation is shown to be divisive, many people give into fear. Fr. Brian explains that Christianity is not marked by fear but by self-giving love.
  4. WTBH #200: The Eschaton, Love and Marriage2016/12/11
    The Sadducees ask Jesus whose wife the woman will be, if there is a resurrection. Christ exposes their misunderstanding of the life of Heaven. Fr. Brian explains how our lives must be modeled on love, so as to give witness to the resurrection.
  5. WTBH #199: Salvation Comes to Your House2016/12/11
    Jesus' encounter with the tax collector Zacchaeus serves as a model for the way in which Christ breaks into our lives. Fr. Brian explains how salvation comes to us, when we allow Christ to enter our lives, and bring about a sincere and profound conversion.
  6. WTBH #198: The In-Breaking of God's Kingdom2016/10/10
    Fr. Brian speaks about the way in which the 9 thankless lepers missed the significance of what happened to them. He questions whether we are like them when we use science and technology, but fail to see the in-breaking of God's kingdom.
  7. WTBH #197: Wealth and Accountability2016/10/10
    Fr. Brian preaches on the Gospel of the rich man and Lazarus, and calls us to become accountable for the many good things we have received.
  8. WTBH #196: The Body and Blood of Christ2016/06/01
    The Eucharist is the font and apex of the Catholic faith. It brings us into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Fr. Brian explains the importance of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
  9. WTBH #195: Triune Relationship of Love2016/06/01
    Homily preached on Trinity Sunday speaking about the loving relationship within the Trinity.
  10. WTBH #194: Pentecost Challenge: Proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord!2016/05/18
    On the Solemnity of Penetcost the Holy Spirit provided the Apostles with the strength and fortitude necessary to proclaim the Gospel. Fr. Brian urges all Catholics (and all Christians) to boldly proclaim the kerygmatic message that Jesus Christ is Lord!
  11. WTBH #193: Strange, but Wonderful God2016/05/18
    On the solemnity of the Ascension, Fr. Brian Carpenter speaks of the fact that God is both strange and wonderful.
  12. WTBH #192: My Peace I Give You2016/05/02
    The Peace of Christ is different from other forms of peace. It is a true and lasting peace that is rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Fr. Brian speaks of this peace, and how it can remain with us even in difficult moments.
  13. WTBH #191: New Commandment of Love2016/04/25
    Jesus gives us a new commandment - to love one another. Fr. Brian preaches on  the Christian understanding of love, and how we must be people of love.
  14. WTBH #190: Relationship with the Good Shepherd2016/04/25
    On Good Shepherd Sunday, Fr. Brian speaks of the need to form a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, so that we can know His voice, and follow His commands. Doing so will bring us to eternal life.
  15. WTBH #189: Religion in the Public Square2016/04/11
    In the United States, people often attempt to reduce religion to a  private matter that should not be mentioned in the public realm. Fr. Brian explains why this is not possible for a Christian, as Christianity is a public religion.
  16. WTBH #188: Sin and Mercy2016/04/03
    In order to understand the depths of God's Divine Mercy, we must come face to face with our own sin.
  17. WTBH #187: Light and Darkness2016/04/03
    The theme of Light and Darkness is on display in the Easter Vigil Mass
  18. WTBH #186: Enter into Holy Week2016/03/25
    Although not obligatory, the Holy Week liturgies, especially the Triduum, help us to enter more deeply into the Passion of Christ. While this may be uncomfortable, it will ultimately lead us to more fully appreciate the love behind Christ's Resurrection on Easter Sunday.
  19. WTBH #185: Restoring God's Glory2016/03/13
    Jesus restores the Glory of God to its proper place. This theme is seen in his encounter with the women caught in adultery, where Jesus exposes the sinfulness of a rigorous legalism that neglects the purpose of the law - union with God.
  20. WTBH #184: Repent or Perish2016/03/13
    Jesus instructs His listeners that if they do not repent from their sins, they will perish. Fr. Brian explains how repentance from sin is necessary for uniting us with God.
  21. WTBH #183: Transfiguration, Eucharist and Relationship2016/02/21
    The Transfiguration is one of the central events in the life of Christ. Fr. Brian explains how understanding the Transfiguration can bring us into a closer relationship with Christ.
  22. WTBH #182: Temptation in the Desert2016/02/14
    Fr. Brian Carpenter speaks about the temptations of Christ and places them in the context of the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
  23. WTBH #181: Discovering Your Vocation2016/02/14
    Fr. Brian Carpenter speaks about vocations. He stresses that every Christian has a vocation to enter into an intimate relationship with Christ.
  24. WTBH #180: The New Adam and the New Eve2016/02/14
    Fr. Brian Carpenter explains the Miracle at the Wedding in Cana. In this miracle Jesus is the New Adam, and Mary the New Eve instructs us, “Do whatever He tells you.”
  25. WTBH #179: Beloved – Identity through Baptism2016/02/14
    On the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Fr. Brian Carpenter speaks about the manner in which baptism revealed Jesus’ identity, and the manner in which it reveals our own identity as God’s beloved.
Working to Beat Hell
This site contains Fr. Brian Carpenter's Homilies geared towards helping you grow in your Catholic Faith.

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