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DJ Jayson B~

  1. DJ Jayson B - Cacophony2009/01/18
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  2. M4M DJ Jayson B2008/09/28
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  3. THE AFTER - DJ JAYSON B2008/05/04

    01. Shout & Fight (Joy Marquez)
    02. Bilingual (Main)
    03. Africa (Original)
    04. Break You (Original)
    05. Black Man in Space (Sax Mix)
    06. Bring It On (Main)
    07. Kingdom (Rosario Queendom Dub)
    08. La Noche (D-Formation Beat Freak)
    09. Body Sensations (Tribalishious Electro Funk)
    10. Senza Me (Jose Spinning Iberican)
    11. Deep Into Your Soul (Original)
  4. Sunset GROOVE - DJ JAYSON B2007/06/06
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  5. The Sound of SIN2007/02/15
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  6. SOUL IN THE CITY2006/12/31
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  7. SONIC DJ B~2006/11/23
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  8. VIBE DJ B~2006/10/16
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DJ Jayson B~
1. January 18, 2009 Cacophony, a mainstream tribal set that should resonate well with all the hot shirtless men.

2. September 28, 2008 A deep, dark, tech infused first quarter leads to a harder more progressive tribal end.

3. May 4th 2008 THE AFTER,
A gritty, deep, dark, hard, creepy, tribal & electro set. This is New York after-hours.

4. June 6th 2007 Sunset GROOVE, named after the hippest party of 2006 (that sadly didn't last). This set is a curious mixture of old and new, deep and piano, with an elctro edge.

5. February 14th, 2007 The Sound of SIN A tribal & progressive set, including many tracks that moved the 1500 plus audience at SIN 3 on Feb. 10th in Austin, TX. Fans of mixing will LUV the 3.5 minute transition from track 8 to 9.

6. December 30, 2006; SOUL IN THE CITY. A primarily proper house set, including some of the biggest tracks of 2006 and some older classics. Recorded at Sunset Studios in Austin TX.

7. November 23, 2006; **SONIC** A progressive and tribal set recorded live at Sunset Studios ATX. This recording is BIG ROOM and aches to be played at high volume to truly appreciate it's energy. DJ B~ uses PEAK for capturing studio sets.

8. October 15, 2006; ((VIBE)) A soulful proper HOUSE set recorded live at Sunset GROOVE.

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