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Daily Giz Wiz (2009-Winner,Comedy,People Choice)

  1. Episode #1851: Lots of Assembly Required2021/10/01
    On this week’s show three new fun toys for kids from the day of play sweet suite in-person event!
  2. Episode #1850: A Toasty Mess2021/09/24
    Ever Hear of Toaster Bags? Plus, a What The Heck Is It. And a gadget from our biggest fan!
  3. Episode #1849: It's Five Past Five Somewhere2021/09/17
    Dickie De has a six-in-one survival gadgets, Chad takes cord-cutting literally, and a new dual-screen experience for your laptop.
  4. Episode #1848: A Flippin’ Good Show2021/09/10
    This is a triple What The Heck Is It? show and Chad shows off his second gadget for your tech!
  5. Episode #1847: Banks for Nothing2021/09/03
    On this week's show we start with what is billed as “the fastest way to make coffee!” and Chad introduces a new September theme!
  6. Episode #1846: Grab A Slice2021/08/27
    On this week's show we start with the fun Let's Glow Kit!, a what the heck is it, and Chad's last gadget for August.
  7. Episode #1845: What The Heck Giz It Show2021/08/20
    This week we start with a Cordless Chainsaw and have THREE What The Heck Is It? Gadgets!
  8. Episode #1844: Brown Is the New Red2021/08/13
    On this week's show we start with a kid's camera that makes prints for as little as a penny each and Chad's next What The Heck Is It gadget!
  9. Episode #1843: Wheelie Bad Pizza Cutter2021/08/06
    We're kicking off a whole month of What The Heck Is Its, a great camping gadget, and a solution to an AC outlet problem.
  10. Episode #1842: Dick Flips His Lid2021/07/30
    Dick finds a way to bring Wi-Fi from Gizneyland, a What The Heck Is It, and the last of Chad's bicycle gadgets!
  11. Episode #1841: Wyze Guys2021/07/23
    We start with another fun kid's toy from the 2021 Virtual SweetSuite Event and finally check out the Wyze Car!
  12. Episode #1840: Apple Workout2021/07/16
    Dick has a gadget from the SweetSuite Virtual Toy Event and a personal cooling-and-heating system!
  13. Episode #1839: USB-"C"ing You2021/07/09
    A what the heck is it and Dick shows off a cheap blender!
  14. Episode #1838: Objects in Mirror May Look Crappy2021/07/02
    Dick shows the most expensive, deluxe espresso maker, a drying stone, and a new line of dog accessories.
  15. Episode #1837: Zavor the Flavor2021/06/25
    We have some gadgets from the Summer Housewares Preview LIVE show in NYC.
  16. Episode #1836: Soapy Situation2021/06/18
    Tiny power from Anker, Chad's new electric bike, and a boat with wheels?
  17. Episode #1835: String On The Ring2021/06/11
    On this episode Dick has a SPOOKY story and Chad performs MAGIC!
  18. Episode #1834: Goofy For Eufy2021/06/04
    Dick shows us what he's replacing his boat's Dropcam with, a travel gadget, and Chad introduces us to his new theme.
  19. Episode #1833: Plug and Pray2021/05/28
    Dick has a cheap smart coffee maker and cheap karaoke microphone! Chad has a loud alarm to keep your bike safe.
  20. Episode #1832: Birds I View2021/05/21
    We have a mini coffee maker, a what the heck is it?, and Chad has a deafening gadget!
  21. Episode #1831: Soapy Sales2021/05/14
    Dick found a VERY cheap but high quality webcam and Chad has a LOUD gadget!
  22. Episode #1830: Tag, You're It2021/05/07
    Dick has a portable blender and a mini keyboard while Chad introduces his new monthly theme.
  23. Episode #1829: Take a Soapie2021/04/30
    Dick has a fun faux camera and Chad shows his last gadget for April!
  24. Episode #1828: Sing, With Bling2021/04/23
    This episode has a karaoke microphone, a toilet brush, and of course some glowing glowing LEDs!
  25. Episode #1827: Scam You!2021/04/16
    Dick has a preview of 3 pet gadgets he'll be showing on ABC's World News Now next week.
  26. Episode #1826: Weigh To Go2021/04/09
    Dick shows off a water activated LED and weighs in on two different bluetooth scales.
  27. Episode #1825: Chad A-Salt Vehicle2021/04/02
    This is no April Fool's! Chad has an extra gadget and introduces us to his new theme!
  28. Episode #1824: Not-So-Greater Tater Grater2021/03/26
    Dick gets a new studio overhaul (audio interface + monitor + light) and Chad's final productivity gadget!
  29. Episode #1823: This Show Is on Fire2021/03/19
    We have a tabletop fireplace, a safe place for your things, and a timely crappy corner!
  30. Episode #1822: A Very Light Show2021/03/12
    We have a self cleaning dog brush, a rechargeable neck light, and a notebook that holds unlimited notes!
  31. Episode #1821: A Spiffy Clean Show2021/03/05
    We start this week's show with a unique gadget, the smallest, most versatile charging cable I've ever used and we have a new month of crappy gadgets!
  32. Episode #1820: Very Very Very Alarming2021/02/26
    A way to organize your locker, an abundance of keychain alarms, and the last drinking gadget!
  33. Episode #1819: Rip & Sip... Ow, My Lip!2021/02/19
    It's the 15th Anniversary of the first show!
  34. Episode #1818: Clearly It Works!2021/02/12
    We start off with a different kind of keychain and Chad has a thirsty gadget!
  35. Episode #1817: Shockley Tasteful2021/02/05
    This week we take a look a 3 gadgets from Food Tech 2021, another in-person event that has gone virtual for this year.
  36. Episode #1816: Egg On Your Face2021/01/29
    This week we finish our look at some gizmos and gadgets from the Virtual 2021 CES Show!
  37. Episode #1815: CES Unfolds2021/01/22
    This week & next week we look at some gizmos & gadgets from the Virtual 2021 CES Show!
  38. Episode #1814: The Best of 2020!2021/01/15
    OMGchad and Dick DeBartolo go through the best gadgets they covered in 2020!​
  39. Episode #1813: The Worst of 2020!2021/01/08
    It's the first episode of 2021 and we are going through the WORST gadgets of 2020!
  40. Episode #1812: In One Ear but Not the Other2021/01/01
    Dick has a photo printer and Chad has a tasty treat in the last show of 2020!
  41. Episode #1811: What a Cheesy Show2020/12/25
    We have our first look at CES 2021, Chad has a big gadget, and your viewer videos!
  42. Episode #1810: Doesn't Cut It!2020/12/19
    Dick has a gadget for shooting your own videos easier, Chad shows off his newest home gadget, and another less than $10 gadget!
  43. Episode #1809: See Fire, Break Glass2020/12/11
    Chad has an extra WATERPROOF gadget and Dick has a way to keep warm during the winter!
  44. Episode #1808: Quite Alarming2020/12/04
    It's a new crappy month and Chad has an extra gadget to review!
  45. Episode #1807: Light Headed2020/11/27
    Dicky D has an LED lantern with DETACHABLE FLASHLIGHTS and the last of Chad's thrift store gadgets!
  46. Episode #1806: Quite Jarring2020/11/20
    On this week's show we start with one more gadget to help keep you warm as daylight lessens and winter looms!
  47. Episode #1805: Yolks on You2020/11/13
    Chad has an eggy gadget from the thrift store and Dick has some HOT gloves!
  48. Episode #1804: Mr. Roger's Mugshot2020/11/06
    This week Dicky D has an unboxing like no other! We also find out the new crappy corner theme and find out what the heck was it!
  49. Episode #1803: Get a Long Little Doggie2020/10/30
    It's the final show of October! Dick shows off a What the Heck Is It? and Chad shows his final Halloween gadget.
  50. Episode #1802: A Wyze Decision2020/10/23
    Today Chad gives us an update from last week's crappy gadget and shows a new mystifying one for this week!
The Giz Wiz (Audio)
Chad Johnson (OMGchad) joins MAD's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo, for "The Giz Wiz!" Each episode features silly, unique, and crazy gadgets and gizmos, fan videos, letters, and more!

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