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Daily Giz Wiz (2009-Winner,Comedy,People Choice)

  1. Episode #1743: Our Current Favorite2019/09/06
    Welcome to September! Join us as we kick off another crappy theme!
  2. Episode #1742: I've Been Framed2019/08/30
    This episode we have printers, selfie sticks, chromebooks, and picture frames! This is also the last week of our "sketchy" theme!
  3. Episode #1741: It's In the Bag2019/08/23
    Three more fun gadgets from yet another summer 'holiday gift preview' held at the very upscale Harvard Club in NYC.
  4. Episode #1740: Gadgets You'll Joule Over2019/08/16
    This week we start off with three fun gadgets perfect for back-to-school. They're also great for lots of other place too!
  5. Episode #1739: Artsy Fartsy Gadgets2019/08/09
    We have three fun gadgets from Suite Sweet, the mid-summer toy extravaganza! And another "sketchy" gadget!
  6. Episode #1738: Spy vs. Spy Paper2019/08/02
    One final gadget from the New Products Holiday Showcase and the start of "sketchy" gadgets for the month of August!
  7. Episode #1737: Proof Is in the Dough2019/07/26
    Three more gadgets to think about for Holiday Gadget Shopping! It's also the last episode of July and our July theme!
  8. Episode #1736: Pinched For Time2019/07/19
    It's Christmas in July! Time to think about Holiday Gadget Shopping!
  9. Episode #1735: Fame Without Fortune2019/07/12
    We talk about the demise of MAD as we know it.
  10. Episode #1734: Drowning in Laughter2019/07/05
    We have 3 final gadgets from Pepcom's Digital Experience, June 2019 in NYC.​
  11. Episode #1733: Toe-Tap'n Crap2019/06/28
    On the last episode of June, we have 3 new gadgets from Pepcom's Digital Experience!
  12. Episode #1732: Tie Died2019/06/21
    On this episode, we've got the final 3 gadgets of CE Week!
  13. Episode #1731: Pranks A Lot2019/06/14
    We have three gadgets from CE Week NYC!
  14. Episode #1730: Nailed It2019/06/07
    We've got headphones, chopsticks, lightsabers, mop slippers, and even MORE on this episode!
  15. Episode #1729: Old Tech, New Tricks2019/05/31
    We got a bunch of package cutter antiques on this episode. What does that mean? Watch to find out!
  16. Episode #1728: Flatlight2019/05/24
    On this week's show, three gadgets the Giz Wiz found at Well Now! A Spring Pepcom Health Event.
  17. Episode #1727: Slime Past It's Time2019/05/17
    On this week's show, three gadgets the Giz Wiz found at Tech Day NY, said to be the largest 'start up' exhibition in the US.
  18. Episode #1726: A Big Puzzling Show2019/05/10
    On this week's show, three more fun gadgets, but not games this time, from the Time To Play Magazine Spring Preview!
  19. Episode #1725: Step, Crackle, Pop2019/05/03
    We have gadgets from the Time To Play Magazine spring preview! Also it is a new month which means we have a new theme for gadgets!
  20. Episode #1724: Foldimate Doesn't Fold2019/04/26
    We have two new finds from the NY 2019 Auto Show and the last of the sleeping gadgets.
  21. Episode #1723: Ankers Away2019/04/19
    Medical Equipment, “As Seen On TV”, a new Anker battery, and LilGadgets for kids.
  22. Episode #1722: This Show Is Filtered2019/04/12
    We have a waterproof gadget, an air cleaning gadget, and a car safety gadget! Not to mention a new sleep gadget!
  23. Episode #1721: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling2019/04/05
    We have a gadget you can get for free, Chad has a webcam gadget, and a new theme for the crappy corner!
  24. Episode #1720: What A Useless Show!2019/03/29
    Here are some new products spring edition 2019! Also the last useless gadget of March.
  25. Episode #1719: Just Add Water2019/03/22
    We finally get to our Final Three Fun Gadgets From Toy Fair 2019!
  26. Episode #1718: Faux Phone2019/03/15
    Happy Anniversary!!! This is episode #200 of independent production!
  27. Episode #1717: A Stupid Pointless Show2019/03/08
    It's a new month so it's time to choose a new theme and also 3 unique gadgets from the Home + Housewares Show!
  28. Episode #1716: I Dropped My Drawers2019/03/01
    It's the last episode of February 2019!
  29. Episode #1715: Feeling A Little Horse2019/02/22
    Three gadgets from Toy Fair, a crappy corner Chad uses every day, and your video!
  30. Episode #1714: Urine Trouble Now2019/02/15
    On this episode, we have our final two gadgets from CES, some new software from Logitech, a viewer video, and another crappy corner.
  31. Episode #1713: This Show is Magnetic!2019/02/08
    It's the first show of February which means it is time for a new gadget theme!
  32. Episode #1712: Pigtocurrency2019/02/01
    We go through our third round of gadgets from this year's Consumer Electronics Show!
  33. Episode #1711: It's a Boat, It's a Plane...Yes It Is!2019/01/25
    We go through our second round of gadgets from this year's Consumer Electronics Show!
  34. Episode #1710: Giz Wiz CESpool2019/01/18
    We go through our first round of gadgets from this year's Consumer Electronics Show!
  35. Episode #1709: The Best of 20182019/01/11
    We go through the best products we covered in 2018.
  36. Episode #1708: The Worst Of 20182019/01/04
    We go through the worst products we covered in 2018.
  37. Episode #1707: I Have the Foggiest2018/12/28
    It’s the end of the year which means it’s our final Giz Wiz of the year!
  38. Episode #1706: Crapasaurus2018/12/21
    Dick shows three last minute gift gadgets “as seen on TV” and Chad shows another Christmas gadget.
  39. Episode #1705: We Put The Qi in Cheap2018/12/13
    On this episode, Dick shows off an interesting Qi charger, an emergency watch, and a hands-free collar!
  40. Episode #1704: I'm Such A Klutz2018/12/07
    This week we check out three inexpensive tech gadgets from the Kids & Family Tech Expo
  41. Episode #1703: A More Better Battery2018/11/30
    This week we check out three more unique gadgets and show the final breakfast gadget.
  42. Episode #1702: Flippin Failure2018/11/23
    Happy Thanksgiving! This week we check out three toys for holiday consideration.
  43. Episode #1701: A Wand-erful Show2018/11/16
    This week we check out three unique gadgets from CES 2019 Unveiled --- a preview of things we'll see at CES Las Vegas January, 2019.
  44. Episode #1700: At 1700, Butter Than Ever2018/11/09
    This week we check out three new, unique pet gadgets from The Time To Play Holiday Preview.
  45. Episode #1699: Not So Eggcelent2018/11/02
    Three new, unique gadgets from PhotoExpo 2018 and a new theme for the new month.
  46. Episode #1698: A Shockingly Good Show!2018/10/26
    This week we check out three new, fun toys as we head into the holiday shopping season. They are all from the 2018 Toy Insider’s HoliDAY of Play.
  47. Episode #1697: As Seen On Giz Wiz TV2018/10/19
    This week we check out three unique gadgets from the always exciting Luxury Technology Show!
  48. Episode #1696: Eye See You2018/10/12
    This week we find with three final and unique gadgets from the huge Interbike Show 2018 and introduce our next Halloween gadget.
  49. Episode #1695: Get your Bike Ass-set2018/10/05
    ​This week on The Giz Wiz we will be showing new and unique gadgets from the huge Interbike Show 2018 and the new gadget for October!
  50. Episode #1694: On with the Shoe2018/09/28
    On this episode, a product from Ali Express, a robotic pet toy, and the last organizational gadget!
The Giz Wiz (Audio)
Chad Johnson (OMGchad) joins MAD's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo, for "The Giz Wiz!" Each episode features silly, unique, and crazy gadgets and gizmos, fan videos, letters, and more!

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