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Daily Giz Wiz (2009-Winner,Comedy,People Choice)

  1. Episode #1785: Chad Don't Float2020/06/26
    Can you play 100 speakers at once? Also the last gadget from Chad's summer crappy corner!
  2. Episode #1784: Good Clean Fun2020/06/19
    On this episode, the backyard hose saga completes, a camera that lets your kids go wild, and the weirdest surge protector you've ever seen!
  3. Episode #1783: Don't Get Hosed2020/06/12
    On this episode Dick finds the perfect eyeglass repair kit, a look at a new WORX product, and Chad has his second summer gadget.
  4. Episode #1782: It's an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yoga Mat2020/06/05
    Happy June! Chad unveils his next gadget theme while Dick shows off a tiny yoga mat!
  5. Episode #1781: As Easy as ABCA2020/05/29
    Dick has a bike gadget, a light for his freezer, and Chad shows off his last gadget of May 2020.
  6. Episode #1780: Blood, Sweat, and Trains2020/05/22
    Dick is back with another bike gadget, and two what the heck is its! (what the heck are they?)
  7. Episode #1779: A Blinking Good Show2020/05/15
    On this episode, Dick has a what the heck is it and the largest bike lock we've ever seen!
  8. Episode #1778: A Very Light Show2020/05/08
    Dicky D has a What The Heck Is It?, a cheap light deal, and we take another look at a gadget from the past.
  9. Episode #1777: Time To Strip2020/05/01
    This week we check out Dick's lap desk with folding legs and his favorite stripper. Chad has his last old-but-new gadget.
  10. Episode #1776: A Historic Show2020/04/24
    We have hit show number 1776, a very spirited show! Join us for this historic episode!
  11. Episode #1775: This Takes The Cake2020/04/17
    Dick's got a delicious gadget and Chad has a gadget to teach you how to spell!
  12. Episode #1774: Not So Super Bowl2020/04/10
    Dick has a crappy gadget, Chad hosts a tea party, and a new webcam that has it all!
  13. Episode #1773: On the Record!2020/04/03
    Join your favorite April Fools on a new episode of The Giz Wiz! Chad reveals this month's theme and has an extra gadget to show off!
  14. Episode #1772: A Little Dry Humor2020/03/27
    Dick has three unique gadgets while Chad shows the last of his gadgets for when you're sick.
  15. Episode #1771: Nothing to Sneeve At2020/03/20
    On this week's show we finish Toy Fair 2020 with three final fun gadgets!
  16. Episode #1770: The Yolkies on You2020/03/13
    On this week's show we have three more fun gadgets from the huge Toy Fair 2020 show!
  17. Episode #1769: Keep It Clean2020/03/06
    On this week's show we have two final gadgets from the Inspired Home Show + Chad has an extra gadget!
  18. Episode #1768: Blow Up, Cool Down2020/02/28
    Dick has three new gadgets from Toy Fair 2020!
  19. Episode #1767: 14 Years and It's Still Crappy2020/02/21
    Happy 14th Birthday to The Giz Wiz! After all these years, the show is still crappy and dunb.
  20. Episode #1766: Decor Galore2020/02/14
    It's the second week of the bargain bin and Chad shows of a REALLY crappy gadget!
  21. Episode #1765: Dunb Show, Smart Potato2020/02/06
    Dick show's some more CES gadgets while Chad launches the first crappy corner of 2020!
  22. Episode #1764: This Show is Catching2020/01/31
    This is our third episode in the CES 2020 saga!
  23. Episode #1763: CES CRUD!2020/01/24
    This is the second episode in our series of gadgets from CES 2020!
  24. Episode #1762: CES? YES!2020/01/17
    Chad and Dick show some of the gadgets from CES 2020!
  25. Episode #1761: This Show Is the Best!2020/01/10
    OMGchad and The Giz Wiz take a look back at the best gadgets they covered in 2019!
  26. Episode #1760: This Show Is the Worst2020/01/03
    OMGchad and The Giz Wiz take a look back at the worst gadgets they covered in 2019!
  27. Episode #1759: Just the Flax2019/12/27
    Happy New Year! And goodbye to the 2010s! This is the last episode of the decade!
  28. Episode #1758: Pecker Power2019/12/20
    Brrr! It's cold outside! Bundle up with the latest episode of the GIZ WIZ and another gadget to keep you warm!
  29. Episode #1757: What An Ugly Mug2019/12/13
    It's week TWO of December which means another gadget to keep you warm!
  30. Episode #1756: Twerking All The Way2019/12/06
    Happy December! Dick has some gadgets and Chad has TWO! All next!
  31. Episode #1755: Fiz Wiz2019/11/29
    Dick shows off a tiny laptop and Chad wraps up the month with the last gadget for November!
  32. Episode #1754: Pill Poppin Pod2019/11/22
    This week Dick has three gadgets from Pepcom's "Well NOW!" event, a media event all about gadgets for health & well-being!
  33. Episode #1753: It Barks and BYTES2019/11/15
    Dick shows off some awesome stuff from CES Unveiled and Chad reveals another tiny gadget!
  34. Episode #1752: Hit by Lightning Prices2019/11/08
    Welcome to November! Dick has some old fashioned gadgets, including a real clock!, and Chad announces November's crappy theme!
  35. Episode #1751: This Just Doesn't Cut It2019/11/01
    Happy Halloween! We have the last of our Alibaba gadgets (Dick has one of his own this week, too!) and some awesome spooky gadgets in the warehouse!
  36. Episode #1750: In the Pink2019/10/25
    We start the show with a brand new gadget from Anker, a party light, and magnetic tape!
  37. Episode #1749: This Episode Sucks2019/10/18
    Dick and Chad both review two different gadgets that suck!
  38. Episode #1748: Out of Lux2019/10/11
    The Giz Wiz compares two gadgets and Chad has a purr-fect Alibaba gadget!
  39. Episode #1747: This Won't Cut It2019/10/03
    Three unique gadgets from Pepcom's Holiday Showcase in New York City.​ And the first show of October!
  40. Episode #1746: Who Let the Cat out of the Drawer?2019/09/27
    It's the last show of emergency gadgets and the last show before the annual meetup!
  41. Episode #1745: Survival is in the Cards2019/09/20
    We start this week's show with fun gadgets from the Time To Play Magazine Holiday Media Showcase.
  42. Episode #1744: High Voltage Hijinx2019/09/13
    We continue our emergency gadgets and also have a blow up iron.
  43. Episode #1743: Our Current Favorite2019/09/06
    Welcome to September! Join us as we kick off another crappy theme!
  44. Episode #1742: I've Been Framed2019/08/30
    This episode we have printers, selfie sticks, chromebooks, and picture frames! This is also the last week of our "sketchy" theme!
  45. Episode #1741: It's In the Bag2019/08/23
    Three more fun gadgets from yet another summer 'holiday gift preview' held at the very upscale Harvard Club in NYC.
  46. Episode #1740: Gadgets You'll Joule Over2019/08/16
    This week we start off with three fun gadgets perfect for back-to-school. They're also great for lots of other place too!
  47. Episode #1739: Artsy Fartsy Gadgets2019/08/09
    We have three fun gadgets from Suite Sweet, the mid-summer toy extravaganza! And another "sketchy" gadget!
  48. Episode #1738: Spy vs. Spy Paper2019/08/02
    One final gadget from the New Products Holiday Showcase and the start of "sketchy" gadgets for the month of August!
  49. Episode #1737: Proof Is in the Dough2019/07/26
    Three more gadgets to think about for Holiday Gadget Shopping! It's also the last episode of July and our July theme!
  50. Episode #1736: Pinched For Time2019/07/19
    It's Christmas in July! Time to think about Holiday Gadget Shopping!
The Giz Wiz (Audio)
Chad Johnson (OMGchad) joins MAD's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo, for "The Giz Wiz!" Each episode features silly, unique, and crazy gadgets and gizmos, fan videos, letters, and more!

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