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Daybreak Devotionals

  1. Ten Coins, One Lost, $150,000 Found2008/12/29
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  2. Two brothers, A Blanket, and a Crippled Woman2008/10/29
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  3. Phoebe, Walking Shoes of Faith2008/08/28
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  4. Drusilla Rejects the Message?2008/07/12
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  5. Sapphira - Sells Lies and Deception2008/06/13

    So what are you selling? Would you give your profit toward helping others in need? Would you lie to God and try to keep some for yourself?

    Well, Sapphira not only lied about the money, it cost her - her life and her husband's life.

    God knows our heart. He knows.

    Is the truth still the truth? Something to think about!
  6. Mother's Day Sayings Span Time2008/05/05

    Yes, Mothers are known for having pet sayings for their children.

    Noah's mom is tired of the animals. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo's mom told them never to play with fire. David's mom wanted him to practice his harp.

    So what sayings does your mom have for you? Take a trip down memory lane and see what comes to mind.
  7. Rhoda Sees Peter, after His Prison Escape!2008/04/14
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  8. Easter for Lydia will Never be the Same2008/03/08
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  9. Widow's Mite, She gave less than a penny!2007/11/17

    Jingle. Jingle. She dropped the two coins into the offering. She gave all she had. But what about you? Do you hold onto your money, keeping it for your little kingdom on earth? Or do you give all you have for your Savior?

    Who do you love? Who do show your allegiance to? What can you do to improve?
  10. Mary at Bethany2007/10/16
    Mary gave her best, would you?

    She poured perfume on Jesus' feet, worth a year's salary. The most expensive things she probably owned - and Judas complained about her choice.

    When did you last give Jesus your best? What would it cost you?

    The sweet smell of perfume is like the sound of bird singing -- it will touch your heart when you give your best to the Lord!!!
  11. Tabitha Lived the Way Christians Should2007/09/22
    What would happen if you died? Would your friends mourn? Would they celebrate? Or would they send for Peter so he could pray for you?

    Tabitha died, and her friends sent for Peter -- he prayed and she came back to life. She cared for so many, helped the poor and widows. She was a great example of how we can show our love for others.

    Can you say the same?
  12. Let's Go Camping with Priscilla2007/08/22
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  13. Ten Virgins, Foolish and Wise - Which are you?2007/08/01
    Are you foolish or wise?

    How would you know?

    Do you live in such a way you are ready to meet Christ?

    In our parable, ten virgins all have lamps, but not everyone has enough oil to keep them lit into the night. So when the bridegroom comes, five are out shopping for oil - would that be you?

    Live ready - to meet your Lord!
  14. Mary and Martha - Someone Gets Mad2007/07/07
    Mary sits at Jesus' feet - her sister Martha gets too busy to hear what God is saying - or wants to say to her.

    Do you need to slow down? Do you spend time in quiet devotion with Jesus?

    Take a few minutes, see which sister shows us what is really important, then pull up a chair and listed the Lord.
  15. Anna Sees Jesus, Will You?2007/06/13
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  16. A Woman Left Behind2007/05/10
    When will Jesus return? Are you ready?

    Don't be left behind - be prepared to meet Jesus. Give him your heart, soul and mind.

    He will come when you least expect him!
  17. Salome Wanted the Best for the Sons of the Thunder2007/05/04
    Salome, a mother who appeared a little pushy asked Jesus for a favor. She wanted her two boys to sit on each side of the King of Kings; but Jesus was not happy with her request --

    A seat beside of King was a place of power -- God provides and he just wants you to sit near him, to love him, to tell others of his grace.

    Grab a chair, there's enought seats for everyone!
  18. Mary Magdalene Hears a Voice2007/04/27
    I don't know how many times you have heard an angel speak,to you, but Mary Magdalene not only heard angels talking, she heard the voice of her Savior -- the risen Jesus standing behind her talking...his tomb was empty.

    At first she had no idea who he was but when he said her name...she grabbed onto her King....

    He's calling each of us...are you listening?
  19. Relentless Pursuit by the Canaanite Woman2007/04/20
    The Canaanite Woman pleaded for Jesus to deliver from demons, he paused...no answer -

    She pleaded again...

    Jesus recognized her faith...and healed the girl!

    How hard to you pursue Jesus?
  20. Herodias Gets Revenge, The Head on the Platter Tells It All2007/04/13
    Taking revenge into your own hands, makes one foolish. Herodias wanted John the Baptist silenced, she got her way -- having him killed and the head brought to her...

    But, she never accomplished silencing the voice of Jesus, he lives on today, through you and me; he whispers his way into hearts.

    Sometimes, it's the still small voice that's the loudest...listen to God, he calls ...
Daybreak Devotionals
Energy for Your Day!

Learn from the women of the Bible as they encourage you and give you a gentle "faith" push for the day.

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