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  1. comedy4cast #460: Reddit Or Not2018/03/19
    Exploiting the wisdom of the crowd. We’re not sure what topic Derrick originally had in mind for today’s show. All we know is that Rory has come up with a brilliant new idea that he has to talk about. And he has about as many details as you’ll find in a VagueBook post. Be sure … Continue reading "comedy4cast #460: Reddit Or Not"
  2. comedy4cast #459: One Hot Phone2018/03/12
    Too Hot To Hold. We all love our cell phones, but there’s always another flagship model around the corner. This year is no different. Listen in as our resident tech guru, Andy Sideshow, gives us all a hands-on review of the brand new Titan 12 smartphone. It’s so slick, Andy can barely keep his hands … Continue reading "comedy4cast #459: One Hot Phone"
  3. comedy4cast #458: Sean At Sea2018/02/27
    Advice That’s All Wet. If you have a question about cruising, Sean is here to give you advice. Sure, it’s horrible advice, but it’s also free. Find out what Sean thinks about arrival times, choosing a cabin and bringing money on your cruise. It’s the perspective no one else will give you. And there’s probably … Continue reading "comedy4cast #458: Sean At Sea"
  4. comedy4cast #457: Too Much Time On My Hands2018/01/28
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  5. comedy4cast #456: Everything Must GO-GO!2017/12/15
    Wow, What A Deal! It’s time for things to get moving at “Everything Must GO-GO.” And what a batch of things it is! If you haven’t picked up something for that special someone on your list, this might be your best chance to get something — uh, unique. Yeah, that’s it. Unique. >> Find all episodes … Continue reading "comedy4cast #456: Everything Must GO-GO!"
  6. comedy4cast #455: Not An Actual Story2017/11/30
    It’s All In The Timing. Some say the trick to giving a speech is preparation and planning. What happens when you don’t believe in either of those things? In this episode, we demonstrate another way of making it through your next public speaking gig. >> Find all episodes of the comedy4cast comedy podcast here. >> Become a … Continue reading "comedy4cast #455: Not An Actual Story"
  7. comedy4cast #454: Basically Holidays2017/11/16
    All holidays begin here. All of them. Lenny Treetop attempts another episode of his “Basically Podcast Show” podcast and things quickly get out of hand. It seems Lenny has a very special way of dealing with the holidays. Also, Abby Falmacher announces here latest Little Wicker Basket. But first up, we get a call in … Continue reading "comedy4cast #454: Basically Holidays"
  8. comedy4cast #453: House of Horrid2017/10/26
    The store with a ghost of a chance. Clinton manages to get Danny Hillcrest out of the studio to do some field reporting. Our favorite know-nothing goes on a fact-finding tour of a Halloween store to see what’s big this year in spooky products. >> Find all episodes of the comedy4cast comedy podcast here. >> Check out … Continue reading "comedy4cast #453: House of Horrid"
  9. comedy4cast #452: Tanked2017/10/11
    All that glitters is not goldfish. In this episode, Clinton discusses his attempt to get back to a relaxing hobby. We also learn how practically anyone can get involved with crypto currencies. No, really. Anyone. And Clinton reminds us about his new Star Trek podcast. >> Find all episodes of the comedy4cast comedy podcast here. >> Check … Continue reading "comedy4cast #452: Tanked"
  10. comedy4cast #451: Into The Breach2017/09/24
    Little Trouble in Big Data. Clinton gives his thoughts on some of the odd commercials he has been seeing lately. Then we listen in as executives at a credit bureau deal with a major security breach. >> Find all episodes of the comedy4cast comedy podcast here. >> Become a comedy4cast patron with Patreon and get episodes before everyone … Continue reading "comedy4cast #451: Into The Breach"
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