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Axe's Asylum

  1. Rollin'2006/09/29
    Just have a listen...
  2. Guitar Licks Video(sneak peek)2006/09/22
    A better look at future upcoming podcast videos.
  3. Guitar Licks2006/09/14
    An example of what type of things that will be shown in the upcoming videos.

  4. Mini Song2006/09/13
    O.k. Here is mini song I created(had to try out new software).Again,feel free to link to it but do not use without my written permission.

    I plan on adding more of these with video in the near future.Perhaps some lessons on how to play some of this stuff.We will see how it goes...

  5. Mini Jam2006/09/13
    Me playing some rock music on my guitar.This is all ORIGINAL music, so you may link to it but do not use it without my written permission.
Axe's Asylum

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