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Rare Frequency Podcast

  1. Podcast 64: Moondrawn Live on Rare Frequency2017/12/16
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  2. Podcast 63: Morgan Evans-Weiler Live on Rare Frequency2017/10/26
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  3. Podcast 62: Michael Rosenstein Live on Rare Frequency2017/07/04
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  4. Podcast 612017/03/30
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  5. Podcast 602017/02/26
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  6. Podcast 592017/02/12
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  7. Podcast 58: Proxemia Live on Rare Frequency2017/02/05

    This podcast features a live set by local sound artist and experimental musician Proxemia (José Rivera) . José is an experimental musician living in Somerville, MA. He is currently a graduate student in the Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT.

    Podcast 58: Proxemia Live on Rare Frequency, February 2, 2017
  8. Podcast 57: Luke Martin Live on Rare Frequency2016/12/19
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  9. Podcast 56: Andrea Pensado Live on Rare Frequency2016/09/23
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  10. Podcast 552016/07/27
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  11. Podcast 54: On and on2014/05/30
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  12. Podcast 53: Many Happy Returns2014/04/26
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  13. Podcast 52: Life Is Only a Dream2012/11/02
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  14. Podcast 51: Iced Over2012/01/31
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  15. Podcast 50: The Return of Stormy Weather2011/10/30
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  16. Podcast 49: Stormy Weather2011/08/29
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  17. Podcast Special Ed. 55: Mike Shiflet Live, June 23, 20112011/06/29

    This podcast features a live set by Columbus, Ohio noise and drone musician Mike Shiflet . In the last few years, Shiflet’s music has taken a decidedly warm and melodic turn and this lovely set reflects this turn. To learn more, check out this RF interview .

    Podcast Special Ed. 55: Mike Shiflet Live, June 23, 2011
  18. Podcast Special Ed. 54: Caroline Park Live, June 02, 20112011/06/13

    This podcast features a live set by Providence composer and sound artist, Caroline Park . The heaven is in the details here, so focused listening is especially recommended! To learn more about Caroline’s work, check out this RF interview with her .

    Podcast Special Ed. 54: Caroline Park Live, June 02, 2011
  19. Podcast Special Ed. 53: Tumble Live at Spectacle, March 20112011/05/20
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  20. Podcast 48: Grey2011/05/17
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  21. Podcast Special Ed. 52: Jay Sullivan Live (Edit), February 24, 20112011/05/04

    Proving that very good things come to those who wait, here is a slightly belated podcast of local turntablist and master of crackle, Jay Sullivan, live on Rare Frequency from February 24, 2011. To learn more about Jay’s work, you can also read an earlier RF interview with him from 2005 . Enjoy!

    Podcast Special Ed. 52: Jay Sullivan 02/24/11 (Edit)
  22. Podcast Special Ed. 51:Brendan Murray Live, April 21, 20112011/04/23
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  23. Podcast Special Ed. 50: Mem1 Live 01/13/112011/01/20

    On January 13, 2011, Mem1 , the duo of Laura (cello, electronics) and Mark Cetilia (synthesizer, electronics) performed live on Rare Frequency . Due to a few technical difficulties, this podcast features a lovely set recorded earlier in the day at the Mocoxon Studios in Providence, RI, which they provided specially for this podcast.

    Podcast Special Ed. 50: Mem1 01/13/11
  24. Podcast 46: The Overlooked One2010/11/27
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  25. Podcast Special Ed. 48: Black to Comm Live on Rare Frequency 11/03/102010/11/26

    Black to Comm is the solo project of Marc Richter, who also heads the fabulous Dekorder label . As you’ll hear in this live set, Marc’s music is thrillingly dense — sometimes terrifyingly so. Close your eyes and you may feel swallowed whole by the roiling mass of noise, until all goes black. Enjoy.

    Black to Comm Live on Rare Frequency 11/03/10
  26. Podcast 47: A Jump Ahead2010/11/10
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  27. Podcast Special Ed. 47: Kouhei Matsunaga Live on Rare Frequency 08/12/102010/08/21
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  28. Podcast 45: The Enigmatic One2010/07/17
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  29. Podcast Special Ed. 46: Luke Moldof Live on Rare Frequency 04/29/102010/05/25

    On April 29, 2010, local musician Luke Moldof of Perispirit, Craniopagus, and Stillbirth fame, played an intense live set using tape loops, prepare guitar, and contact mics. You can find out more about Luke’s recent releases at www.razorsandmedicine.com” and check out my interview with him in the featured section of RF .

    Luke Moldof Live on Rare Frequency 04/29/10
  30. Podcast Special Ed. 45: Jonathan Ward of Excavated Shellac Live on Rare Frequency 04/22/102010/04/30
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  31. Podcast 44: Cued2010/04/23
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  32. Podcast 43: Spring Forth2010/04/08
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  33. Podcast Special Ed. 44: Strotter Inst.Live on Rare Frequency 04/01/102010/04/02

    On April 1, 2010, the Swiss avant-garde turntablist, Strotter Inst. set up a pair of old Lenco turntables, prepared with rubber bands and all manner of devices, and played a crack(l)ing live set on Rare Frequency . Strotter Inst. (Christoph Hess) was in the midst of three-month U.S. tour.

    Strotter Inst. Live on Rare Frequency 04/01/10
  34. Podcast Special Ed. 43: Max Lord (aka Ghost Grass)Live on Rare Frequency 03/25/102010/03/28

    Max Lord (aka Ghost Grass) performed a live set of stimulating analog synth hum, pings, pops, and percolations on Rare Frequency on March 25, 2010. Sadly, the fidelity of this podcast is a little subpar due to a malfunctioning CD recorder, but, trust me, the set still sounds fantastic.

    Max Lord (aka Ghost Grass) Live on Rare Frequency 03/25/10
  35. Podcast Special Ed. 42: Michael BullockLive on Rare Frequency 02/18/102010/03/02
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  36. Podcast 42: Snow Red2010/02/05
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  37. Podcast 41: Odds and Ends2009/12/29
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  38. Podcast Special Ed. 41: Retribution Body Live on Rare Frequency 12/17/092009/12/19

    This podcast features a live set by local musician and synthesist, Retribution Body (aka Matt Azevedo). It starts and ends very quietly, so be patient. You will be rewarded.

    Retribution Body: Live on Rare Frequency 12/17/09
  39. Podcast Special Ed. 40: Sons of God Live on Rare Frequency 11/05/092009/11/07

    This podcast features a live set by legendary Swedish sound artists (and illustrious representatives of the Royal Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland), Sons of God . Sons of God is Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred . They are joined for the tour by Joachim Nordwall of Alvars Orkester and Skull Defekts fame.

    Sons of God: Live on Rare Frequency 11/05/09
  40. Podcast Special Ed. 39: Marc McNulty Live on Rare Frequency 10/08/092009/10/10

    This podcast features a live set by Marc McNulty from the October 10, 2009 edition of the show. This was Marc’s third appearance on Rare Frequency.

    Marc McNulty: Live on Rare Frequency 10/08/09
  41. Podcast Special Ed. 38: Brandon Terzakis: Live on Rare Frequency 09/10/092009/09/20

    This podcast features a live set by Brandon Terzakis from the September 10, 2009 edition of the program. Because of a technical glitch, the sound quality is a little lower than usual, but still captures the essence of Brandon’s mesmerizing performance.

    Note: the set starts very quietly

    Brandon Terzakis: Live on Rare Frequency
  42. Podcast Special Ed. 37: Ricardo DonosoLive on Rare Frequency 08/13/092009/08/19

    This special edition podcast features a wonderfully menacing set by Ricardo Donoso , performed live on the August 13, 2009 edition of Rare Frequency. Unfortunately, there were some problems with the recording, so this podcast fades in about five minutes into the set.

    Podcast Special Edition 37: Ricardo Donoso Live on Rare Frequency
  43. Podcast Special Ed. 36: Oneohtrix Point NeverLive on Rare Frequency 07/23/092009/07/24

    This podcast features a mellifluous bit of eighties-inspired dreaminess by Oneohtrix Point Never , performed live on the July 23, 2009 edition of Rare Frequency.

    Podcast Special Edition 36: Oneohtrix Point Never Live on Rare Frequency
  44. Podcast 40: Light2009/07/21
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  45. Podcast Special Ed. 35: Brendan Murray & Benjamin NelsonLive on Rare Frequency2009/07/11

    This podcast features a marvelous twin analogue synthesizer set by Brendan Murray and Benjamin Nelson on the July 09, 2009 edition of Rare Frequency. This was Brendan and Benny’s first performance as a duo.

    Podcast Special Edition 35: Brendan Murray and Benjamin Nelson Live on Rare Frequency
  46. Podcast 39: Ten Fifty-Four2009/07/02
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  47. Podcast Special Ed. 34:Jarrod Fowler Live on Rare Frequency2009/06/26

    This podcast has been removed.
  48. Podcast 38: The Late Edition2009/05/26
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  49. Podcast 37: Later, Not Quite Yet2009/03/09
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  50. Podcast 36: A Rare Valentine2009/02/13
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  51. Podcast 35: The New Number Two2009/01/21
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  52. Podcast Spec. Ed. 33: Nerve Net Noise & Jessica Rylan Live on Rare Frequency II2009/01/10

    This is the second New Years Day live set from Japan’s Nerve Net Noise and Boston’s Jessica Rylan. This time around Hiroshi and Jessica switch instruments and each plays the other’s highly idiosyncratic, self-designed synthesizer for the first time!

    Podcast Special Edition 33: Nerve Net Noise & Jessica Rylan Live on Rare Frequency Part II
  53. Podcast Spec. Ed. 32: Nerve Net Noise & Jessica Rylan Live on Rare Frequency I2009/01/05
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  54. Podcast Spec. Ed. 31: Jonathan Coleclough Live on Rare Frequency2008/11/21

    On November 20, 2008, Jonathan Coleclough, who was in town to play the Brainwaves Festival, played a wonderful live set using a laptop, fishing twine and an oud.

    Podcast Special Edition 31: Jonathan Coleclough Live on Rare Frequency
  55. Podcast Spec. Ed. 30: Area C Live on Rare Frequency2008/11/14

    Providence musician, Erik Carlson, (aka Area C ) played an oneiric, extended set on Rare Frequency on November 13, 2008. To see more photos, check the RF Flickr site .

    Podcast Special Edition 30: Area C Live on Rare Frequency
  56. Podcast 34: Falling Forward2008/11/02
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  57. Podcast Spec. Ed. 29: Illusion of Safety Live on Rare Frequency 10/23/082008/10/29

    Legendary experimental and industrial artist Illusion of Safety made his Boston live debut on RF last week with an epic two-plus-hour set. Here’s the whole kit and caboodle. There are more photos from the set on the RF Flickr page .

    Podcast Special Edition 29: Illusion of Safety Live on Rare Frequency
  58. Podcast Spec. Ed. 28:Jozef Van Wissem Live on Rare Frequency 10/09/082008/10/15

    Dutch lutenist, Jozef Van Wissem , performed two sets on RF on October 09: the first consisted of solo lute pieces, the second featured lute and field recordings. This was Van Wissem’s first performance in Boston. He announces the titles of the pieces at the end of each set.

    Podcast Special Edition 28: Jozef Van Wissem Live on Rare Frequency
  59. Podcast Spec. Ed. 27:Jason Kahn & Asher Live on Rare Frequency 09/25/082008/10/06

    On September 25, 2008 Jason Kahn and Asher Thal-nir performed an extended live set on Rare Frequency . Jason and Asher have just released their first collaborative album, Vista on and/OAR .

    Podcast Special Edition 27: Jason Kahn and Asher on Rare Frequency
  60. Podcast 33: Back to School Special2008/09/01
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  61. Podcast Spec. Ed. 26:rise set twilight on Rare Frequency 08/07/082008/08/26
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  62. Podcast 32: Rather Lovely2008/07/23
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  63. Podcast Spec. Ed. 25:Keith Fullerton Whitman Live on Rare Frequency 07/03/082008/07/06
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  64. Podcast Spec. Ed. 24:Howard Stelzer Live on Rare Frequency 06/19/082008/07/04
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  65. Podcast 31: Hot Stuff2008/06/09
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  66. Podcast 30: Sprung2008/05/08
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  67. Podcast 29: Toned Down2008/04/14
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  68. Podcast 28: No Foolin'2008/03/31
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  69. Podcast Spec. Ed. 23:Ashley Paul Live on Rare Frequency 03/13/082008/03/17
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  70. Podcast Spec. Ed. 22:Marc McNulty Live on Rare Frequency 03/06/082008/03/07
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  71. Podcast 27: Pulling Teeth2008/03/04
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  72. Podcast Spec. Ed. 21Astronaut Live on Rare Frequency 02/07/082008/02/10


    This podcast features a live set by Dan Lopatin and Lee Tindall of Astronaut from February 7, 2008. To find out more about the band, read the RF interview with Dan, Lee, and their compatriot Andy Plovnick in the Featured section.

    Podcast Special Edition 21: Astronaut Live on Rare Frequency
  73. Podcast 26: Getting Colder2007/11/26
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  74. Podcast Spec. Ed. 20:Forbes Graham Live on Rare Frequency2007/11/18


    This podcast features a live set by trumpet player, electronic musician, and composer, Forbes Graham . Forbes was my guest in the studio on October 25, 2007. To find out more about Forbes, check out my RF interview with him.

    Podcast Special Edition 20: Forbes Graham Live on Rare Frequency
  75. Podcast 25: Supremely RF2007/10/03
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  76. Podcast 24: Non-Event Squared2007/09/04
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  77. Podcast Spec. Ed. 19:Ophibre Live on Rare Frequency2007/08/19

    This podcast features an August 16, 2007 live set by Ophibre . Ophibre is Ben Rossignol, a sound/noise artist from Boston. For more information on Ophibre, check out the RF interview with him in the “Featured” section of the site. You can see more photos from the show here .

    Podcast Special Edition 19: Ophibre Live on Rare Frequency
  78. Podcast Special Ed. 18:Marc McNulty Live on Rare Frequency2007/08/08

    This podcast features an August 2, 2007 live set by Boston-based electronic musician Marc McNulty . For more information on Marc, check out the RF interview with him in the Featured section . You can see more photos from the show here .

    Podcast Special Ed. 18: Marc McNulty Live on Rare Frequency
  79. Podcast 23: Turkish Psych 22007/07/31
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  80. Podcast Special Ed. 17:Jarrod Fowler Live on Rare Frequency2007/07/22

    This podcast was removed at the request of the artist on June 23, 2009.
  81. Podcast 22: Bring Me the Head of Podcast 222007/07/13
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  82. Podcast Special Ed. 16:Ernst Karel Live2007/06/11

    This podcast features a live solo set of analog electronics and location recordings by musician and sound artist, Ernst Karel. It was first broadcast live on June 07, 2007 on WZBC 90.3FM . For more information on Ernst, read my interview with him.

    Podcast Special Ed. 16: Ernst Karel Live
  83. Podcast Special Ed. 15:Eli Keszler Live2007/06/06

    This podcast features a live set from multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler , which was first broadcast on May 31, 2007. In this set, Eli uses a variety of percussion instruments (cymbals, drums, etc), as well as electronics to build some seriously glorious harmonics. To find out more about Eli, check my earlier interview with him.

    Podcast Special Ed. 15: Eli Keszler Live
  84. Podcast 21: Faux2007/06/03
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  85. Podcast Special Ed. 14b:DJ C Rare Frequency Mix (Part 2)2007/05/31

    This is the second part of a special live mix by DJ C (aka Jake Trussell), which also includes a short interview. It originally aired on WZBC on May 10, 2007. For more information on Jake, check out my interview with him.

    Podcast Special Ed. 14b: DJ C RF Mix, Part 2
  86. Podcast Special Ed. 14:DJ C Rare Frequency Mix (Part 1)2007/05/22
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  87. Podcast 20: Mushroom2007/05/01
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  88. Podcast 19: Spring!!2007/04/20
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  89. Podcast 18: April Showers2007/04/03
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  90. Podcast Special Ed. 13:Jay Sullivan Live 03/23/072007/03/30
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  91. Podcast 17: Domestic Bliss2007/03/26
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  92. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 12): Asher Live 02/01/072007/02/07
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  93. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 11): Murmer Live 12/21/062007/02/03
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  94. Podcast 16: Prickled Ice, Torn Asunder2007/01/30
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  95. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 10): Derek Hoffend Live 12.07.062007/01/09
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  96. Rare Frequency Podcast 15: A Very Rare Holiday Podcast2006/12/23
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  97. Rare Frequency Podcast 14: You Charcoal It, Chamberlain2006/11/22
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  98. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 09): Marc McNulty Live 10.26.062006/10/28


    This podcast features a live set by recent Boston transplant, Marc McNulty . The performance was recorded live in the WZBC studio on October 26, 2006.

    Rare Frequency Podcast Special Ed. 09: Marc McNulty Live
  99. Rare Frequency Podcast 13: Lucky 132006/10/01
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  100. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 08): Ivan Pavlov/COH Interview2006/09/27
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  101. Rare Frequency Podcast 12: Untitled #122006/09/10
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  102. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 07): Gal & i8u Live 08.24.062006/08/30
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  103. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 06): Yuko Nexus6 Live 08.24.062006/08/29
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  104. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 05): Gal/I8U/Yuko Nexus 6 Live 08.24.062006/08/27
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  105. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 04): Red Horse Live 08.17.062006/08/20
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  106. Rare Frequency Podcast 11: Arc of a Driver2006/07/22
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  107. Rare Frequency Podcast 10: July 4th Self-Evidence2006/07/04
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  108. Rare Frequency Podcast 9: Furniture Music2006/05/22
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  109. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 03): Asher Live 04.13.062006/04/29
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  110. Rare Frequency Podcast 8: April Mix2006/04/03
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  111. Rare Frequency Podcast 7: Turkish Psych2006/03/12
  112. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 02): Janek Schaefer Interview 02.23.062006/03/05
  113. Rare Frequency Podcast 6: The Quiet One2006/02/19
  114. Rare Frequency Podcast 5: Music Enshrined2006/02/03
  115. Rare Frequency Podcast (Special Ed. 01): Rise Set Twilight Live! 1.12.062006/01/24
  116. Rare Frequency Podcast 4: "Lesson 4"2005/12/19
  117. Rare Frequency Podcast 3: "The Strange Sounds of the Bean and the Cod"2005/11/27
  118. Rare Frequency Podcast 2: "Some Toys Never Lern"2005/10/12
  119. Rare Frequency Podcast 1: "984 Precedent"2005/10/12
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